Long Term Pose
by Northern Chill

Note :  A short little story with a familiar face guest starring.... if you know my stories, you'll pick up on it quickly.  Enjoy!

        Bianca hummed happily to herself as she dressed for the upcoming day.  The upcoming night would see another masterfully planned theft of a local business by her and the group of criminals and a large amount of money and goods, the latter which could be sold through an intermediary for a tidy sum.  In fact, the only problem they had come across recently was a store employee that had been unaccounted for by the gang when they scouted the location out beforehand.  Consequently, in an ensuing struggle, the female employee was hit on the head by a box that had been knocked over and had wound up in critical condition at the local hospital.

         The blonde criminal would have done something about the fight when it happened but her role in the job meant she was limited in what she could do.   Before engaging in the livelihood she was in now, Bianca formerly worked as a living mannequin  which involved posing completely still in store windows for hours at a time.  During that time, she had noticed the vast sums of money that came and went during the day to day business and the way it was handled in a somewhat slipshod manner.  As she stood for hour after hour in the window, a plan began to form in her mind how she could take advantage of the situation.

          For the first step of her plan to succeed, she looked up an old high school flame, Bert Tuckerson, who was now a leading researcher in bioengineering and, in particular, its application to cryogenics. After several dinners and nights of wild, passionate lovemaking, Bianca convinced Bert to modify an item he was working on for her purposes.  To be more specific, she acquired a device capable of turning a living person into an inanimate plastic figure with several settings for levels of consciousness, etc.   The fact that the device resembled a plastic dildo was a personal request she had made of Bert when she got him to make the device up.

          Once she acquired the device, she then made contact with a few people that had experience in night time robberies of retail establishments.  Once everything was set in that regard, Bianca set up the next part of her plan to make a small fortune.  She set up a phony company named "Mannequins 4 Life" that would rent individual mannequins to various retail businesses in the area for low prices.  Of course, there was only one mannequin ever available — her!  Once the blonde had figured out the next target for her scheme, she would arrange for a rental over the phone with the business' owner and then start to set herself up for display.  Disrobing completely, she set the mechanism to transform her into a mannequin with the time duration to end exactly one hour after the story closing.  She then notified her fellow criminals of what she was about to do and inserted the dildo deep into her sex.

          The first time Bianca did it, it was the most intense orgasmic experience she had ever felt in her life.  As her body turned from flesh and blood to smooth, shiny plastic devoid of imperfections, it felt to the blonde like every inch of her body was being stimulated by invisible forces.  Her pussy seemed to clench together before smoothing over as the area became plastic like the rest of her.  After thirty seconds or so, an amazingly realistic mannequin stood in the center of the office with one hand tucked behind her hair and the other resting on her hip in a typical mannequin like pose.

          Her confederates then packed her up and transported her to the business that was renting the figure.  Bianca spent the rest of the day in the front window (wearing a bright yellow and white bikini for this job) contemplating her role in the robbery.  Once the store closed and the staff were all home for the night, Bianca returned to human form about ten minutes later.  The blonde criminal hopped out of the window and made her way over to the alarm pad, where she quickly turned off the store alarm.  Making her way to the manager's office, she retrieved the keys to the store's entrances and after a quick check to make sure the place was empty, she would let her fellow gang members in to rob the place at their leisure.

           However, she had been sloppy recently in double checking for straggling employees which led to the violent confrontation with an employee.  As a result, the police chief recently said on TV that he would press attempted murder charges against the crooks responsible for the thefts and altercation.

            Regardless of whether the chief was just talking tough in the presence of media or not, the remarks spilt the gang right down the middle in terms of what they should do next.  One side wanted to stop the store robberies right away, split up the loot they have accumulated and go their separate ways.  On the other hand, Bianca and the others argued that the employee incident was an isolated thing and that they had too good a thing going to shut it down at this point.

           After major amounts of bickering back and forth, the group decided to do one more 'job' before going their separate ways.  It was with that in mind that Bianca adjusted her make-up in the mirror before heading off to the store in question that she had lined up for this robbery.  For this 'job', the manager had insisted on meeting her in person to discuss the length of the contract and other details.

            Thirty or so minutes later, the blonde arrived at a mid sized store named FRILLS & FASHIONS that was located on the outskirts of town.  Bianca went inside and saw the staff were busy changing displays in preparation for what looked like an anniversary sale of some sort.  She walked quietly down the polished tile floors carefully noting where the display windows were set up as well as the location of the alarm pad.

