Octaposey - an Elaine Blonde adventure

by Drake

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In the Foreign Service, in a foreign land:

Trish ran, feeling her breath catch in her throat. They were getting close. Her hands pushed at the jungle leaves and vines that obstructed the path. The sun barely broke through the thick canopy of vegetation, but where it did, it dappled the dark greens and browns with hints of gold. How long had she been running? The hunt had been going on for over twenty-four hours now. She had lost her captors twice, but now they were back on her tail. It was only a matter of time before she was caught. She had lost her shirt the previous day, and her tattered bra barely kept her firm, athletic bosom in check. Her shorts were a mass of rips and tatters, offering glimpses of the tan flesh beneath.

"She is there Countess!" The woman's deep voice carried an unmistakable, guttural Russian accent. Trish shivered, remembering that same voice whispering sweet Soviet nothings into her ear three nights before. It seemed like a lifetime ago. She stumbled, her hands catching her fall. Her energy was spent. There was nothing left to run on.

"Trish Holiday." Another Russian accent, this one as crisp and clean as freshly fallen Siberian snow. "You have been a welcome challenge for me, but your race is now over."

"Not yet it isn't." Trish turned and drew the hastily formed stone dagger from the tattered remains of her shorts. "I still have more fight in me than you can handle."

"Of course you do. That is what makes you such delicious prey." A tall women stepped into the jungle clearing. She wore elegant slacks, tucked into high leather boots. Her long, icy blonde hair fell down her back. She was topless and her large breasts were capped with small, erect nipples, scarcely darker than her alabaster skin. Her breathing was easy and unstrained as she watched Trish stalk towards her.

"Die!" Trish lunged forward with the knife. There was a soft coughing noise and she stopped just short of the tall woman. A thin silver dart had appeared as if magic on Trish's flat, athletic belly. The knife fell to the jungle floor. "Oh…No."

"Yes." The tall woman holstered the small pistol concealed in her hand. "Our hunt is over."

"Countess." The other woman pressed through the jungle. She was shorter, but more impressively muscled. Her short brown hair cut in a military fashion that matched the loose fatigue pants and camouflage tank top she wore. Unlike her master she was breathing heavily, her chest heaving as she fought for air.

"Bring her Sonya." The tall woman ordered. "I wish to see my new trophy mounted before nightfall."

"You are very lucky American." Sonya gently yanked the dart from Trish's belly and tossed it onto the ground. "You have given the Countess Topoff a fine hunt and she will reward you with a place of honor in her collection. Follow me."

Trish tried to answer, but whatever the drug in the needle was, it had robbed her of the ability to speak or act on her own. Numbly she fell into step in front of Sonya as they began the long journey back to the castle that dominated the island.

* * *

"About bloody time." Elaine pushed out of MMMs office, slamming the door behind her. The old creep knew that she was leaving for her vacation shortly and had deliberately made her go over every single detail of her last mission. Making sure that she repeated the parts he found particularly interesting. Most of those involved Don Renaldo's triplet mistresses, the blind housemaid, the extra-large Sicilian pizza and the two-liter jug of virgin olive oil. At least the daft old coot was wearing pants this time. She still had to press through the crowds at Heathrow - she could bloody well look at the unemployed there.

"Elaine. Good, he's finished with you." Miss Honeypenny quickly sorted through the short stack of pink messages that were in her hands. She nimbly extracted the one she was looking for and handed it to Elaine. "I know you're in a rush to set off on your holidays, but X rang. She wanted to talk to you about something, and I am to understand it is a rather urgent matter."

"How urgent is it." Elaine said tiredly, picturing the mad dash; a manic cab ride to the airport and then missing her flight by the few scant minutes of time that X wished to take up.

"She said, and I quote. If Elaine does not come see me within the hour I will use you for scientific experimentation." Honeypenny reported primly. "And given the nature of her current experiments, I would consider it a personal favor if you went to see her. It would be as your American friend would so eloquently put it, my ass."

"Very well." Elaine tossed her tickets onto Honeypenny's desk. "Please contact the airport and see if you can get me switched to a later flight."

"Sorry Miss Blonde." Honeypenny said. "Regulations simply do not allow for me to handle non-agency travel arrangements during normal agency hours."

"In that case." Elaine retrieved the tickets, "I'm afraid I'll have to give speaking with X a pass and head off to the airport. I'm sure you'll understand."

"I'm going on break in five minutes." Honeypenny snatched the tickets back. "I only get one a day, but I would simply love to do this little favor for you, on my own time of course."

"Champion." Elaine smiled. "If it's not too much trouble you could see about bumping me up to elite class, and ensuring that they have my favorite champagne on hand. After all, it is, as you say, your ass that is on the line, and I would hate for something untoward to happen to it."

* * *

"Elaine!" Stepping into X's domain, Elaine was immediately set upon. A short, blonde comet hurtled across the room, scattering X's assistants like so many lab-coated pins at the Nobel Lanes bowling alley. "Something's happened to Trish! She's missing!"

"Now, now." X joined them, her high heels clicking a staccato rhythm against the tile floor. She paused to use her riding crop to encourage her scattered assistants to get back to their feet. "My dear little Dee, I told you that Elaine would cancel her vacation and seek out your missing friend. That was our deal."

"Yes. Okay. I remember. Thank you X." Dee continued. "I'm just really worried about her, she was supposed to be back by now, but she's not and our boss isn't helping and I didn't know who would help and…"

"Dee." X placed her hands on either side of the young scientist's cheeks and drew her close, kissing her. "Silence."

"No. Not silence. Start talking." Elaine shook her head. "What has happened to Trish?"

