Out of Time and Place

by Northern Chill

     Author's note :  This is a serial that revolves around a number of heroines from the futuristic Legion of Super Heroes, a comic published by DC Comics.  This story is meant strictly as a parody and is not meant for profit. All characters mentioned here are the property of DC Comics and this story is not meant as an infringement of that copyright.  There are scenes of nudity, sexuality and strong language. If this bothers you, move on to another story. 

Otherwise, enjoy !

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   Chapter 2 : Appearances can be deceiving

                 The parking lot around the brightly lit building was deserted save for a few cars that looked to have been abandoned in the lot by the owners.  The only sign of life in the immediate area was the scurrying of a few rats who went in and out of a nearby dumpster and the beady eyes of a house cat staring out of a nearby wooded area.  Other than that, it was like the rest of the rural town... deserted and quiet.

                  It was this scene that Saturn Girl found herself in as she slowly descended from the sky and set down a few feet from the business.  Once down, the heroine looked around for clues as to where the people had all gone but found no trace whatsoever.  Glancing upward for a moment, Saturn Girl saw the neon sign was lit up on the business front. Robinson's Bar and Night Club - Entertainment available every night until 3 am was written on the sign with the black silhouettes of several female figures visible on various parts of the sign.

                "Hmmm... this must be a restaurant that catered to women after work at night judging by the sign,"  the pink-costumed heroine said as she strolled towards the wooden door that marked the entrance to the place. She pulled the handle and went inside to a sight that surprised her.  It was not a restaurant that entertained women as its clients but rather had women as the entertainment for the patrons.  Judging by the photos on the walls and the stage at the far end of the room, women were expected to dance thinly clothed on the stage or subject themselves to the groping hands of men who have only lust in their eyes.

                "I thought the bars on Rigel VII were bad but this type of thing... vile and disgusting..."  Saturn Girl muttered to herself recalling other worlds she had been on in her exploits.  She walked between the tables noticing there were half empty glasses sitting on most of them with a few chairs having green slips of paper sitting on them.  Picking one up, she saw it had the number 5 with the picture of a distinguished man in the corner and writing on the front and back of the paper.

               "Fathers must have left their children's play money here...."  Saturn Girl said softly before putting the paper back and advancing into the semi dark room.  She neared what appeared to be a stage area where there could be seen several silver and gold poles spaced apart by ten or so feet.  However, the heroine saw no clue as to the whereabouts of the town's citizens.  The heroine was about venture into the curtained area behind the stage when she sensed the presence of another mind with evil intent.

               "HIYAHHH!!"  Saturn Girl shouted as she spun and delivered a powerful high leg kick into the chest of the person who was trying to sneak up on her.  The mystery attacker was sent sprawling into one of the nearby tables as he/she was caught unprepared by the heroine's lighting attack.

               However, the evildoer quickly recovered and fired off several high powered energy beams in the direction of Saturn Girl.  The telepathic heroine used her nimble reflexes to dodge the powerful blasts while trying to determine who was attacking her and how.

              "Dodging energy blasts and engaging in hand-to-hand combat is not my strength... I had better contact the other Legionaires and... OHHH!......"  Saturn Girl thought as she prepared to mentally summon her team mates before finding herself bathed suddenly in a bright yellow beam of energy that seemed to interfere with her thinking and ability to project her thoughts. The heroine was also frozen in place like a statue.

           The heroine's attacker stood up while continuing to train the rod she was holding on Saturn Girl's still form.  The woman walked over and plucked two small metal objects out of her pocket which she placed on the sides of the telepath's temples.  She then stood back and depressed a small red button on the belt circling her waist.

           "Now then... I've restored your ability to talk and think on a limited level but have blocked your telepathic abilities so we may talk privately for a bit.  My name is Laurel Kent, member of an ancient order called the Manhunters who are sworn to maintain order throughout space and time.  We have determined that people like you, who travel through time with no respect to how things are or will be, pose a threat to stability and must be taken care of permanently,"  the woman said with an even tone.

           "We..we never meant no harm... ugghh... we came to... investigate.... uhhh.... disappearance of town... ahhh...."  Saturn Girl gasped as the objects on her forehead sparked several times.  The immobile heroine glared at her captor who walked around her slowly while continuing to train her weapon on the helpless telepath.

          "Your motives are irrelevant to me.  I am here to restore order and that will be achieved by the removal of you and your fellow heroines on a permanent basis.  I have already taken care of Shrinking Violet and I will now dispose of you, so-called Legion leader,"  Laurel said with an icy resolve in her voice.  "Since you rely on thinking as part of your telepathic abilities, I think I'll have you assume a form where that's not needed."

