Shape of Things to Come - 2

by Northern Chill

                              Author's note : This serial revolves around the villain Amos Fortune and how he uses an item of incredible
                             power to wreak havoc on the heroines who have crossed his path in the past or meet him in present time.
                              There are scenes of sexuality, violence and profanity so if this offends you, please move onto another story,
                             otherwise enjoy !

                             All characters mentioned in this serial are the property of the respective comic companies except for the
                             ones I make up.  This story is meant strictly as a parody.

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 Chapter 2 - Grand Opening... for vengeance

     The sun beat down warmly early in the morning in the small midwestern town with the distant sound of a few dogs barking and the squealing of car brakes being jammed on suddenly.  In the downtown area, a large throng of people had gathered near one end of the street where several well dressed gentlemen were visibly moving around a temporary stand looking at their wristwatches or gazing into the sky.

    After a few minutes, there was a loud WHOOSH sound emanating from an area just beyond the grandstand that whipped up bits of paper and small rocks.  Onlookers peering at the noise saw that three distinct female figures stood at the center at the dissipating dust cloud.  The first, dressed in her familiar red, white and blue costume, was the heroine known the world over as Wonder Woman.  Clad in a red bustier with a gold eagle emblem, blue satin shorts, knee-high red and white boots, a golden lasso with a set of silver bracelets and topped off with golden tiara, the heroine struck fear in the hearts of many criminals and was in the fantasy dreams of countless horny teenage boys.

    The second female, dressed in a white leotard with a circle in the center of the costume's chest that exposed her deep cleavage, red gloves, boots and cape, was the heroine known as Power Girl.  A buxom woman known for her ill temper as much as her courage in battle, Power Girl rivaled Wonder Woman both in combat prowess and popularity among the general population though she seemed at times unwilling to take on a larger profile.  She dusted off some dirt from her right forearm as she walked forward out of the cloud.

    The third member of the trio was known as the BlackCanary, who relied on skills other than super powers to win her wars with criminals.  Dressed in a black leotard that was bare at the shoulders with matching jacket and fishnet stockings, the heroine relied on finely honed martial arts training as well as a supersonic cry that was powerful enough to shatter glass and stun her opponents into unconsciousness.  She walked boldly down the alley just behind her fellow heroines and towards the crowd that awaited them.

    "Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Power Girl.... thank goodness you finally got here!  I thought you might be off saving the world from yet another ultra powerful monster or capturing some murderous criminals.  I was prepared to wait another ten minutes and then postpone the ceremonies until tomorrow,"    the town's mayor said as she enthusiastically shook each of the heroine's right hand before ushering them towards the grandstand.

    "We're more than happy to help open this community center today, ma'am.  I was already in the area helping to uncover a ring that was smuggling people from Mexico illegally when I heard of your request for a female celebrity or heroine to help on the grand opening.  After I talked to both Wonder Woman and Power Girl here and mentioned the aid centers geared to helping battered and abused women will also operate out of this building, they volunteered to help with the grand opening," Black Canary said with a smile.

    " Women who are attacked by drunk or power mad men deserve our support in every way.  If only there was something more we could do to prevent the violence before it is inflicted on these poor women,"  Wonder Woman said as she walked with the others.

    "Maybe we can convince the lawmakers that the men convicted of battery against their wives or girlfriends should be sentenced to spending three minutes in a boxing ring with me.  I think somehow the number of women being assaulted would drop quite a bit, "  Power Girl said with a snarl pounding her right fist into her open left palm.

    "I somehow don't think the courts will go along with your sentencing recommendation, PG, though I have to admit it does have some merit.  Every time I catch some smug scumbag in an alleyway about to assault an innocent woman he dragged off the sidewalk, my skin feels dirty after knocking him into slumber land,"  Black Canary said as she nodded towards her fellow heroine before looking ahead at the gathered crowd.

