Femforce - Perfect in Plastic 3

by Northern Chill

Author's note :  This is the third part of a serial that pits the shapely members of Femforce against Cosmetica, a
                             villainess unlike any they have encountered in the past.  Enjoy !

                   Chapter 3 : Looking for friends in all the wrong places

     "....and when I came to, there was no sign of Laura or that Cosmetica woman anywhere.  Gee, I hope Laura is ok. "  a shaken Synn said to her fellow Femforcers as they busily searched through the debris trying to find some clue as to the whereabouts of their friend and ally.

     "  It's funny how General Gordon never mentioned the fact that Cosmetica might have super strength.  According to the witnesses that the police talked to, that psycho picked up a fully grown main and tossed him clear across the store like he was nothing.  Maybe we should give Gordon a call back and see if he can give us a little more information on the project  Cosmetica was working on and a few of her colleague's names for us to talk to."  Ms. Masque said as she lifted up the demolished remains of a queen size bed.

     After a few seconds, the crimson clad heroine set the remnants back down and looked over at her colleagues to see if they were having any success.  She saw She-Cat bent down examining a couch that sat near the exit while Tara was over talking to some of the eye witnesses and Ms. Victory  was talking to the police detective in charge of the investigation.

     " Look, miss, I'm not making any accusations...I'm just telling you what the witness said they saw.  At least two people saw your friend Nightveil get into a van of her own free accord with the crook and her gang before they drove away. Based on that, I have to assume that your 'team mate' is assisting this Cosmetica woman in her crime spree."  a gruff man in a long trench coat grumbled as he chomped on a donut.

     " Are you crazy, Detective Jackson ?  Nightveil is one of the founding members of Femforce and saved this world many times over.  For you to even suggest that she's in league with a criminal sociopath is beyond belief..."  Ms. Victory sputtered in anger as she crossed her arms in front of her in frustration.

     Jackson swallowed his food and waved his hand in acceptance.  " Yeah, yeah....I know..a paragon of virtue..if you'll give the officers over there some info on when you last saw your 'founding member', we can start putting this case together and...OOMMPPHH !! "  the detective started to say before having a donut shoved in his mouth by an angry Ms. Victory.

      " Put this donut where your insinuation belongs, Detective ! "  the Femforce leader snapped before storming back to her colleagues who were just finishing sifting through the store ruins.

      " Any clues where this Cosmetica woman might have taken Nightveil ? "  Ms. Victory inquired as she flicked back her blonde hair in anger.  She resolved to herself that when they did get Nightveil back safely, she would tell her what the detective said about her and let him deal with her wrath.

      Miss Masque shook her head  "  No clue at all as to the whereabouts of Cosmetica or where she might strike next.  I guess the only thing we can do for now is track down any leads we get from our various information sources and ask General Gordon for more information than what he has given us so far.  In the meantime, we go about our routine as best we can.  I think Garganta is supposed to attend a parade tomorrow as the guest of honor while Joan here is supposed to cut the ribbon to open a new toy manufacturer."  she said quietly to her team mates.

      Ms. Victory nodded and took a deep breath causing her ample bosoms to rise and fall most noticeably.  "  If anyone gets a solid lead on Cosemetica's location, send the others a message first before taking her on.  I don't want anybody else to fall victim to this psycho if I can help it, ok ?  " she said to her fellow heroines who nodded in agreement before they dispersed in all directions hoping to find their friend and her captor before something bad happened yet again.


"....sample # 0063-A has been applied to subject's extremities approximately 90 minutes ago.  There have been no noticeable changes observed on the surface in that time.  The sample will now be applied to the other two subjects and, once the allotted time has passed, these two will be examined for changes then."  Cosmetica said into her mini tape recorder as she looked over the mannequin that was lying flat on her lab's counter top.  

      Although the mannequin was devoid of the wig that display figures usually wore, Cosmetica remembered it as having been formerly a sales clerk who had been working one night at a convenience store in a nearby city.  The blonde woman had make the mistake of being rude to Cosmetica and her friends and her reward was to be changed into an inanimate plastic display figure.