"She was on a mission in Pago Pago." Dee babbled on without stopping to breath. "She finished the mission, but then she went to a party and left that party and then she disappeared and no one is trying to find her, so I finally came here to see you, but I couldn't find you, so I found X and she said if I was willing to be her assistant for two weeks, she would convince you to go find Trish and bring her back so we…"

"Okay. That's enough for now." Elaine interrupted Dee before she passed out from lack of oxygen. "Of course I'll go and find her. X, do you have anything I can take with me?"

"I have several brilliant new inventions that would be of great use to you." X said proudly. "But you know as well as I do that I am not allowed to issue them to you unless you are on a mission for MMM."

"Oh not you too." Elaine said, "The whole lot of you are getting right up my spout today. Look X, can you help me or not."

"I can't." X said haughtily. "But Dee has several pieces of new equipment with her. She was supposed to give them to Patricia, but as her location is currently unknown, I am sure she would be willing to give them to you, to give to Patricia. That should, or rather will satisfy you, as it is your only choice."

"Spiffing." Elaine grated. Her lover was missing, her vacation was ruined, and a sudden interest in following regulations was making her every waking moment an exercise in frustration. The day was just getting better and better.

"One second." Dee dashed off, upsetting another trio of X's assistants as she pushed past them. She returned a moment later dragging her large, carry-on bag. She let it fall to the ground with a loud thump and began digging through the pockets.

"Okay. Here's the first one. Oh nuts, where's that other piece. Here it is." Dee said proudly, holding up a pair of beaded tassels. "Hypno-Hula pasty persuaders."

"You are kidding me, aren't you?" Elaine eyed them skeptically.

"No." Dee protested. "They really, really work."

"Allow me." X took the tassels and undid her leather corset. As her impressive breasts spilled out, she attached a tassel to each one in turn. "Dee, we will need a test subject. Do you have a preference?"

"Oh gosh." Dee thought. "How about an eighteen year old cosplay fetishist who thinks she's Sailor Mars."

"Fetch me one." X commanded her assistants.

"We're out." On assistant piped up, moving forward to receive a blow from X's riding crop. "We have one who thinks she's Sailor Moon will that do?"

"I would prefer Mars..Eep!" Dee started as X's riding crop swatted her behind. "Moon would be fine. Okay so while we wait, here's something I just finished. Aerosol armour. Spray it on and it will deflect small arms fire under .38 caliber and significantly reduce the impact on .45 and higher, you won't like it, but the bullets shouldn't get through. It's a little unstable, so don't expect it to last more than 15 minutes between applications.

"Now that is useful." Elaine said examining the can. "So I can just spray it on?"

"Well, yes and no." Dee said. "It needs a living organic surface to bond with, so it only really works if you're naked."

"Why does that not come as a surprise." Elaine said dryly. "Here I was thinking that one of you would come up with an invention without a single sexual connotation. Wrong again, I should not keep overestimating the scientific mind."

"Sorry." Dee said, dropping her eyes. "But if you do get in a gunfight, being naked is going to be a great distraction to the bad guys."

"No doubt." Elaine tucked the can into her purse. "What else."

"Fully contained scuba system." Dee announced. "It weighs just under a pound. It separates oxygen from water and re-combines carbon dioxide so there are no bubbles at all. You can use it to depths of just under 100 feet without any problem."

"Much better." Elaine stopped as Dee brought a double-headed rubber dildo out of her carry-on. "Yet another victory for form over function. Let me guess, one end is the intake and the other is the regulator?"

"Um… No." Dee said. "You bite down on the middle, right here. See? It's long enough for two people to share it."

"That goes without saying." Elaine said. "In every sense of the word."

"Halt! Leather and lab-coat clad minions of evil!" A high pitched voice squeaked out over the lab. "In the name of the moon I shall punish you."

"I'll do the punishing here, thank you very much." X turned and faced the newcomer, who had climbed on top of one of the lab benches and was striking a dubiously heroic pose. Her short blue skirt had ridden up and her sensible cotton underwear was clearly visible. Long, obviously fake hair extensions sprouted from her head like long, floppy rabbit ears. Her trim figure was sheathed in a shiny costume that hugged every curve.

"Your evil magic is no match for the power of the moon. Prepare to be destroyed." A plastic boomerang flew directly at X, who contemptuously batted it aside with a short, chopping motion of her riding crop. X began rotating her broad, muscular shoulders in sweeping motions. Her breasts picked up the motion, the tassels spinning in time with the movement. Elaine could see rainbow patterns begin to form in the air around X's breasts, fascinating and enticing. She shook her head and looked away, refusing to allow herself to be drawn into a trance. The others were not so lucky. The fake sailor scout stood dumbstruck, her head rotating in time with X's breasts. Several of X's assistants were similarly entranced, as was Dee.

"Little Dee is absolutely brilliant." X said fondly. "Unfortunately she lacks your willpower. Dee dear, you are in a deep trance. Please take off your clothes." Dee nodded slowly began undoing the buckles on her overalls. They soon slid to the floor, followed by her shirt, bra and panties.

"Now Dee, I want you to listen carefully." X said. "When I snap my fingers you will wake up. You're fully dressed, and you were never hypnotized. As for the rest of you, you will remain motionless until you hear the word 'antidisestablishmentarianism'. When you do, you will all tear off your clothes and make love to one another in the center of the lab."

"X, you are truly one of a kind." Elaine said as X snapped her fingers.

"Oh no. Are they broken?" Dee jumped up slightly to get a better look at the tassels, her small breasts bouncing fetchingly as she did.

