by thunder

The three of them had been attending a technology conference in New Orleans for their company. The seminars and discussion groups were over for the day, so Chris, Stacie and Cindy headed down to Bourbon Street to take in the sights and relax. The mood on Bourbon was madly festive, as it always is, and both Chris and Stacie were enjoying the excitement - and the sexual excesses that were part of this famous street. From the bars featuring strippers or scantily clad performers to the famous “hurricanes”, strongly mixed drinks available to sip as you walk down the street. Most people out and about tonight were definitely in a less-inhibited mood. Most people except Cindy. She was from Oklahoma. If the South was the Bible Belt, Oklahoma must be the buckle. She was “not amused” by all the revelry and the obvious displays of sexuality.

Chris enjoyed the company of both women from his office. They were all attractive people. Chris, a tall blond, had a lean athletic build since he enjoyed both long distance running and weightlifting. Stacie, a redhead, had a very womanly figure, maybe a few extra pounds, but all of them in the right places including very voluptuous breasts. Cindy, the brunette, was thinner and more athletic looking with small but perky breasts, yet her nipples always seemed to be erect. And her butt, when she wore a tight pair of pants or a clingy satin dress, like she had on tonight, there weren’t many men that weren’t picturing how good she must look in just a pair of satin bikini panties barely covering those tight, upturned cheeks. All three were single and had been hanging out together for some time. This, of course, had started many a rumor of three-ways back at the office. Chris didn’t mind the rumors, rather he was very excited by the idea . He was sexually adventurous, and would love to have both women in bed at the same time. Stacie too would have enjoyed an affair with all three. After all she was comfortable in her own sexuality and occasionally enjoyed the touches and kisses of another woman without questioning the deeper meaning. Hell, it just felt good. And she loved sex in most any way she could get it.

Cindy, on the other hand, would never go for anything that “wrong”. She and Chris had dated a few times which had even led to some light petting. But Cindy always stopped him saying it wasn’t right since they weren’t married. Chris would honor her wishes, but he always knew she was hiding behind someone else’s morals. Probably her very strict parents that Chris had met once. Don’t ask how the topic came up, but from what he gathered, they had passed on their believes that sex was inherently wrong and should only be done to produce children for properly married couples. And, then he guessed, after the correct amount of children were born, they would never have sex again. But he knew that Cindy had a secret wild streak somewhere inside her, because, even with the little petting they had done, she would become very aroused and he could see something in her eyes that wanted more. So he waited. Maybe here in New Orleans with the relaxed atmosphere she would finally let her hair down. Under the proper conditions, maybe a three-way wasn’t out of the question.

Now Stacie and Chris had made love several times. He loved how daring she would become and she truly enjoyed sex, just as much as him. And her orgasms. He would lose count of how many she had in one night. She loved every position. She loved when he just used his fingers on her, or his very talented tongue. He seemed to be able to screw her with his tongue alone, diving deeply into her and then back out to drive her wild by flicking his tongue over her sensitive love button. And then there was his manhood. Not the biggest she had every seen, but definitely the best. It was smooth and perfect, just long and thick enough - and he was able to stay hard for hours. Which was exactly what she loved, because when she got going, she was in no mood to stop and wait for him to recover. The other thing she liked about making love to Chris -- her orgasms and her pleasure seemed to turn him on even more. Unselfish was woefully inadequate when describing his love-making. He wanted to please her in every way. He never seemed that concerned with his own orgasms. He truly wanted to do everything for her, to make sure she experienced the ultimate amount of pleasure.

Stacie and Chris were both enjoying all the excitement of Bourbon Street and the palpable sexual tension. They didn’t want to ditch Cindy (again Chris had a nice little fantasy playing out in his head), but she just seemed to be resisting the same urges they felt from all the sexual images surrounding them. The streets were fairly crowded and occasionally people would bump into the trio. No big deal, hell a few well-endowed women seemed to make a point of pressing their breasts into Chris as they slid past. But Cindy was becoming irritated, he guessed because some of the men were probably grabbing her perfect butt as they went by. Chris decided that it would be best if they got off the main street and possibly into one of the shops, partly because he wanted to protect Cindy, but also because he wanted to keep her around to hopefully find something that would arouse her. Cindy would feel safer and he could continue to engage them both in conversation to keep the evening, and maybe a seduction, going.

When Chris suggested this course, Cindy quickly agreed, but Stacie was a little reluctant. She was enjoying the excitement, but to make her friends happy she went along. After all, she was starting to get very frisky and would love to get Chris, or even Cindy for that matter, in a situation where she could relieve a little of her own sexual tension. And then she spotted the perfect shop. It was offset back from the other shop fronts, somewhat unassuming until she saw the merchandise in the window. It was a lingerie store. It immediately got Stacie’s blood going, but she had to be careful when she suggested it so as not to scare off Cindy. Some of the articles were quite tasteful, but some were more definitely in line with Stacie’s personality. When she suggested they all go in the lingerie store she skillfully directed Cindy’s attention to a long satin gown, very moderate, but also very beautiful. She could see by Cindy’s gaze that she did like the gown but then she started to falter. She started balking, saying she didn’t think it was appropriate for the three of them to go into a lingerie store. Chris, realizing the advantages of Stacie’s plan, quickly offered a compromise. He suggested that the girls could go into the store together to look around and he would wait outside so as not to embarrass Cindy. With that and Stacie’s urging, Cindy agreed. They both headed inside, while Chris waited outside, secretly thinking how the two women shopping for lingerie and Stacie encouragement might be just what Cindy needed to realize her own sexual desires. Hopefully those included Chris, and maybe Chris and Stacie together with Cindy.