         "Wait, there's no need for this.  Whatever you think... ooohhh...."  Saturn Girl gasped as loudly as she could muster before she felt her body start to shift of its own accord.  The beam that her captor had trained on her had turned from yellow to pink in color and it was having a profound effect on the heroine's body.

        The first thing that Saturn Girl noticed was her costume dissolving away leaving her completely nude.  She would have used her hands to cover her breasts and sex but they stayed rigidly at her sides.  The blonde haired woman tried to yell for help but found her voice had vanished completely.  Before she could start to comprehend what was happening, she saw, to her horror, that her skin was changing to an artificial pink with a smooth texture that suggested it was composed of latex or rubber.  She saw her breasts starting to tremble as they grew several inches rapidly to the point that they resembled two soccer balls that bobbed lightly in theair.

        Saturn Girl saw her legs slowly spreading apart, exposing her pussy even more than it already was.  Simultaneously, her forearms slowly raised up and froze at right angles to her body with her fingers clenched tightly together.  The heroine felt her pussy slowly firming into an O-shape just like her mouth now was.  She tried to look around but her eyes were now fixed staring straight ahead.

       Strangely enough, through the whole process, Saturn Girl's initial shock at her rapidly changing state was being rapidly replaced by a feeling of sexual euphoria as if she was welcoming the change.  She could see what looked like seams starting to appear all over her body as if she was now made of sheets of rubber sewn together.

      "What... what's happening..?... this shape I'm taking on.. reminds me of something I read about on history websites.. I'm becoming a sexual toy for men... something for a man to use.... use and deflate.... no... she couldn't... change me... to.. use... fuck me... need to be fucked... please... help!!!!!..."  Saturn Girl thought to herself as her own thinking started to become overwhelmed by the simplistic urges of an inanimate sex toy.  A feeling of lightness swept through her body and she slowly toppled forward, bouncing lightly.  

      Laurel smiled evilly as she turned the beam off and saw the doll balancing precariously on its outstretched arms.  She nudged the doll with her left foot and watched as it wobbled onto its side exposing all three of its ovular shaped openings.  The newly created doll's eyes stared back, devoid of intelligence, with only a lingering knowledge of what she used to be and what had happened to her.

     "Ahh... the legendary Saturn Girl... reduced to a mere toy... and no longer a thorn in the side of balance..."  Laurel said as she picked up the blow-up doll and ran her fingers briefly across the smooth rubbery body.  She knew the caresses were sheer torment to the doll and she would have continued the probing and touching but she had a mission to complete and no time for personal pleasures.  

     Flipping the doll over, she pulled open the inflation plug and let the air hiss out quickly leaving a thin rubbery form lying across her forearm.  Laurel then folded up the doll quickly leaving Saturn Girl's face lustful face sitting on top staring outwards at her captor.  She then retrieved a plastic bag and carefully put the deflated doll inside the bag and then into cardboard box with  Sandra - Ultra Realistic Love Doll - 3 Openings - Always Ready To Please stamped on the top and a nude picture of Saturn Girl on the cover.

    "I'll drop this off at the local adult shop here in town.  If you're lucky, 'Sandra', you'll wind up being owned by some college frat guy who will use you often.  If not, you might be in your deflated form for a very long time.  Ha !  Ha!  Ha!"  Laurel said with a laugh before leaving the deserted club with her toy tucked under her arm.

    30 minutes later......  

    Light Lass walked down the deserted main street stopping several times to peer into the store front windows.  She stopped at what looked like a toy store window to peer inside at what was on display.  Peering inside, she thought she saw what appeared to be a doll that looked remarkably like Shrinking Violet sitting on one of the shelves in bright plastic packaging.

   "I'll have to tell Violet about this... she'll get a kick out of someone selling a doll that looks like her...." Light Lass thought to herself as she continued down the street looking for signs of what happened to the people who lived in this town.

    Suddenly, without warning, a large brown couch came flying out of the store window with a loud CRASH! and hurtling towards her.  Light Lass barely had enough time to activate her Legion flight ring and fly out of the path of the missile, which impacted on the brick wall behind her.

    "Violet, Saturn, Dreamy, get over to the main business area right away.  I think I've located the possible reason for the people's disappearance and he or she appears to be a definitely unfriendly manner.  Head over here right away!"  Light Lass said into her belt communicator before she flew across the street and into the store in question.

