It was Thursday evening and John Cats had just put the finishing touching at the building on the construction site. John was a free-lance construction worker and with the building finished, he was currently out of work. He knew with his repletion he wouldn't be out of work for long.

A young woman who appeared in her twenties stepped up before him with a broad smile. She had long punk green hair on her head. "You're John Cats aren't you." She said as she stared at his large muscular form. "Yes, I think you'll do the job nicely."

"What job is that?" he asked, being handed a business card.



"I've heard of you." He declared. "You sell statues from your studio on the amusement pier. I've seen some of your work from the outside."

"I've seen you at work." She cooed as she ran her hand up and down his right arm. "So strong and manly. A figure that would put Hercules to shame. You will pose for me... won't you?"

"Sure." He smiled. "I am between jobs right now."

"Just come by the studio after dark, tomorrow." Missy smiled as she backed into the shadows. Before she disappeared she blew him a kiss. "I should have things set up by them."

The next morning, John got up and covered his body building form in his tank top and tight shorts. Going off to the gym, he began with a little weight lifting. The women from the aerobics class would all gather around with cat calls and cheers. He didn't mind since he loved to watch the bounce of their breasts.

After a workout with the weights, John moved on to the punching bag, a few laps in the pool and finally a rest in the steam room. With the day almost over, he returned home for a quick shower and catching up on the local news.

Checking the clock, he went down to his car and drove down to the pier. When he pulled up in front gallery he saw a light from the upstairs loft apartment on the second floor. Realizing Missy was home, he went to the door and held up a hand to knock, only to watch the door creak open by itself.

"Hello?" John said in a shaking voice as he stepped into the darkness and moved pass the stone statues. He climbed the stairs toward the light and entered the loft apartment. From another room, Missy stepped out with a smile. Her bare feet glided across the wooden floor as John stared in shock at how she looked in a Greek toga.

"Don't mind the outfit." Missy smiled. "It's just to inspire me to make my work as good as the ancient Greeks. You can either change in the other room or behind the screen I provided you. Depends on how much you want to show off for me. You will find your clothes back there.

John nodded and went into the backroom and found it loaded with different clothes. Each outfit seemed to have a number. As he wondered what they were all for, he took a tight latex swim suit and stepped into it. His cock got a hard on and went erect just by the feel of the material on him.

 "I had a feeling that would be perfect for your body form." Missy smiled as she led John to the center of the room. She pushed him down on one leg with his right elbow on his right knee and his left leg laid out on the floor. If John wasn't so focus on holding his pose, he might of notice how the shadow of Missy hair began to slither like snakes despite all windows being closed.

"Where is your equipment?" John asked. "Shouldn't you have it out before I pose?"

"Don't worry." Missy giggled. "I don't use equipment to make my statues."

As John stared at the head filled with snakes, John wanted to scream, but found his body was paralyzed. As he continued to stare helplessly, he felt heavier and heavier. His body seemed to weigh a ton as stone spread an even coat over his entire body.

"I suppose you can guess that Missy is only the pen name I use to sell my art." The woman said as she ran her hand up and down his rock hard arm while her hair changed back to normal. "My real name is Medusa. From the way the women act toward you in the gym, I'll sure you'll fetch me a handsome price."

With her super human strength, she picked him up and carried him to her gallery down stairs. Placing a price tag on him, she locked the door and stared at his car out front. With a mystical wave of her hand, John's car vanished in a puff of smoke.

"Your car will be found in the sea so nobody will look for your body." Missy / Medusa smiled as she headed up for bed. "Since most of my sales go to wealthy and beautiful women you should be lucky enough to spend the rest of your immortal life starring at such beauty as myself."