On their way into the store, both Stacie and Cindy were struck by the detailed mannequins the shop was using. Through the glass of the display windows with the low lighting they couldn’t really tell much, but once inside they saw the mannequins actually looked like extremely detailed stone sculptures. It added such an air of elegance to the lingerie that even Cindy was looking at items that seemed too risqué for her tastes. The displays featured all types of lingerie to suit every taste. There were elegant evening gowns like the one Cindy had seen in the window, made of a satin material that draped like some frozen liquid from the feminine curves of the stone mannequin. There were teddies and baby-dolls, some quite tasteful, some almost completely transparent showing off every womanly detail of the stone mannequin.

Cindy couldn’t resist a closer look. She had some art background and assumed theses were just well-designed mannequins painted with a marbleizing effect to make them look like stone statues. But as she got right up to one of the mannequins wearing a completely sheer robe, she noticed that the detailing went far beyond any mannequin design she had ever seen before. Every detail was there. Even though the mannequin’s hair was a solid mass, she could still make out all the individual strands. The nose, the ears, the mouth all perfectly carved to duplicate a real woman’s features. The breasts, clearly visible under the transparent robe, were not just round mounds, but perfectly detailed breasts, slightly larger than her own, but with that same perky upturn and large areolas surrounding the erect nipples. Cindy had a twinge of guilt as she scanned down the body, past the statue’s flat stomach with a detailed belly button, to the groin area. Again she was amazed, and somewhat shocked, at the detail of the statue’s carved womanhood. Instead of just a smooth, non-sex crotch, this statue had a mound of hair, again with individual hairs visible and behind them what appeared to be the folds of a vagina. Cindy looked at the rear of the statue and there was a perfectly toned peach-shaped butt, complete with the deep crack between the two soft cheeks. Cindy again raised her head to look once again at the face. There were even eye lashes carved into this statue. And then she saw the expression on the statue’s face for the first time. The artist had captured the look of pure ecstasy, as if the artist had seen the model in the throes of passion just prior to an orgasm. Cindy couldn’t resist anymore and reached out to touch the statue’s shapely butt. She couldn’t believe how good the hard stone felt under the sensuous lingerie and without realizing it began to fondly caress the statue’s smooth butt cheeks.

“You like the attention to detail in my displays?” The soft voice startled Cindy so much she jumped back away from the statue, her heart beating wildly in her chest. Standing behind her was a woman of truly exotic beauty. Even her voice had some hint of an unknown accent to it. Cindy apologized for being startled and stammered out an explanation as to why she was staring so intently at the figure, feeling somewhat sinful for having paid so much attention to this sensual statue. When she had calmed down enough, she began to take in the full beauty of the woman. She was obviously mature, probably because of the absolutely confident way she carried herself, but her skin tone and features made her seem much younger, almost as if she were ageless. Her deep green eyes were captivating as she stared pleasingly into Cindy’s eyes. Her face was so perfect, like some classic work of art or statue of a Greek goddess Cindy had seen long ago in her art books. Her silky hair almost begged to be touched, long and sweeping, pulled back in a simple ponytail which draped over her left shoulder. And her figure, full like Stacie’s only better. Very womanly, not some emaciated model, but a true woman with very definite and soft curves. Her ample breasts swinging unrestrained beneath her red silk blouse with gravity pulling them down just enough to prove they were real but still very toned. Cindy could even make out the soft outlines of her nipples, not yet fully erect, rubbing against the shiny fabric. Her slender waist flowed into her womanly hips. And peering out from her short microfiber black skirt, the most perfect legs Cindy had ever seen. They looked like the legs of the famous pinup girls of the forties, encased in the same shiny nylons from that time.

By this time Stacie had made her way over to Cindy and the shopkeeper. Stacie too noticed how attractive she was - and she didn’t have the same reservations as Cindy about letting her attraction show. Stacie even noticed that Cindy’s face was flushed and wondered if this was just what Cindy needed to break out of her shell. Stacie thought, that perhaps later, back at the hotel, maybe the two of them could finally get together with Chris. Maybe they could even invite this striking woman along. That would really test Chris’s staying power. They shopkeeper extended her hand, first to Cindy and then Stacie and introduced herself as Alexandra Manos and told them that she was the owner of this store. Stacie, being the bolder of the two younger women, asked her about her accent and where she was from. Ms. Manos told them her family had recently immigrated from Greece where for countless generations her family had lived, settled on a small island near Greece. Both of the young women took an instant liking to Ms. Manos, complimenting her on her shop. Cindy then surprised Stacie by asking Ms. Manos about the statues she used as mannequins. Ms. Manos explained that lingerie stores are everywhere, particularly in New Orleans, and that to distinguish herself from the competition she choice more elaborate décor, complete with simulated statues. She told them that the statues give the lingerie a more elegant feel, as if the lingerie itself can create these beautiful works of art and thereby make the women that wear it as lovely as these classic statues. She added that being from Greece, she also has a long-standing fascination and fondness for the classic nude statue.

