"Jeremy, finish cleaning your room." The headmistress of the Dalmatians Boarding School said sternly as she stood in his doorway and stared at the mess. Framed photos where half hanging on the wall, models, books and other items were scattered across the floor and an unmade bed. "Can't you be more of a model student like everyone else?"

"My dad is making me stay here while his work takes him to Europe." Jeremy complained as he scuffed his shoe on the hard wooden floor. "Cleaning isn't my idea of fun and this is how I kept my room at home."

"You're not at home now, young man." Miss Stoneface said as she stormed off to inspect the other student's room. "I'll be back after I check on the others. I expect you to have it cleaned up by then."


It was two hours later when Miss Stoneface return and found not one item had been picked up. She placed her hands on her hips with a scowl. "I thought I told you clean your room?" She said harshly. "For this, you're grounded until this weekend. Only classes and your dorm room. I'll check a meal plan for you when I return."

It has been years since the headmistress had any problem students. She still remembered how she took care of the last one. Although that one was a young girl with a nasty temper. She left campus and headed down to Apollo's body shop. She smiled at the blonde mannequin in the green bikini in the window. "I guess Amy is working quite hard." She chuckled as she stood before her blank glaze. "Keep up the good work, my little model student."

Going inside, she took the elevator to the manager's office. She knocked on the door and entered with a smile. "Apollo, so good to see you again." Miss Stoneface smiled her best smile. "Do you remember me. You helped me with a little problem awhile ago?"

"But of course." Apollo said, standing up and shaking her hand. "Please sit down and tell me about the little girl. You know with my ever growing store chain in almost ever city, I'm always in the need of perfect mannequins."

"This child is a girl like last time." The headmistress confessed. "I had hoped you could help anyway."

"No problem, Miss Stoneface." Apollo grinned. "The few people who know of my secret operations find I have a perverse pleasure in changing young, troublesome men into delightful young women mannequins. Do you have anything in particular you're interesting in for this young man?"

"Just this." Miss Stoneface said, handing Apollo a piece of paper. The top of the paper had a head shot of the problem child. "This student is very unruly, and his parents thought the change of perspective my school provides would do him some good. The computer merge of his head on the bikini body was my first thought, but he looked far too male."

"While your idea is initially effective, the end result doesn't work in the transition. Watch as my computer morph program shows how a more drastic step needs to be taken. Since I did take your last problem child, I'll allow you to display this one in your office as an example of a model student."

"Thanks." Mistress Stoneface smiled as she left. "I'll leave it in your capable hands."

The week went by slow for Jeremy, but Friday finally showed up. As he planned to leave the campus for the roller rink, he found Headmistress Stoneface had other plans. "I know I said your grounding ended today, but you're punishment isn't over yet. I have someone I want you to meet."

"You're the young problem child, my man." Apollo said with a devilish smile on his face. He took the boy to a platform and indicated for him to remain still. Apollo worked the main console for his system, checking out the system. It was blood red and hard the words WINDOWS 2006 rotating in front of his face. Apollo put in the data and moved a matching red mouse to click on the screen icon. "Body modification program is up and running. Ready to scan his present form."

Jeremy sure didn't like the sound of any of that. He tried to move, but found his feet were rooted to the platform. A red light hit his feet and began to scan him up and down. His clothes started to melted off his body when it formed into a blue bikini. Going to the menu bar, Apollo clicked on the label PLASTIC TENTURE.

"You'll find the next part to be really neat." Apollo grinned as Jeremy's nipples swelled up into full grown tits. It filled his ripped bra like top nicely. As they reached its max and his penis turned inside out of his body, he was rocked in orgasm like none other.

The room seemed to blur in from of her glassy eyes as the machine changed his clothes to a red bra and panty set. As a leather blue skirt appeared on her, a steel rod rose out of the floor into her ass. As it lifted her off the ground the orgasm she had caused her to pass out.

When Jeremy awoke some time later, she could move an arm or leg. She found she could no longer even blink. "Yes, this one did turn out well." Apollo said as The Headmistress styled Jeremy's new feminine hair and face. Tying it with a ribbon, Headmistress Stoneface smiled at the finished treatment.

Paying Apollo for both the mannequin process and its outfit, Headmistress Stone face returned to the school and placed Jeremy in her office corner, opposite the American Flag. "You look stunning my dear girl, Now anyone who is sentence to my office will see what a true model student should look like."

"This isn't happening." Jeremy tried to deny the truth as she stared with fixed eyes across the U.S. and school flags. Unable to warn any student unlucky enough to be sent in for a punishment and didn't shape up. Jeremy didn't see what happened to those students, but was pretty sure they ended up in one of Apollo's store's kids section.

As time passed and summer break came, Jeremy's parents called the school to ask if their son wanted to go with them to Europe. Jeremy wanted to cry as she listened to Headmistress Stoneface tell how their kid needed to take summer classes to make up for poor grades during the pervious semester.

It was then that Jeremy got some hope of being human again. The headmistress couldn't keep fooling his parents forever. Sooner or later they'd come to the school with questions about how she was doing and why they hadn't heard from him.

"Oh, I think I know what's on your mind young lady." The Headmistress snickered as she put down the phone. "You think that sometime between now and graduation your parents will come looking for you. That is where you're mistaken. Apollo has a devilish backer who will changed reality so that you no longer existed as a human boy. You're parents won't remember you and you'll be my pretty little mannequin forever. Or at least until I tire of you. I may then sell you back to Apollo for his stores."

"Nooo!" Jeremy mentally cried out as her face remained unchanged and unmoving forever.