Lunch Hour

by The Sculptor

Produced by Magnus

            It was about a Wednesday when my was life changed.  I don’t know whether it has changed for the better or worse only time will tell on that.  That day I was wearing a white blouse, a navy blue skirt, matching navy blue jacket, three-inch navy blue pumps, white cotton bra and panties and a pair of suntan pantyhose. I was working as a secretary for a dentist office in North Charleston and I needed a dress for a party at my husband’s office that Saturday.  I decided to go to Northwoods Mall and get a dress from one of the stores there.  I enjoy going shopping for clothes trying on the clothes and feeling the different types of fabric against my skin.  At times, I feel envious of the mannequins that I see, over how they get to wear different types of clothes and not even worry about paying for them.  Sometimes I even wondered what life would be like as a mannequin.  Of course, now I no longer have to worry about that or anything else for that matter.

            I was walking through the various stores in the mall not seeing anything I liked when I decided to go into Dillard’s for a dress.  I was walking through the department store not really seeing anything I liked, until I came across the mannequin display in the formal wear department.  The display contained three mannequins, a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. 

            The redhead was posed with her arms bent at the elbows and her hands on her hips.  Her head was turned to the left and positioned so it was glancing down and her right leg was straight while her left leg was bent at the knee.  She was wearing a floor length black sleeveless dress with see through material showing off her backside.

            The blonde was wearing a low cut red dress, which ended a few inches above her knees.  The dress cut so low that it would show off her breasts.  She was posed with her head turned to the right.  Her left arm was bent at the elbow in a right angle position and below the elbow her arm was out as if she was holding a glass.  Her left leg was straight and her right leg was bent at the knee.

            The brunette mannequin was wearing a stunning white satin dress.  The dress was the type where the back is exposed and I just love how satin just clings to you and shows off every curve.  She was posed with her legs straight and her arms hanging at her sides.  Her head was turned to the left so I could look at her eye to eye when I looked at her face.  While I was walking towards the display, I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about wearing that dress.  When I reached the display, I started to reach my hand out to feel the dress when suddenly I felt a tingle through my body and then I lost consciousness.  

            When I regained consciousness, I noticed I was in some sort of room with the mannequin display only we were not in the department store anymore.  I had also noticed we were all on our own individual pedestals.  I tried to move from my pedestal only to discover I was held in place by some sort of stasis field.  The entire room had an unearthly appearance about it.  Pipes and tubing were running through the walls like tree roots giving the room a sort of an organic look.  From what I could tell there were ten pedestals in the room facing what looked like a row of monitors.  Behind the monitors was a set of double doors leading to who knows where.  To my right were the mannequins from the store and to my left against the wall was a series of shelves, which contained cylindrical metal rods about a foot long in length.

            I was feeling scared about being in this room and not knowing what might happen to me.  I was also feeling a tingling sensation that the stasis field was giving me.  I hate to admit this but I might have been aroused by my sense of helplessness and the tingling from the stasis field.  I know one thing though when I saw those rods I started to imagine what it would feel like to have one of those inside of me.  I could definitely feel myself growing wet at that thought.  If I could have moved I would of checked my skirt to make sure I did not leave a visible wetness. 

            When the double doors opened and two beings walked into the room I lost all feelings of arousal and just went to feeling terrified.  It was at that point that I realized I was going to join the ranks of alien abductees and that my life was never going to be the same again. Both beings were about three feet tall, had large bulbous heads, and dark lidless eyes.  They looked like your standard stereotypically aliens you hear about in alien abduction stories.  The aliens also were not wearing any clothes and had what appeared to me to be foot long erections.  I started to become scared thinking about the experiments the aliens would perform on me.  I was also worried that the aliens would take me back to their planet and I would never see home again.  I had no idea how close to being right I was about this.