Both of the young women agreed with Ms. Manos, how the statues gave the lingerie and almost mythical elegance, commenting on several of the nearby garments and how beautiful they were. Stacie noticed that Cindy seemed to be more fascinated with the statues, while she herself was starting to picture very sexual images of being with their host, Ms. Manos. With a sly and understanding look at both women, Ms. Manos suggested that they should try on some of the lingerie, that she had a knack for selecting the perfect garment for every woman who came into her shop to make them even more attractive and alluring. She even joked slightly about how she had selected the perfect lingerie for each of her statues to make them even more beautiful. Stacie jumped at the chance, probably hoping that by trying on the lingerie should could maneuver Ms. Manos into helping her and seeing if the close contact generated any sexual advances from the statuesque Alexandra Manos. Cindy, still somewhat ashamed of her own feelings - her attraction to the beauty of the nude stone statues, hesitated explaining that Chris was still waiting outside and perhaps they should be going. Stacie reassured Cindy that Chris wouldn’t mind waiting once he knew that the two of them had purchased some sexy lingerie. Ms. Manos even suggested that Chris might like to come inside and wait in comfort for his friends. With a surprisingly sexy undertone she suggested that he might like to try on some of the men’s underwear that she had in another section of the shop. That thought appealed immensely to Stacie, trying on lingerie for Chris and him doing the same for them, each parading in front of the other in their sexiest outfits, but seeing Cindy’s look, she decided Chris should remain outside, at least until Cindy relaxed a little.

Alexandra Manos wandered around the store with Cindy and Stacie looking at the various outfits. Finally she came upon a cream colored short camisole top and tap pant set. They were both made of a thin silky material, somewhat transparent but very luxurious in the way it caught the light. Alexandra held out the outfit to Cindy and said it would be perfect for her. The outfit was much more revealing than anything Cindy would have selected on her own. She did not like drawing attention to her body because she felt it was shameful and that there was no point to the lingerie since no one would see her in it. But Ms. Manos insisted, once again directing Cindy’s attention to a statue with a similar outfit. She knew how much Cindy was admiring the statues, not just for the artistic detail and the beauty, but also because of the look Cindy had seen in all of the statues. They all look like they had been modeled after beautiful woman in various stages of a passionate encounter. Some had just that slight smile when those sensuous sensations are just beginning to build inside a woman’s body, while others had their mouths open, the limbs taut, their hands clenched as if captured just before they were able to achieve the total release from their orgasms. Surprisingly Cindy recognized those looks. It seems that despite her upbringing she had sneaked into some X-rated movies and had even played with herself to give herself an orgasm. Ms. Manos smiled at Cindy, as if recognizing the thoughts running through her head, her dilemma on which action to take. Once again, using her sexiest tone, Alexandra told Cindy to just try on the lingerie in private back in the dressing room all by herself. Then look in the mirror and see how truly beautiful you will become. With a quick longing glance around once more at the beautiful statues arranged around the room, Cindy took the garments and headed for the dressing room.

Stacie was utterly shocked. She never thought Cindy would do it. She even felt the outfit was too sexy for Cindy. Then Ms. Manos spoke and told Stacie, “Now it’s your turn.” She headed over to a section of the store that was obviously for the more daring customers. The outfits in the section were all leather, rubber and vinyl. Stacie’s eyes widened. She was daring but she had never really thought about those kind of outfits. Yet as soon as Alexandra reached for a particular outfit, Stacie knew it would be perfect. It was a fire red vinyl outfit made up of a demi-bra, extremely low cut panties, a wide garter belt and black seamed thigh-high stockings, and tall red “hooker” boots. Even Stacie was uncertain if this wasn’t too “over the top” but then Alexandra put her hand on Stacie’s shoulder and looked deep into her eyes, telling Stacie that she really wanted to see her in this outfit. Stacie felt the sexual heat from Ms. Manos and all kinds of images flooded into her mind, all involving her making love to Alexandra wearing the red outfit. Then Ms. Manos leaned into Stacie and brushed a soft kiss up against her cheek while running her hand casually over Stacie’s breasts. She told her, “Now hurry up and try these on. I’m waiting for you.” Reeling from the sexual euphoria, Stacie staggered back to the other dressing room to try on her red vinyl outfit.