             After stopping momentarily to ask one of the staff where the store manager might be at that moment, Bianca headed for the office indicated to her.  Knocking politely on the door, Bianca waited for a few minutes as it appeared the manager was inside talking with another member of the store's staff.  The meeting's conclusion was marked by the office door being open and a mid 40's man wearing an expensive looking suit standing across from Bianca.

             "Come in, ma'am.  What can do for you today?"  the man said as he gestured Bianca towards an empty chair.  As she took her seat, Bianca was puzzled to see no one else in the room besides herself and the manager.  Figuring the conversation she overheard took place over a speaker on the desk phone, Bianca didn't bother inquiring if there was anybody else in the room recently.

             Flashing her usual dazzling smile that she used to impress the people she conned, Bianca launched into her pitch of what she had to offer, the amount of money she would like to make and how her presence would help the store's sales increase exponentially.  At this point, she expected the manager (Mr. H. Smitt by the name plate sitting on the desk) to ask her a series of questions about the procedure and everything else she had talked about but, to her surprise, he merely sat there silently and nodded as she spoke.

             After jotting down a few things on what looked like an organizer,  Mr. Smitt returned his gaze to Bianca.  "Well, what you have proposed certainly sounds interesting and the money you wish is no problem at all.  However, I'm a little skeptical about this process of maing yourself into a inanimate mannequin you've described to me... it seems a little farfetched from my perspective.  Could you arrange a more personal demonstration for me?  If you can, I might even recommend you to the managers of the other stores in the chain,"  the manager said warmly.

             "Hmmmm.... maybe if I play my cards right, I'll be able to do this in stores far from here with a whole new group of people... make more money... maybe even take an assistant or two....."  Bianca thought to herself before nodding and telling Mr. Smitt that if he wanted, he could meet her over at her place later that night and she'd be more than happy to demonstrate how the whole process worked.

           The store manager smiled and agreed wholeheartedly to her proposal.  After Bianca gave the man her address and they agreed on a meeting time, the two shook hands and Bianca left already mentally spending the money from this job.  If the blonde had looked around, she might have noticed that her movements were being closely observed by someone else in the store.......

           Later that night........ 

           ".....look, I don't care what this manager said, you shouldn't have given him your home address.  After this job is done, he might suspect you had a hand in it somehow and if they track you down here, we're all in trouble.  Sheesh......"  Bert muttered as he paced back and forth in the apartment.  He butted out a cigarette in a nearby ashtray before taking a drink from the beer bottle he was nursing.

           "Bert, you freak out every time that we set up to pull one of these jobs.  I keep telling you, this manager doesn't suspect a thing.  Even if he does, what's he going to tell the cops.... that a mannequin robbed his store?  Just relax.... if everything goes according to plan, we'll make a tonne of money out of this job.  According to a former employee I talked to, the store pays its workers a cash bonus every second Friday based on the store sales.  The manager keeps the money in a small safe in his office that he doesn't even bother locking half the time.  Does that little bit of news change that nervousness of yours at all?"  Bianca said as she poured herself a glass of Big Gulp cola.

           "Look, it's not the money part that makes me nervous.  It's just... well... we should be careful that someone doesn't get the idea that you're available for.... ummm.... well....."  Bert said as his face turned slightly red as Bianca sat down next to him and rubbed his right forearm with her hand.

           "Awwww.... Bert is just trying to be my protector against the bad men of the world.  If I've told you once, I can handle myself when it comes to dealing with all the men I talk to.  Oooohhhh...... look at the time.  I've only got an hour or so before the manager shows up here.  You better get out of here while I clean the place up for when Mr. Smitt gets here,"  Bianca said softly before she jumped up and started picking up the empty beer bottles scattered around the room.

           Nodding somewhat reluctantly in agreement, Bert stood up and made his way to the door.  Before he grasped the doorknob and opened the door, Bert turned to look back at the busy Bianca.  "Look, just be careful, ok?  I'll contact Gail, Bob and the others and let them know a bit more about the plan for the store.  I'll wait a few hours and give you a call to see what this fellow had to say.  Talk to then, Bianca,"  he said sincerely and waved good-bye before leaving.