      Cosmetica sat down in a chair nearby and wiped her forehead with her left hand as she tried to think of where she could alter her formula to give her the desired results and have a way to reverse the process that was slowly changing her body into an inanimate shell of hollow plastic much like the forms that laid strewn on tables all around her.  She peeled back the top part of her uniform and saw that there were smooth patches appearing on her upper arms and on her chest just above her breasts.  She could still move the patches with her fingers but they obviously were becoming the same inanimate material that the rest of her soon would be if she didn't find a cure soon.

      "  Damn those military idiots...damn them to hell ! "  Cosmetica shouted slamming a fist on the side of the chair in frustration.  She put her head in her hands trying to think of what her next move should be and if it should involve revisiting the bozos responsible.  Cosmetica mulled over her options in silence for what seemed like forever before she was interrupted by the sound of foot steps and a muffled cough.   Sitting up, she saw her hireling Lipgloss standing near the doorway of the lab.

      "  Lipgloss, what do you want ?  Are there any signs that those Femforce clowns managed to follow us back here ? " Cosmetica asked as her demeanor reverted back to the self assured front she put up when around her hirelings or those she considered beneath her.

       "  No sign of Femforce anywhere, boss.  I was just wondering if there was anything else you wanted tonight before I turned in."  Lipgloss said privately hoping she wouldn't be asked for any task.  She had found working for Lipgloss to be extremely hard to deal with at times and looked forward to the day when she would be far away from the borderline psychotic.

       "  No, nothing tonight, Lipgloss.  You can call it a...wait a minute...where's Facial gone to ? "  Cosmetica said switching quickly from dismissal to a demanding tone of voice.

       "  Ummm..well...she's kind of busy right now..I think she's over at the other side of the house doing..something. "  Lipgloss said in a hesitating voice clearly trying to hold a part of what she knew back without upsetting Cosmetica.

      Unfortunately, if that was her intent, she failed miserably as Cosmetica picked up on her hesitation right away and jumped to her feet.  "  Something ?  Lipgloss, tell me what Facial is up to right now or else you're going to see me get very upset and if you've heard about my being upset with associates before, you know that's something you don't want." the villainess hissed in anger.

       Lipgloss flinched and took a small step backwards  "  Don't get mad at me, boss, I didn't do anything.  If you're looking for Facial...well...the last time I saw her, she was checking out that Nightveil mannequin we dragged back rather...ummm...closely and was trying to get her..uh...it to respond to her.  Other than that, I.....OOOFFF!!! "  she said with a quivering voice before she was quickly shoved aside by an enraged Cosmetica who stormed out of the room and off towards the area where Nightveil was left on display.

      "  Ooohh....you are such a sexy mannequin, naughty Nightveil.  Why don't you listen to what I have to say and do a few spells for me ?  With your abilities and my..well...my beautiful body, we can go a long, long way together.....hmmmm..." Facial whispered softly as she pressed her body tightly against the immobile plastic form of the spell caster.  Cosmetica's henchwoman knew that Nightveil still possessed some human abilities as earlier she had stiffly walked into the house on her own at Cosmetica's request.  The sorceress had then taken on a typical mannequin pose with her left hand on her hip and her right arm bent at the elbow with the hand parallel to the shoulder looking as if it was holding something.  Once her boss had left the room to go work in her lab, Facial had spent every moment she had alone with the mannequinized Nightveil trying to get her to respond to her requests.  In the course of doing so, Facial had stripped off both her own outfit as well as the mannequin's in the hope that sexual tension might elicit a response where words had failed.

      Facial was still caressing and fondling the mannequin when an enraged Cosmetica stormed into the room and looked on the scene with a face that was beet red.  She looked at the naked henchwoman slithering over her ' prize' and her fists clenched tightly by her sides.

      "  JUST WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING ? "  Cosmetica roared at her subordinate who until that moment was oblivious to the presence of  her employer.  Facial, hearing the angry voice of her boss, disentangled herself from Nightveil's immobile form and turned to face her enraged employer while covering herself as best as possible.

      "  Well..uhh..ya see...uhh....it's like this, Cosmetica...I..uhh..."  Facial started to say before she found herself spinning to the floor as a result of a hard slap across the face from her boss.  She looked up to her boss angrily walked over to the Nightveil mannequin and hastily redressed its nude plastic body.  After Cosmetica finished that, she motioned for Lipgloss to stand in the doorway while she dealt with her hireling.

