Out of Time and Place

by Northern Chill

                                 Author's note :  This serial involves five heroines from a group of super heroes known as the Legion of
                                 Super Heroes, who are based in the 30th century time period of Earth.  These heroines travel back in
                                 time to present day for sight seeing  purposes and upon arrival encounter a foe who wants them to stay
                                around -- permanently.

                                                         All characters mentioned here are the property of DC Comics and this story is meant
                                 strictly as a parody and not for profit or infringing on the copyright involved.

                                                         There are elements of nudity, sexuality and some profane language. If this bothers you,
                                  please move onto another web page or story site.  Otherwise, enjoy !

              Chapter 1 - Going on Vacation

              The night air was hot and hazy with the sound of grasshoppers and junebugs clearly heard in the bushes that lined the deserted back road.  A lone street light shone an eerie glow over the cracked pavement with mosquitos flying around the top attracted by the heat and light.  The distant hooting of an owl and croaking of a bullfrog were among the other noises that were evident on an otherwise tranquil night..

               Seemingly out of nowhere, the night sky grew red and sparks of electricity crackled around an area that was circular in nature and growing larger by the second.  A minute or two later, a large circular sphere that was the size of a shed appeared in the middle of the disturbance and slowly descended towards the ground.  Once it settled in the empty field, the sky grew quiet once again as the electricity and brightness dissipated quickly.  After a short period of time, a quiet hissing noise could be heard emanating from the craft followed by an opening appearing on the side.

              A second or so later, a blonde woman emerged from the craft dressed in an attire that definitely marked her as one from a different era than the one she was currently in.  Dressed in a bright pink bikini type costume with matching thigh high boots and the outfit joined at her belly button by a planet symbol, she was known as Saturn Girl, renowned telepath and one of the leaders of the heroic group known as the Legion of Super Heroes.  Her striking good looks belayed the fact that she was a heroine highly feared by the criminals of her time.

              The woman behind her, a black haired beauty dressed in a green unitard with black boots that ended just above her knees, was known as Shrinking Violet, a heroine with the amazing ability of being able to shrink herself down to six inches high. She regularly assisted her team mates in intelligence gathering and espionage as her diminutive size let her get inside areasno other human was able to access.

               The third to step out of the sphere was an attractive blonde dressed in a dark blue spandex outfit with the image of a large golden feather visible on the front.  The heroine was known as Light Lass and though her ability to make objects and even people light as a feather to the point they would float off the ground was mocked by friend and foe, it often proved the undoing of many of her opponents.

                The last to emerge from the craft was a woman dressed in what looked like a silver swimsuit with hair colored the same way.  Going by the name Dream Girl, due to her ability to have visions of the future as far as 48 hours, she wasn't much of a fighter but her ability to foretell an upcoming battle had proved invaluable to her team mates time and time again.

                "All right, everyone, remember why we're here.  According to the history of this particular era, the town that we have landed next to tonight had its entire population disappear for 24 hours and then reappear with no recollection of where they went or how they left.  We're going to venture into town and try and determine what happened to the residents and who or what may have been responsible."  Saturn Girl said nodding towards the buildings that could be dimly seen in the distance.

               Shrinking Violet nodded as she looked at the computer pad she was carrying in her left hand  "According to the news article, there were over 500 people in this town at the time and no one showed the slightest physical or mental problem after the reappearance.  Hmmm..."  the brunette muttered as she walked towards the others.

               Light Lass attached what looked like a mini flashlight to her right forearm and used it to sweep the area around the four heroines.  "No sign of anything out of the ordinary.  If the town's people disappeared, it wasn't by someone showing up with a bunch of vehicles and kidnapping them.  There's no sign of any motorized wagons passing through this area in the past four hours,"  she said flicking off her device.
               Dream Girl stopped for a second and took a deep breath. "My goodness, this is invigorating.  I thought, according to historical records, that this era was marked by smog and air heavily contaminated with cancer causing agents.  If I didn't know better, I'd swear...uhh..."  she started to say before she held her left hand to her forehead and almost crumpled to the ground.

              The other legionnaires, having been team mates of Dream Girl's for a very long time, knew what this action usually meant.  Saturn Girl moved over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "Did you have a vision just now ?"  she asked sympathetically.

               The silver clad heroine nodded as she straightened herself and looked at her fellow heroines.  "I saw the four of us each encountering a woman clad in a blue and black outfit.... there's a fight.. multiple flashes of light... then I see the four of us again -- only we can't move for some reason... after that, it gets cloudy..... sorry, that's about all I can make out."   Dream Girl said with a hazy look in her eyes.

              Saturn Girl nodded in appreciation.  "Well, that's a little help in terms of what we might be looking for.  When we get to town, we should fan out over the town and keep an eye open for this mystery woman.  Once spotted, don't anyone take her on by yourselves if you can help it.  Contact the rest of us first and we'll take her on as a group."  she said assertively to the other heroines.

              The heroines then activated the rings they wore that gave them the power of flight and flew to the edge of the town in a matter of minutes.  Once there and seeing the town deserted, the women decided to split up with Shrinking Violet and Light Lass taking the business district,  Dream Girl checking out the entertainment clubs and Saturn Girl going by the residential area of the town.  After checking to make sure that their communication devices were working, each flew off to the part of town they wanted to investigate, unaware their actions were being observed by a figure in the shadows.