By this time, Chris was becoming impatient. People still passed him on the street, obviously in good moods and more than a few couples actively engaged in openly groping and fondling one another. Chris’s own sexual tension was building higher and higher. Stacie and Cindy had been in the store quite a while, which meant that they were actually trying on outfits. He kept picturing what they would look like in various pieces of lingerie that were his favorites, the more overtly sexual ones. He even hoped they might do a little private fashion show for him since they were the only customers in the store. That seemed a little weird. Why wasn’t anyone else going in. The store was quite appealing and several couples looked like the type that would shop for lingerie together. And then there were those exquisite mannequins. Not your average mannequins, but some kind of pale colored ones, very detailed - and posed in such a way as to suggest a sexual encounter. Well, at least in his mind. But he didn’t want to push it. After all, if Cindy was trying on outfits he didn’t want to scare her off, just let her keep trying little sexy things on and that might lead to her to relax a little and not be so stiff when it came to sex.

Stacie was the first one out of her private dressing room and back out into the larger area leading to the dressing rooms. It was still private and allowed woman to look at themselves in a three-way mirror or to discuss the outfit with their friends. And she did look truly beautiful. Her ample breasts were practically spilling out of the demi-bra, the garter belt hugging her hips and the low cut panties (which she had put on over the garter belt for easy access) cupping her rounded cheeks with her bottom peaking out at the bottom. The stockings and boots made her legs look even longer. Alexandra was waiting for her and when she caught her first glimpse of Stacie, there was a definite look of lust in her eyes. Stacie, catching Alexandra’s look, commented, “This is definitely X-rated. I don’t think I’d wear it in public anytime soon.” Alexandra approached her and said, “Oh, you’d be very surprised where you might be seen wearing this.” The time for hesitation was gone. Alexandra immediately kissed Stacie and began running her hands over her gorgeous body, wrapped in her sexy lingerie. Stacie hesitated, glancing back at Cindy’s dressing room, not wanting to be caught by her innocent friend. “Don’t worry about Cindy. She’ll be awhile. I just checked on her,” Alexandra told Stacie to reassure her. With that the two women began madly kissing and caressing each other. Stacie unbuttoned Alexandra’s blouse and let her large breasts spill out. They were very full with fat erect nipples just waiting to be sucked. Alexandra, in turn, pulled Stacie’s bra down a little to let her nipples pop free from the vinyl bra, which now acted as a shelf, causing her breasts to jut out even further. Stacie couldn’t believe how consumed with desire she had become. All her inhibitions, the few that she had anyway, had left her. When Alexandra began pulling her panties down, she didn’t stop her but instead shifting her hips to allow the panties to slide off quicker. Alexandra positioned Stacie against the nearby wall to keep her from falling over as she knelt in front of her to lick her womanhood. She reached around and cupped both of Stacie’s butt cheeks with her hands and plunged her tongue deeply into Stacie. Stacie put both her hands behind her head to get them out of Alexandra’s way and to support her head that was rocking back with the incredible sensations. With Alexandra’s tongue plunging into her and licking her love button, Stacie’s thoughts drifted to Chris. She thought to herself how he would just love to see this sensual image of two women making love. Wanting to experience it for herself, she opened her eyes and looked down. That’s the first time she noticed the stiffness.

Stacie was still consumed by her desire, but moving from her current pose seemed almost impossible. Her hands were still clasped behind her head causing her breasts to jut out, her nipples still very erect. Her head was tilted back slightly and her mouth still open from a sexual moan. She could still move her eyes a little to look down at Alexandra. While still licking her womanhood, Alexandra returned Stacie’s questioning look. She spoke to Stacie saying, “You look so perfect in my special lingerie that you should model it forever, a perfect artful representation of lustful passion.” Stacie was confused and somewhat frightened. What did she mean, “forever”? Then she began to feel the change within her body. Any movement was now impossible and she still felt herself stiffening even more. With her eyes still looking down she saw the external changes taking place. Her skin began to look paler and she could feel herself cooling. Her vocal chords still worked a little, even if her mouth wouldn’t move. She managed to ask in a mumbled panic, “What.. are you. doing.. to.. me...!?” Alexandra, still with her look of pure lust, replied calmly, “I’m turning you to stone. Your youthful beauty and sensuous body will be frozen in stone for all time as one of my intricately detailed marble statues. Your look of lustful desire, accentuated by the erotic lingerie you wear, will be preserved, to be admired by the other men and women who shop in my store. Some, who admire you -- when the time is right -- will join you as more stone statues in my collection, lured to their ultimate petrified fate by your sensuous beauty and look of lustful ecstasy. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Your friends will be joining you shortly.”