            The aliens were talking in some sort of language that I did not understand.  The language sounded like it consisted of chirps and clicks.  They proceeded over to the monitors and started to type in what I am assuming was a series of commands.  I don’t know if the aliens noticed me or not or if they assumed I was one of the mannequins.  I noticed a tingling sensation starting around my feet and slowly working its way up my body.  The tingling sensation was slowly bringing back my feelings of arousal from earlier however they could not shake my feelings of fear.  From the corner of my eyes I noticed that a beam was moving up the mannequins as if it was scanning them.  As the beam scanned the mannequins there, clothes were being dissolved leaving the mannequins nude.  I assumed the same thing was being done to me.  I could feel cool air blowing across my newly nude body as the beam reached the top of my head.  I then noticed the beam slowly working its way down the mannequins.  As the beam worked its way down the mannequins’ bodies, it was turning the plastic into flesh and giving movement to the mannequins.  The beam worked its way down my body too since I was already flesh the beam had no effect on me except restoring my movement to me and it was making me very horny.  I needed to satisfy myself badly.  However, the beam caused me to move very slowly, as if I was drunk or in molasses, and I was unable to reach down to my pussy.


            Meanwhile the aliens were still talking amongst themselves.  I wish I could have understood what they were saying.  I also wish I could have said something to them because then I might have escaped what happened to me.  However though the stasis field prevented me from moving as well as talking.  The aliens were talking wildly and gesticulating just as much.  One alien would make the hourglass gesture with his hands while the other one would make a ramming motion.  This got the both of them, what appeared to be, laughing.   The aliens also appeared to point a lot at me and making gestures like they wanted to fuck me.  I was still wondering if the aliens knew that they only picked up three plastic women and one flesh and blood woman.  Sometimes they would point at us and then point over to the rods.  It appeared that I was going to find out what one of those rods will feel like soon enough.  The aliens then walked over to the shelves and took eight rods off the shelves.  I was wondering why they needed eight when there were only four of us.  My question was answered when I saw the aliens starting to work on the redhead, who was at the end of the line. They inserted one rod into her vagina and the other rod into her ass.  They worked there way up the line inserting rods into the blonde then the brunette.  I don’t know whether it might have been caused by the lighting in the room or not but it seemed that the former mannequins were wet.  This made me wonder if the mannequins used to be flesh and blood women like me.

            I then felt the aliens’ hands over my body.  The hands felt cold and clammy against my skin.  The aliens’ hands explored every part of my body.  There hands ran over my breasts and in and out of my pussy and anus.  The aliens would slowly probe my pussy and anus with their fingers.  They would work their fingers in and out of me.  The aliens would switch off on probing my insides.  One alien would work on my pussy, while the other worked on my anus.  The sensations they gave me whenever they fingered my clit are completely indescribable.  I lost track of how many times I orgasmed.  I do know that my orgasms were quite messy, because when the aliens finished  “probing” me they had to wipe their hands clean.  They did this by rubbing their hands over my body.  The feeling of having my juices on my body was mind blowing.  I tried to wipe the juices from my body but my slow movements prevented me from doing so.

            Despite the lack of warmth in their hands, the feelings they gave were mind blowing.  Even though I could not show it, I must have orgasmed several times and each orgasm was better than the last.  I wish I could have moved because I could have shown those aliens a thing or two about Earth women.  Somewhere in my mind, I was shocked by what I was thinking.  Here I am a happily married woman and I am fantasizing about having sex with my alien captors.  I was also beginning to think that the aliens did know I was flesh and blood and abducted me just to have fun with or to put in an intergalactic harem.  I was thinking if I get put into a harem maybe the rods are controllers to keep the harem girls in line.  That was when another shocking thought crossed my mind.  I might never see home again.  I could not believe what was happening to me here I am abducted by aliens, held prisoner by a stasis field, and then being molested by them.  However the feelings they gave my body was beyond description.  After awhile the aliens stopped caressing me and began to insert the rods into me.  When the aliens finished inserting the rods into me they headed back to the monitors. As they headed back to the monitors, I noticed the rods were slightly vibrating.  Maybe being in an intergalactic harem won’t be so bad.  Obviously there is a lot they do not say about alien abductions but when I get back, if I do, I must tell people about this.