              Thirty minutes later.....
               The green uniformed Shrinking Violet walked up to the toy store display window and stopped for a second  to look in the window at the many varieties of playthings that were for sale.  When she grew up, her toys were holovisual gadgets and toys allowing her to talk to 10 different people on 5 different planets simultaneously.  Seeing the stuffed animals alongside the latest games for ' home consoles' ( whatever they were), Shrinking Violet  couldn't help but wonder what it was like growing up in such a primitive age.

               After a few minutes of looking over the various things for sale, Shrinking Violet was about to continue down the street when she noticed the door to the store was slightly ajar.  From what she read in history books about the time period, the door to such buildings were usually closed when they were secured for the night.  Puzzled over this incongruity, the heroine walked over to the door and pushed it open while peering around the darkened surroundings.

              "Hello?  Anybody here?  Hello?"  Shrinking Violet called out as she walked down the quiet aisles lined with various toys of different shapes and makes.  She turned the corner passing a large overstuffed bear and paused for a minute to see if she could hear anything.  Suddenly, without warning, the heroine found herself being grabbed around the shoulders from behind!

              "Surrender to your fate, Shrinking Violet.  You can not escape your fate!" a firm female voice called out from behind the startled heroine.

              "If you don't mind, I'll be escaping your grip starting now!"  Shrinking Violet yelled out as she activated her shrinking power causing herself, uniform and all, to reduce proportionally down to roughly six inches in height.  Once she achieved her desired height, Shrinking Violet moved quickly to the side of a packaged action figure and tried to ascertain who it was that was attacking her.  However, in the darkness, all she could make out was a female figure dressed in a dark outfit brandishing some sort of rod.

             "Hmmm...this must be the woman Dreamy saw in her vision...."  the heroine thought as she moved out from behind the packaging.  She was about to activate her signaling device and contact the others when the mystery woman spun around and sent a wide beam of energy from her metal rod that encompassed the entire area where Shrinking Violet was situated.

             Before the heroine had a chance to move out of the way, the energy completely enveloped Shrinking Violet and she found herself unable to move at all.  Her left arm was bent at the elbow with the hand raised upward just brushing her black hair. Her right arm was at her side with the hand pointed downwards and the fingers spread apart.  The heroine's legs were slight spread apart with her face showing the shock and surprise she felt in the instant she became immobilized.

            "Uhhhh..can't move an inch...how did she do this?... technology like this isn't supposed to exist in this era..."  Shrinking Violet thought to herself as she saw the energy dissipate around her though she still remained in her immobilized form.  Moments later, the female attacker walked over to where she was and plucked her six inch high figure off the shelf where she stood.

            "Well, Shrinking Violet, let me introduce myself.  My name is Laurel, Laurel Kent, and I'm a member of an exclusive group known as the Manhunters.  We are sworn to eliminate all who would create chaos in the past, present and future.  When I was told of the imminent arrival of your team in this deserted town, I resolved to take care of the four in you in such a way that history will forever record your disappearances as 'unexplained'.  The best way to achieve that is to change you into inanimate objects that no one would ever associate with living people.  Hmm, your current state gives me the perfect idea how to deal with you," the woman said forcefully, before setting the motionless Legionnaire on a nearby table, pointing her rod at her once more and triggering a beam of energy at Shrinking Violet that was blue in nature this time.

           "Object?.... What is she talking about?... Manhunters?.. who does she.... oooohh... what's happening???..."  Shrinking Violet thought to herself briefly before the blue beam enveloped her; almost immediately changes started to sweep through her body.  Her arms dropped to her sides just resting on her thighs with her visible skin changing from flesh and blood to a glossy plastic form that looked artificially colored in nature.  She could feel her legs tightening with her feet pointing straight down as if she was standing on her tip toes.  Strangely, these changes feelings were producing intense feelings of pleasure as if she was making love with her boyfriend instead of being transformed by a malevolent woman.

            The heroine no longer could talk and her breathing ceased as her chest became enveloped by the change with her breasts becoming small mounds of plastic devoid of visible features.  She felt her face tightening and her mouth pulling into a big smile that radiated serenity though the inner thoughts were far different.

             "A Doll... a figure like those on the shelves.. a plaything... you bitch!... When the others get here, they'll make sure you... ooohhh..."  Shrinking Violet thought angrily to herself before her concentration was interrupted by Laurel picking the tiny figure up and rubbing a couple of fingers over her immobile form.  Strangely, this produced waves of erotic pleasure that rolled through the plastic body of the heroine.

             After looking over the doll to make sure all human elements were gone, Laurel picked up a nearby empty plastic box and placed the doll inside it. She then took her rod and bathed the box in a red beam.  Seconds later, new writing appeared on the outside of the box:

        Legion of Super Heroes Action Figure
         Shrinking Violet - Limited Edition

   Comes with : 2 outfits, flight ring and laser gun

            For Children Ages 6 and Up

"Limited Edition indeed... there's only one like you, Shrinking Violet... and one is all I need for now!  Ha! Ha!"  Laurel said with a laugh before putting the packaged doll on a shelf among the other toys and headed out of the store without so much as a backward glance.

          For Shrinking Violet, her only hope was that the others would defeat Laurel and stop her insane plan...

          Otherwise, Dream Girl's vision could very well come true.....

To be continued......

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