   " Well, hopefully, with the center that we're opening today and you three famous heroines here to publicize the grand opening, we can make a big impact in this area.  If you three can accompany me over to the grandstand we've erected, we can get things started," the mayor said warmly.

   The four women walked over to the stand where a cheering crowd yelled their approval upon seeing the heroines.  The mayor stepped to the microphone and delivered a short speech praising the exploits of the three superheroines while speaking of her hope that the women who passed through the doors of the center would aspire to the standards set by their noble deeds.  The woman then introduced Black Canary as the first of the three heroines to speak at the podium.  The crowd applauded wildly as the fishnet stocking clad heroine approached the dais, giving the heroines the impression this was one opening that might take the better of the day to complete.....

    At that moment twenty miles away.....  

    The curator beamed in satisfaction as he unwrapped the crystal statue that Amos Fortune had brought into him for appraisal and possible sale.  Gaston LeDuc had been in charge of the museum's purchases for the last five years and most items brought to his attention were crude art pieces by local amateur artists, but the piece he was looking rivaled any of the ones he had seen in his native land of Canada.

    "I don't believe the exquisite detail on this sculpture you've brought me, Mr. Fortune.  The attention to detail.... expression on the subject's face... the pose.... why, I'd swear this was a living woman instead of this magnificent crystal statue you've brought me," the curator exclaimed as he ran his hands down the torso of the glistening figure.

    Amos smiled in appreciation of the praise. "Well, it took me a surprisingly small amount of time to do this particular piece.  In fact, it felt like it was done in no time at all, " the villain said while mentally chuckling at the irony of his statement.

    Gaston nodded while continuing to circle the statue.  "I must say you're asking a very reasonable price for such an exquisite piece of work.  I'll be sure and transfer the funds to your account as soon as I hear back from the police," the man said as he ran his finger tips around the open mouth and shoulders of the figure.

    "Police?  What... what would they want with you?"  Amos asked nervously.  The mere mention of the police made the villain extremely nervous as his name was well known to those in the law enforcement occupation.

    "Oh, I called them when I arrived this morning to open up the gallery.  It seemed that, sometime during the night, a criminal or criminals broken into my place and stole a sculpture I really liked from the main exhibit area.  The police took down my report and advised me they'd get back to me as soon as they took care of a woman they found wandering the streets naked, disoriented and unable to tell them her name or address.  I swear, the vagabonds that roam these streets at times.... our city council should do something with them..." the curator replied quietly as he jotted down some figures on a piece of paper before handing it to Amos. "I believe that's the correct bank account number you wish the funds transferred to."

    Amos looked at the paper in question and nodded in agreement before looking around the deserted gallery.  "It seems awfully quiet in here today.  Do your patrons visit late in the day as a rule of thumb?"  the villain said, glancing around the quiet area they were in.

    " Well, we usually have quite a few people here at this time of day but there's a big event going on in a town about twenty miles from here or so.   A bunch of heroines are opening up some public center of some sort there and everyone wants to go have a look at them instead.  Myself, I can live without gawking at muscular women who destroy as much property as they save. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if some villainous fellow showed up to engage in fisticuffs with them.... so barbarian..." Gaston said with disdain as he looked around his gallery.

    "Really?  I'm heading out on the road myself in a few minutes.  Could you give me a general idea where this town is and what road to avoid to get around all the hoopla?" Amos said with a friendly face.  Inwardly, he was looking forward to heading straight for the town in question and testing out his new ' toy' on hopefully some familiar subjects.

    90 minutes later......

    "....only you and your neighbors and your family members take the time, I can guarantee our lives will be better for it! Thank you!"  the mayor exulted to the cheering crowd, who grew louder as the mayor waved her hands in the air and gestured towards the seated heroines..

    "Geez, I thought she'd never stop talking..... heh...."  Power Girl muttered quietly to her fellow heroines, who nodded in silent amusement as they waved to the appreciative people standing in front of the grandstand.  The three watched as the mayor shook hands with several enthusiastic watchers before motioning the heroines towards the ribbon for the ceremony. 