            Once back at the monitors the aliens then typed in a series of commands.  I then felt another tingling sensation as the beam was slowly working its way back up my body.  From the corner of my eyes I noticed the mannequins were slowly being reverted back to plastic.  That is when a panicking thought raced across my mind if they are being turned back into plastic then I am being turned into plastic as well.  I realized the aliens made a big fucking goddamn mistake.  They were probably just going for the mannequins and I got taken along for the ride.  Panic gripped my mind at that point.  I struggled to move to do anything.  I even tried praying that this was not happening that this was all a bad yet erotic dream.  I had to get free of the stasis field and the beam.  I am a flesh and blood woman.  I am not a piece of plastic.  I am not supposed to be in a department store’s display window.  I am supposed to look at mannequins, not be a mannequin. I was unable to move and through my panic stricken body I could feel my body slowly ceasing to function.  When I saw the beam was up to the mannequins’ chest I realized that I was almost done being plasticized.  Once the mannequins were fully plasticized I noticed the plastic to flesh beam had removed their separation lines and that the mannequins were now just one solid piece of plastic.  I then saw another beam start from the top of the mannequins and worked its way down restoring the separation lines to the mannequins and their clothes.  I assumed the same thing was being done to me.  If alien technology could turn me into plastic then it could make separation marks on me as well.  Earlier this was an erotically charged event now it was just one big nightmare.  I kept praying that I would wake up or in the standard case of alien abductions have no memory of this every happening.  I was wondering what is going to happen when my co-workers find out that I haven’t returned from my lunch break.  What is my husband going to do about all of this will I ever see him again and would he ever recognize me as his wife or just think that a mannequin bears resemblance to his “missing” wife.  I also tried to condition my self to my new situation by thinking about what my new life would be like just like that woman did in one mannequinization story I read.  That did not help me.  I was still panicking over what has just been done to me. 

            In addition to my feelings of panic, I was also furious at the aliens.  How the fuck could, they do this to me.  They have all this technology and they cannot tell a flesh and blood woman from a plastic woman.  I was hoping something bad would happen to them.  If I could I would have strangled them.  As my thoughts were swirling I did not pay attention to the separation lines beam and almost didn’t notice when it was done.  Looking over at the mannequins I was hoping I looked as stunning as they do.  Eventually I felt another tingle in body and then I lost consciousness.

            When I came to I noticed I was in the department store again and was hoping all that had just happened was just somewhat of nightmare.  I tried to move but found I could not.  I just told myself it is okay you are probably a bit weak from what happened.  I also noticed some weird tingling sensation emanating from my sex.  The tingling was making me feel very horny. I need to relieve myself of this.  I quickly looked around for a mirror to find out if I could or not move.  When my eyes came across a mirror I noticed I was standing in line next to the mannequin display that was beamed to the ship with me.  Much to my horror, I noticed I was now a mannequin too.

            “NOOOO”, I screamed.

            I tried to tear my gaze away from the mirror but I could not help but look at what I have now become.  My skin was no longer flesh it was now plastic.  From what I could see separation lines marked my wrists and quite possibly my shoulders, waist, and around one of my legs.  My sex was quite possibly now an expanse of smooth plastic and my pubic hair was probably gone.  At that, thought I knew the rods would never be removed from me.  I also knew that the tingling in my sex was coming from the rods.  They appear to be some kind of mechanical device.  Only I will never find out what their purpose is.  The rods did produce a pleasurable sensation in me however.  Despite the feelings of panic and arousal, my face had a calm expression to it.

            From the mirror, I saw a woman approach the display.  I would later learn that her name is Mary and that she is the head visual merchandiser of the store.  When she approached the display, I could hear her talking to herself about us.

            “Hello ladies,” Mary said, “How are you ladies doing today?  Making enough money for the store today, I hope?”  From the way she was talking to the mannequins, it would seem like they were once alive like me.

            She then turned her gaze to me and said, “And what about you where have you come from?”  If I could have told her, I would have.

            “Oh well,” she said, “It doesn’t matter.  One more mannequin in our inventory won’t hurt us.”

            “I will have Neil and Jason undress you and then taken to the store room.  We already have enough mannequins in this display and out on the floor.”  Mary then turned and headed to the back of the store.

            A short time later Neil and Jason showed up with clothes to redress the mannequins.  I recognized them as two people I knew in high school.  I could hear their conversation as they worked.

            “Hey Neil, any idea where this mannequin came from?” asked Jason, when he saw me.

            “I have no idea.  She might have been a customer but now for some reason is a mannequin,” replied Neil.

            I thought to myself, Neil you have no idea how right you are about me.