"No, they're worked perfectly my pet." X said. "Elaine is very impressed. I believe you have one more thing for Elaine?"

"Oh yes." Dee bent over and dug into her carry-on again, presenting her smooth ass to X and Elaine as she did so. "Here you go."

"What is it?" Elaine examined the small, rectangular device. "It looks like a portable DVD player with a built in LCD screen."

"It is." Dee said. She handed an Elaine a DVD case. "Trish was going to give this to you, it hasn't been released yet."

"Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre Presents Medusalicious." Elaine read from the case. "Catnip isn't the only thing that stones these pussies. Watch Trish Holiday put the hard back in hardcore."

"She said you would enjoy it." Dee smiled as Elaine snapped the case open to get the DVD out.

"It's empty!" Elaine said, displaying the open case.

"Yes it is." Dee said putting her hands on her slim hips. "I have it, and if you ever want to see it, you had better rescue Trish."

"That was perfect, I am so very proud of you." X hugged Dee, "A little extra incentive for Elaine to rescue her friend. By the way, it is a very good film, very stirring. I particularly like the bakery scene were she traps the .."

"Stop! Don't ruin it for me!" Elaine said.

"But it is so very intellectual." X said. "No matter. If there is nothing else, you have a mission to undertake."

"Very well, Excuse me." Elaine reached over and plucked the tassels from X's breasts. The nipples underneath were nicely erect. Elaine gathered the remaining items and walked to the door. "I have only one thing to say to you. Antidisestablismentarianism!"

Dee and X disappeared under a writhing pile of naked bodies as the air was filled with the ripping of clothes, the slap of flesh against flesh and a single cry of 'moon-tongue-power.'

"Elaine, you are always so good to me." X's voice echoed out from the writhing mass.

* * *

"I have to start somewhere." Elaine looked dubiously at the thoroughly disreputable police precinct. The building was badly in need of cleaning, repairs, paint, new windows and perhaps staff. It would be too much to ask to have a hurricane sweep through the city to do several million dollars in civic improvement. Tipping her large, straw sun hat back on her head, Elaine pulled off her sunglasses and walked inside. There was no air conditioning of course, and the still air was hot against her skin. Rather than sweat inside business clothes, Elaine had compromised on a light cotton sundress, which clung very tightly, to her figure. The clerk at the shop had said it was the correct size, but Elaine still thought is was a little too small. The clerk had insisted on accompanying her into the change room too - perhaps her professional judgement was being influenced by a particular peccadillo. Probably, but she has been terribly efficient and wonderfully thorough, so it was easily forgiven.

"I'd like to look into a missing person's report." Elaine said to the duty sergeant. The man barely raised his eyes over the paper he was reading.

"Wouldn't we all." The sergeant grunted, returning to his paper. Elaine counted silently to ten.

"It is rather urgent." She said, exercising proper poise and restraint. "My friend has been missing for several days now. Is there anyone I can speak to who can help."

"Yes." He returned to the paper. Elaine made it to fifteen. The airport had lost her luggage, Honeypenny had somehow managed to get her a middle seat in the crowded, coach section of the aircraft, and her breasts were trying to escape from the extra-tight confines of her new dress. Everyone was conspiring to annoy her today.

"Ah, I see. Yes there is someone I can speak to?" Elaine smiled coldly. "But I didn't ask who they were or where I could find them? How foolish of me. Can I please speak to this person and can you give me their name and a location where I can find them."

"Yes. Detective Ryder, that office on the end." The Sergeant gestured down the corridor. "Anything else."

"Thank you." Elaine smiled and picked up the heavy, old-fashioned phone that squatted like a black toad on the corner of the desk. "There is one more thing, I see you're doing today's crossword. I tried to solve it this morning, but I didn't get 15 across. A four letter word meaning waterfowl that begins with a D."

"That would be duck." The sergeant said.

"Duck." Elaine repeated. The desk sergeant never saw the phone as Elaine threw it through his paper and into his broad forehead. The heavy casing of the phone weathered the impact; the sergeant did not and collapsed in an unconscious sprawl behind his desk. "Well I did warn you."

"Detective H. Ryder." Elaine read the name and title from the cracked frosted glass pane in the door. She knocked once and then entered. "Excuse me, Detective Ryder, the desk Sergeant said I could speak with you."

"Have a seat." Detective Ryder said, looking up from the report she was reading.

"Only if it's yours." Elaine whispered to herself. Detective Ryder was amazing. A full Polynesian figure whose ample curves threatened to pop the buttons off of her tan blouse. Her long hair black was braided in elaborate corn-rows that sparkled with bright beads. Coffee brown skin, full, dark lips, muted cheekbones and dark brown eyes stared at Elaine with a slightly bemused expression.

"Now what can I do for you?" Detective Ryder closed the report and leaned forward on her desk, her blouse parting slightly to reveal inviting, dark cleavage.

"I'm looking into the disappearance of a friend of mine." Elaine explained. "Patricia Halliday, she might have been staying under the name Trish Holiday. She took the Two Palms cruise last Saturday night, and hasn't been seen since."

"I have a report on her, but no leads. I have two witnesses that say they saw her leave the ship and walk back to her hotel, but that's all I'm afraid. Sorry."

"Could I please see the file, if it's not too much trouble?" Elaine asked. The Detective's answers seemed guarded. She definitely knew more than she was letting on.

"Not possible I'm afraid. Procedure." Detective Ryder stood up. "I'm really sorry about your friend, but I can't help you. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave, I'm quite busy."