    Black Canary accepted the oversized scissors from one of the mayor's aides and, with the aid of Power Girl and Wonder Woman, cut the red satin ribbon with a flourish and thunderous applause of onlookers.  After signing autographs and answering questions while they were shown the interior of the community center for roughly an hour, the crowd slowly dispersed and headed home for the evening leaving the trio of heroines alone with the mayor and other dignarities.

    "I want to thank you three again for coming today.  I'm sure people both here in town and the surrounding counties will hear of this and want to help the center as much as they can.  Maybe you.... oh, just one second...."  the mayor started to say before being interrupted by the sound of a cell phone ringing in her purse.  She motioned for the heroines to wait while she took the call and found out what it was about.

    Several minutes later, the mayor closed the phone and looked at the costumed trio.  "That was a gentleman who saw the opening ceremony on TV and was greatly moved by the passion of all who were involved today.   In fact, he wants to contribute his help by making a substantial donation to aid the funding of the center.  He's told me that he can be met at a vacant office building on the edge of town where he'll give his donation with two restrictions:  there will be no media or official presence at the building so he can preserve his anonymity and that you three heroines be the ones to accept the money.  He mentioned something about people of your reputation and fame being of absolute integrity,"  the woman said to the trio of heroines around her.

    Power Girl and Wonder Woman exchanged brief glances of uncertainty while Black Canary nodded in agreement.  "Well, I'm sure we can respect the benefactor's request for privacy if he's willing to donate for a worthy cause.  If you'll give us the address, Mayor Saunders, we can head right over there and pick up the donation no problem at all,"  Wonder Woman said with a warm smile.

   A few minutes later, Black Canary set off on her motorcycle, which was parked nearby, while Power Girl and Wonder Woman took off into the sky flying side by side as they headed towards their destination.

   "Does this sound like a trap to you, Diana?  A mysterious benefactor who asks for us three present only to make a donation in person..."  Power Girl asked her fellow crimefighter as the two heroines slowed down and hovered in the area of the address while waiting for Black Canary to arrive.

   "The thought had crossed my mind, Kara.  On the other hand, our appearance was well publicized in the town and surrounding area so maybe a recluse felt this would be the perfect way to make a donation without the specter of the media looming in his or her face.  Nevertheless, your point is well taken and we should be on guard for anything out of the ordinary,"  Wonder Woman replied as the two slowly settled to the ground next to the three story office building that was their destination. The heroines slowly walked into the center of the building's parking lot just as Black Canary rolled in the entrance on her Harley.

    After Black Canary parked her motorcycle, the three walked to the unlocked front door of the deserted building where they found a typewritten note taped to it.   The note said that the donator would be waiting for them inside though strangely it didn't say what floor or room he or she was in.

    "Well, this smells more like it could be a trap of some sort.  Let's split up and check the floors individually with the first one to find the donor or something out of the ordinary contacting the others.  I'll take the ground floor... Dinah, you take the second floor... Kara can take the top floor.  Let's go!"  Wonder Woman said to her fellow heroines in her usual commanding voice.

     Power Girl and Black Canary nodded silently and the three quickly separated, with Wonder Woman heading down the main hallway of the ground floor, Black Canary taking the elevator up to the second floor and Power Girl sprinting up the stairs.  The three women were extremely confident that they could deal with any unexpected surprises regardless of who or what they were. In this confrontation, the would be sadly mistaken.

     As Black Canary stood in the elevator while it ascended, she reflected on all the adventures she had been in over the years that ranged from villains intent on mass destruction or world domination to petty crooks looking to rob elderly citizens of their meager possessions.  She leaned on the side of the elevator with her right elbow and sighed as the car slid to a halt.

     "I wonder when things will change....."  the heroine muttered out loud as the elevator slid to a halt and the door slowly opened on her desired floor.

