Wonder Woman and Friends vs The Artiste

by Northern Chill

                      Author's note: This is a continuation of a serial based on a episode from the WW TV series of the late 70's.
                      It's a bit darker in tone than the show it's based onand there are scenes of nudity and adult themes.
                      Please surf elsewhere if this bothers you otherwise I hope you enjoy the story !
                      All characters mentioned are property of their respective companies except for original ones
                      which I've made up for fun. This story is strictly meant as a parody.

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                      Chapter 2 - The exhibit opens

               A middle aged woman dressed in a bright pink and white dress walked around the museum looking at a brochure briefly before gazing at the various exhibits that were all over the museum.  The theme for most of the exhibits centered around the depiction of different eras of mankind and the role of women in those eras.  The woman marveled at how lifelike the figures were and how seamlessly they seemed to be interacting with the other objects and figures in the display.  Some were mannequins dressed up in the costumes pertaining to the period while others were statues that emphasized a certain woman's fame or legendary achievement.

              "Excuse me, sir, but I was wondering if I might ask you about the marvelous exhibit you're conducting here at the gallery?" the woman called out to a man standing in a nearby corner talking to a newspaper reporter.

              The man smiled and walked over to the woman. "Certainly, my dear.  What questions might you have about my exhibits?" he said with a warm smile.

              "Well, I was just looking over the part of your exhibit dedicated to the Greek and Macedonian eras and noticed the figure of the female servant has a hairstyle that looks far too sophisticated for a member of the lower classes of the time.  Is this an error you weren't aware of or was it a mistake made by one of your assistants?" the woman asked while gesturing towards the exhibit in question.

              "Ah, yes, you have a sharp eye, my dear.  I had asked the assistant in charge to give that figure a more disheveled look to its hair.  However, don't forget that in the city states like Athens, servants who worked in the upper class homes of the time had a far better appearance than those who scraped by a meager living begging on the streets." Art said while carefully adjusting the shoulder straps to the tunic worn by the mannequin in question.

              "Oh..I see.  Well, let me just everything that your exhibit on the whole is breathtaking.  If I closed my eyes for a second, I could easily imagine these figures were real women living their lives as you have them depicted.  I'll be sure and tell all the women down at the bridge club to come see your works," the viewer said, before wandering off to chat with other gallery patrons.

               "Some people can be such arrogant snobs..she probably only knows about the period in question from the books she read in the private school she attended as a child."   Art thought with contempt as he looked over his exhibit with pride.  The servant figure was a embodied by a woman from South Dakota who looked to do some modeling for some extra money.  Once she had donned the bracelet that Art had supplied, it was a very short time until her figure had become a became a part of his exhibits.  Of course, he had to prepare her to avoid suspicion that she was really human.  After shaving her private areas and under her arms, he applied a special form of wax he had put together for just such work.  The wax was spread liberally over the woman's body giving her figure a bright sheen.  Her private parts seemed to disappear as they became smooth just like the rest of her body.

               Once that was done, it was just a matter of arranging matters so that no one would notice her disappearance or come looking for her in the future.  For that, he left a voice message for the woman's friends and relatives stating that she was leaving for Europe to discover whether she had a modeling career or not.  Of course, the voice was actually that of his assistant Paula disguised using a voice synthesizer to simulate the woman's voice.  After picking up the woman's belongings, they packed the newest acquisition in a shipping crate and sent it off to the gallery for the exhibition it was now part of.

               "Hmmm... I wonder if I should leave her on the first setting or move her up to the next setting for my future plans?... decisions, decisions..." Art mused to himself as he moved over to where his newest subjects were being displayed.

               Jill and Karla were posed as followers to the Greek goddess Minerva, with Jill on the left looking upward at a statue of the goddess and Karla on the right bent over at the waist with her hands under a tray containing an offering of fruit and vegetables.  Both had a look of serenity on their still faces as if they were content to remain in these poses for the rest of time and as long as they wore the jewelry that blanked their conscious thoughts, they would remain in whatever pose Art put them in completely unaware of where they were.