With that Ms. Manos resumed her oral administrations on Stacie’s sex. The combination of the sensations produced by Alexandra’s tongue and her slowly hardening body began to produce irresistible erotic vibrations throughout Stacie’s petrifying body. Her panic was being replaced by waves of pure ecstasy pulsing from her sex, spreading through every one of Stacie’s nerve endings. Still looking down, she saw the final petrifying wave sweeping slowly, sensuously up her body, like being dipped slowly in liquid rock. She could feel her legs become inert, yet somehow the erotic sensations continued to course through her, building in intensity. She watched as the change swept up her legs, appearing out of the top of the boots she wore, under the black seamed stockings. She watched as the stony advance moved up her hips, under Alexandra’s hands of flesh, that now stood out in stark contrast to her petrifying skin. The wave of marble moved to the center, sealing her womanhood into a solid stone mound. She could feel her climax building, more intense than she had ever experienced before. The marble wave advanced under the garter belt she still wore, up her smooth stomach and to her breasts. Caught as if heaving out from a long sexual moan, her breasts froze solid in her demi-bra, the nipples jutting out as if begging to be sucked, the perfect rounded curves pushed up higher from the bra becoming solid stone globes, even reflecting the highlights from the overhead store lighting. Her breathing was becoming labored, not just from the hardening of her body, but from the earth-shattering orgasm that was inevitable. She watched the stony advance sweep up her arms held behind her head still, capturing every detail of the tight muscles and smooth skin. She felt her fingers laced together behind her head becoming stone digits, locking into place, and then her hair itself become a solid mass of stone. From deep inside her she could feel the tremors of her impending orgasm brimming to the surface, ready to explode. Her mouth still wide open, her head tilting back, her eyes staring down at the woman who was in the process of turning her into a marble statue, as the final stony wave closed from each side of her face toward the center. Stacie held her breath as her ultra climax hit, sending intense, bio-electrical charges through every nerve ending in her body. But before the sensations could subside, the petrifying wave completed it’s sweep, capturing her in the middle of an unending orgasm, reflected in her beautiful face, now locked with a look of total ecstasy.

Alexandra rose slowly to her feet, her clothing still undone from Stacie’s earlier attention. She ran her delicate hands over the smooth, cool surface of Stacie’s petrified body. Stacie had been a sexy girl, but now, standing there as her latest nude statue, she looked perfect. Not only was every detail of Stacie’s sensuous body caught in perfect detail, but the petrification had preserved that look of pure lust that Stacie had experienced before becoming an inanimate object. Alexandra loved the feeling of the smooth marble curves that had once been Stacie’s soft flesh. She had become so distracted by her caressing of Stacie’s stony features, that she hadn’t heard Chris come into the back dressing area. He had finally given into his feelings of absolute desire, caused by imaging his two friends in various pieces of lingerie and stages of undress. He had to take a chance to see the girls, hoping that by now Cindy would be in an amorous enough mood to let him see her try on the lingerie.

Instead what he saw was a beautiful woman caressing an erotic stone statue. A statue that, he suddenly realized, looked amazingly like his friend Stacie. He recognized not only her face, but the shape of her sensuous body that he had caressed himself so many times. He thought to himself, this couldn’t be a coincidence. Somehow, Stacie had been turned into a stone statue. He felt panic, yes, after all, the realization that a living, breathing person he knew was now just a piece of inanimate art, yet a truly beautiful and erotic piece of inanimate art. But there was another feeling stirring in Chris. As scared as he was, he also started to feel very aroused. For Chris had long had sexual fantasies of people being turned to stone. He had seen an old foreign B movie on TV when he was young - but old enough to start experiencing sexual thoughts. It had a witch in it who had the power to turn her victims to stone by staring into their eyes. He remembered in vivid detail a servant girl going to warn her mistress of the danger, when she is cornered by the old witch in a dark hallway. The witch’s eyes light up and a wave of petrifying force sweeps up the body of the servant girl leaving her a stone statue in the hall, her lovely stone breasts exposed out the top of her bodice.

Ms. Manos could sense the desire in Chris. She herself stares into his eyes. He can feel himself becoming very aroused, his stiffening manhood becoming very obvious by bulging out against his pants. Yet he finds he is unable to move. All he can do is stand there and watch.

At that moment Cindy exits from her dressing room wearing only the thin, silky short camisole top and tap pant set, which is something she would normally never do. Her dark, erect nipples were clearly obvious through the sexy thin material and the tap pants didn’t completely cover the rounded bottoms of her perfect butt. Somehow she just felt less inhibited. Maybe it was the atmosphere of New Orleans finally catching up with her, or just having naughty fun with her friends - or maybe it was the beautiful statues in Ms. Manos’ store - the statues that reflected the pure sexual joy she had so longed for. It was only then that she saw Chris standing there. Her normal reaction would have been to try to cover herself and run for cover. But she didn’t. She stood there, excited that he was able to see her in the beautiful lingerie, looking sexier than she ever had before. She also noticed his erection straining against his pants. At that moment she wanted to be with Chris, to have him make passionate love to her right there in the store. At that moment he could have made love to her in the large display window, her naked body pressed up against the glass for all the people out in the street to see. She then felt something was wrong, Chris wasn't moving.

When she looked around the room she saw Alexandra smiling seductively and standing near another perfect statue she had not seen earlier. She thought to herself, as the recognition hit her, “Wait a minute, that’s Stacie. She’s been turned to stone!” A feeling of panic swept over Cindy. She stared at the beautiful statue that moments before had been her friend. Her voluptuous body now captured for all time as cool white marble. Despite her panic, Cindy couldn’t help but feel excited looking at Stacie’s naked stone body. From her angle, she could see Stacie’s rounded petrified butt, thrust slightly back, straining against the garter straps. She could see her large breasts thrust forward as perfectly rounded marble globes capped by stony pebbles that were her erect nipples. Cindy felt a desire to go over and caress her friend’s petrified breasts. How cool and smooth they must feel. How exciting it would be to trace her finger over Stacie’s stony nipples. And the look on Stacie’s face - experiencing the passionate sexual release that Cindy herself wanted to experience. Distracted by her admiration of the erotic work of art Stacie had become, Cindy was surprised when she felt the seductive touch of Alexandra. Part of her wanted to run away, but that part would not respond to Cindy’s wishes. She couldn’t move on her own anymore. Like Chris, she could only stand there waiting for whatever Ms. Manos was going to do next. And Ms. Manos was able to see not only her fear, but her inner most desires as well.