      "  So, Facial, you were here trying to get my pretty mannequin prize to respond to you through any means necessary, eh ?  I suppose that if you had succeeded, you  would have used her power to go on a big crime spree by yourself and accumulate quite a pile of cash.  Maybe you were thinking of getting Nightveil to use her power on me and finish off the process that is slowly changing me into an inanimate mannequin like those you find in store windows, isn't that right ?  Speak up, you traitorous bitch ! "  Cosmetica hissed at her cowering subordinate.

     "  Cosmetica, it's not what you think.  I thought you had gone to bed for the night so I thought I might play a little with your newest acquisition.  I  never looked to use Nightveil's abilities for myself or against you in any way possible.  I only want to help you in any way possible.  "  Facial said with a whimpering voice while desperately trying to think a way out of her situation.
     However, Facial's attempt to placate her boss fell on deaf ears as Cosmetica  leaned close to Nightveil and whispered in the plastic ear of the heroine for several seconds before stepping to one side.  " Nightveil, proceed with what I've just told you, please.  "  the villainess commanded.
     "  Yes...Mistress...."   the mannequin responded before stiffly raising her hands towards Facial with her right leg moving in concert.  Lipgloss could see the rest of Nightveil's body still was rigid and unmoving like before as the aide watched what was about to happen to Facial with dread and morbid curiosity both.

    Before Facial could try and react, blue and purple energy flowed from the sorceress' hands and enveloped her lithe body from head to toe.  The frightened woman felt her body stiffen up with her arms moving of their own accord as they drew tight to her sides just like her legs which were pressed tightly together.  If the involuntary body movement wasn't bad enough for the terrified woman, she felt a tremendous pressure building inside of her as if she was being injected with helium gas.  

    Although Facial's movement was extremely limited at this point, she managed to tilt her head downward and saw that her legs were melting together while simultaneously changing from flesh to bright white plastic with the same happening to her arms. The pressure she was feeling internally continued to build and she could see it was having an effect on her body as her lower half was swelling noticeably outwards with the same happening to her upper half .

    "  What...what's happening ?...what's going on ?...... "  Facial screamed mentally as she felt herself getting lighter and lighter yet at the same time additional weight seemed to be accumulating where her feet were.  She no longer could move any part of her body and she felt some of her features , like her nose and breasts, were flattening out as if they had no definite shape to them.

    Thirty seconds or so later, the transformation was complete and where once a beautiful woman once stood was now an inflatable punching bag made of white plastic with the painted image of Facial visible on the front of it.  The face showed Facial's horror as she realized her fate before the change consumed her totally.  The bag slightly wobbled back and forth as a very satisfied Cosmetica tapped it lightly with her right hand.

    "  Well, that takes care of Facial and any treachery she might have plotted against me.  I'll place an ad on the usual internet sites for a replacement for her right away.  In the meantime, Lipgloss, carry my newest stress reliever into my work area while I return Nightveil to her pose that she was in before all of this happened.  "  Cosmetica said with an evil smile as she attended to Nightveil, who was still standing with her arms pointed forward.

    After Cosmetica whispered into her ear yet again, Nightveil assumed a seductive pose with her left arm bent and tucked so that it seemed to be cradling her plastic tits as it wrapped around her mid section.  Her right arm was pointed forward with the index finger of her right hand sticking straight ahead.  Her eyes still stared straight ahead oblivious to all around her with no movement at all.  

    Cosmetica then left the room to go back to the lab and resume her tests.  If she had stuck around, she might have noticed that her favorite mannequin's left leg had taken more of a flesh tone look then before....


        Femforce HQ was an active beehive of activity as numerous heroines rushed back and forth trying to track down leads on the missing Nightveil as well as the whereabouts of Cosmetica.  Of all the people talking and discussing information in the building, the most heated conversation was the one taking place between Ms. Victory and General Gordon behind closed doors in an otherwise empty conference room.

       "  Lemme get this straight...you deliberately withheld information regarding this Cosmetica woman in our earlier briefing so that when Synn and Nightveil first encountered her yesterday, they were unaware of all her abilities like superhuman strength.  As a result, Synn gets knocked out cold and Nightveil goes missing and possibly held captive by that mad woman.  However, you say that we weren't told in the interest of ' national security', is that right ? "  Ms. Victory snapped at the red-faced general standing across from her with a large oak table between them.

