New Years Dolls 3

by Paul G Jutras

"Why do I have to go shopping with you?" Tom asked his college classmates, Sarah, Jessica and Mary as they entered the indoor mall.

"We need someone to carry our packages and give us an opinion on what our dates will think of the outfits we put on." Jessica responded.

"While we go pick out our first outfits to try on in the dressing room, why don't you go to the store's book section and find some reading material to keep from getting bored while we're changing." Sarah added. "The store closes in a half hour so you won't have to do it for long."

As Tom heading in the direction of the book section, he glanced across the mall to an adult store. He glanced at his watch and figured he had plenty of time before the girls came out in their first outfits to pick up something he always wanted.

"Can I help you lover?" Asked the lady who stood behind the desk wearing a rubber cat suit. Tom didn't know which spikes were more pointed. Those on her leather boots or those on her collar.

"I always wanted one of these." Tom said as he brought a box up to the counter. On the lid was the picture of a beautiful, naked woman. The label read DEBBIE DOES IT LOVE DOLL in bold letters.

"You should have a happy New Year with this little lady, indeed," the store owner said as she ran up his purchase.

Meanwhile. Sarah and her friends were standing before the dressing room mirror and admired their looks in their sexy new underwear when they heard a commotion outside the dressing room area. Before they could react, they were each hit with a strange green ray.

"What's happening" Sarah blinked blankly. A tingling sensation started in her feet and quickly rose up her legs. At first she had thought her legs had fallen asleep from admiring themselves for so long. When all three girls moaned in an orgasm at the same time, she knew something more was happening.

"Sarah! Jessica!" Mary cried out. She looked down as her nails took on a polished appearance and every blemish vanished from her shiny body. Her nipples went erect as if in a cold room before changing to a pair of plain plastic mounds. As the plastic effect passed over their throats and heads, they soon lost the ability to talk altogether.

"The mall will be closing in ten minutes." A voice came over the P.A. Tom, who had spent more time than he expected talking to the manager of the fetish shop, looked at his watch. "Jessica and the others are going to kill me."

"Look, I've got to go," Tom said as he looked at the sales lady. She was just starring wide eyed at something past Tom. Tom stared at her for a minute then slowly turned around and gasped himself. Blocking the doors were a pair of almost skeletal aliens with large black bug eyes. In their bony hands they fired green rays from a weapon. "I don't believe..."

As the aliens left, a beam passed through the ceiling as if it wasn't there. As the ray washed over the two humans, they vanished from the store. When the light seemed to die, Tom found his body frozen along with the other last minute shoppers, inside what might be the alien's ship. Tom didn't know if it was just the angle he was stuck in, but he couldn't see anything but motionless female shoppers standing within his field of vision.

"If it wasn't for the unknown alien factor, this would be a dream fantasy," Tom thought to himself.

"Tom can you hear me, you pervert?" Jessica's words seem to pop right into his head. Tom wished he could see what the voice was coming from, but he couldn't move his head to see or his mouth to respond.

"Tom, use your mind to answer, you idiot." Mary started up. "In this frozen alien state, we seem to be able communicate with our minds."

That was when Tom realized the voices were coming from inside his own head. "What's going on?" Tom thought back.

"I wish I knew." Jessica thought more calmly. "From my angle I could see two aliens pick Sarah up as if she was as light as a feather and carried her off somewhere."

"I can hear you." Sarah's voice finally came through to each of them. "I'm sorry I. I didn't project my . . . my thoughts sooner."

"Sarah!" Jessica mentally screamed. "What's wrong?"

"The aliens put some kind of space dildo inside me before sealing my crotch up as smooth as any mannequin's." Sarah responded in a heavenly tone of bliss as Jessica watched the aliens carry the manager of the fetish shop pass her range of vision and into the same room that Sarah went into.

"What do you think they want from us?" Mary wondered.

"They're a different race," Tom replied. "The methods and reasons for doing anything are as alien to us as our culture is to them."