She physically picked up Cindy, with surprising ease, and carried her over to a wooden chair. She positioned Cindy’s arms on the back of the chair to support herself in a bent over position. Alexandra then positioned Cindy up on her toes. She was not in a perfect sensual pose. Leaning over the chair had caused the material of the lingerie to cling to her breasts, her erect nipples strained prominently against the thin material. From the front, it was quite easy to look down the top of the camisole to see her naked breasts, including her taut nipples pushing out against the silky camisole. Standing on her toes caused her beautiful butt to be thrust back hugging the tap pant against her skin to show off her perfect rounded cheeks. Cindy, her voice conveying both fear and a little anticipation, managed to speak, asking, “What are you going to do to me? Am I going to become your next.. statue?” Alexandra answered her by saying, “Yes, my dear, but not before you have a chance to experience the sexual ecstasy you have been wishing for secretly for so long. You have long wanted to be with Chris and now you will. And I will get to enjoy you both.” With that she picked Chris up and carried him over to where Cindy was positioned, standing him up just behind her. Alexandra slowly stripped the clothing from Chris, making sure to kiss each erogenous zone as she peeled the clothing away from his skin. Soon he stood completely naked behind Cindy, his erection positioned just inches from her. Alexandra slid the tap pants off her butt and down her legs. Cindy half-heartily protested, saying, “please don’t do this to me.” But Alexandra could still feel the desire within her and not just for the sexual experiences. She had seen how Cindy had looked at her statues, how she had admired their perfect beauty. She knew that Cindy, a former art student, was secretly fantasizing about becoming a work of art.

Alexandra began tracing her fingers lightly over Cindy’s exposed butt, down the inside of her thighs and just to the side of her womanhood, where the legs join the crease between the torso. Cindy’s breathing was getting heavier. Lightly Alexandra stroked the hair covering Cindy’s opening, getting her more and more excited. Finally she slid her finger along the length of Cindy’s slit, feeling her wetness. Knowing Cindy was ready, Alexandra then turned her attention to Chris. She moved him into position and helped guide his erection into Cindy’s warm opening. As Chris’ full length slid into her Cindy yelled out from the pain, but then relaxed almost immediately, enjoying the sensation of a man being inside her for the first time. With a touch, Alexandra gave Chris and Cindy back a little of the control over their bodies. Chris used both hands and grabbed onto the side of Cindy’s hips so that he could pull himself deeper into her. And Cindy pushed back to meet every one of his thrusts, growing more and more excited form the sensations she felt as Chris’s full length slid into her, over and over. Alexandra joined the lovers, caressing each of them in just the right spots to create even more pleasure for both. From his position, he could see the statue of Stacie with her hands locked behind her head and her gorgeous body on display for all time. He began wondering how Alexandra would position him when she turned him to stone. Would she turn both he and Cindy to stone while they made love right here, or would she pose them separately? Rather than frighten him, it just made him even more aroused. The idea of being tuned into stone, to be displayed as an erotic work of art was becoming his all-consuming passion.

Cindy was watching the whole sensual scene through a three-way mirror positioned just ahead of her. Her sexual excitement was increasing exponentially from the sensations she was feeling, from the erotic image of Chris thrusting into her and Alexandra caressing and licking her sensitive spots - and the statue of Stacie watching over them. How beautiful Stacie looked now and in a few moments, Cindy knew she would be joining her, a beautiful work of art, a nude sculpture inspiring intense feelings of passion and pure lust from everyone who saw her. She had always been uncomfortable with the thought of people staring at her body. Now she wanted to show it off to everyone. She wanted everyone to see how sexy she looked at the moment of sexual climax. She caught Alexandra’s stare and knew it was her turn. Even with her mouth open, moaning from the sexual stimulation, she managed a sexy smile. She could feel the stiffness and wave of cold moving sensuously up her legs. She looked down to see her feet and lower legs being transformed into solid stone. It felt more erotic than anything she had ever imagined. The wave of petrification flowed up her legs, turning them into perfect marble pillars, showing off every shapely curve created by standing on her toes. She was glad Alexandra had positioned her like that. Now every man that saw her beautiful petrified legs and butt would want to caress them, to slide their hands over every inch of her perfect curves. She could still feel Chris sliding into her, though with some difficulty as her womanhood hardened and became a narrow stone tunnel that fit tightly around him. She could still feel every sensation though from their lovemaking as she felt her flat stomach harden into stone and move up to her breasts. She could feel a tremendous orgasm building inside her unlike anything she had ever felt from the little experimentation she had done. She looked down just in time to see her dangling tight breasts and erect nipples frozen into stone mounds forever straining against the thin material. Alexandra continued to caress the stony breasts as Cindy looked up into her eyes as the stiffening moved up her neck and began locking her hair into a solid tangle mass. The sensations were now almost overwhelming to her, she couldn’t wait to experience this ultimate climax. She held her breath as the climax triggered, staring deeply into Alexandra’s sexy eyes as her own vision dimmed as the stony wave enclosed her face, locking her look of sexual release forever on her beautiful face.

