Wonder Woman and Friends vs. The Artiste

by Northern Chill

 Author's note :  This story arc is based loosely on a show from the Wonder Woman TV series of the 70's.  However, this serial is a bit darker in tone and subject manner with scenes of nudity, sexuality and strong language.  If this bothers you, please go elsewhere otherwise enjoy!

All characters mentioned here are the property of their respective companies except for the ones I've made up.  This story is meant strictly as a parody and is not intended for profit.

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       Chapter 3 - Staying longer than planned

        "....they worked in the clubs serving drinks and mingling with the customers for 6-to-8 hour shifts.  Although the attire would be considered sexist by today's standards, the thinking was far different then.  During the era of Lovebunny clubs where views towards sexuality and relationships were different, a woman working here considered herself very fortunate indeed,"  the Artiste intoned to the group of curious onlookers as they looked over his latest exhibit.

         The men and women moved around the red satin ropes that encircled the tableaux in question.  The exhibit consisted of a long redwood bar with several bottles of liqueur both on the bar top and on shelves behind it.  Posed in front of the bar were three women figures all dressed in outfits that consisted of black satin swimsuits bare at the shoulders with matching fishnet stockings and high heeled shoes.  Each wore white cuffs around their wrists and a headband with pink bunny ears attached to it.

         The one on the right, a red head of slender build, was posed sideways and bent over with a glass of wine in right hand as if she was serving it to a customer.  She had a radiant smile visible on her face and small silver earrings which blended well with her outfit.  Several viewers wondered how the outfit was staying on her body as the figures' breasts looked to be on the verge of spilling out any second.

         On the left was a blonde haired figure that was leaning on the bar with her back to the gallery's patrons.  A bit more slender than the other two, she nevertheless was a beautiful figure to gaze at with her long legs that were twisted slightly together.  Her head was turned sideways as if she was having a conversation with a club patron and the big smile on her face indicated it was a pleasant chat indeed.  A few people viewing the exhibit pointed out to the Artiste that the blonde's bunny tail, which looked like a large pink cotton ball, was bigger than the other two.  Art told the interested onlookers that the larger tail indicated that the figure in question was the senior Lovebunny working that night at the club depicted.

        In the middle was a beautiful black haired woman facing straight ahead with her right hand on her slender waist and her left hand held up in the air at shoulder height as if she was carrying a drink tray.  She had a beaming smile visible on her face that radiated warmth and was complimented by bright blue eyes and large red earrings.  Long tapered legs and a bust line much larger than the other two completed the look of a figure that more than one onlooker stared at in awe.

        The appreciation people felt about the lifelike nature of the figures might have changed if they knew that all three were in fact women placed into suspended animation by devices they were wearing and that the statuesque figure in the middle was in fact the legendary Wonder Woman, a heroine known worldwide for her beauty and heroics.  Unfortunately, her arrogance led to her capture and immobilization by the villainous Artiste and his assistant Paula.  Her mind was turned to a blank slate by the devices put on her and she was quickly stripped of her outfit by the duo and left overnight before the two returned her and dressed her in the outfit she now was in.

         The Lovebunny exhibit proved to be quite popular with gallery visitors especially when they learned it was going to run for two days.  At the end of the second day and the large crowd of visitors had gone home for the night, Art locked the gallery's front doors and headed over to the popular exhibit that had attracted the throngs.  With the assistance of Paula, the two picked up the still figure of Wonder Woman and carried her to the back of the gallery.

        Once they had set down the immobile heroine, Art and Paula set about on their tasks with Paula moving out of sight in another part of the gallery and Art stepping in front of Wonder Woman holding the controller that was used to immobilize her before.  Making sure there was sufficient distance between the two to prevent any unnecessary ' incidents', Art depressed the ANIMATE button on his controller.

       A second or so later,  the heroine moved once again as if she was coming out of a sleep with her left hand dropping down to her side.  The brilliant smile on her face faded away quickly as her mobility returned and her expression turned to one of anger when she saw the outfit she had on.

      Feeling the ears she was wearing, Wonder Woman tore them off  and took a step towards the man standing smugly before her.  "You!  If you have anything to do with this madhouse, I swear I'll make..."  the heroine shouted as she took a step towards the man simultaneously before stopping at seeing the man hold his hand up.