     "Change now to a.... LOVE DOLL!!!"  Amos snarled as he stood in front of the elevator with his right hand pointed towards the blonde heroine holding his mysterious gem clearly visible.  Before Black Canary had a chance to move, a yellow bolt of energy shot out from the gem and enveloped her shapely form from head to toe.  The heroine found herself unable to move or speak in the slightest no matter how much she tried.

    "What... what's going on?..... why can't I move?....."  Black Canary wondered to herself as her body remained standing still in the elevator.  A man sauntered into her field of view. She quickly recognized the leering face of the villain known as Professor Fortune, a man who espoused to try and achieve feats of criminal brilliance by luck or chance.  No doubt, her immobility was the result of some temporary effect of a weird item he had dreamed up.

   "When this wears off, I'll fix... oooooh.... what's.... happening to me?....." the heroine thought to herself as she felt her skin changing in the way it felt to her.  She could see by her reflection in the glass opposite the elevator that her skin was taking on artificial look and her cheeks were becoming bright red in color.  Her body seemed to becoming lighter by the second and her thinking seemed to be turning cloudy... foggy...

   "Feel so good... light... what did Fortune me... I'm a good dolly...." Black Canary thought as her mouth took on the familiar ovular shape that all blow-up dolls have and her eyes became mere painted features like the rest of her face.  She stood silently as Amos walked over and pulled her rubber body out of the elevator before the door closed.

   "This gem works fast, to say the least, which is a good thing when tackling these heroic broads,"  Amos murmured as he reached around the heroine's back and pulled down her bustier with one hard tug on the material.  The villain immediately noticed how Canary's soft rubber breasts seemed to have grown by a cup size as well as jiggling quite sensually when the material pulled downward on them.  The heroine's tits were now capped with bright pink circles and erect rubber nipples that looked to be the size of erasers.  Amos also noticed there were seams running down the sides of the heroine's body and arms and were also visible on her legs under Black Canary's fishnet stockings.

   From the heroine's point of view, the sensation of the material rubbing against her expanded chest caused her such intense erotic sensations that her mind almost blacked out from what she assumed was an orgasm.  When her thinking returned a few seconds later, she sensed Amos was running his hands rapidly over her soft inanimate form, producing both terrified and excited emotions from the doll.  She was expecting the villain to finish removing her outfit but was surprised when he picked her up and carried her away under his right arm.

   " One done, two to go...." Amos muttered as he carried the living doll that Black Canary now was down the hallway and to his next stop.....

   Ground floor.....about ten minutes later..... 

    Wonder Woman was a bit perplexed as she walked quietly around the deserted hallways, cubicles and rooms of the main floor.  There was no sign of the anonymous donor in any of the areas she had checked out but there was also no sign of villains or trap that she expected to encounter in lieu of the donor.  The only thing the heroine found in the offices that was out of the ordinary was several dolls that were about nine inches in height that were scattered throughout the area with some placed sitting in chairs or just lying on the floor next to desks.  Stranger still, the dolls were dressed in business attire that one would normally see on people working at offices like these and not on toys geared for children.

    "A very strange place to see toys like this.... they must have had some sort of family function here in the last day or so.." the dark haired heroine said to herself as she walked down the plush carpeted hallways of the deserted floor.  The other thing Wonder Woman noticed that seemed a little bizarre was the fact that all the doors and cabinets were unlocked and the the computer monitors onthe desks were still on as if all the people had left abruptly.

    "Hmmm..."  Wonder Woman muttered out loud as she walked into the office of what appeared to be an executive of some sort.  As was the case elsewhere, there was a tiny doll sitting in the leather backed chair with this one resembling a red haired woman in her mid 30's wearing a white blouse with black skirt and shoes.  There was a cup of coffee sitting on the desk that was still warm as the heroine picked it up and smelled the aroma still present.

     Wonder Woman was about to look around in the office a little more when she heard a noise coming from the main area of the floor.  Figuring it was either the benefactor or a villain laying in wait, the heroine moved cautiously out into the area looking around for the source of the disturbance.  However, she saw no sign of anybody in the immediate vicinity as she glanced around. 

