Lois had arrived at Fairy Tales Mall when she saw a male body builder get out of his car and headed toward the main door. He looked gorgeous with his shirt off and tight blue jeans. She ran across the parking lot in her white open toe pumps to try to get a better look him when he disappeared inside. When Lois followed him inside, he seemed to vanish instantly like some kind of phantom or ghost.

"Where'd he go?" Lois thought, knowing he didn't have time to go too far. With much of the mall under construction for new stores going in, the closing store for the man to enter was one called SPELLS R US. She entered the store, listening to the tinkle of the bell behind the door and saw that the shop looked like it should of been a room in The Addams Family home.

"May I help you?" A short bald man with a beard asked as he put a cone hat on top of his head.

"Did this gorgeous guy come in here." Lois asked. "Being married, I know I shouldn't feel such an attraction to him, but my husband is always putting me on display before his business clients."

"The young man in a new employee of mine in fact." The Wizard said with a smile. "He's checking the stock in the backroom for me right now. If you'd like to sit down and wait, I can see if he can take a moment to wait on you personally."

As the wizard disappeared beyond the beaded curtain, Lois looked around at the weird store and saw it filled with love dolls, latex clothes and many other items that made her feel aroused. Seeing a dildo in a package, she felt an overwhelming to open it up. Making sure that the old man wasn't in sight, she pulled her panties down and slipped the dildo inside her.

Instantly the dildo started to vibrate inside of her without her turning it on. Lois' body quivered in pleasure as her nipples went erect. She started to perspire and moan when she began to rub her right breast and finger her pussy. With the heat building up inside of her becoming too much she began stripping her clothes.

When the body builder stepped into the front room, a smile spread across his face. He saw Lois with her eyes closed and feeling her body all over. In only her bra, panties and heels, one arm moved up and down her right leg as he went over to touch her. She let out a moan and ran her left hand along the shape on his chin when her body exploded into an orgasm. Her body shuttered and stiffened.

"Oh my God!" Lois thought as she felt the man remove her bra and panties from her now plastic skin and ran his hand along her smooth sexless crotch. "I'm frozen."

"Yes you." The man said in her ear. "In case you're wondering, I can read your mind and can tell you that the shop's magic dildo has turned your skin to inert plastic. You'll be a lovely mannequin."

"Why are you doing this?" Lois thought back.

"We do it because we can and it's fun." The man grinned. "Guess my boss and I just have a warp sense of humor."

Once the man had finished removing every piece of clothing except her hair barrette, he pried her eyes open so she could see her surreal form in the mirror. Even with her high heels removed, she found she was still forced to stand on her tiptoes. "See how lovely you are. I know just the store in the mall that is looking to buy a new mannequin. You're perfect."

Taking out a hand buffer, the man then polished Lois' naked body. As it went over her harden breasts, sex and ass, she felt waves of pleasure surge through her. Outside her body didn't shake or budge an inch while he finished with her bald head. Even her newly glass eyes sparkled when he put her wig hair back on her head. "There now," he smiled. "Almost ready for shipment."

Lois could only stare in terror as he took off her head and set it on the counter. She watched as her limbs were removed and placed with her torso in a package. Her head was placed in last as an employee from a nearby shop showed up for pick up. The bumping movement she felt on the double decker trolly caused her sensitive skin to rub against one another. Lois couldn't stop the waves of orgasms that washed over her disembodied form.

Even though she no longer had need to breathe, it was a relief when she was unpacked and had her pieces scattered on the floor on the window display. She watched and felt as a pair of panties with a hole in front was place on her. At first she though that the dresser was making a mistake and was giving her boys bikini briefs. She then soon learn the whole was for the display pole to enter where her former sex was. Lois could only moan helplessly to herself as it entered her and then her upper half was reattached. After a bra was added, her arms and then head was put together.

"Good, now then, I guess you're just about ready." The dresser said as her partner began adjusting the pole of another mannequin so her feet didn't touch the ground. "How are you doing, Julie?"

"Fine, Carol." Julie smiled as she flipped some switches on the display panel. The spot lights went on and the main lights turned off. As Lois' eyes adjusted to the change in light, she thought she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. Slowly at first, Carol and Julie rolled into on the floor in front of her. "Just touching those hard erect breasts makes me so hot."

"I know what you mean." Carol gasped between hot breaths. "At least we know our friends here won't be able to tell the boss on us."

"Oh brother." Lois thought as she drifted off to sleep with her frozen eyes still frozen open. When she woke to an odd noise, she notice that Carol and Julie was gone, but someone else was moving up to her with a smile frozen on her face.

"Hello." The woman said, offering her hand. "I'm Vickie. Are you going to just stand there, Lois or are you going to stretch you legs?"

"W - What's going on?" asked Lois, confused to find her voice had returned.

"You must be new off the assembling line." Vickie chuckled. "First timers always find it weird to be able to move for the first time. You'll get use to it."

"But I was human before I went into one of that Spells R Us shop in the mall." Lois confessed. "Some wizard turned me into a mannequin. He must of changed you too."

"No. I've always been a mannequin." Vickie answered. "Some of the other mannequins were human and mentioned that store. Susie even said that the leotard she was brought in wearing was once her best friend when she was first animated."

"But that's impossible." Lois exclaimed nervously. "Mannequins can't come to life and no model is that good at holding still."

"Now that you're one of us, you've got to stop thinking human." Vickie helped Lois off her pole. "In time you'll learn how to do this yourself. You'll also learn that in life nothing is impossible."