               Nodding in satisfaction, Art moved Jill's left arm so that her hand was resting on her waist and tilted her head slightly upwards.  He then took out a small can devoid of labels and pulled the top part of Jill's white tunic slightly outward exposing her rigid breasts and nipples that looked out of place with their bright red color compared to the rest of her.  The artist leaned in with the can and depressed the nozzle twice sending a burst of spray on the left and then right breast.  After a few seconds, the nipples assumed the same color as the rest of her inert form.

               From Jill's perspective, the spray produced a very brief moment of erotic pleasure from having her nipples stimulated before it faded away and she returned to the state of darkness her mind and body was in much like her friend and fellow model Karla.

               Looking around and seeing the crowd of gallery visitors was starting to thin out, Art reckoned that it was getting fairly close to closing time which coincided with the time that Toni, his third 'new' model, was supposed to have dinner with the fabled  Wonder Woman.  He had concocted a plan to deal with the heroine if she came looking for a friend that if successful would put an end to Wonder Woman's search and start a new exhibit... both on a permanent basis.

               "So much to do... so little time...."  the artist thought to himself as he slowly walked away nodding to the few people still in the gallery and leaving his living works of feminine art behind him.  If all went to plan, Art would soon be adding several more figures to his gallery...

             Ones that would be much more noticeable by their disappearance...

             Later that night.....

             The street lights flickered as flies and mosquitos buzzed around the fluorescent lighting in the night sky.  The gallery was pitch dark with a large CLOSED sign hanging in the front door.  Striding up the sidewalk in a purposeful manner was a dark haired woman wearing a red and gold bustier with blue satin tights and thigh high red and white boots.  Known the world over as Wonder Woman, heroine to the world and bane of criminals everywhere, the sight of the busty amazon walking down the sidewalk was something very few people ever saw.

              However, on that particular evening, Wonder Woman was focused on discovering why Toni had mysteriously canceled their planned dinner at the last second.   She had received a brief email from her friend saying she had been asked to do work at the last minute at a local gallery and for Wonder Woman to meet her there after closing time.

             "Hmmm...I wonder why Toni wanted to meet here at this time.  She could have just asked to reschedule our dinner for a later date.  I hope that everything is all right with her..." the heroine said softly to herself as she walked up to the front door where she saw an enveloped taped to the front door with her name written on it.

             More than a little curious, Wonder Woman took the envelope off the door and ripped it open.  She found a handwritten note from Toni inside saying that she was doing some late night modeling for a local artist known as the Artiste or Art to his close associates.  The note went on to say that Toni would be in the back of the gallery until midnight or so and that Wonder Woman was welcome to come in and have a look.

             Puzzled by the tone of the note, which sounded far too formal for her friend, the heroine opened the door to the gallery and went inside.  Although the gallery was closed for viewing for the night, bright floodlights still illuminated the many exhibits that were on display.  Wonder Woman walked slowly towards the back, stopping to admire several of the ones that centered on ancient cultures and their beliefs.  The one showing worshippers at the foot of a statue of the goddess Minerva was particularly striking and the heroine made a mental note to ask the artist in question how he managed to achieve such a breathtaking display.

             When the legendary heroine reached the back of the gallery, she realized Toni was nowhere to be found.  She was about to start looking around to see if Toni had left her another note when suddenly the full overhead lights snapped on without warning. Wary that she had walked into some sort of trap, Wonder Woman glanced quickly around the immediate vicinity for anything out of the ordinary.  She saw a shadowy figure standing off in the far left hand corner partly obscured by a large bronze statue of a nude female.

             "Hello... if you're trying to surprise me, you've failed quite miserably,"  Wonder Woman called out as she strode across the floor to confront whoever it was that was hiding.  A few feet before she reached the statue, an unknown woman stepped out from behind it pushing a cart in front of her with a television monitor mounted on top.

            "Wonder Woman, at last.  We've been expecting you.  I do hope you'll co-operate with our plans for you here in the gallery,"  Paula said, stepping to one side of the monitor.  She held up her left hand in front of her upon seeing the heroine tense up and taking a step towards her.  "Before you start thinking of grabbing hold of me with your lasso and finding out what this plan is, you might want to take a look at this closed-circuit view in the monitor here first."

