Lucy's New Position

by Johnsan

Lucy was excited by the prospect of a new higher paying job in such an affluent area.

And what a job, to work  for one of the richest men in the country as a software engineer for his private estate and his data handling needs. Actually, it was just a glorified on site tech support job, but it paid a lot better.

As she came to the front gate, dressed in a light blue skirt with a tailored jacket and a long sleeved black silk blouse with matching black silk stockings on her long lovely legs and black pumps with a four inch thick stacked heels on her delicate feet, she knew she sent the right message of professionalism and pride in appearance that was required for the position. She carefully adjusted the gold necklace around her neck which served to accent her stunning looks. She wondered if she’d lose any credibility if she skipped and hummed her way into the estate with a smile that could only be outshone by a star going nova.

Her jubilant mood was soon tempered by the gruff face of the security guard who let her in and called to the house for her authorization to enter.

Lucy, with a brief flash of a smile at the guard, presented her identity to him who ordered her to “Wait by the door. They’re sending a car for you.”

Being polite she smiled again at the guard “Thank you”

A few moments later a black sedan pulled up to guard shack and a dapper middle aged man got out and approached Lucy with a pleasant smile. He extended his hand in greeting

“You must be Lucy. My name is Carstairs and I’m Mr. North’s private assistant. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ll take you up to the main house to see Mr. North.”

Lucy took the offered hand in greeting and smiled her best blinding smile “Thank you very much. It’s a pleasure to meet you too and I hope to successfully fulfill Mr. North’s requirements.”

He escorted her to the passenger door and in gentlemanly fashion he opened and held it for her. Carstairs then returned to the drivers seat and started the car. Within moments they were making their way up to the mansion. Carstairs engaged her in pleasant small talk on the way about family, friends, and how long she had been in the local area.

As Lucy saw the vast American colonial style mansion she was impressed. But what really caught her eye was the collection of statues she saw arrayed around the ornate domicile. Never had she seen such a gathering of the female form in all manner of media outside of a museum.

Before she could point and inquire Carstairs answered her unvoiced question.

“That’s Mr. North’s hobby. He collects and preserves beauty wherever he finds it. He displays his collection throughout the grounds of the estate.”

The car pulled to a stop in front of the ornate double wide doors and the white marble walk way. Carstairs quickly made his way to her door, opened it and helped her out.

He then escorted her into the mansion. Inside she caught her breath as it, too, was filled with more statues of women in various places inside along with the expensive furnishings and fixtures that looked to be more at home in an eighteenth century palace.

Carstairs led her to the study where he motioned her to a chair and then quickly retired.

Lucy took this opportunity to examine herself in a nearby mirror. Her brown shoulder length hair and fine features enhanced with a little dark blue eye shadow and red lipstick were as perfect as ever. She then examined the study and, like the rest of the house, found more female figures there in porcelain, marble, glass, and other substances; even plastic.

Before she could give it a second thought she heard the sound of someone approaching. She quickly returned to her chair and waited expectantly for her potential new employer. Lucy looked up when he entered and again displayed that broad smile which had served her so well. She immediately noticed how meticulous he kept his appearance even though he was dressed rather casually for their meeting. He appeared to be in his late thirties and in very good shape which to Lucy’s eye was quite attractive, but she was all business today.

Mr. North began with a warm smile and a gentle hand clasp “Lucy how wonderful to see you. I’m gratified that you choose to keep this meeting. I have good news for you. I’ve made my decision and I’d like to offer you the position.”

Lucy’s beautiful brown eyes sparkled with joy at the news but she managed to keep her professional reserve and responded “I gratefully accept. When do I start?”

Mr. North again grasped her hand and announced “Excellent, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with your decision and come to enjoy your time here as have so many others. As for when, how about today? Let’s celebrate with a little champagne first, then discuss the details.”

Together they left the study and strolled onto the broad patio which looked out on his estate giving her a better view of what she had partially seen on her way up to the house. Lucy couldn’t help herself and a gasp escaped her lips much to her embarrassment. She immediately blushed then closed her mouth and began to apologize “I’m sorry it’s just… I had no idea it was so large. And all the statues. There are so many and... so life like.”

Mr. North looked out with a solemn look on his face and began “Yes my collection. I’m quite proud of it. With some effort and time it has become almost perfect. But with my new acquisition today it will be complete.” He then smiled and turned to Lucy and continued “Would you like a tour of the grounds and my collection?”

Lucy returned the smile and replied “Yes, that sounds wonderful.” It seemed a small price to pay for an excellent position and she saw no need to offend her employer on the first day.