"Noooooo!" cried the fetish lady in horror. After a few minutes of silence, Tom and Jessica tried to mentally call out to Sarah while Mary was being carried into the strange room too scared to even think.

As time passed, the crowd of voices in everyone's heads became less and less. Eventually the aliens came to Tom, who was still clutching the box the love doll came in. He couldn't believe how light he felt when he was carried in the other room.

"Jessica!" Mary's voice finally came through. "The others are gone. They're no sign of them in here. I did see the same teleportation beam light that took us out of the changing room to where we are now."

"Hopefully it was just a fear of the unknown scream that we heard before." Tom tried to reassure Mary. "Maybe Sarah and the others are back at the mall right now."

Soon Jessica and Tom were the finally ones in the waiting room together. Jessica wanted to cry but couldn't as she was carried into the room. She was soon stripped of her clothes and placed on her back on a table.

"What are you going to me?" Jessica asked as the aliens shoved the type of dildo object that Sarah and Mary describe up into her. Even when making love to a man she never felt so full inside. The coldness of the room kept her nipples hard and she felt like her breasts were hardening even more.

When the alien ran its hand against her face it was similar to the feeling she had when she would touch smooth plastic. That was when she realized from the mirrors over head that it wasn't the alien who felt like plastic. It was her. Her fixed eyes stared at the mirror and the mannequin looking back from it. She screamed suddenly in horror her head and lower torso merged into her upper one and changed her into a bra form. The aliens then worked some controls and teleported her away from the room.

Tom was the last one of the group taken to the room. He hope he'd be returned to the mall and unfrozen quickly as the silence of not having anyone to think to at this moment was almost madding.

The aliens stared at Tom in a confused state. While the aliens to Tom appeared sexless, the space creatures acted as if they had never seen the male of a species before. He was stripped on his clothes and placed on his back on a table.

Like Jessica and the others he was stripped of his clothes and this made the aliens even more confused when they looked at his body. They them noticed the photo of the lady on the box cover.

The aliens got together and seem to talk to one another. Their thoughts; if they had any, weren't heard in Tom's head.

The aliens then opened the box and took the doll out. Placing it at Tom's feet, one alien opened the dolls mouth wider that it should have been able to strength. It then slid the doll up over Tom's body like some sort of suit.

When the aliens were done putting the suit on Tom, he found a beautiful woman instead of himself starring back at him from the mirror above. He now looked just like the picture of the doll on the box cover.

He expected the aliens to put a dildo inside of him instead like his mind heard Sarah and the others talking about. Instead a beam washed over him and he found himself naked in the middle of the mall floor.

He ran his hands over his body. The doll's seams were there, giving the appearance of her toes being fused together and his pussy and anus forever open. When he touched himself he discovered it wasn't a doll suit that he was wearing anymore. It was his new female skin self.

"Tom, is that you?" Sarah's voice came into his head. Tom got to his feet and looked around but didn't see Sarah or anyone else around.

"Sarah, where you?" asked Tom.

"I'm standing right in front of you," Sarah spoke. "I'm the full body mannequin in front of you."

"No!" Tom said in disbelief. She looked at one of the two full body mannequins set up on hallway display outside the locked mall store. "What about the others?"

"Jessica is bra form and Mary a pantyhose form here." Sarah's thoughts said. "We're all still in mental contact with each other it seems. Even with you. Everyone that got beamed to their ship or whatever are not in the shops they were making a purchase in. At least those of us who has now made the mall our home are in the stores we left. Jessica's thoughts told me of the Debbie doll you must of purchased over their in the fetish shop."

"I guess I am Debbie now." Tom giggled girlishly as he ran his hands over his new flesh.

"Well, Debbie you can't go anywhere naked." Sarah said. "Since it would look strange to see a totally naked mannequin in the hall, you'd better just take my top and my new friend May's skirt before mall security finds you."

Debbie did as Sarah said and then went and got mall's female security guard to let out to start her new life. She somehow knew that all the memories of all those she knew and school records at college had been altered to read that she had always been female and looked like a living love doll.


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