           The amazon glanced at the monitor as it flickered on and an image came into view.   The heroine saw her friend Toni standing in front of a blue backdrop wearing a red and blue corset with shiny tan pantyhose and white high heels.   She was wearing a multi colored necklace and had what appeared to be a metal wire wrapped around her right ankle.  Wonder Woman could see that her friend had a vacant look to her face as if she was completely oblivious to what was going on around her.

           "I have to admit my boss was probably thinking of you when he dressed your friend in her current outfit.  Oh, that wire you see around her ankle is connected to a powerful battery capable of delivering a 10,000 volt charge into her,"  Paula said with a sadistic smile on her face.

            "You fiends!  How can you do that to any innocent person?"  the tall heroine cried out in anger as she glanced around for a hint of where her friend might be held.  She glared at the smug woman standing before her while trying to think of a way to extract her friend from the predicament she was in.

            "Now, now, don't get high and mighty, Wonder Woman.  My boss is willing to work something out that will make just about everybody happy.  We'll let your friend go completely free if you agree to put on these items yourself and join his upcoming display that salutes heroes and heroines.  Of course, your role will be quite prominent... too bad you'll never recall anything about it! Ha!" Paula said boldly as she pulled out a wooden box and opened it to reveal a tiara and a set of wrist bracelets that looked exactly the same as the items Wonder Woman was wearing.

           The heroine slumped her shoulders forward in defeat. "If  you'll show in the monitor that Toni has been released, I'll give in to your demands,"  she said, while secretly hoping that once her friend was released she would be able to turn the tables on these insane people. 

           Paula nodded.  "Of course! That was anticpated... Just one second.." she said before depressing a hidden button on the TV cart.  A few seconds later, the image on the TV screen showed the wire being disentangled from Toni's foot followed by a smile of relief appearing on her face and  Toni walking out of camera range towards what looked like her car.

           "Now then, Wonder Woman, we've done our part of the deal. If you'll put on this jewelry, you'll be all set.  Oh, and if you're thinking of attacking me, let me remind you that Toni isn't the only 'subject' my boss currently has and some have the same precautions against being distrubed that your friend had," Paula said, handing the box to the heroine.

          Wonder Woman nodded grimly as she took the box from the woman and turned her back on Paula supposedly to examine the items in question before exchanging them with the ones she currently had on.  "I remember the old TV show they used to have based on my exploits where a scheming villain tried something like this.  Since this evil woman has never seen that episode, or figures I haven't, I'll put that knowledge to good use..."  the heroine thought to herself as she fidgeted with the bracelets and tiara.  Although it would seem that she was putting the copycats on, she was just taking her own ones off and putting them back on; a simple sleight of hand.

           After a minute or two, Wonder Woman turned around and stood with her right hand on her hip and glared impatiently at the woman in front of her.  "All right, you win.. I've put on your insidious devices.  Before you go any further, I just want you and whoever you work for to know that if you don't let those poor women go, I swear by Aphrodite I will make you wish you never crossed my path."  she said defiantly.

           "Yes, yes, I know, you'll wreak terrible vengeance on all concerned.  However, what I desire now is for you to take the pose my boss wants.  Let's see... hands on your hips, legs slightly apart and take a deep breath."  Paula said while holding a controller much like her boss had used the other day.

           After the heroine assumed the desired stance, Paula nodded in satisfaction as her finger neared the activting button.  "Now, Wonder Woman, I want you to smile... smile the smile you'd like to wear through eternity, because wear it through eternity you shall."  she said triumphantly while jabbing her finger down on the desired button.

           The heroine, seeing the woman's finger depress a button, immediately tensed up her muscles as if the device was working on her.  She inhaled deeply and smiled as brilliant a smile as she could muster in this situation, then held it rigidly.  Her eyes were fixed straight ahead and she hoped that the woman would not notice the occasional eye blink.