      "  You have to understand, Joan, that I get my orders like anyone who works for the American public.  There were certain people who felt that certain 'details' had to be kept confidential for the time being.  This was due, in part, to the fact that the experiment which led to Cosmetica's current condition is still ongoing with different personnel involved.  It was felt that if the public was told too much, they would demand to know the whole nature of the experiment.  "  Gordon said as he shuffled papers that were handed to him by an aide.

     CRASHHH !!!  The table splintered into pieces from the force of Ms. Victory slamming her fist with more than a little of her strength into the top.  The general stepped back as did his aide from the destroyed table clearly shaken by the heroine's response to his response.  Ms. Victory glared at the general and it was clear she was not accepting his explanation in any way, shape or form.

     "  I'm not in the mood to hear that ' nation's interest' line today, General !  If you want any more Femforce members to take on this Cosmetica psycho, you better tell me everything about the experiment she was working on and what effects it has on those exposed to the components and tell me know ! "  the busty blonde heroine said gesturing vehemently at the general.

     General Gordon, looking more flustered than the composed look he usually maintained, gestured impatiently to his aide, who burrowed through his briefcase and whipped out several folders which he handed to Gordon.  The general looked at the folder titles and contents for several seconds before nodding in resignation and looking at Ms. Victory grim faced.

    "  All right, Ms. Victory, you'll hear the whole truth BUT none of this goes beyond you and your team mates.  About 5 years ago, the military decided that if war was going to be fought on an effective basis, it was going to have be done with troops more resilient to battle damage and be almost unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat.  To that end, we used a small portion of the yearly defense budget kept secret from the general public ( known as the black book) to start working on a way of achieving this via the administration of a drug. After two years of computer simulations and tests involving lab rats, it was determined to proceed to the next level of testing on human beings.  However, there were unforeseen circumstances which the researchers did not account for that led to some complications."  General Gordon said quietly.

   " Complications ?  Would you elaborate a little more about that ? "  the buxom heroine asked while accepting the folder handed to her by the general's aide.

   " Well, the first two human volunteers we had suffered adverse mental and physical reactions to the medication.  One, a male in his late 20's, suffered a complete nervous breakdown and is currently under care at one of the government's private health clinics.  The second was a woman in her early 30's who seemed at first fine but when she failed to show up for work one morning and failed to answer her phone, we sent a co-worker to check on her.  When the co-worker showed up, she found the home almost completely wrecked and, in the middle of the debris area, the woman who now looked a plastic display mannequin clad in a pair of panties and nothing more standing completely still."  the general said before taking another folder from an aide.

   " When the woman/mannequin was returned to the place where the experiment took place, the scientists ran tests on her and determined that her body, in addition to being immobile, was almost invulnerable to small arms fire and the brain guys postulated that her mind was still active and alive in some manner.  Therefore, they decided to resume the experiment both to perfect the process and to find a way to reverse the woman/mannequin 's condition.  When the clinical trials resumed, the researchers, who included Mandy Brooks at this point, came to the conclusion that if the base formula was altered slightly so as to strengthen the subject physically to counteract the molecular changes to the body.  However, before the tests could resume, there was an accident in the lab and Mandy was exposed to the drug which leads us to our current state of affairs."  Gordon said brusquely handing yet more notes to Ms. Victory.

   " Hmmm...that explains quite a bit except for one thing....why is she able to transform people she comes in contact with ? "  Ms. Victory asked as she thumbed through the volume of papers that were handed to her.

  " Umm..well..you see... " the general said as he struggled to frame a response to the question.

  Before the general could answer, the door to the conference room was knocked on in an urgent manner followed a few seconds later by the entrance of an excited Synn.  " Sorry for the interruption, Joan, but She-Cat wants to talk with you about Garganta's scheduled appearance as head of the Summer Sunshine festival parade and if we should take any further precautions."  Synn said with her eyes opened wide as usual.

   Ms. Victory sighed  " OK, I'll talk to She-Cat in a minute.  General Gordon, I have more questions about this which I need answered so if you could come by first thing in the morning, we can finish getting the rest of the details I was asking about. "  the heroine said to the general with a look that indicated she wouldn't take no for an answer.