"Sorry to be a bother." Elaine reached into her purse. "Here's a number where I can be reached, should anything else come up." Standing with her back to Officer Ryder she palmed Dee's hypnotic tassels.

"Just what do you think you're doing? Oooh pretty." Detective Ryder stood transfixed as Elaine pulled the straps of the sundress down, affixed the tassels and sent them spinning with broad motions of her shoulders. Prismatic bursts of light erupted from Elaine's breast, drawing the Detective's eyes towards them. Soon her head was circling in time with the movement of Elaine's nipples.

"Right them." Elaine continued the motions. "You will provide me with the file on Trish's disappearance and any other related materials, and you will assist me in any way that you can during my investigation. Is that clear."

"Yes." Detective Ryder interrupted her circling motions with a quick nod and then returned to the established flight pattern.

"Also, you will provide information in excess of what I ask for, I don't want to have to play twenty questions."

"I will provide information in excess of what you ask for." Detective Ryder repeated. "I want to pour rum all over you and lick it off."

"We'll start with the file." Elaine said, a bead of sweat trickling down her cheek as she continued to work her shoulders, keeping her breasts in motion. Hypnosis was hard work. "Give me a rub down.. rundown on it."

"Your friend isn't the first one to disappear." Detective Ryder explained. "There have been over ten missing person cases that have exactly the same pattern. They're not disappearances, they're kidnappings, but we've been instructed not to pursue the matter. Also, I want to check to see if you are a natural blonde."

"What you're saying is that someone higher up is pulling strings to keep the investigations from going anywhere. Someone pretty important." Elaine considered. Dee had mentioned that the SIA hadn't been pursuing the disappearance too vigorously. "Can you tell me about the other women who were kidnapped."

"Beautiful, sexy and capable." Detective Ryder continued to watch Elaine's breasts. "A champion kickboxer, a hunter, an Olympic fencer, several soldiers, and your friend, a government field agent of some sort. Quite a collection."

"Bloody hell." Elaine swore, the word seemed all too familiar. "What is it with these missions?"

"Huh? What?" Detective Ryder blinked and shook her head as the tassels stopped rotating. "Miss, what are you doing? That is an entirely inappropriate outfit here, just what do you think you're…. Pretty…"

"Did all the women disappear after the Two Palms Cruise?" Elaine asked as she got her breasts rotating again.

"Just after the cruise. I suspect someone is selecting them from the passenger list and abducting them once they return to shore." Detective Ryder offered. "I want to take you to dinner and then eat you for desert."

"I can see we're going to get along well." Elaine said. "Okay. You're going to help me find out what's happening. When I snap my fingers, you drop back into a trance. Oh, and what does the H stand for?"

"Honeychilde." Detective Ryder said. "My mother loved those old Ian Fleming books, she named me after one of the characters. I want to put salt and lime on your stomach and do tequila shots out of your navel."

"This is my fault isn't tit…it." Elaine said, quickly taking off the tassels and pulling her dress back up. "I did ask you to provide excess information, but never specified that it be pertinent to the fornication.. investigation."

"Well Miss Blonde, we have work to do." Detective Ryder said, shaking her head as if to clear it. "I'll secure us tickets for tonight's Two Palms cruise. What are your plans?"

"I'm going out to get a bottle of good tequila, a saltshaker and some limes." Elaine said.

"Whatever for?"

"Wait and see." Elaine teased. "When you find out you'll like it so much you'll swear it was your idea in the first place."

* * *

"Don't get me wrong." Elaine smiled graciously. "I do like men; if I need the garbage taken out or the muck shoveled from the gutters, a man would be my first choice, but for pleasant and pleasurable company, I prefer women. They have so much more staying power and don't immediately fall asleep after the first orgasm. Good day"

"That was a little harsh." Honey sidled up next to Elaine and passed her a stem glass of champagne. Elaine couldn't help but stare - just a bit. Honey was wrapped in a tight red, flower patterned, sarong, which set off her dark skin wonderfully. Her breasts were barely restrained by a scrap of scarf, and if she bent over at all she flashed quick glimpses of her large, dark nipples.

"Did you hear the pickup line he tried?" Elaine sipped her drink. "If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me? He bloody well deserved to be castrated for that one, but given that the situation does not allow it, I settled for emasculation."

"He isn't the only one checking us out." Honey said. "See the tall blonde and the short, butch brunette over there."

"Well I'll be." Elaine said, sparing a casual glance. "I recognize the brunette. That's Sonya Licksatya, the former Russian women's wrestling champ. She was ejected from the last Olympics due to highly inappropriate behavior on the mat."

"You should be paying attention to the other one." Honey cautioned. "Countess Ivana Topoff. She's a real power around these parts. A Russian chemical industrialist, with a lot of money and even more connections; government contracts, oil, pharmaceuticals, you name it. Sonya is her bodyguard."

"Enough money to bribe the local police, and dissuade the SIA from investigating a missing person." Elaine mused. "I think someone just jumped to the top of our suspect list. Where does she stay when she's not on these cruises."

"She purchased an island some twenty kilometers off the coast, we'll be passing it shortly." Honey said. "Needless to say, the constant property tax revenue from that alone keeps our government very fond of her. You may be on to something. Do you want to tail her and see if we can catch her in the act?"

"No." Elaine said reaching into her purse. "I want to check out her island when she's still here on the boat."

"And how do you think you're going to manage that?" Honey placed her hands on her hips.

"With this." Elaine brandished the long rubber dong that Dee had given her.

"How many tequila shots did you have?" Honey asked, eyeing the floppy dildo dubiously. "We certainly could have used it earlier, but it isn't going to help us swim undetected to her island."