           "Very nice... very nice indeed.  I can imagine Art will enjoy figuring out how to put you on display when he gets here.  I just hope he lets me do the make-up and costuming part of you, Wonder Statue.... Ha!"  Paula said as she traced her left finger across the gold and red bustier of the immobile heroine.

           "Art... so that's the name of her boss... well, when he gets here, I'll make these two release my fellow women from their humiliating bondage and make them pay for the liberties they've taken with the helpless women starting with this... ooww..."  Wonder Woman angrily thought to herself before her thinking was interrupted by the feeling of her blue satin tights being caressed by that.. that woman!

          "There's just one other thing to add to the exhibit..."  Paula muttered as she walked around the statuesque heroine tracing her hand over Wonder Woman's bare upper back, distracting her, while pulling something out of her pocket.

          "...this!"  Paula said while snapping a white bracelet onto the heroine's left wrist with a small cackle of malicious laughter.

          "What th...?"  Wonder Woman's thoughts flared briefly in anger before they disappeared completely like the light of a candle being blown out.  The statuesque heroine stood there transfixed, truly immobile instead of pretending to, completely oblivious to the sound of a door opening behind her.

           Art slowly walked up to the two women, smiling broadly and clapping loudly.  "Well done, Paula.. .well done, indeed.  She never suspected that we're familiar with the past depictions of her adventures in the media," he said, while walking up to the frozen heroine and running his hands down her rigid arms.  He looked at the happy expression that was visible on Wonder Woman's face and then his face took on an intense look for several seconds.

           "Paula, I've changed my mind about the display plan for Wonder Woman.  Would you mind giving me a hand removing the heroine's costume and I'll tell you what I have in mind," Art said while unzipping the heroine's bustier.

           Paula watched as her boss pulled away the costume top and handed it to her, exposing Wonder Woman's magnificent breasts for both to see.  The heroine's tits jutted out capped by large nipples that were slightly erect though whether it was from the exposure or the stimulation from having her bustier removed was unknown.  Paula licked her lips openly and resolved to try and get some 'private time' with the immobile heroine and soon....

           "I don't understand, boss.  I thought the idea was to put her on display as part of a heroine exhibit and capture any of her friends who come snooping around.  Oooff!"  Paula said while using what muscles she had to help her boss tip the stiff body of Wonder Woman back on her heels and place her on the gallery floor, facing up.

           "Well, I still intend to add her fellow heroines to my many exhibits here in the gallery, of course, but I've been thinking that waiting for them to come to us might prove a bit risky and I think ultimately unnecessary,"  Art said as he unzipped the heroine's boots and removed them from her feet.  After handing the boots to Paula, he then took the enchanted golden lasso off Wonder Woman's slim waist and then deftly removed the heroine's satin shorts.  Finally, he removed Wonder Woman's sheer pantyhose, leaving the heroine's body completely nude save for the tiara and gold bracelets she still wore.

            Art handed the items of clothing to Paula and got her to help put the heroine back in a standing position, only on her bare feet now.  For a final touch, he took off the tiara and bracelets that were part of Wonder Woman's outfit and substituted his own mind- dampening versions ( though not the cheap knockoffs they had used in tricking the heroine before) then finally removed the white bracelet.  Art then stood back and admired the smiling beauty in all her nude glory.

            "You see, Paula, after we make a few preparations, we're going to have Wonder Woman help us capture her fellow heroines.  She won't like it but there won't be any options for her if all goes according to plan. Ha! Ha! Haaa!" the evil artist said to his assistant as he motioned for her to gather up the entire costume and head to the back room of the gallery.

            Before Art left the gallery, he turned and looked back at the transfixed Wonder Woman, still standing with a brilliant smile visible on her face. "Good night, Wonder Woman.  We'll be putting you on display tomorrow for a few days while we finish our arrangements.  After that, we'll make you an offer you can't refuse.... ever ! Hahahaha!" the villain said with a mighty laugh before dimming most of the lights and leaving the main floor of the gallery.

            The naked heroine stood by her lonesome with the overhead lights flickering off her soft skin and reflected in her bright blue eyes...

             Eyes that showed no thoughts.. or anything.... until the Artiste decided otherwise....

To be continued....

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