      When she looked at the far end of the room, she saw what appeared to be woman sitting down in an office chair with her back to Wonder Woman.  The heroine slowly walked towards the woman calling out to her several times but receiving nothing but silence in return.  As she walked closer, she could see the woman was in fact Black Canary sitting in the chair, though she wasn't moving or talking in the slightest.

      "Dinah?  Dinah, what's wrong?"  Wonder Woman called out as she got closer, with a note of concern creeping into her voice.  When she got within a foot or so of her fellow heroine, she discovered that what she assumed was a seated Black Canary was in fact a very lifelike doll dressed up to resemble the heroine.  Judging by the exaggerated size of breasts and facial expression on the doll, Wonder Woman figured it was one of those disgusting sex dolls sold by men who treated her fellow women as nothing more than objects of lust and desire.

     "Why would anyone do this?" Wonder Woman said softly to herself while putting her hands on her hips in frustration and perplexment.  It was at this moment that Amos, hidden under a desk next to the dollified heroine, unleashed the next step in his sinister plan.

    " LOVE DOLL!"Amos said in a firm yet quiet voice while aiming his gem at a mirror he had placed on the floor facing the general area Wonder Woman was standing in.  A moment or two later, a beam of pure yellow energy shot out and struck the mirror, which deflected it directly at the unsuspecting heroine.

    "WHAT THE...???" Wonder Woman managed to shout before the energy that was enveloping her and took away her ability to communicate as well as her ability to move on her own.  If that wasn't bad enough, the heroine could feel her body was starting to change in some manner that was both frightening and strangely pleasant.  She could see, by her reflection in the mirror, that her face was changing into some sort of glossy, synthetic material with her eyes opening wide and her mouth contorting into an ovular shape - both of their own accord. 

    The heroine felt her breasts slightly inflate and wobble as they pushed against her eagle-crested bustier.  Wonder Woman felt her whole body was starting to become lighter as if her insides consisted of nothing more than gas or warm air.  She could feel her pussy forming into an ovular shape much like her mouth had and the heroine felt a tingling sensation in all three of her openings as if they needed to be filled... with something.

    "Excellent.... truly excellent!"  Amos muttered in approval as he pulled himself out from under the desk and stood to admire his latest work.  He could see that seams were becoming visible on the arms and legs of the dark haired woman and her legs were shifting further apart as they wafted slightly with their newfound lack of mass.  As Amos drew closer, he could see Wonder Woman's bright blue eyes, which had arrogantly stared down at him many times after defeating him, had turned into flat painted features devoid of any emotion.

    "Amos Fortune!  You insidious villain!  What did you do to me?"  WonderWoman mentally yelled as the villain looked at her for several seconds in quiet contemplation.  To her horror, she felt the villain pick her body up by the waist while pushing her arms out to the side, which seemed to bend into 45 degree angles all on their own.

    "You'll make a wonderful little blow-up doll for me, Wonder Woman.  I can either admire your beauty by putting you on display, sell you to one of the many enemies you've made when you were still a live woman or use you like the sex toy you now are,"  Amos said with an evil chuckle while squeezing the doll tightly around its tiny waist, which gave slightly under the pressure.

    "Sex toy?  You fiend..... ohhh....." Wonder Woman thought angrily before her thinking was interrupted by waves of uncontrollable erotic pleasure from the villain's caressing her now soft and supple plasticized skin.  The thought of her being nothing more than one of those disgusting blow-up dolls that she had heard about from several male villains (and one or two heroes) in a derisive tone before was an option she truly loathed to deal with.

   "Just one more.... I'll have a complete set; then and I can leave this one horse town in search of a few others who have interfered with me in the past..." Amos muttered as he slung the rubber doll that Wonder Woman now was over his shoulder and, picking up the Black Canary doll, headed off whistling "I Love to Love..." softly.

   Top floor.....