    Setting down just inside the remnants of the front window, Light Lass looked around the darkened store for a sign of her attacker.  Spotting a shadow shifting just behind a large oak chest, the heroine keyed her power on the chest causing it to rise off the floor.  Light Lass then moved the chest back a foot or so before canceling her effect on its mass with a flick of her hand.

   "OOOFFF!!!!"  The person hiding behind the chest gasped as the object's weight knocked her to the floor partly pinned by the chest.  However, the woman recovered quickly and pushed the chest off her sending the furniture to the ground with a mighty CRASHH!!.  Jumping to her feet, Laurel quickly fired a beam from her golden weapon in the direction of Light Lass, who just barely managed to avoid the ray of energy.

   "Give up, Light Lass.  You and Dream Girl don't have a hope against me in combat.  Your powers are useless against one trained with skill and techniques of the Manhunters order.  I will easily defeat.... UURRKK!!!"  Laurel shouted out before falling forward in a heap as a result of a back kick.

   Laurel looked up from the floor and saw the sultry figure of Dream Girl standing next to her.  Instinctively, the Manhunter grabbed for her weapon but found it nowhere near her on the ground.  Whipping her head around, Laurel saw her weapon floating off the ground out of her reach with a concentrating LightLass standing next to it.

  "All right, Manhunter or whoever you are, when Shrinking Violet and Saturn Girl get here, you'll tell us what exactly you did with all the people in this town and how to bring them back,"  Dream Girl said putting her hands on her slender hips in a confident and almost arrogant manner.

  "Well, you two will have to wait a long time for your friends to show up I'm afraid.  As for the town's people, well..." the black and red clad woman started to say as she pulled herself to her feet.  However, before she finished her reply, Laurel grabbed hold of Dream Girl by her left arm and pulled her off her feet and towards her team mate Light Lass.

   Caught unaware by the maneuver, the foreseeing heroine sailed into her comrade with a great impact that knocked her unconscious immediately and sent Light Lass spinning to the ground dazed and momentarily stunned.  The blonde heroine then found her body bathed in energy emanating from the power rod belonging to her opponent, who had recovered it while she was momentarily disoriented.

  "Well, Light Lass, it seems the tables have turned in our little struggle and I now will end it for you and your comrade by transforming you both into inanimate objects that no one, from this time or any other, will ever mistake for being human," the smug Manhunter said as she depressed a button on the side of the rod.  A second or so later, the energy turned color from yellow to an ominous red as Laurel looked on with anticipation evident in her face.

  "Objects?.... What are you talking about? ....uhhhh.... What.... phhh.... are..you... doing....?"  Light Lass gasped as she felt her body starting to swell outwards.  She tried to move or concentrate her power once again but found she could do neither now. As the seconds ticked by, the blonde haired heroine found the feeling of internal pressure growing rapidly as if her insides were being changed from blood, tissue and organs to a light weight gas.

  "You see, Light Lass, I could kill you like many of the costumed criminals you've encountered in the past but that would leave evidence of your presence here, no matter how thorough I was in covering my tracks.  However, if you simply disappear with no witnesses or evidence of where you went, your team mates will have themselves a fruitless investigation.  You'll be on display in one of these stores as an item for sale but no one will associate your new form with a living woman,"  Laurel said as she twisted the rod ever so slightly.

   Light Lass felt her arms pressed tightly against the sides of her body on their own as her lithe form continued to expand outwards in all directions.  "What is she doing to me?....... why am I swelling so much? ....uhhhh.... I feel pretty good though..... infact I should learn to rest like this..... lying down flat...." the heroine thought to herself as she felt her body swell and her skin starting to change in look and appearance.

   The villainess looked on as the heroine's body quickly took on a rectangular shape with the surface quickly losing all the attributes of her female body.  The subject's arms and legs had melded together with her body as her openings sealed up with her humanity quickly disappearing.  Light Lass's skin color had changed from flesh tones to a light blue that was decidedly artificial in nature and there were what appeared to be dimples appearing in the skin.  The heroine felt something growing out of the small of her back that felt strangely like a plug for adding air.

    A minute or so later,  the transformation was completed and the heroine had been changed into an air mattress that laid flat on the ground.  On the front of the plastic and vinyl item was the painted image of Light Lass, standing with her feet apart with her left hand gestured outward and a look of determination visible on her face.  Of course, only Laurel knew that the heroine WAS the air mattress with air being let out or put in being her only concern from now on.

