by Paul G. Jutras


       Sabrina was walking the mall trying to figure out a way to pay for Christmas gifts she had to buy, when she saw a help wanted sign in a store. Knowing that the store was owned by a witch, she quickly went inside.

     “Hello, Winnie.” Sabrina said with Christmas cheer. A smile she quickly removed when she saw the sour look of a woman dressed in a white top, orange with white flower print mini skirt and sandals that revealed her purple toe nails. “You’re friends with my Aunts Hilda and Zelda. I could really use a way to make extra money for Christmas.”

        “I heard about you alright.” Winnie said with a sneer. “You’re always being cheerful and helpful. Those Riverdale mortals are a bad influence on you. It’s a witch’s duty to curse and make mortal lives miserable. For your aunts' sakes I’ll give you a job.” Winnie said as she waved her hand.

       Sabrina's appearance transformed in the blink of an eye; the blue ribbon in her snow white hair changed that to a Santa hat. Her brown top coat, and blue jeans changed into the type of red mini dress the girls in the 1960s Star Trek series might wear. The only except was the white Santa like trim that the dress had. As her legs coated themselves in green pantyhose, she noticed she was walking on the balls on her toes. She was then handed a try with a neck strap like a cigarette girl in Vegas. Only this try had cartons of nylons on them. “Stand outside the store and advertise hour holiday wear collection.”

    “Thanks.” Sabrina said as she stepped out of the store and into the mall. As she tried to speak to the people passing by; however, she found she lost the ability to talk. She could see her reflection in the window of the store across from her. She was now a 2D card board cut out with a self advertising the new hose attached to her waist.

      “As I said, you’re going to advertise my product.” Winnie said with a smile. “The spell will automatically change you back to normal on Christmas Eve before the mall closes so you can buy your gifts. Since your magic still works for everything but changing you back, I suggest you practice some evil spells on those not buying so to get points with the head witch.”

     “What’s this?” A teen girl with braided hair, blue tank top and tie-dye mini skirt said to her twin dressed the same. The only way to tell Carol from her sister, Rosemary was that Rose required glasses. She pressed a button that Sabrina hadn’t noticed on her finger when she was first transformed.

       BUY WINNIE’S WONDER HOSE.  THEY’RE MAGICIAL.  Sabrina's voice came out of her mouth as pre-recording.

       “Shall we try some?” Carol asked as she picked a pair navy pantyhose while Rose picked up some Ivory ones.

        “Takes more than nylons to make me look as good as you,” sighed Rose.

        “We’re twins.” Carol corrected her. “We look the same.”

      “If my contacts didn’t bother me so, we’d look the same.” Rose said as she slipped the stockings up her legs and smoothed them out. “I would just feel better if I didn’t have to be the twin with the glasses.”

     “If we could switch you know I would,” Carol said. Upon hearing this, the girls felt a warmth in their crotches that made them feel like they would orgasm right in the store. When the feeling ended, Carol was having trouble seeing. “Something is wrong with my eyes.  Everything’s blurry.”

      “Sounds like me when I don’t have my glasses.” Rose said as she took off her glasses and found her vision hadn’t changed. “That’s strange. Why don’t you try to them on.”

      “That’s better,” Carol said. “Everything is clear again. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say we switched bodies.”

       “The pantyhose are magical, Carol.” Rose said as she blinked a few times.

       “Who did you call me, Carol?” asked the old Carol.

       “I said the pantyhose are magic, Rose.” Rose said as she rubbed her crotch through the hose. The two body-swapped girls soon forgot their real identities and thought they were the other one.  “I never felt so sexually alive in a pair before.   

      Sabrina saw her cousin walking past and enter the store dress in a black mini dress, hose and low heel boots. She had a pink scarf around her neck. “I hate Christmas,” the cousin muttered. “Could things be more like Halloween.”

     “She wants Halloween, huh.” Sabrina thought as she used her magic to teleport her relative to an other realm mall. She was bumped by a man-spider into a skull face ghoul in a long black robe.  An skeleton was finish ringing up a female vampire up at the counter when it turned to help a pumpkin headed gentleman.

     “Not evil, but the type of prank that the head witch enjoys hearing about.” Sabrina thought as a lady in a purple dress and pearl necklace passed by. She picked up a pair of purple hose from the self sticking from her waist and was automatically urged to try them on in the store. 

      “These hose are wonderful.” The woman said as the new Rose and Carol left the store and continued their shopping. Only Winnie was any the wiser.  “I wish I could wear these hose forever.”


        Sabrina was starting to think about buying some of the hose for herself when she changed back when she saw Winnie put a pantyhose form wearing purple hose in the window display and recalling the woman who was buying that color never left the store.

      “Oh no,” Sabrina thought as she saw Veronica appearing in a white turtle neck, black sweater, white skirt with black spots and black heels. With her was Betty in a red sweater, gray slacks and brown boots. “I hope they don’t buy any of Winnie’s cursed hose.

       Her fears was realized when Betty picked up a pair of nude ones. “What a cheap price.” Betty said. “Especially for this time of year when I could use some new ones to win Archie.”

      “In your dreams, Betty dear.” said Veronica. “If anyone going to be asked out to the Christmas dance, it’ll be me.”

      “I wish that I didn’t have to worry about other women stealing Archie away from me.” Betty.  At that moment Veronica; who had gone into a nearby store, was in a changing room with Archie waiting outside with her purse. Archie’s hair grew to his shoulders and his clothes changed into a black sleeveless dress and heels with white elbow length gloves. Breasts grew from his chest as his waist and hips became more feminine. Soon Archie was replaced by Arlene.

       “You’ll look great at the dance in that, Arlene dear.” Veronica said as she stepped out in a powder blue dress and matching heels. “I just hope we can pick a guy from all those who been asking us out. Something Betty will never know about.”

       Come Christmas Eve, Sabrina became herself again and reversed the spells of all the pantyhose hose bought and removed the magic to grant the wishes of the one who wears them.  She soon returned home glad to see the looks on her family as they opened their gifts. More important; after a week of standing as a cardboard cut out, she was glad to sleep in her own bed.



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