Mr. North went over to the patio table with the silver ice bucket containing a magnum of French champagne and two glasses. After uncorking the bottle and filling the glasses he presented one to Lucy and held the other in his hand. He then held it up in a toast “To you, Lucy, and your position on my estate - may it last forever. May it be all that we both hope for.”

They then clinked their glasses and brought the glasses to their lips but Lucy didn’t notice the sly smile that briefly appeared on Mr. North’s lips as he sipped and watched her beautiful face.

She drank deeply, noting how it tickled her nose and tasted so good. Lucy was surprised at how quickly it had an effect. She felt a little light headed already with a warm feeling suffusing throughout her body. Its effect could only be attributed to the quality of the sparkling white wine or so she believed.

Before she could consider it further, Mr. North began on the details of her position, repeating what she already knew. Moments later they were just finishing up and Lucy was feeling much better. Her new employer then announced “Well, then, let’s take that tour shall we?”

Lucy nodded in the affirmative and took the outstretched hand then together they began walking down the marble walkway to Mr.  North’s vast garden and the artwork therein.

As they walked he took great pains to point out the various flower and plant species, paying special attention to the rare and expensive varieties. While not a fan of gardening, she was impressed by the time and effort that he took on this hobby. Mr. North also pointed out every statue, commenting on the subject and the media she was done in. She noted also how he went to caress each one. She saw more flower gardens and English gardens and so many plant species that it began to make her head spin.

Then she realized she really was feeling dizzy and before she could react she stumbled. Mr. North reactions were faster though and he caught her before she reached the ground.

For half a second they were caught in a frozen tableau until Lucy made the first move. She didn’t know why; It had just seemed the right thing to do. It may have been the champagne or the elation of landing this lucrative job or a combination of the two, she didn’t know. But the result was that she kissed him. He hesitated for half a second and passionately returned the kiss with all the ardor he could muster.

It was funny how in those half seconds time seemed to slow because the events afterwards took on a frenetic pace all their own. They continued feverishly kissing then began disrobing immediately next to a marble statue of another women and a long bench next to that.

North continued kissing Lucy down the nape of her soft sweet smelling neck to her c-cup breasts which he took into his mouth one at a time. He continued to suck and lick her nipples while her hand moved down to his stiffened member. She wrapped her hand around it and began to gently massage it. Meanwhile his hands had not been idle as he used them to touch every part of her he could reach in a sensuous caress that in some ways was reminiscent of how he had touched the statues.

Mr. North’s right hand then drifted to Lucy’s vagina where he began to caress her clitoris inside her black silk panties. Lucy began to moan loudly now  followed by Mr. North. She then said while kissing him up and down his chest in a husky sexy voice “I want you in me now.”

Mr. North smiled  and began to gently push and guide her onto the marble bench which, since it was still chilled from the evening dew, caused Lucy to yelp then giggle in the late morning sun. He left her black silk stockings and garter on but he gingerly removed her black silk panties then smelled them for an instant before discarding them, which caused Lucy to giggle again. This only left the gold chain around her lovely neck and the gold waist chain on her body.

Mr. North began stroking her right breast before he gazed into her eyes and said “This is what I wanted for you since the first time I saw your picture Lucy. I wanted you here with me in my garden forever. Will you stay with me forever in my garden, Lucy?”

Lucy looked up with her deep dark brown eyes and replied with a smile “Yes, yes, yes - I want to be here forever..”

North then began kissing Lucy starting with her lips, then slowly moving down to her breasts and nipples. After spending a minute there he continued down to Lucy’s loins where he started kissing the lips of her vagina. He then began to use his tongue to tickle and stimulate her clitoris, which caused Lucy to arch her back and moan in response.

Mr. North spent five minutes giving Lucy the tongue lashing of a lifetime but she had no complaints. For Lucy it seemed much longer, as if her body was becoming more sensitive to Mr. North’s touch as every minute passed.

When he felt Lucy was sufficiently stimulated, he brought his throbbing manhood up and into her pussy, which caused Lucy’s moans to significantly increase in volume. Mr. North began pumping in and out of Lucy, which she began to match with her own thrusting hips. The frequency of their thrusts began to increase along with the volume of their moans of pleasure with Lucy’s lasting longer and longer while becoming louder and louder.

This continued for a period of time, neither could say how long, when they both froze as they simultaneously climaxed. For Mr. North the orgasm quickly faded into the warm feelings that normally followed. But for Lucy the orgasm went on and on, getting stronger and stronger until she could take no more then she tried to arch her back and scream. Not a sound came out and she didn’t move an inch.

She began to panic, wondering what was wrong but before she could wonder any longer she blacked out.

Lucy awoke to find herself still lying on her back, facing slightly to the left as she had been on the bench. From what she could see she was not in the same place where her and Mr. North had their romantic tryst. The plants here were totally different and from her vantage point she could see the miniature stone pagoda often found in oriental gardens. She also noticed how the walkway was no longer marble but of cobble stones that seemed to conform to the décor of the garden.