Alexandra reached out and caressed Cindy’s stony features, knowing that the orgasm was forever pulsing through her solid stone body. Her hard, jutting nipples felt so erotic through the silky thin material of the camisole. Standing, Alexandra looked over the rest of Cindy’s petrified body. Her gorgeous butt leading down to her taut legs were stunning as solid marble. Each muscle in her leg accentuated from standing on her toes accepting Chris’s powerful thrusts. Chris stood there shocked. Cindy had turned to stone as they made love! His erection was still buried in the now cold opening of a statue. Yes, it was everything he had ever imagined, every beautiful detail. Feeling the soft body of a beautiful woman stiffening beneath his hands, the stony advance slowly moving up through the body, leaving solid stone in its place, and the feeling as the woman locks into her final rigid position, posed in some erotic position for all time, to be displayed as fine art, inspiring immediate arousal in everyone who saw the sculpture. But the reality of what just happened was now setting in. Cindy, like Stacie before her, had been changed from a living, breathing person to a solid stone statue, forever an inanimate object. He was very frightened, but again he couldn’t move. Alexandra slid her voluptuous body up against his, causing him to become aroused despite his fears. She leaned in close and whispered, “Now it’s your turn.”

Off to one side of the dressing area there was a marble bench for spouses or friends to wait while the customer was in the dressing room. Alexandra moved Chris over to the bench and seated him, shocking him back to reality as his naked butt made contact with the cold marble. She turns him so that his legs went over the end of the bench while he rests on his elbows on the other end. He can look down the length of his body, his manhood still erect. He can also see Stacie and Cindy, now erotic works of art modeling sexy lingerie like the other statues. Their beautiful unique bodies now turned to solid stone, each beautiful curve reflecting the store’s lighting off its hard shiny surface. Alexandra’s words ring in his mind, “Now it’s your turn.” He knows he is about to share the same fate as his friends, being turned into a solid stone statue. But wait, he won’t be wearing anything. Alexandra sensing his thoughts responds saying, “Most of my victims become statues to model my lingerie. Some I sell to private collectors who, needless to say, want these erotic statues for other than pure artistic reasons. And the others … well let’s just say, I am a very sexual woman and I have needs. Needs that need to be met whenever I so choose. So some of my erotic sculptures go to my personal collection to become my sex statues, that I can use whenever I’m in the mood. So Chris, that’s what I intend to do to you. You’ll stay nice and hard for me for all time so that I can pleasure myself when I have those desires.” Chris trying desperately to talk his way out of his dilemma tells Alexandra, “You can’t do this! People will come looking for us. You can’t just turn people into stone to be used as your playthings and displays!” Alexandra answered him, “Yes, I can. I’ve been doing it for centuries. I belong to an ancient society. Some people say we may even be related in a way to the Gorgons of ancient myths. I won’t explain how it works to you but suffice to say, by turning people into beautiful stone statues, we sustain ourselves to live throughout the ages.”

She continued, “I have sensed in you that you share the same fantasy that people throughout the world have, the sexual arousal from imaging people turned into stone. But you have never fantasized about yourself becoming a statue, turning into solid stone for someone else’s pleasure. I am going to make love to you now Chris. And it will be better than anything else you have ever experienced. Remember I’ve had centuries to develop into the perfect lover. As we make love I want you to remember that this will be your last time, so enjoy it immensely. For as I near my orgasm, you will feel the change start in you. You will be both frightened and very excited. I’m told the feeling of your body becoming stone is like an orgasm touching every nerve ending of your body, only much, much stronger. So you see, you can’t help becoming aroused. And as I feel you harden beneath me and - inside me - well, let’s just say, that’s what really does it for me. Now it’s time Chris, time for you to become my latest fuck statue.” With that Alexandra stood and peeled the clothes from her body. She was even more stunning than Chris could have imagined. She was no emaciated waif that passes for super models. She was a real woman with plenty of curves. Her breasts were very full and natural, capped by large erect dark brown nipples. Her stomach was flat but her hips flared out enough to give her that 1950’s voluptuous figure look. Her butt wasn’t small like Cindy’s but very womanly and tight. Even if she didn’t hold some power over him, it might have still been impossible to resist her.

But Chris still wasn’t resigned to his fate. As she positioned herself over him, he tried to look away. Maybe it was her eyes, just like the witch in the movie. Then he felt her slowly lower herself onto him, his erection sliding sensuously into her warm, tight opening. He still wanted to resist but he had never felt anything so sexually perfect. It’s as if she could feel what he felt, how he wanted to be touched and where, how tight she should hold onto his manhood with her folds.