            Soon Neil started to remove my clothes and was handing them to Jason.  When I was in only my bra, panties, and pantyhose Neil commented on a new smell in the store.

            “Hey Jason,” Neil asked, “Do you smell something a bit musky and aren’t formal wear mannequins not supposed to be wearing bras and panties”

            “Yeah, now that you mention it I do smell something.  I don’t know how they do it in other stores but I do know definitely that only lingerie mannequins are supposed to be wearing bras and panties.”

Oh my god, I thought, my pussy juices are causing that smell.

            I was then stripped down to my panties when Neil noticed the dampness of them.

            “Check this out.  Why do you suppose a mannequin would be wearing damp panties?”  Taking a whiff of them Neil said, “I just found what is causing the smell.  Here you go Jason you can have the panties while I take this lovely beauty.”

My god, I thought, I had no idea Neil was like that.  I wonder if Neil is going to feel me up.  I also wonder what it will feel like.

            Soon Neil and Jason had me on a pushcart and were taking me to the storeroom.  When we got to the storeroom Jason removed my brown hair which had become a wig and put it in storage with the other wigs.

            “Jason, do you remember a Melinda Donovan that we knew in high school?” Neil had asked.

            “Yeah, why?”

            “Because I think this mannequin looks a little bit like her.”

Because this mannequin is Melinda Donovan, I thought, my god, I wish there was someway I could move or do anything to let them know who I am.

            “You know I always found her to be good looking.  I wonder what ever happened to her,” Jason wondered.

Well let's see I got married to my high school sweetheart, I was working as a secretary in a dentist’s office, abducted by aliens, and then turned into a mannequin, I thought sarcastically.

            Suddenly I noticed a sinister glint in Neil’s eye and became apprehensive over what will happen next.

            “I thought she was very good looking too.  The only problem is she was going out with that guy Lance Lawson, so we never had a chance to ask her out.  However, with this Melinda mannequin here we can find out what it might be like to be with her,” said Neil. 

            When he said that he leaned over and started to lick my breasts.  A lot has happened to me today and I was scared about my future.  But when Neil started to lick my breasts it sent pleasures through my body like I have never felt before.  I could then feel  Neil’s hands starting to caress my sex while he was still licking my breasts.  Apparently having plastic skin must have made me a lot more sensitive to being touched because the orgasms he was giving me were more intense than anything I ever had when I used to be flesh and blood.

I just kept thinking, This is wrong.  This is very wrong.  I am supposed to be a flesh and blood woman, not a piece of plastic.  I don’t know whether or not I should be feeling violated by what Neil is doing to me.  If I was still flesh and blood, this could be considered rape.  However, I am now an inanimate object.  Therefore, I have no idea how I should be feeling.  I am trying to feel disgusted by what has happened to me and what is happening but my god it feels so good.  This is very wrong, but it feels so good.

            Eventually I just give up my struggle and surrender to the pleasures I am feeling.  As the orgasms keep on increasing, I feel like I am on the verge of blacking out when Neil is suddenly stopped by Jason.

            “Hey come on man we have to get back to work.  You can play with her later on. She's not going anywhere.”

            “Alright, Jason.  Maybe in a few months, we will have a place for her out on the display floor.  If not maybe they will let me take her home.  I have always wanted a mannequin.”

            Neil and Jason then left the storeroom.  I was left by myself amongst the stores other mannequins and my thoughts.

            I wonder if any these mannequins used to be flesh like me.  Does Neil also engage in pleasuring these mannequins like he did with me?  Is there any chance I will be reverted to flesh?  If I am restored to flesh then I am going to divorce Lance and go for Neil after the way I felt with him.  If I am to remain a mannequin then I think I can handle it if Neil is able to continue pleasuring me.

            As I was thinking about what my new life would I suddenly noticed something new about the rods in me.  I could hear the alien language.  It appears that the rods are listening devices that the aliens have inserted in the mannequins so they can monitor life on Earth.

             I wonder then how many rods are out there and how many innocent women have accidentally been turned into mannequins like me.  Of course, it doesn’t really matter since there is nothing I can do about it at the moment but who knows maybe one day I will be able to tell the world what has happened to me.  I eventually feel asleep and began to dream about my new life as a display mannequin.


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