   "Why... why am I feeling so weird?.... she's standing me up.... oh...oh no... I'm invisible on top of some mattress .... no ...oh my.... I am the mattress.... no....!!!!!!" LightLass screamed mentally as she realized her predicament but found herself totally helpless.  Her whole body now consisted of a rectangular piece of plastic with only a slight bump where her breasts were and indentation where her sex used to be.

    Light Lass suddenly felt her opponent reach down on her back to where her anus used to be.  Seconds later, the heroine heard a WHOOSH!! and realized to her horror that the inflation plug that was now situated where her butt hole was had been opened and air was rushing out of her inanimate body.  

    The villainess nodded in approval as the mattress completely deflated, leaving a flat piece of plastic that hung loosely from from her hands.  Laurel then folded up the mattress carefully and carried it over to a nearby chair where she set the deflated item down before turning her attention to the immobile Dream Girl.

     The silver-haired heroine was still lying on the floor in a semi conscious state when the female Manhunter walked over and roughly pulled her to her feet.  Groggy, Dream Girl was unable to resist as her foe pushed her legs tightly together before grasping the heroine's arms.  Laurel bent both arms at the elbow and had the heroine hold her hands together high above the head so the heroine resembled one of the middle-age Asian dancers one would read about in the history books.

     Stepping back for just a second, the villainess trained her energy rod on the sultry heroine, which found herself surrounded in an orange colored aura.  Dream Girl found her legs seemed to be stiffening even more than they already were while her feet seemed to pushing out to the sides at almost right angles to her body.  She felt her breathing slowing and her ability to move, already extremely limited, was dwindling as well as the heroine found she couldn't even bat an eyelash.

     From the villainess' point of view, Laurel saw the energy's effect become more pronounced by the second as she could see the heroine's outfit start to disappear while simultaneously her skin from the neck down was turning a bright silver in color with no blemishes anywhere.  At the same time, Dream Girl's body was getting slimmer by the second except for her breasts, which stood out proudly with nipples that seemed to rapidly thickening as well as slightly flattening.  The villainess could see the heroine's arms were growing noticeably thinner like her body was becoming and her head seemed to be flattening as well.  As well, both her arms were changing from flesh and blood to dark brown colored wood with intricate grooves cut into them.  Dream Girl's head took on the same color and appearance with her mouth frozen slightly open in a sultry manner and her eyes took on a look of passion.

      A few seconds later, the villainess saw what appeared to be a light socket appear in the space between the heroines' hands.  Simultaneously, a long wire grew out of what was Dream Girl's anus which ended in an electrical plug.  Laurel noticed that the heroine's pussy had disappeared as had the space between the legs.  The transformed woman's lower half had fused into a solid mass with no distinguishable toes.

     The Manhunter nodded in grim satisfaction as an erotic floor lamp now stood where a member of a famed crimefighting group was just minutes ago.  The villainess walked over to a nearby counter where she retrieved a light bulb from a lamp sitting on top.and went back to the living lamp with it.  Laurel screwed the bulb into the the socket and then plugged the lamp into a nearby wall outlet.  Stepping back to the lamp, the villainess, with a slightly mischievous look on her face, depressed the left nipple/button on the lamp and watched as the light clicked on with a typical brilliance of an ordinary lamp.

     " Hmmm....looks like you're going to need a shade as your future will be a bright one.... "  Laurel said before pushing the right nipple and turning the lamp off.  She then unplugged the lamp and, after gathering up the newly created mattress, headed out of the deserted store and down the street.

     The villainess stopped at an antique storewhere she left the lamp in the back behind an old rocking chair partly covered by a drop cloth.  She then walked past a few more stores before stopping at an outdoor gear retail store.  Laurel inflated the mattress once again with a pump she found inside and then placed the item in the front window of the shop under a mannequin that was dressed in hunters clothing.

     "Well, these four Legionaires are taken care of, which should bring the order that I was asked to create.  All that is left now is to fade into the shadows and see how the town's people are returned and by who,"  the villainess said softly as she closed the door to the store and walked down the street.  She turned the corner at the intersection and seemed to fade into the darkness to wait and see....

     The streets of the town were deserted once more with the sounds of the fierce battles that had occurred over the past several hours no longer heard though the damage to the shops remained.  Other than that, the only sign that the town had mysterious visitors were the new items for sale in several stores on the main street.

    As the villainess waited for the town's residents to reappear, she was unaware of a second sphere touching down outside town that looked very similar to the one that brought Shrinking Violet, Dream Girl, Light Lass and Saturn Girl to the area.

    A sphere that would threaten the order she so desired...

    To be continued......

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