"So all mannequins come to life when the stores close?" Lois asked as she saw a plastic skin man holding a tennis racket talking to a young blonde in a pink swim suit. Lois saw a girl in a purple bathing suit doing her toe nails the same color.

"Only those who look human." Vickie said, glancing up at a frozen faceless mannequin. "That type gives me the creeps. We all try to avoid them. Also if the owner decide to make you a bra or pantyhose form, you can't come to life until you're whole again."

"Come on, Vickie." Lois said, seeing the mall entrance. "Let's get out of here."

"You can't Lois!" Vickie shouted as she grabbed her arm and kept her from running. "If you leave the store you'll freeze up again. "I don't know what it is like to be human, but you'll have to learn the rules now that you're one of us."

"Hey, it's going to be okay." Vickie added, showing Lois her still sexless crotch. "You just take your time to get use to your animated plastic body."

"Can someone reach my balloon?" A little boy asked as Lois looked up and saw that it had floated up to the ceiling.

"Best forget it." A young woman in a white headband, pink dress with a black leather belt and white pumps said as she fixed the boys wig. "The owner will think that it just slipped out of your frozen hand so there's nothing to worry about."

"That's one of the rules I was telling you about." Vickie told Lois. "You can't do too much that would be too obvious when the store re-opens. "Nobody will really notice Betty's painted toes and the balloon is explainable. Come dawn, you'd best be on your support pole dressed and looking as close as then the store closed as possible."

"I understand." Lois nodded.

"We don't want a repeat of our last new arrive." Vickie said as she turned to a mousy brown girl name Terri. "She didn't like her outfit and changed it before getting back in her display. Luckily it was Halloween night so the shop owner thought it was a prank."

"I was funny." Terri giggled. "You should of been in my display to see the look on Miss Mouse's face."

"Is there anything else I should know?" Lois asked.

"The reason you have to be back on display by dawn is that the store cleaning crew comes in a 6 a.m. and any human that appears in the same area as you causes you to freeze."

"Like in the movie huh?" Lois chuckled.

"Not quite." Vickie laughed back. "I saw the movie played in the electronics department once. They only have to be in the same room as you for you to freeze, not just looking at you."

"Got it."

"Everything clear?" a familiar voice got Lois' attention.

"Yeah, its cool." Vickie called back and Carol and Julie walked into the room with cups of coffee. Lois immediately shut her eyes and waited for her to freeze up like Vickie had told her about. She figured it would be the same as what the magic dildo vibrating inside her had done."

"Relax Lois." Vickie giggled. This time all the other mannequins joined in. "Virtual merchandisers have special relationships with mannequins. They're the only ones who can see us move and talk. If they try telling anyone... they go mute and when they're alone become mannequins themselves."

"You're Lois, huh?" Carol smile. "Well if you keep Julie and my secret, we can keep yours."

Lois put her hands in her hips, shifting her weight on her right leg and arching her back so her breasts were more noticeable. "I still remember the pose I have to go back to at dawn, but do you think in the future I can help pick just some my poses with you."

"Sure you can." Carol said.

"Most of the girls have ideas," Julie added. "That's why we're among the best in town. Here, why don't you take what you got off for now and we can try out some outfits and poses right now."

While the other mannequins went about there normal nightly business, Carol snapped pictures of Lois in several outfits and poses while Julie made suggestions for changes in her appearance. "We should have several ideas for different outfit and occasions. Lois found she started to love the attention and the outfits she could never afford to wear when human. Then you can start getting to know the others tomorrow night."

"If you can visit us at night, I take it you weren't choose not to visit the night Terri changed clothes of Miss Mouse." Lois asked as he changed back into her display outfit.

"Actually that was my idea." Julie giggled. "I even confessed when I next saw Miss Mouse at work that I was the one who did it as a Halloween prank. In the spirit of the holiday she didn't get mad or anything."

Vickie stopped her chatting when she looked up at the clock and notice that the cleaning crew out be in soon. "Everyone!" Vickie called out. "If I may have your attention, I suggest you start getting into position before we run out of time."

"I'm glad just glad we don't have real hair." A mannequin name Susami said as she rinsed out her wing and checked her bathing suit before she climbed into a fountain and felt the water spray down over her. "This is the last time I'm doing this job. You have no idea what it's like to have water running over your nipples nearly 24 hours a day."

"Sure thing." Julie smiled. "I guess it wasn't one of the better ideas we brainstormed. "We'd better get out of here too before we're discovered. Lois, Vicki can help you onto your support pole if you have trouble clicking it into place."

Lois found she had little trouble getting on her six-inch display pole. The waves of emotion she felt during her re- transformation was like a roller coaster of pleasure. Just to test things out, she tried to wiggle her toes only to found they had fused together.

The custodial crew arrival on schedule with their vacuuming and dusting. The only attention they gave the mannequins was a dusty that caused Lois to explode even more in orgasm. It wasn't until they were done with her that Lois was finally able to sleep until the sales staff and customers started to show between 8:30 a.m. and 9.

A number of the customers favored the outfits the mannequins wore and bought identical one for themselves. Being summer the bikinis and swimwear were especially a hit. One of the reasons Susami was place in the indoor fountain as a display piece.

As the newest mannequin stood proudly showing her clothes, the passing of time meant soon meant only day and night to her. She soon learned to enjoy her mannequin life as the girls she talked to at night did. Even being nude or semi-nude in public was not a problem, because she had pride in her body. If she was place in a display nude as a mannequin, she didn't even bother to cover up when she animated. Life is what you make of it. With the Spells R Us ability to alter reality so one never existed as she once way, it would be the only life she would know with nobody to remember her.