    Power Girl walked slowly down the hallway, looking left and right and seeing no one.  As the white-leotard-clad heroine walked slowly down the silent hallways, the only thing she saw that looked slightly out of place was there a large number of framed pictures of what looked like different office staff people.  The heroine assumed that the people portrayed were employees of the month though there was strangely no name plaques or dates listed below the portraits.  If Power Girl had stopped and examined the pictures more closely instead of strolling by with only a cursory glance, she might have noticed that the expressions of the men and women were mostly of visible shock and horror as if they were unwilling witnesses to something most unpleasant......

    "Where the heck is everybody?  No sign of this anonymous donor or the people who work here... not even a janitor or visitors.  If I didn't know better, I'd swear it was some sort of practical joke,"  Power Girl muttered in annoyance as she walked quietly around the deserted floor looking for anyone or anything out of the ordinary.

    The heroine walked slowly over to where a row of large plate glass windows were set facing into the sun.  Kara gazed outside at the sun baked landscape and wondered if she should retire out to an area like this after she was done saving the world.  She chuckled mentally at the thought of her wearing thick glasses answering the door to her house and shouting to a nearly deaf Superman that she didn't want to go flying that evening.

    "Naahhh..... I'll probably stop fighting crime when I can't lift my fist above my head any more... until then, thinking about how to spend my senior years is all just a dream...."  Kara thought to herself while ruffling her blonde hair with her right hand.  She was about to head down to the second floor and see how Black Canary was making out when she heard a noise coming from the elevator area.

    "Any luck finding the anonymous donor or is thisjust a prac.....HUH ???"  Kara started to say as she walked onto the tiled floor in front of the elevator banks when she stopped at the sight she saw.  Lying on the floor next to the elevator doors were two shiny love dolls that wore the costumes of Wonder Woman and Black Canary though their physical appearance weren't exact matches.  Standing in front of the sex toys was the gloating menace she recognized as Amos Fortune, a villain who was strictly minor league at best, and a large crystal statue of what looked like a female body builder.

    "Another trap, Fortune?  Haven't you been defeated too many times in the past trying these corny escapades?"  Power Girl shouted as she assumed a typical heroic pose.

    "This escapade shall be a little different, Power Bitch....! " Amos snapped with a look that showed arrogance and expectation of the upcoming result.


"....and if you sign up for a year's membership and pay the dues within 60 days of your membership request, you can get up to 50% off all products that you buy here at the club and have access to the club during special VIP hours," the woman seated at the desk said, looking up at the burly man standing in frontof her.

    "Hmmm... I am looking for a place to work out while reading scripts for my next movie project and this place does have the right kind of scenery...."  the man said in a thick German accented voice before trailing off as he looked through the glass windows of the weightlifting area.

    "Is there a particular piece of equipment in there that has caught your eye, sir?"  the receptionist asked the prospective member.

    "No, not the equipment.  It's just that I see a woman in there at the bench press that looks familiar to me.  If I didn't know better, I'd swear that she was one of the mannequins that I saw in your window while driving by earlier this week," the man replied gesturing towards a red haired woman wearing a shiny pink leotard with black piping who was pressing weights enthusiastically.

    The receptionist's eyes focused for a few seconds on the woman in question and a puzzled look came over her face.  "You know, as strange as it may seem, I think you're right.  I think the three mannequins they have in the window are very lifelike, don't you.... HUH?????"  the woman started to say, gesturing towards the display at the front of the building before falling silent as she noticed there was something amiss.

     In the display, besides the logos for the gym, was spaces for three mannequins, two male and one female, posed like they were working out.  However, the female figure in the center was nowhere to be seen and the receptionist hadn't seen anybody working on the window.

    "What's going on here?"  the confused woman asked out loud to no one in particular.