   The general was going to argue with Joan regardless but a look at the blonde heroine's face and his aide subtly moving towards the door told him now was not the time to take a stand.  Picking up his briefcase, the two military men left from the conference room via one exit while Ms. Victory rejoined her comrades to plot strategy how to combat the twisted crimes of Cosmetica....

   Next day...early afternoon...  

   Throngs of people lined the streets of the parade route with children waving balloons and streamers tied to lamp posts on both sides of the street.  It was the day for the summer festival parade that the city staged every year and which its' citizens looked forward with great anticipation.  Numerous floats, bands, and other entertainers made up a colorful display that had people talking about it for months before the event itself.

   This year, the talk was louder than it had been for many years as the grand marshal for this year's parade was none other than Garganta, member of the group of heroines known as Femforce.  Most people who lived in the city had either witnessed or read of their exploits in fighting crime and admired the group a great deal.  Granted, there were a few in the city who took the opposite view and spoke their opinions openly.  In particular, the writers for the local newspaper, The Daily Star, went out of their way to ridicule and cast aspersions on the heroines.  In that day's edition, one reporter speculated on the possibility that one or more of its' members had joined with known criminals and had cited an unnamed police source as the base of its' article.

    However, for most of the people waiting for the parade to start, the Star was nothing more than a gossip rag that would run anything to sell papers.  The Femforce was respected citywide for saving the people countless times and rumors wouldn't dispel the people's faith that easily.  As the sounds of trumpets blaring in the distance became evident, the crowd stirred in anticipation of the parade that lay ahead.

    At the parade staging area.....  

    Garganta struggled mightily with the swimsuit that had been provided by the parade organizers to fit over her 60' foot tall frame.  She tried to convince the organizers to let her wear her custom made SPAN-X bikini that fit her frame whether she was normal or gigantic form.  However, the parade people decided that her bikini was far too revealing for a family event and asked the heroine to wear a swimsuit designed by local fashion experts.

    " Bad enough they stick me with this ridiculous swim wear but they made it so tight around the chest and waist that they might get that naughty look the organizers said they didn't want when they nixed my bikini. "  the giantess muttered as she tried to pull the left strap of the swimsuit over her massive chest.  She liked the black, silver and white colors of the suit but Garganta swore that the makers of the swimsuit thought it was going over a flat board and not her curvaceous figure.

    Standing by herself inside the main storage facility where much of the parade's floats and equipment was being stored, the heroine struggled for some time before leaning up against the walls of the building to rest for a few seconds.  " Maybe I'll give Joan or somebody a call back at Femforce HQ and see if they'd be willing to take over my role in the parade.... this is just too much hassle... "  Garganta thought to herself as she closed her eyes for a few seconds in contemplation.

   When the giantess opened her eyes again, she saw two figures walking towards her dressed in attire that made them instantly recognizable to the heroine.  Her frown of frustration quickly turned to a warm smile as she straightened herself up and walked over to greet the women in question.

   " Ms. Victory !  Glad to see you got here finally before the parade started up and this place turned into a madhouse. Nightveil.....we were all so worried about you since you disappeared after encountering Cosmetica and her gang.  Where were you all this time when we looked for you ? "  Garganta asked of the two women approaching her.

   To the giantess' disappointment, Nightveil remained silent as she walked towards her in an unusual stiff manner.  Garganta also noticed the sorceress' tight fitting purple and black outfit seemed to look different than what she remembered.  The material seemed to shift in an almost unnatural way over Nightveil's athletic physique and there was not even the slightest sign of what laid beneath, like the heroine's nipples, despite the relative coolness of the warehouse.

   " Well, Garganta, I'm hear to tell you that there's been a change of plans as far as the parade goes. "  Ms. Victory said as she walked forward stopping to cough several times while talking.  As her team mate drew closer, Garganta noticed that Ms. Victory's physique looked quite different than what she was used to seeing.  When the blonde heroine ran her left hand through her hair, Garganta saw dark strands of hair evident underneath the blonde hair and sensed something was amiss.

    " What's going on here ?  Who are you two ? "  Garganta asked in a demanding voice as she eyed the two with newfound suspicion.