     "Before you think of doing anything violent against me, Wonder Woman, let me remind you what my assistant told you before.  Most of the figures on display are women in various states of suspended animation who can be revived by myself using the remote control I hold in my hand.  However, if you attack me or try to take the control away from me, my assistant, who is hidden somewhere in the gallery will use her remote to fry the brains of each and every woman on display,"  Art said to the enraged heroine.

     Wonder Woman glared at the villain but made no further advances on the Artiste  "So, what is your plan?  Putting me on display in various outfits until you figure it's time to move on?  I swear, you'll regret that if this ridiculous getup is any indication,"  she snapped while looking at her tight fitting outfit with contempt.

      Art looked at the heroine and smiled.  "I had thought of doing that at first but frankly it has its drawbacks not the least of which is inevitably that one of your heroic friends would show up at the gallery one day by accident, recognize you in whatever outfit I put you in and... well, you know.."  he said with a thoughtful look on his face.

     "In fact, my plan for you came to me last night when we were getting you ready for the Lovebunny exhibit.  I want you to lure some of your fellow heroines here where I'll add them to a new display I wish to set up revolving around their figures.  If you follow through and complete my plan in an expeditious manner, I promise you that in thirty days I will not only release you but your heroines and all the women here currently on display.  However, if you decline, you'll be joining the other women on display here... PERMANENTLY!!!"  he stated in a firm and determined way.

     Wonder Woman's eyes widened in shock.  "If you think that I'm going to be an accomplice to your evil scheme, you're insane.  I'll make you free these women or..."  the heroine shouted as she stepped towards the Artiste with her right arm raised above her head and a look of anger visible on her face.  However, in that instant, her entire body froze exactly where it was standing with no movement visible just like she was before.

     "I think she's going to be a stubborn one, boss.  What do you want to with her now.... put her into storage for a couple of weeks?"  Paula said walking up to the figures in front of her.  She ran her fingertips over the rigid figure of the heroine lingering on the shapely behind and long legs that stood out so invitingly.

     Art looked at the still figure of the heroine and pondered what to do for several seconds.  He then looked at Paula and shook his head.  "No, I don't think so.  I was planning to set up an exhibit centered around the BDSM scene and I think our lovely heroine would look quite lovely as the main centerpiece of such a display, particularly in that pose or something like it. Paula, take the Lovebunny costume off Wonder Woman and put one of the outfits from the costume box set aside for the new display. I'm going to take a look at some of the models in storage as well as the resumes that have been emailed to me in the last several days,"  Art said before wandering off to the back of the gallery heading to his immense storage area.

    "No problem, boss, I'll take care of everything,"  Paula said to her departing employer with a happy smile on her face.  She then retrieved the box in question from a nearby storage closet and set it down next to the immobilized heroine.  Paula then looked around to make sure that her boss was out of the gallery area before looking at Wonder Woman with a sly look on her face and the tip of her left index finger gently resting on her lips.

   "Time for a little fun for me, I think...."  Paula thought to herself as she unzipped the Lovebunny outfit on the stiffened heroine and pulled the outfit down exposing Wonder Woman's breasts and lower torso for Paula to admire.  After setting aside the outfit once she managed to get over the heroine's feet, Paula removed the bracelet and cuff that disguised it from Wonder Woman's left wrist making sure that the right one was still there to keep the heroine immobilized.

   Looking at the bracelet with a mischievous look on her face, Paula contemplated putting the bracelet on herself and joining Wonder Woman as part of the display she was setting up.  The feeling of her losing all mobility and then her mind fading off caused her to tingle in erotic excitement whenever she thought of it.  She decided, for now, to set it to one side while she examined the heroine more closely.

   Paula traced her fingers around Wonder Woman's left breast tracing a small circle around the aureole before coming to rest on the nipple, slightly stiffened from the heroine's exertions before.  The red haired woman would have preferred that Art had set Wonder Woman's immobilization level at level one so the heroine would still have external reaction to her heavy petting and caressing but Paula knew that her boss had a plan for everything and he hated unexpected developments.