    End interlude

The quiet hallways of the deserted building were suddenly filled with the sound of breaking wood and plaster that seemed to reverberate throughout the structure.  A few seconds later, the figure of Power Girl went hurtling through several walls to lie stunned against an office desk.  The heroine pulled herself to her feet as the lumbering crystal behemoth that delivered the powerful blow advanced menacingly towards her, followed by a gleeful Amos Fortune.

    "Something you chipped off a rock to surprise us with, Fortune?  You realize that when Wonder Woman and Black Canary get here in a few seconds, the three of us will make short work of you and your toy,"  Power Girl said defiantly as she clenched her fists tightly in preparation for the oncoming behemoth.

    Amos smirked arrogantly as the crystalline entity advanced towards the blonde heroine.  "Funny you should mention toys, Power Girl.  In case you didn't notice, your friends are now helpless sex dolls lying on the floor by the elevator while your opponent is a woman I encountered while traveling to meet you three heroines.  It seems that she was headed to a local gym to work out so I thought I'd try and help her gain some rock hard abs while at the same time test out my newly acquired powers.  Your crystalline foe is only a mindless pawn that obeys my every command and will pound you from one end of the building to the other,"  the villain called out with obvious anticipation of the looming struggle evident in his voice.

   "Once I get around this poor woman, Fortune, I'll make you reveal what's behind all this bizarre stuff and put everything back the way it should be..... just like all the other times you've lost!"  Power Girl shouted as she jumped up and hurled herself at her oncoming opponent.  She wasn't certain that what Fortune said about the crystal being and her fellow heroines was true but she had to assume for the moment that it was.  Unfortunately, that meant she couldn't use her full strength against Fortune's crystalline pawn for fear of hurting the woman she was normally.

   With a twinge of mental regret, the buxom heroine hurled herself at her fast closing attacker hoping to knock her/it off balance long enough to get hold of Amos and stop him from using whatever power he had for further sinister purposes.  However, to her consternation, the living crystalline woman showed far more speed than Power Girl expected; before the blonde heroine could counterattack, she found herself grabbed by the cape and hurled through the air yet again.

    Thirty seconds or so later, Power Girl shook the cobwebs free as she pulled herself into a sitting position with a few bruises showing her arms and legs.  Before she could continue her ferocious fight, a aura of bright energy surrounded her entire body and she found she had very little movement at all as well as diminished ability to speak.

    "What.... what's this?....... Amos, is this your evil doing?....." the heroine sputtered even as she felt her body changing by the second and her thinking becoming cloudy.

    A few seconds later, the object of her sputtered inquiry came ambling up, holding what looked like some sort of gem in his hand with a beam of energy emanating from it in the direction of Power Girl.  Amos had the look on his face that resembled a kid unwrapping a gift from under the Christmas tree and getting just what he wanted.

    "You know, I could have used this little gem as soon as you stepped on the floor earlier but I thought I'd see just how strong my little friend here was.  Of course, in your upcoming state, a newborn baby will have more strength to call his or her own than you will, my heroic dolly,"  Amos related to the immobilized woman on the floor.

    "Doll.. you.... you...."  Power Girl gasped as the transformation started to take full effect on her body.  She could see her reflection in a nearby computer monitor and the heroine observed her skin turned to the same glossy substance that Wonder Woman and Black Canary already were.  The woman felt her whole body becoming lighter by the second and her ability to think was growing harder by the second.  She felt her breasts (fairly large according to the tabloid press people) deflate slightly as they rubbed against the tight fitting costume she was wearing.  She felt and saw her arms draw tight to her sides with her forearms forming right angles to her body.  At the same time, her legs slowly separated into the familiar V-shape that all love dolls had.

    As the change swept through her body, the blonde crime fighter felt her thinking slip into a simplistic thinking of a living love doll: the desire for sex and to obey the wishes of her owner.  The heroine's eyes, already glazed over with desire and lust, changed to bright painted features like the rest of her face and her body finished its insidious change.

   "Excellent... truly excellent!  Stand up, Power Dolly, and let your new owner have a look at you,"  Amos said with a small chuckle as he momentarily reflected on his play on words.