    The fake Ms. Victory whipped her wig off followed by the mask that concealed her features.  " Well, Garganta, your ability to perceive the truth is quite remarkable.  My name is Cosmetica, a name which you and your fellow heroines are well aware of, and I'm here today to add you to a very special set of test subjects I have at home."  the villainess said with a wicked grin.

   " Sorry, Cosmetica, but I'm not ready to be a trophy for your showcase at home quite yet ! "  the heroine shouted defiantly while swatting aside the villainess with the back of her right hand.  Cosmetica was sent flying through the air where she landed in a heap in the middle of cardboard boxes filled with items to be used on pageant floats.

   Garganta glanced around briefly for the woman dressed as Nightveil but didn't see her anywhere.  When she saw Cosmetica starting to pull herself to her feet, the heroine moved warily closer to her foe ready for any surprises.

   " You may as well surrender, Cosmetica.  My team mates will be here in a matter of minutes and no doubt accompanied by General Gordon and the military.  I know they only want to help shed some light on your condition. "  the giantess said trying to diffuse a precarious situation.

   Cosmetica's eyes flared wide open and her cheeks turned beet red in anger.  "  The military...those..those idiots are responsible for my condition.  If anyone sheds ' light' on things today, it'll be me and my pretty little helper.  Nightveil, help Garganta off her feet as I told you earlier ! "  the villainess said maliciously while calling out to her unseen ally.

   " Nightveil ?  Why would she help...WHAT ??? "  Garganta started to shout before she found herself starting to float off the ground and surrounded by a bright orange aura.  The heroine tried desperately to put herself back down but her huge frame was frozen in place and wouldn't budge no matter what.  She could only stare straight ahead as Cosmetica dusted herself off and glanced at her floating form with obvious amusement.

   " You can just stay there for a second, my pretty little giantess, while I talk to my obedient servant Nightveil about my plans for you today.  Once that's done, I'll.....OOOOOFFF!!! "  Cosmetica started to boast before being spun around and sent flying through the air by a powerful punch to the jaw.

   " You'll be surrendering to me, Mandy Brooks, and then releasing my friends from your clutches.  After that, you're going to treated by the best people in medicine and genetics to see if they can reverse you physical and mental condition."  Ms. Victory said with her left hand resting on her hip and her right hand extended forward in a dramatic fashion.

   " Ah, Ms. Victory.  I was wondering if you were going to show up.  You know, when they brought out those blow-up dolls that were supposed to look like you, I bought three before they pulled them off the market due to a sudden recall.  If I remember the newspaper article correctly, you spent time as one of those sex toys while dealing with some madman.  It must have been terrible..every inch of your body geared for erotic pleasure....every thought around pleasing whoever held you.  I bet you miss those feelings, don't you ?  Wouldn't you like to go back to that state ? "  Cosmetica intoned in a seductive way as she glanced at the heroine slyly.

   Ms. Victory's face reddened noticeably and she hesitated slightly before advancing towards her foe.  The words she had just heard Cosmetica speak struck close to her dreams of late and she wondered just for a split second......

   In that moment of hesitation, Cosmetica turned the tables in her favor as a bolt of arcane energy shot out from an unknown location striking Ms. Victory in the mid section and sent hurtling against the walls of the building.  The heroine slumped to the floor dazed and semi-conscious.

   " Well, that takes care of Ms. Victory for now.  Nightveil, come here....it's time we took care of our intended target !"  Cosmetica snarled out loud as she turned her attention once again to the floating Garganta.

   Emerging from behind a large stack of cardboard boxes near where the attack on Ms. Victory was Nightveil, still resembling a mannequin in appearance and obedient to Cosmetica's every command and desire.  The transformed heroine shambled stiffly over to where the deranged villainess stood waiting for her next request.

   " Nightveil ?  Why are you helping this madwoman ?  Why ?  "  Garganta shouted as she tried to figure out her team mate and friend's behavior.  She summoned every ounce of strength she had to try and break free but it didn't make the slightest bit of difference in her predicament.

   " She can't hear you, Garganta, and in a few minutes, you won't be able hear me either.  I need subjects to experiment with to find the right formula to reverse my condition and I've chosen you to be my next ' volunteer'.  Nightveil, come over here and take care of Garganta as I told you before."  Cosmetica said while gesturing to the obedient sorceress.