"Sure it is." Elaine explained. "You just but your mouth here and…"

"Is this some sort of British joke that we colonial types don't get?" Honey asked.

"No. It's a SCUBA unit." Elaine said. "It's just that none of the scientists I know in our research and development can postulate a theorem without something like this creeping in somewhere."

"Thrusting, not creeping." Honey pointed to an island in the distance. "That's where we're going. Are you sure about this?"

"Not really, no." Elaine said. "I just have a gut feeling, that's all. Plus, if I'm wrong and Countess Topoff is indeed a good and upstanding citizen, she won’t mind giving a pair of castaways a trip back to the main island. Shall we?"

"Sure. A brisk midnight swim and a completely illegal search of the home of one of our most prominent citizens." Honey said sourly. "I usually go by the book, I must have a good reason for doing this."

"Breast assured, there are two very good reasons." Elaine smiled mysteriously and dove off the side of the ship, entering water with nary a splash. Moments later Honey splashed down next to her. Biting down on the scuba marital aid, they began swimming towards the distant island.

* * *

"That was intense." Honey pulled herself up onto the beach and sprawled on the sand, her bare breasts quivering with each breath. "What were those things?"

"Sharks I think." Elaine surveyed the few remaining scraps of her evening gown. Reluctantly she stripped them away, leaving her standing in her nearly transparent underwear. "Though I didn't think one would normally find laser beams grafted onto them."

"When this is all over, I'm sending a letter to Jean-Michelle Cousteau." Honey got to her feet. She tore a strip off of her tattered sarong and wrapped it around her breasts, securing them in place. "I think he should be informed."

"Rather." Elaine checked her gear. "We still have quite a hike to get up to the Countess's mansion, let's make a start of it, shall we?"

"I'll take point." Honey said, she reached into her sarong and drew out a small, two-shot derringer and a small, bright flashlight.

The jungle was thick, but there were several wide game trails and they made good time as they moved through the darkness. Detective Ryder kept the flashlight beam pointed low to keep it from being spotted. Not that there was much chance of that in the thick vegetation.

"Someone's been through here recently." She announced bending down to examine the path. "There are human tracks. Nike running shoes to be precise. It looks like whoever wore them was running hard and fast. I want to follow them."

"Champion." Elaine said, her eyes fixed on Honey's ample hips and exotically curved bottom. "The end justifies the means if we can find out more." They continued deeper in the jungle, eventually coming into a small clearing. A glint of metal caught Elaine's eye immediately.

"Some sort of tranquilizing dart." Honey peered at the object as Elaine gently picked it up. She watched as the British secret agent gently unscrewed the cap and gingerly sniffed the contents.

"Scopolo-mezzo-forte." Elaine announced. "A recent Russian discovery. A single dose of this and you become a helpless automaton, following whatever order's you're given. It usually lasts a couple of hours."

"And this?" Honey picked up a stone dagger.

"Someone didn't have a weapon and needed to make one?" Elaine offered.

"Well, whatever happened it ended here. Three people. Running shoes, combat boots and what appear to be riding boots. All three of them walked out of here, in that direction." Honey gestured towards the distant castle.

"Then that's where we're going." Elaine paused. Finding a loose rock, she quickly cut through the vegetation, and the dark earth underneath. She stowed the scuba dildo, aerosol can and tassels. After a moment's thought she added the empty dart as well. She replaced the rock to cover the hole. "I think someone is playing a most dangerous game here, and I want to have an ace in the hole in case. Let's keep moving, I want to be out of here before the Countess returns from the cruise."

* * *

"Well, you can't fault her on her taste." Elaine commented as they entered the castle. The security system was excellent, but not so much so that Elaine couldn't quickly bypass it. The décor was decidedly Slavic, with intricate woodwork and neatly cut stone. A large samovar squatted in the foyer, a small stack of tea-cups and uncut lemons nestled beside it.

"Where to now?" Elaine led the way as they explored. A well-equipped kitchen and freezer, stocked with all manner of delicacies, including the very best in Russian caviar. A wine cooler, equally well stocked, although a bit heavy on the flavored vodkas. Each room was immaculately clean and well ordered; one room stood out from the others; the only the décor consisting of carefully mounted trophies. All manner of animals, from every continent. The Countess was known to be an enthusiastic hunter, but lions and bears did not belong next to possums and wombats. Elaine examined the display more closely, rapping her knuckles against the wooden walls.

"Oh bother." The sound went from a solid thump to a hollow knocking sound. Elaine pressed her hands against the wall and pushed. No good. She quickly turned her attention to the mounted trophies on either side; a polar bear and a moose. The bear was mounted upright, it's jaws agape as if roaring. The Moose's head merely looked out placidly, as if ending up on a wall was exactly what it had expected to happen. It had to be the bear. There was no way the high-born Countess would manipulate a moose to open a secret compartment. There. Pressing her hand into the bear's paws, Elaine was rewarded with a slight clicking noise and the wall panel soundlessly slid back, revealing another room.

"Trish!" Elaine ran forward. The brightly lit room contained two rows of pedestals, half of which were already occupied. Trish Holiday stood on the centermost pedestal, her athletic figure bathed from above by a spotlight. She was naked, spectacularly so, her red hair had been unbound from its usual ponytail and flowed down her back, the ends caressing her finely shaped buttocks. She was posed as if making an arrest, a pistol in her hand pointing forward, her identification badge displayed in the other.

