Magic Show 1

by Teslaboy

Not part of the Petra-fiction series, although the character names are the same. 

            Teslaboy and Petra have been in the magic business for about two years, doing fake magic tricks and things like that, but when Teslaboy discovered how to use real magic, Petra’s job as an assistant changed.

            “You know, Hon,” Petra told Teslaboy before the beginning of a show, “I don’t think our cheap magic is going to amuse the crowd much anymore,”  Tesla laughed. Petra didn’t know about his newfound powers yet.  Tesla, also known as James Tesla, was wearing a magician’s tux, and Petra his assistant, wearing an extremely sexy white V-thong that showed off her D-cup breasts.  She had perfect red hair, which she adored, and loved magic.

            “I think this show will be different,” he said, giving her a wink.

And now,” the announcer's voice bellowed.  “We proudly present: Teslaboy and Petra!”  The crowd gave a loud cheer as the two stepped onstage.

            “Alright folks,” Tesla said, “I have a new trick I would like to show you!”  He pulled a purple satin blanket out of thin air and placed it over Petra. 

            “I don’t remember him telling me about this.  Well, I’ve got a little surprise for him, too.” Petra thought as she began to take off her costume.

            “Abracadabra!” Tesla said.  Immediately, Petra stopped moving.

“I can’t move a muscle! What’s going on?”  Petra then felt a tingle all over her frozen body.  She felt hollow.  “I feel so light! I guess it’s sorta enjoyable.  Wait a second…” Petra saw out of the corner of her eye that her arm was a sort of artificial tone, and her hair color turned blonde!  “My skin, my hair! What’s this?  There’s a gap on my shoulder. He's turned me into a mannequin! she felt her pussy seal up and disappear.  Her exposed breasts without any nipples.  She just stood there with her V-thong halfway off and her lips in a pouty look.

            “Alright, I think she’s ready.” Tesla said, throwing the blanket off of her shape. It disappeared before it even hit the ground.  “What’s this?” He said, with fake enthusiasm.  “It seems my assistant has turned into a mannequin!”  The crowd gasped, not knowing what to think.  Then, Tesla turned around and bowed.  “Thank you! You’ve been a great audience!”

            After everyone left, Tesla picked up Petra and put her under her arm.  She didn’t move an inch.  She would have, because his lightest touch sent waves of pleasure through her.

            OOHHHHHHH!!!! That feels so GOOD!!!Petra was enjoying it completely.  When they got home, Teslaboy stood Petra up in their bedroom, and she was still in the same pose as when they left.  He touched her on the nose, and she felt a tingle.  Her skin and hair color slowly turned back to normal, and she could move again

            “Do that again!”  She yelled, running up and attacking Tesla with kisses.

            “Alright, stand back and pose.”  Tesla was waiting for her to ask. 

            “Hold on, let me change my clothes.” Petra ran out of the room, and shortly returned wearing a white mesh top and a white pair of thong panties.  She posed with one hand on the side of her ass and the other on top of her thigh. She smiled. “Ready!”

            Her movements ceased, and she felt her skin change to hard plastic.  Tesla could see her nipples disappear.  Petra saw her red hair change to fake blonde, and she became a full mannequin.


To be continued?

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