   Nightveil walked stiffly over to where the villainess stood and turned to face the floating giantess several feet away.  Raising her hands in front of her dramatically, energy surged from her fingertips and flowed over the still form of Garganta.

   Almost immediately, Garganta felt her body starting to tingle from the mystical energy that was flowing over her and saw her arms slowly pull out straight at a parallel to her body.  She felt a stirring in her body as if she was getting lighter by the second from head to toe.  The heroine sensed her body was starting to swell outwards but in a way she had never experienced when growing from regular to 60' giantess size.  It seemed like her body was a balloon that was slowly filling with hot air and expanding outward rapidly.

   In fact, her thinking was pretty close to the truth though she wasn't in a position to confirm it.  However, Cosmetica was in such a position and she watched with malevolent glee as the heroine's arms, legs and torso slowly swelled outwards while the skin was taking a glossy look.  The villainess saw that the heroine's facial features were changing as well as they seemed to be flattening and taking on an artificial look.  She could see Garganta's mouth seemed to be shrinking with only the lips visible and they were pulling into a wide smile.  The heroine's hair was matting tight to her head and seemed to be turning as artificial as the rest of her.

   With a loud RIPPP !!!! , Garganta's bathing suit fell away from her in small shreds and fell to the floor in a heap.  With the heroine now completely nude, Cosmetica noted with a sadistic glee that Garganta's breasts were bobbing like twin sacs of air with no visible aerolas or nipples on her tits.  If it wasn't for the fact that the heroine no longer had a mouth, she would resemble an oversized and very lifelike love doll.

    " I feel so strange...so light....no mouth...everything's so light.... "  Garganta thought to herself although the process of thinking was becoming more and more difficult by the second.  She could feel something forming around where her anus was that felt circular and metallic in nature.   The heroine could see the energy was starting disappear from her fixed vision but that was all she could see.....

    Cosmetica walked over to Garganta when she was satisfied that the spell had completed its' evil deed and stood under the living parade balloon that the heroine now was.  She could see that there was no sign of pubic hair on the living balloon and the pussy had disappeared with the area taking on the same glossy look that the rest of the balloon now had.

   " Very good....very good indeed.... " Cosmetica said softly as she reached up and grasped the floating Garganta by the left tit. Despite her horror at her helpless state, the heroine felt an erotic tingle go through her body with such a caress.  Cosmetica let her hand linger as she contemplated the figure in silence with a variety of thoughts going through her mind.
    Hearing the knocking on the door to the building, Cosmetica realized it would not be long before police or more Femforce members would arrive on the scene.  The villainess gestured for Nightveil to release Garganta from her levitation spell so she could quickly wrap things up.

    A few seconds later, the aura surrounding the living float dissipated and the heroine would have slowly ascended towards the ceiling except for Cosmetica's grasp on Garganta's breast.  Nightveil watched in silence as her mistress pulled the float downward so she could access the back of it.

    Cosmetica moved her right hand downward while grasping the float in the middle of the back with her left hand.  The villainess stopped her downward motion when she reached the area where Garganta's anus normally was but now resembled a cylindrical opening for adding the helium to the balloon.  Flashing a cruel smile, the villainess pulled open the air valve and watched as Garganta's form quickly lose shape and substance as the air rushed out.  In just a few minutes, a large deflated plastic form laid on the floor next to Cosmetica, who quickly folded up the flattened heroine and stored it in a nearby wooden box.

    After putting the blonde wig that she had worn before as part of her Ms. Victory disguise, she motioned to Nightveil to follow her out of the building.  Cosmetica stopped ever so briefly next to the semi conscious real Ms. Victory and squatted down next to the heroine.

    " A little something to remember me by, darling..... "  Cosmetica whispered while draping her bare left hand over Ms. Victory's bare shoulders and thighs for no more than a second.  She then stood up abruptly and headed towards the building's back door carrying her newest prize on a trophy.

   If she had stopped for a second, the villainess might have noticed that Nightveil's right arm was taking on a more human look than the artificial mannequin look of before.  Cosmetica would also have seen a small glossy blotch appearing on Ms Victory's left upper thigh.....

   Both would be significant in her, and all Femforcers', futures...

   To be continued in Another Confrontation...

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