"What have the done to them?" Honey asked. Elaine became aware of the other figures that were displayed on the pedestals, each one of them naked and lovely. A tall woman with short, blonde hair executing a perfect lunge, her foil stabbing at an absent opponent. A buxom, muscular brunette in a martial arts stance, her arms raised as if to block an incoming blow. Another blonde, this one sighting down the barrel of an antique rifle. The last three were a trio of three brunettes, with short military haircuts, saluting an unseen general.

"Trish…" Elaine said more softly as the reached out and touched her friend. The skin felt solid and hard, like plastic.

"Are they…" Honey ventured.

"Dead? Of course not. They are held in a state of suspended animation by their pedestals." A haughty voice said from behind them. Elaine and Honey turned. Countess Topoff stood in the doorway, her aristocratic features set in a wicked, confident smile. "Beautiful aren't they?"

"You rotter." Elaine snarled. "Ow!" She glanced down at the silver dart that now protruded from her belly. Beside her, Honey slumped to the floor, clutching a similar dart. Elaine felt the room begin to spin.

"Elaine Blonde, Double-D Seven." Countess Topoff displayed the small dart gun in her hand. "Welcome to my island." Elaine tried to answer, but couldn't. She fell to the ground unconscious and helpless.

* * *

"Oh, my bloody head. What happened?" Elaine shook her head as she tried to make sense of her surroundings. Where was she? The island! Countess Topoff! Trish! Bolting upright in the bed Elaine looked around. She was in a cell, comfortably appointed with a bed, table, chairs and bookcases, but a cell nonetheless. One wall was a series of steel bars that looked out onto a rough stone corridor. A door was set into the bars, held in place by an elaborate iron lock. A few minutes of frantic exploration confirmed that the cell was escape proof. Sacrificing her bra, Elaine pulled the underwires from the cups and attempted to pick the lock, but was unsuccessful, the heavy iron tumblers resisted her staunchest efforts.

"So you are awake." Sonya's heavy Russian accent was unmistakable as was the taut, curved musculature of the ex-wrestler. She was dressed in fatigue shorts and a loose, buttoned military shirt. A thick Sam Browne belt around her waist held an iron ring with assorted keys dangling from it. They jingled slightly as she stalked towards the cell.

"Yes, rather quaint establishment you run here. Aside from the kidnapping, the laser equipped sharks and the threat of being turned into a living trophy, I would be sure to recommend it among the better beds and breakfast establishments." Elaine said graciously. "Where's Detective Ryder."

"The mistress hunts her." Sonya said, her eyes travelling over Elaine's lush figure, lingering on her uncovered bosom. "She asked that I stay behind and look after you. She feels you might cause trouble."

"Yes, well the thought of escape and turning the tables on you had crossed my mind." Elaine said, noting that Sonya's nipples had become visible through her shirt. "But I find myself without the resources necessary. I fear I do not have a deck of cards at hand, whatever shall we do to pass the time?"

"Would you like to wrestle?" Sonya offered.

"Why yes, I think I would." Elaine stepped back to allow Sonya to undo the iron lock and step into the cell. The wrestler was careless, leaving the open lock dangling from the door. "Any particular rules?"

"Nyet." Sonya blurred into motion, scooping Elaine off her feet and tossing her onto the bed. Elaine gasped in surprise as her panties were torn from her. She tried to squirm away, but Sonya wrapped herself around her, bearing her down.

"You are pinned." Sonya said casually. She paused and ran her tongue across Elaine's nipples. Releasing the blonde she rolled off the bed and back to her feet. "Again!"

"Very well." Elaine moved off the bed and attacked, grabbing a double handful of Sonya's shirt and pulling. The cloth gave way and Sonya's impressive bosom surged forth.

"You are good wrestler." Sonya upended the spy and easily holding her aloft, buried her face in Elaine's sex, licking industriously. Elaine gasped as the Russian's tongue continued to tease and probe and busied herself peeling away Sonya's belt and shorts.

"This is my famous two finger hold." Elaine managed, running her hands over Sonya's wet pussy. "Do you like it?"

"Dah!" Sonya fell backwards onto the bed, her hold preventing Elaine from slipping free. Her legs swung up and wrapped around the blonde forcing her face further down. "Wrestle harder!"

"Well, you did ask for it." Elaine called on Trish's favorite tongue trick, which quickly brought Sonya to a screaming, thrashing orgasm. She rolled off Elaine and lay back on the bed panting. Elaine bolted for the door but was brought up short, as Sonya bounded off the bed, gathered her up and tossed her back.

"We are not done wrestling yet!" Sonya announced. In moments she had Elaine pinned as she straddled the blonde's face. "Again! You wrestle Sonya again!"

A dozen bouts of wrestling later, Elaine collapsed exhausted. It was like wrestling a giant squid; well not entirely, Sonya was not above ensuring that Elaine had been 'wrestled' several times. Whomever had taught the Russian English had given her an entirely different meaning for the word. Sonya got out of the bed and grabbed her shorts, shirt and belt. She walked out of the cell, her muscled buttocks working gracefully with each step. She closed the lock with a loud snap and walked off down the corridor.

"You missed something." Elaine brought the ring of keys out from between the mattresses. She had managed to hide them during one of the many bouts. She quickly tried then one by one in the lock.

"The keys will not open the lock." Sonya reappeared, a wide smile on her face. "There is a sensor is the lock that is opened by computer chip." She displayed her wrist, a barely visible scar announcing where the chip had been imbedded.

"Champion." Elaine said. She handed the keys back through the bars and collapsed on the bed. "Then why wear them?"

"Is simple." Sonya said. "When I wear keys, people always want me to come in and wrestle. The Countess is back from the hunt, she wants to see you."