  Running her tongue over her soft lips, Paula bent over close to the immobile heroine's chest and started to lick and suckle the nipples of Wonder Woman's breasts.  As she increased the rate she was bathing the heroine's tits with her mouth and tongue, Paula started to tug down the pantyhose that Wonder Woman was wearing with her free hands.  After a short period of time, she moved down from the heroine's chest to her lower torso and pussy, which she started probing with her fingers and tongue.  Reveling in the intimacy of the movement, she was completely lost in the ecstasy of the moment and oblivious to anything around her.

  Suddenly, without warning, Paula felt something clamped on her upper right forearm much like she had arranged the bracelet on Wonder Woman.  "What the?... Art ?... "  Paula thought ever so briefly as her body went rigid and her mind slipped into darkness.  Her tongue was stuck up against the pink flesh of Wonder Woman's womanhood and her hands were pressed tight against the supple torso of the heroine.

  "Well now, Paula, it seems you'll be getting a chance to once again do some display work for me, though I think it'll be a little more unexpected than it was the last time you modeled,"  Art said as he walked up to his nude assistant, who was staring straight ahead with vacant eyes oblivious to everything around her.

 "I guess I'll have to get the display set up with the aid of my newest assistant.  Maybe she'll have some suggestions how to pose you provocatively in combination with the swimsuit model that I 'recruited' earlier today,"  the villain said as he nodded towards the gorgeous woman standing behind Paula. "What would you suggest?"

  "I think something in a three-way pose or maybe with a bit of chains and a wooden rack look would make for a very exciting display, don't you think so?" The woman said as she stepped forward to stand next to Art.  Dressed in a pink blouse with tight black leather pants with gold bracelets, a multi colored necklace around her neck and a silver anklet chain visible around her right ankle, Toni was quite the looker in the sexy outfit she had on.  The only thing that stood out was the slightly glazed look in her eyes as she looked to her boss for approval.

  "Yep, I think that's an excellent idea, Toni.  Why don't you get things started on that while I do up a list of who I'd like to have in a heroine themed exhibit?  Oh, and don't forget, keep one of those pieces of jewelry on your person at all times so you don't absorb any of the radiation that emanates from the living statues here on display," Art said with a smile that belied the true reason why he had advised his new staff member in such a matter.

  The villainous artist watched his newest assistant finish stripping the clothes off Wonder Woman and Paula before heading off to the back store room for appropriate outfits to the display she was setting up.  Art had modified the setting on Toni's immobilization device (IMD for short) earlier to level three for his purposes.  At level three, the wearer of the IMD has their brain waves altered so that ideas or perceptions that would normally be repulsive to their nature were now totally reasonable. Besides that, the wearer could move around unlike the lower settings though he/she would feel the need to obey the owner's requests.  Art had toyed with the idea of doing the same with Wonder Woman but it would tip off her fellow crimefighters that something was wrong and his plans would quickly come unraveled.

   Forty-five minutes later, Toni had dressed the two immobilized women in the desired outfits with Wonder Woman now wearing a skintight black catsuit with red lines around her wrists and down her legs with two white circles around her breasts.  The heroine's arm was still extended upwards as before only now she was holding a long riding crop in it.  Knee high black boots and matching gloves completed the look as Toni, with the assistance of her boss, moved the immobile heroine over next to a metal table that was tilted at a 45 degree angle.  The two positioned Wonder Woman so that she was staring down at the table in question  and then retrieved the second of three models for the exhibit.

   The next one to be added was a red haired woman in her mid 20's who had just moved to the area a few weeks prior to meeting with the Artiste.  Intrigued by the various type of exhibitions in his gallery, she agreed to pose nude for a body mold that Art wanted to make for his gallery.  Lying flat on her back, she thought nothing of Art's request for her to don a silver necklace for contrast in his mold.  Seconds later, all her thoughts as the IMD device put her in a state of suspended animation oblivious to everything around her.