It was then Lucy began to notice that her remaining clothing and jewelry had been removed. She thought to herself What’s going on? Where am I ? Where’s Mr. North? How did I get here?” She tried to move herself but found she was still paralyzed Uh, why can’t I move myself?” she thought desperately.

As if to make things worse as she mentally checked herself she found she was frozen in a strange pose. Lucy’s right arm was drawn up close to her body with her right forearm touching her right breast. Her right hand seemed to be clenched like she was holding something. Her left arm seemed to be slightly bent at the elbow with her hand cupping one of the cheeks of her buttocks. Lucy was confused by what her left hand seemed to feel as it touched her buttocks

It feels like the smooth plastic of a doll, or a mannequin. Maybe whatever has paralyzed me has affected my sense of touch.” Lucy speculated.

With her head frozen facing slightly to the left and her eyes looking out of the corner to the left she was able to catch a glimpse of her shoulder. What she saw was also confusing, surprising, and alarming. Why does my skin look like that? It looks all shiny, like it’s artificial and plastic.”  she wondered.

Then she noticed something truly disturbing which caused the rising panic and fear to reach even greater heights No it can’t be! Is that a seam between my left arm and my shoulder?” she asked herself in fright.

As the self assessment continued she noted her legs were frozen in mid stride. Lucy also felt something was wrong with her whole body like she was lighter than usual “It’s almost like I’m hollow. Why do I feel like that and why do I feel like my pussy isn’t quite right?” she questioned herself with increasing concern that bordered on outright terror.

Then Lucy had another terrifying realization My beautiful brown hair it’s gone. I’m bald. Who would do this and Why?”

Lucy’s unheard cries for help mixed with screams and her continued attempts to regain control of her immobilized body continued for many minutes until Lucy felt someone’s presence nearby.

“Hello Lucy. Are you enjoying yourself, my love?” Mr. North inquired with a smirk.

“I know - you're confused and terrified. But you are also perfectly safe. Nothing will ever harm you again. Not here in my garden,” he said as he stroked her outstretched leg.

Lucy was lying there when she first heard him; her fury rose and she screamed at him What ever you did, undo it now, you bastard.” and then she felt his caress and her thoughts changed Get me ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” she silently moaned. It was like he was fingering her clit or like a hundred fingers fingering her. What was that? What’s going on?” she demanded.

Mr. North looked on with an appreciative smile and lust filled eyes as he crouched down “I know you loved that, Lucy. This though should drive you wild with feelings of sexual stimulation.” He then began to caress her pussy or where it would have been had it still been there while massaging her right breast with the other hand.

To Lucy it was like she was being penetrated and her clit stimulated and every inch of her caressed in an erotic manner. Her orgasms continued and grew in number and intensity until they felt like one unending wave washing over her driving out all other stimuli. In fact she thought she passed out for a brief moment.

When she awoke she saw Mr. North still crouched there staring at her. If she could have moved she didn’t know if she would have kissed him and made love to him or scratched his eyes out. She thought to herself If he can do that again maybe I’d only claw his face. Maybe.”

Mr. North then picked her up and held her at the waist.

When he did this those same erotic feelings inundated her like a rising river but she had the time to notice how light she was as if she weighed next to nothing, which only reinforced her belief she was hollow now.

Mr. North then began licking her crotch softly moaning.

For Lucy the river became a torrent which swept her away and this time she knew she would pass out.

She awoke to find herself upright with Mr. North standing in front of her admiring her like before. Lucy was feeling the afterglow of an evening of passion with a lover. Or at least a hundred lovers. She didn’t even feel the confusion and fear it was all lost in what she felt now. Lucy couldn’t even muster the rage to hate and shout epithets at that bastard North.

Now though she did feel she was again wearing shoes and they felt like heels. As she was considering this, she saw Mr. North approach her with a black nylon wig that was styled to emulate Asian styles with the flower and black fan comb. Lucy felt the wig on her bald head and  it was then she also noticed that her right hand that had been locked in a clench now held a hand painted parasol also, adhering to the oriental motif of the tableau.

With this realization some things began to become clear to her.

One:  There was no position, at least of a conventional sort. Two:  North was a sick, evil, but rich bastard.  Three:  She was now a part of his collection, a statue or mannequin.  Four:  She’d never have to worry about growing old.  With this she considered what little comfort she could draw I guess I’ll always be as beautiful as I am now and I’ll always be loved and desired.”

With that last thought Mr. North gave her one last caress and said “I’ll always love you Lucy, here in my garden of unearthly delights!”


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