"Yes, well I rather want to see her to." Elaine said as Sonya unlocked the cell and led her through the mansion. There were other cells in the corridor, all unoccupied for the moment. After several flights of stairs, they emerged into the trophy room. Countess Topoff lounged on a low couch, an elaborate cigarette holder in one hand. She took a long drag on it and blew a cloud of aromatic smoke into the air.

"Ah Miss Blonde." Countess Topoff Stretched out languidly, her bare breasts displayed enticingly. "I am so glad you made it to my island. May I offer you anything?"

"Yes, my friends back and way off this island if it isn't too much trouble." Elaine said.

The Countess laughed richly, but her eyes remained cold. "No. We can't have that. I wouldn't dream of letting you leave here, not after what you've seen. I will however offer you a chance."

"A hunt." Elaine said. "I defeat you, my friends and I go free?"

"Yes, although I wouldn't hold out too much hope for that." The Countess smiled again, the warmth reaching her eyes for the first time. "And when I defeat you; well I think a demonstration is in order. Sonya. Fetch my newest trophy."

Elaine watched as Sonya left and returned moments later with Honey. The detective stared ahead with a blank expression. She was naked, her dark skin glistening with a thin coat of sweat.

"I expected more from your friend." The Countess rose from the couch and embraced the motionless detective. "Still, she proved an interesting warm up to the main event. Elaine Blonde, Agent Double-D Seven."

"May we Countess?" Sonya asked, eyeing a vacant pedestal.

"Of course." The Countess said. "But restrain Miss Blonde first, I wouldn't want her interfering."

"No struggle." Sonya warned, bringing out a pair of handcuffs. Elaine nodded and allowed Sonya to latch a cuff around her wrist. The wrestler secured the second cuff to the stair railing and ran back to the Honey and the Countess. "Now?"

"Yes. Please watch closely Miss Blonde." Countess Topoff released Honey and stepped back to her couch, reclining as she watched Sonya begin to work. The wrestler easily lifted Honey up and placed her on the pedestal. "My Octaposey does such exquisite work."

"I can see that." Elaine said, becoming aware of a growing sense of excitement. Honey was beautiful, lush and wonderfully immobile; it was getting her very wet. "How did you two reach your arrangement."

"On a hunt." Countess Topoff said, slowly caressing her own nipples. "I used to hunt animals, but I never found it satisfying. Then one of my many business interests came up with the device which powers these pedestals. A highly localized stasis field. I coupled it with a polymer spray, and thus I was ready to start an entirely new series of trophies. Sonya Licksatya was to be my third trophy, but I regret, I got overconfident. She is a very accomplished wrestler and managed to gain the advantage."

"A very good wrestler." Elaine agreed. Sonya had brought out another pair of handcuffs and locked Honey's arms together in front of her. She placed a detective's badge in Honey's hands and stood back to contemplate the pose. Elaine shifted slightly so she could subtlety stroke her own wet sex. There were times that it was fortunate to share the same fetish that so many of her foes did.

"I eventually defeated her." Countess Topoff said, sliding a hand into her underwear. "Then a second surprise. Sonya confided that she didn't want to become a trophy, but to help me make more of them. After her… exceptional wrestling performance, I was quite happy to allow her the chance. I have not regretted it."

"I understand." Elaine watched as Sonya brought out an aerosol can and began spraying honey. As the liquid struck the detective it hardened into a glossy coating. Honey was another statue in the Countess's collection. Elaine came immediately, gasping with pleasure as the orgasm roared through her.

"You share the pleasure of my trophies." The Countess noted warmly. "Perhaps if you impress me, I might make you a similar offer."

"Don't bother on my account." Elaine managed between breaths. "One of us will win this, and the other shall take a place on one of these very comfortable pedestals."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." The Countess shivered as she reached climax. "A beautiful job Sonya., toss Miss Blonde the keys to her cuffs and then come here. We shall wrestle before we give chase."

"Yes Countess!" Sonya's threw away her clothes, pausing momentarily to lob the keys at Elaine. She leapt on the Countess, dragging them both to the floor in a knot of grasping limbs and hungry mouths.

"I'll just see myself out then." Elaine said. She crossed the pedestal where Trish stood motionless and planted a kiss on the redhead's frozen lips. "Wish me luck sweetheart, when this is over we'll go back to England and watch your new movie together."

* * *

"She's over here Countess." Sonya called out as she crashed through the brush in pursuit of Elaine.

"Faster. You have already lost her once this day." The Countess followed a few steps behind, her unbound breasts bouncing slightly as she ran. "We shall not lose her again."

"Don't count on it." Elaine said as she ran, keeping just ahead of Sonya. She was covered in sweat and dirt and quite exhilarated. It was easy to see why the Countess liked this sort of thing. If being the hound was even half as fun as being the fox, it could easily become an addicting pass time. Suddenly she stumbled. Sonya was quick and tackled her. Elaine managed to pull free, the sweat on her skin allowing her to slip Sonya's expert grasp. The delay was costly though as the Countess took the opportunity to raise her dart pistol and fire.

"Oh!" Elaine rolled and came back up to her feet. She displayed a dart in her hand. It dropped from her fingers as she fell to her knees.

"An excellent hunt." The Countess said, holstering her pistol. "How do you feel Agent Double-D Seven?" Elaine was motionless, staring straight ahead.

"Perfect." The Countess caressed Elaine's cheek. "Follow us back to the Castle."

