The Higher Power

by Dreamwriter

  It was a warm autumn day at the Jr. high school. Mike was enjoying his lunch outside. He watches Kathy with some friends, they are talking about the volleyball game they lost the day before. Because they lost the game, all the girls on the team must wear dresses. Kathy is very cute, she is wearing a gray flannel with a white collar. Her legs look especially nice as she is wearing pantyhose. A gentle breeze blows as the girls hold their skirts to keep them from flying up.

  Mike has always thought of Kathy as special. When they were in the 2nd grade, Mike was upset about something, Kathy tried to comfort him with a hand on his shoulder. Well lunchtime was over, and everybody goes to class. Mike walks behind Kathy a few steps behind. Nearing the stairs, Mike plans his steps, as Kathy is walking upstairs Mike sighs as he looks up and sees her pretty white panties and her pantyhose.

  Off faraway in another dimension a being not human is watching these all this on his monitors. He knows that Mike has a crush on Kathy and knows that Mike is too shy to let Kathy know his feelings for her. Well,  the being will soon change that. While in English class, a glow of bright light comes over Mike and Kathy, in a flash they have disappeared. The class goes crazy wondering what just happened. The police are called and everything.

Mike and Kathy appear in a room with a bed and a toilet in a corner. Sink and shower are present as well. They are frightened as they turn toward each other and asking each other if they are ok. "Kathy, I'm ok and you" Mike says. "I'm scared" Kathy said, "me too," Mike replied.

"I remember we were sitting in class and a bright light came on, we were unable to move and here we are," she recalls.

"Kathy, let's sit down," Mike suggests.

"Good idea," Kathy said. "Give me your hand," Kathy says. Mike takes her hand as they sit on a couch.

  The being begins to plant subliminal messages into Mike and Kathy's minds. Some soft music begins playing Mike and Kathy get up off the couch and begin to slow dance. They hold each other close.

"Kathy, you smell nice and your skin is so soft," Mike tells her.

"Thank you," she replies as she kisses him on the lips.

"Kathy, I have always had a crush on you since that day in the 2nd grade," Mike said.

A tear flows down her cheek and she says, "I know."

Kathy notices that Mike is becoming aroused while they are swaying to the music. Mike likes the feeling he gets from holding her at the waist as he can feel the waistband of her pantyhose.

"I'm sorry, Kathy," Mike said.

"For what?" she asks.

"Because I have a hard on and can't help it. "

It's ok; I like the fact you find me pretty and I am having the same feeling inside me about you, Mike."

  The being is enjoying all this and takes it up a level. Now sends messages with a more intimate nature. Mike and Kathy are unaware that they are human robots for a being that finds pleasure in reading two young persons minds and forcing them to act out their fantasies.

Kathy I don't know why, but I feel a urge to undress you Mike says. I know, Kathy says, I have the same feeling.

Mike kisses Kathy as he unzips her dress slowly. At the same time Kathy pulls Mike's shirt over his head. With Kathy's dress unzipped, she allows Mike pull it over her head. Kathy unzips Mike's jeans and pulls them down, then kisses his stomach while kneeling. She sees that his penis is hard and they both blush with excitement. Kathy stands and they embrace, Mike loves the feeling of Kathy's full slip pressed against him; it's so smooth and satiny. They fall down onto the bed, their legs intwined.

They both enjoy they feeling , her pantyhose giving friction as their legs move together. They get warm feelings all over. Mike moves his hands over her body having never felt a girl's butt before, her soft pantyhose and panty underneath her slip. Now he slides her slip slowly over her head.

"Kathy I have dreamed about being with you. Yet I never imagined you were so beautiful without your clothes on. As I have only looked upon your face and your legs when you're wearing a dress or shorts during the volleyball game. I have seen all your games," he admits.

Kathy says, "Your're so sweet for saying so!"

Mike unsnaps Kathy's bra and takes it off her. Her pert teen-age breasts are staring at Mike as he caresses them. Kathy pulls Mike's head into them. Mike begins to lick and kiss them. As Mike sucks on her hard erect nipples Kathy begins moaning having never felt this way before. Kathy pulls Mike's shorts off and his penis snaps back upright.

"Wow," Kathy said as she touches it. "Oh my god - it's a bar of iron?"

"Wait, let me pull your panties and hose off," Mike tells her.

While Kathy is standing, Mike begins kissing her pubic areaand notices how warm her area is down there. Mike kneeling , slides his fingers into her waistband of her panties and slides them down slowly. As they come down to her feet, Mike holds the hose while she steps out of them, she steadies herself by holding onto his shoulders. Mike brings them up to his nose and smells a slightly musky odor, Kathy smiles.

They go to the bed and lay down together. They give each other oral pleasures. Guided by the subliminal messages they receive each knows what to do. As this is the first time for both, they climax quickly.

  They are both speechless afterward; Mike suggests they both take a shower. As they lather each other up, kissing each other, the warm water flowing down their bodies rinsing off the soap. Now all clean they towel each other off. That was great, they both say. Let's sleep together, I'm tired, Mike suggests.

Kathy slides her slip over her body for a nightgown and Mike pulls his shorts back on. They lay on the bed facing each other; they embrace, kiss and fall asleep.

While they sleep, the being coats them in wax, preserving them in the position. Mike and Kathy never knew what hit them. Now they are wax figures in a museum gallery for the being. They never wake up - preserved forever. The being makes a copy of both of them and sends it back to the time in which they  were taken.

With a bright flash of light they suddenly appear on a table in front of the class. To the class it was quick as they left; to them only 60 seconds has passed since they had disappeared.


The End

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