           Shaking her head at Bert's protective manner, and silently promising herself not to tell him about her future plans too much, Bianca resumed cleaning up the apartment area.  She dug out several bottles of different types of wine and hard liquor and assembled a tray of cheese and cracker snacks in case Mr. Smitt was hungry.   Heading into the bedroom, she had just changing into a fairly provocative outfit when there was a knock at her apartment door.

           "Hello, Ms. Crandall.  I'm sorry I'm five minutes late but the rain outside turned rather intense in the last thirty minutes or so and I was slowed considerably in getting here,"  Mr. Smitt said apologetically as he shook out the umbrella he was carrying in his hand before stepping inside the apartment.  Bianca took his coat and hat and hung them up for her guest though he hung onto the umbrella in his hand.

           Taking a seat on the couch, the store manager waited until his hostess had poured them both a drink and took a seat to him before starting to talk business.  After five or ten minutes of discussing the stores Bianca had previously worked at (Bianca skirted around specific details where possible and outright lied about some stores), Mr. Smitt came to the reason that he had requested the private meeting.

           "Well, Bianca, I guess it's time for you to show me this amazing way you have of transforming yourself into a plastic display figure.  You can either do the process in front of me or in your bedroom with whatever clothing you choose to leave on.  I'll wait here while you decide and let me know what you want to do,"  Smitt said somberly.

           A bit surprised by Smitt's allowing her the choice, Bianca stammered that she would go into her bedroom for the necessary materials and would call out when she was ready for Smitt to see her.  Quickly moving to the bedroom, the blonde stripped off her outfit leaving her wearing only her bra and sheer pantyhose.  Figuring that the store employees, as well as Mr. Smitt, would see every asset of her body after transformation so she took off the bra and laid it onto her bed.  She then reached under her bed and pulled out a metal box that had a large padlock on it.  Getting a key out from a nearby chest, Bianca unlocked the box and pulled out the 'dildo' that would be the catalyst for her transformation.

           Moving her fingers down to the bottom of the object, Bianca found the buttons that set the length of time for her transformation.  Figuring that this was just a demonstration, she set the time for the minimum allowable - 60 minutes - and then activated the two minute delay on the item.  Pulling down the front part of her pantyhose, Bianca deftly inserted the device into her vagina with a minimum of exertion.  She always told herself that she should thank Bert for making the device smooth enough to avoid any irritation or lubrication for usage.

           "Ok, Mr. Smitt, wait about two minutes and you'll be able to see the results that will soon be in your store window.  I'll change back to human form in an hour and show you exactly how I do the whole procedure at that point,"  Bianca called out from her bedroom as she assumed a standard display pose for the man to see.  Figuring it would be easier to show him the device afterwards if his eyes were drawn to the area where it was located, she tucked both hands snugly against the band of her pantyhose and used her thumbs to slightly pull the hose downwards.  It was this pose that Bianca stood in as she started to feel the first moments of her transformation.

           Bianca smiled slightly as she experienced the sensations of the device start to work its magic on her body.  She could feel her warm flesh start to change to cold, unfeeling plastic with the center of the change being around the dildo.  As before, the transformation sent waves of pleasure flowing through her body and Bianca found herself reveling in the sensations.  As her eyes fluttered, she could see herself in her closet mirror and saw that the effects were becoming visible to the naked eye.

           Her pubic hair quickly shrank smaller and smaller in size until it disappeared altogether like the freckles and blemishes elsewhere on her body.  Bianca sensed the amount of time between taking a breath of air was growing longer as the change slowed down her metabolism.  She could see hinge lines start to become visible on her shoulders and wrists that looked just like the same type you'd find on any display figure.

           "Mmmmmmm.... no matter how many times I do this, it seems to feel just as great as the first time I did this....."  Bianca thought to herself as she sensed her pussy start to constrict tightly around the dildo before it sealed tight and the area was smooth and featureless like the rest of her body.   Simultaneously, she sensed her anus form into a smooth cylindrical shape with a bronze metal plate appear over it.  Her belly button disappeared as her lower abdomen became plastic like her lower half had become.

           The transformation swept upwards as Bianca sensed her breathing cease altogether which would have been most unsettling to her if she didn't know it was going to happen.  Her breasts formed into twin mounds of molded plastic with her nipples and areolas completely fading from sight.  As her chest took on an artificial appearance, Bianca thought about the idea she had pondered recently of getting breast enlargement surgery.  However, she had dismissed it as she felt she was big enough at present and she had joked with Bert that her boobs were plastic enough recently that she didn't need more put in them.