   "Yes, my owner...."  the doll squeaked with a voice that normally wouldn't be possible as it slowly pulled itself to its feet and waited for the caress and touch it craved.  A few seconds later, the living sex doll's desires were temporarily satisfied as it felt Amos run his hands quickly over her arms and legs lingering over her breasts and pussy, now ovular like her mouth and anus were.

   "Very nice indeed!  If only I had the time to check you and your friends out on a more thorough basis, but I still have to make some sort of money off this little diversion.  Of course, it'll help if there's some witnesses who might draw a few more so-called heroines and the like to the area,"  Amos mused as he let his hands fall to his sides.

   "Oooohh... why doesn't my owner want to touch me?...... I'm made for his caress... mmmmmm...." the heroine, now just a latex and rubber love doll, thought to itself as it leaned against the wall silently.

   "Hmmmm... ok... I've got a way to leave my mark here.  Power Doll, I want you to gather up the two other dolls and wait for me here with Crystal.  I'm going to turn the workers back to normal once we're near the front door to this place,"  Amos said to the living sex toy.

   Power Doll slid forward - almost falling down - as she bent over awkwardly and picked up the lightweight dolls that her fellow heroines now were with the only difference being that they were not able to move or talk like her.  A few minutes later, Amos came back with his crystalline lackey and ushered them all into the elevator.  The villain stopped the elevator at the second floor for about five minutes while he rushed out and gathered up those he transformed.  After doing the same on the ground floor , he had Power Doll and the living crystal woman stand outside while he used his gem one final time on the building's workers.

   About 3-4 minutes later, Amos hurried out of the building accompanied by the faint sound of shouts for help.  "Well, it'll take them a bit for all to get out of the locked rooms I left them in before reverting them back and by then, we'll be long gone! Power Doll, put your rubberized colleagues in my car out front while I take care of my crystallized slave," the villain called out to the living sex toy as he grabbed a large sledgehammer out of the trunk of his car.

   Amos then motioned the crystal woman to the door and told her to remain still while he walked behind her.  Once she was positioned as desired, the villain walked around her and lifted the hammer above his shoulder with the obvious intent to shatter the woman in question into a million pieces.  However, halfway through the deadly arc, Amos stopped and let the hammer slip to the ground.

  "Maybe it's just the heat but somehow I don't feel like killing anybody today.  Oh well....."  the villain murmured as he hurried over to his car and got inside.  After starting the motor, he leaned out the window and pointed the gem of the gleaming living crystal.

  "REVERT TO PRIOR HUMAN FORM!!! "  Amos shouted and a beam of energy shot out like before and enveloped the target.    Crystal quickly reverted to flesh and bone and about thirty seconds or so later,  a blonde haired woman dressed in a shiny silver leotard with a black jacket and sweatbands on her forehead and wrists stood in front of the building.

  "What.... what happened?.... I was on my way to the gym and now I'm standing in front of this office building,"  the woman murmured as she brought her right hand to her head.  She paid little attention to the car that was speeding off in the distance as she struggled to figure out what happened.

   In the car (which Amos had purchased with the money from the earlier sale he made), the villain gripped the wheel with his right hand while resting his left hand on Power Doll's right thigh

   "A successful day, by all accounts.... a very good one indeed!  If there was a chance I could stop and indulge in a little personal  pleasure, I would make full use of you and your fellow sex toys, Power Doll.  However, my goal is financial improvement as well as personal revenge so I know just how to achieve that with you three,"  Amos said as he ran his hand up and down the soft surface of the doll.

  "Mmmmm..." Power Doll  whispered with a low squeak as she hoped her owner would change his mind and use her anyway.  In the back seat of the car, the silent dolls of Wonder Woman and Black Canary waited with varying degrees of awareness as to their final destination....

  One that would become readily apparent to them in a short time...... as Amos moved to a new destination to use his gem in a scheme of money and power.... unaware of the consequences that might occur...


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