He found himself rocking in rhythm with her, thrusting up as she plunged down. He told himself to stop but again the sensations were overwhelming. He now knew what Stacie and Cindy must have felt like before they were turned to stone. But he didn’t want to be an inanimate statue - did he? But everything she was doing to him felt so good. Riding up and down, leaning in to blow in his ear or nibble his neck or lick his nipples. He found himself tensing up to thrust deeper into her, to give her more pleasure in return. He knew doing so meant that he was sealing his own fate, but he wanted to please her. She was so perfect. She made love so perfectly. He wanted to be her perfect lover - and that meant one thing. As he thrust deeper and deeper, he could feel her breathing become more labored. Her excitement was building. He stared into her beautiful eyes. There was no point in trying to prevent the inevitable any longer. She smiled back, sexy, open-mouthed. He was a good lover. He does care about my pleasure. With her positioning she would show him where it felt best and he would keep his thrusts in that area until she wanted him to shift to the next area within her to create even more sensation. They rocked back and forth, sweat forming on both of them.

Then it started. His perfect thrusts had made contact with just the right nerve endings at just the right time. Her orgasm was starting to build. He felt it too. Her looked changed, almost becoming desperate as she focused on her building climax and the changes that would start in Chris. With that look, Chris felt a stirring of fear again, but then the sensations started that replaced any doubts. He could feel his legs stiffening and he knew he was starting to turn to stone. His leg muscles were still tensed from his thrusts into Alexandra and each sinew became accentuated as the stony wave swept up capturing every detail of his manly legs. The erotic sensations then went into overdrive as the petrification spread to his waist. He could feel his bare butt against the marble bench becoming solid and firm as it took on the same characteristics of the stone bench. Then the hardening spread up to his manhood. He felt himself grow even thicker and longer as his erection stiffened into a stone phallus with Alexandra still plunging down onto it. She felt it too, Chris’s manhood becoming solid stone and cool inside her folds. She loved that feeling, a man turning into stone right inside of her. Nothing could be more erotic. That sensation pushed her closer to the edge of her own climax as the petrification continued its advance up Chris’s body. He looked down to see his now stony erection disappearing and reappearing as Alexandra rode him. The hardening continued up his stomach, locking his ab muscles tight and well defined. Alexandra reached out and caressed his nipples as they became rigid bumps as the wave spread up his chest. She ran her hands over his smooth stone chest and continued to stare into his eyes. He could still feel every sensation and his own orgasm was threatening to explode throughout his petrifying body. He could feel his neck become locked in place as it turned to stone. His arms locked, still tightly gripping the sides of the bench for more thrusting support. He looked down to see his fingers become stone digits matching the color and texture of the bench. His arms, still tensed became finely sculpted works of art themselves, displaying every muscle he had worked so hard to develop. He looked back to Alexandra as he felt the stony wave closing in around his face. Her eyes were focused intently on him, watching as the change swept over him and he turned to stone. The sensations of riding his stone member and the erotic images of him becoming a statue sent Alexandra over the edge as one of her most powerful orgasms coursed through her entire body. Chris himself had been right on the edge of climaxing when her orgasm hit and his entire body became solid stone. His face reflected that desperate look of a man right before he is able to come. Chris would forever be right on the edge, waiting for that final release that would never come.

Alexandra continue to bounce up and down on Chris’s petrified body as each wave of her orgasm shot through her system. She would pause as the feelings became too intense and then slide up and down again to stir the next overwhelming sensation. Chris had been the perfect lover, holding off on his own pleasure until she had experienced hers. Unfortunately, that meant he never would since he was now only an inanimate object. She collapsed on top of his stone body when she was finally spent and rested there for untold minutes. Finally she got up the strength to slide off the hard statue that Chris had become. On wobbly legs, she stared down at her beautiful work of art. Every manly detail of Chris was captured in smooth stone, including his wonderful erection, now permanently erect to be used for her pleasure whenever she desired. She reach out and stroked his petrified member, still wet from being inside her. She ran her fingertips over the mushroom shaped head and down its length, feeling over bulging vein along the way, finally cupping his rock solid balls. She bent down and sucked the stone phallus into her mouth, enjoying his ever-rigid erection. Then she leaned over and kissed his frozen face, his mouth still open, waiting to moan out from his climax that would never come. As she pulled on a satiny robe from a nearby rack of lingerie, she surveyed her night’s work. Three new beautiful, stone statues, each reflecting an erotic look of being capture in the act of making love to her. Tomorrow she would pull Cindy’s tap pants up and Stacie’s bra and panties back into place to make them appear more discreet. Then she would put them on display for her customers to enjoy.

In fact, she was determined that shy Cindy should go in the display window to show off her lovely body to everyone who passed by. Chris, on the other hand, would be carefully stored in the stock room, where he would be handy for those times she needed to act on her very strong desires and make love to his rigid body. Before leaving the room, she took one last look at her latest statues, replaying the evening’s events quickly in her mind, and then turned to leave, shutting off the lights.


Stacie, Cindy and Chris would remain in New Orleans for a long time - as erotic stone statues luring others to the same fate.


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