Elaine rose to her feet and followed obediently. Soon they were in the castle. Rather than go right to the trophy room they paused in a small greenhouse. Sonya brought out a hose and began spraying Elaine with cool water, slowly washing away the sweat and dirt of the hunt from her; taking special care in ensuring that she was clean, albeit shivering slightly.

"And now, I believe there is a comfortable pedestal awaiting you." The Countess taunted as she led Elaine to the trophy room. "What shall we do with you."

"Like in the movies." Sonya offered. "She walk toward the center of the screen, turn and fire gun."

"Yes, that will do nicely." The Countess led Elaine to a pedestal and helped her onto it. "What do you think my precious Miss Blonde?"

"Sonya," Elaine snapped her fingers and nimbly leapt off the pedestal. "The Countess wants to wrestle you."

"How can you.. You're drugged?" The Countess managed before Sonya grabbed her.

"Hardly." Elaine said. "I had a few surprises tucked away in the forest; including a rather spiffing spray on armour; and some hypnotic accoutrements."

"You..oooh…Sonya." The Countess gasped as Sonya wiggled a hand down her pants and began stroking.

"Get rid of her clothes; and yours." Elaine ordered the hypnotized wrestler. " Sonya didn't let me escape. I hypnotized her and sent her back to you. She's very strong, but very, very suggestible. The rest was easy. Sonya, the pedestal."

Elaine watched as Sonya dragged the Countess onto one of the pedestals. She easily controlled the taller woman as she stripped the last few shreds of clothes away. The Countess struggled in her grip but was unable to free herself; as they continued to fight, their motions began to slow; going from frantic to languid as the stasis field began to take effect. As the end neared, the Countess ceased struggling, allowing her servant free reign to lick and caress her body. In the end she forced Sonya's head down to lick between her spread legs as she stood haughtily, her hands on her hips. her eyes fixed on Elaine; a slight small crossing her lips.

"You look like you know something I do not." Elaine commented as she sprayed the polymer coating over the motionless pair. "Not that it matters now. I know just the place for you."

* * *

Great Britain:

"Your boss is certainly building an impressive collection." Trish said as Elaine led her out of MMMs office. Countess Topoff and Sonya Licksatya had been installed in the corner opposite Alotta Tongue and Buxomly Maid. MMM had been delighted to look after then and had already taken to hanging his umbrellas and canes in the crux of the Countess's akimbo arms.

"He's a devious old coot, and a lecherous, peeping-tom pervert." Elaine said. "Which makes him a good deal better than many of his peers in the intelligence community."

"We should hook him up with my boss, Felicia Biter. I think they'd get along. She's a pervert and an exhibitionist."

"Charming. Is she going to want to de-brief us to?" Elaine said.

"Probably." Trish slid a hand down and caressed Elaine's bottom. "Not that either of us are wearing any."

"Not yet." Elaine smiled. "I want to see you new film first; then we're going to act out all my favorite scenes. I happen to know you don't go anywhere without your cat ears and fuzzy lingerie."

"Guilty as charged." Trish admitted. "I throw myself on the tender mercies of Judge Blonde, and hope that she will grant me leniency."

"Don't count upon the mercy of this court." Elaine said as they pushed through the doors to X's lab. "I intend to go over the evidence very carefully. You're going to end up doing hard, hard time."

"Trish!" Assistants went flying in all directions as Dee charged through them and threw herself around Trish in a full body hug. "You're safe! I was so worried."

"Dee." Trish managed to pry the blonde off. "Why aren't you wearing any clothes."

"What are you talking about?" Dee said. "I'm wearing my favorite overalls and a shirt."

"Okay Kinky!" Trish spotted X and yelled at her. "What have you done to her this time?"

"Whatever are you talking about Patricia." X smiled coldly. "Welcome back."

"Dee." Trish said. "Can you go get your suitcase?" The cute blonde nodded and ran off, knocking down the various assistants who had only just made it back to their feet. She returned moments later dragging her oversized carry on.

"What clothes do you have in there?" Trish asked. Dee quickly opened the case and began taking an inventory.

"Ten shirts, a dozen pairs of underwear, two formal skirts." Dee rattled off, "A couple of casual dresses, oh, here are my favorite overalls and…. Eek! I'm… I'm naked!"

"Delightfully so." X said warmly.

"No wonder I've been cold all week." Dee said, pulling on a shirt. "I thought the air conditioning was broken."

"Not at all." X confirmed, "Though I did turn the temperature down a few degrees to perk you up."

"Oooh!" Dee stomped her foot as she glared angrily at X. " I'll get you for this!"

"Revenge is a dish best served cold." X agreed, eyeing Dee's nipples, which were showing clearly through her shirt. "I'm looking forward to it. Another duel?"

"Stop it. All of you." Elaine said. "Before anyone does anything else to anybody; give me the DVD!"

"Okay." Dee struggled into her overalls and then dug about in her carryon. She brought out the Medusalicious DVD case and handed it over to Elaine. Elaine snapped the case open to confirm that the DVD was in it. Satisfied she closed it and grabbed Trish by the wrist.

"You're coming with me." Elaine ordered.

"I had better." Trish teased, snatching the DVD from Elaine's hand. "But I'm going to warn you now, I'm planning a sequel, and I want a nude… new co-star. Do you want the position?"

"It is permanent? That's a hard choice." Elaine tried to grab the DVD back, but Trish kept it away from her grasping hands.

"Decisions, decisions." Trish teased. "Fame, fortune and a bevy of statuesque special effects are yours for the taking."

"Deal!" Elaine said, reclaiming the DVD from Trish.

"Purrrfect." Trish led Elaine out of the lab. "Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre presents Elaine Blonde in Medusalicious II - GorgonEye!"


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