           Bianca's change into an inanimate mannequin devoid of any signs of life was complete with her eyes becoming nothing more than colored glass and her hair changing to a blonde wig that could be removed at the whim of a store employee.  She could still sense what was going on around her and her thoughts were relatively clear and calm.

           After a minute or so, Bianca heard footsteps in the hallway outside of her bedroom followed moments later by the familiar face of Mr. Smitt appearing in her line of vision.  He paused for a minute as if to make sure that this was not some sort of scam before leaning over and slowly pulling Bianca to her feet.  After she oscillated back and forth for just a second, the mannequinized woman stood firmly with her shoes providing enough of a support to prevent her tipping over.

           "I must say, young woman, that your claim does indeed appear to be true.  However, you were a bit vague as to what the catalyst for your change.  If you don't mind, I'd like to have a closer look at the item responsible for your new form,"  Mr. Smitt said as he, for some strange reason, gestured with his umbrella towards Bianca's mid section.

           "What is he doing with that umbrella?...... why would he want to know..... uhhhh..... I feel so strange.....WHAT THE......"  Bianca thought to herself in a somewhat bewildered manner.  However, her thinking quickly became more frantic as she felt, as well as saw, the dildo responsible for her changing exiting her body somehow and coming to rest in Mr. Smitt's free hand.

           "Ah, so this is the clever little thing that you've been using in your role as the tool for all those robberies your gang has pulled off.  I thought something like this might be responsible,"  Smitt said as he looked over the sex toy resting in his hand.  Even as he did, the umbrella in his other hand seemed to shimmer and take on a different shape while a bright silver glow surrounded it.   When the glow faded away, Bianca saw that the man was now holding a black cane with the knob resembling two snake heads made of pure silver.

           " Who the hell is this guy?...... what the heck is going on?...... where did that cane come from?........OOOOHHHH!!!!!.... geez, I never felt this good before......!!!!!"  Bianca thought to herself even as she felt her hollow body being lifted up and carried effortlessly back out to the living room.  After she was set down, she saw the mysterious Mr. Smitt walk over to her phone and pick up the receiver.  After dialing quickly, Mr. Smitt lifted his cane up next to the receiver with a flourish that indicated this was fairly routine to him.

           To Bianca's silent amazement, Mr. Smitt's voice sounded like her own as he talked on the phone!  From what she could gather, he was talking to Bert and was telling him to expect a visit from Mr. Smitt in the next thirty minutes or so.  Smitt was imitating Bianca's mannerisms to perfection as he used her usual way of calming down the excitable Bert in a reassuring way.  After a few more minutes, Smitt hung up the phone and turned his attention once again to Bianca.

           "At this point, I suppose I should tell you exactly what is going on, Ms. Crandall.  My name is really Mr. Smith and the true nature of my employment is to work with companies that might have wronged in the past and 'level the scales', so to speak.  My employers became aware of you and your gang's thievery some time ago and when the incident with the unfortunate female worker occurred, it was decided at that time to put an end to your illegal activities.  Oh, that reminds me, I've got something else for you.  I'll be right back,"  the Opportunities, Inc. salesman intoned before limping out of the apartment with his cane tapping noisily as he did.

           Several minutes later, Mr. Smith returned with what looked like a display stand tucked under his left arm.  Moving over to the mannequin that Bianca now was, he lifted her up and impaled her onto the metal rod with a loud CLICK! emphasizing the motion.  From Bianca's perspective, it was like she had just been penetrated by a male lover and her consciousness swam in the pleasure for several minutes.  When her feelings settled down, she saw Mr. Smith was using the apartment phone once again to contact other members of her gang.

            "Now that you're ready for your new role in life, I should tell you that I've arranged for you to be put on display in the front windows of the very stores your bunch have ripped off.  The stores won't be charged for your 'rental' to them so they'll be able to recover some of their losses that can't be recouped.  Oh, and one final thing:  the organization I work for is very thorough in completing contracts so you can rest assured that you'll be joined by your comrades in windows for the foreseeable future,"  the dark haired man said with a slight smile before tapping his cane to his forehead in a mock salute.  With that, Mr. Smith abruptly turned and left the apartment limping a bit more as he walked.

            Bianca was left alone in the apartment to contemplate her losses..... loss of money, freedom.....

            And clothing.... whenever a store window displayer decided to change the mannequin's appearance.....

            Mannequins like herself......


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