   Toni dressed the woman in a powder blue catsuit with silver studs around the wrists, waist and around both of the woman's tits.  Before slipping the catsuit on the redhead, Toni fondled and suckled on the breasts of the immobile woman for several minutes causing the nipples to become rock hard.  Toni then took out a small white can and sprayed what appeared to liquid pink latex onto the erect nubs ensuring they would continue to poke against the fabric of the catsuit.  She then pulled the catsuit up over the oblivious woman and applied liberal amounts of make up to the redhead's face.  After setting the woman on the metal table and securing her with steel manacles, Toni moved to retrieve the third part of the display.

   With Art's assistance, his new assistant carried Paula over to the display where Toni quickly dressed the kneeling woman in a gold colored catsuit with a hood that covered her hair leaving her face visible with matching boots and gloves.  She then positioned the immobilized woman so that her extended tongue pressed up against where Wonder Woman's pussy would be. Toni thought briefly about exposing the immobilized heroine's sex for the display but Art cautioned against such a move as it might cause too much attention to be brought to the display (both good and bad).

    After draping a few chains and whips on the backdrop, Toni stepped back to where her boss was doing up a title card for the display.  "What do you think, Art?  Are the nipples too much on the blue suited one?"  Toni inquired of her boss with her eyes still showing the glazed look of a woman whose mind was being controlled by the IMD device she was wearing.

    "No, I think it's quite a nice touch.  Besides, this will be a temporary display much like the Lovebunny one was so I doubt anyone will object.  Once the two days I've reserved for it have passed, we'll revive Wonder Woman once again to see if she's willing to be a little more co-operative this time,"  Art said with an arrogant look crossing his face as he said the last part.

    The two then headed off to another part of the gallery to work on other exhibits leaving the three women alone in a tableaux of latex and bondage sure to titillate and excite gallery visitors over the next 48 hours.  For the trio, however, time will have stood still and they would be unaware of anything until freed of the IMD's... if freed...

    2 days later....  

    "...you'll regret not taking a looking at this, honey..."  a mid 50's man called out to a woman standing several feet away.  Looking over the exhibit titled BONDAGE IN LOVE, the man was impressed by the realistic look of the figures in the display.  Judging by the fact that his cheeks had turned slightly red and his breathing was slightly labored, the man was obviously engrossed by the erotic aspect of the display.

    A minute or so later, the woman who had been called  to walked over next to her husband and briefly glanced at the exhibit.  "Yeah, yeah, I know, you like it a lot, but remember why we're here.  The Swedish exchange student we're hosting is moving out at the end of the week and she wants to find a modeling job before heading to the West Coast and she heard the artist who owns this gallery pays fairly well.  If you can tear your eyes off the exhibit for a minute, why don't we go track the owner down and see if he'd be willing to hire Inge for one of his projects?"  She said sternly to her clearly distracted husband.

   "Ummm..yeah... sure...."  the man said as he slowly followed his wife across the floor with visions of the three latex clad beauties wrapped around his body instead of the squawking overweight wife he was trailing.  The two headed off as others gathered around the display in question to admonish its brazenness or proclaim admiration for the style of the exhibit.

    Later on, when the gallery had closed for the night, Art and his assistant Toni went onto the main exhibit floor and headed straight for the popular display of the trio of women dressed in latex and oblivious to the world.  They carefully lifted the still figure of Paula up and carried her to the back of the gallery before setting her down and returning to the display.  After picking up the horizontal woman (which Art achieved on his end by grasping her around the chest) and carrying her to the same area, the two walked back to where Wonder Woman, still clad in her skin tight catsuit, stood staring at someone  who was no longer there.

   "Have you made the modifications to the heroine's costume that I requested and with the materials I provided?"  Art said as he picked up Wonder Woman by the waist and held her parallel to the ground.

   "Yep, I got that fellow you told me about who used to work for a company specializing in concealing cameras for spying on store customers and staff.  It should be all set for you to extort the heroine into seeing your way of doing things,"  Toni said as she grabbed the heroine by the ankles and helped her boss carry the immobile woman into the back.

   30 minutes later.....

   "....you'll regret having angered me....what..?"  Wonder Woman finished her statement of several days earlier before realizing the target of her anger had disappeared.  A second or so later, she realized her location was in empty blue and white room with a single door and a table at the far end.  She also, realized, much to her chagrin, that she was now completely nude wearing only her bracelets and earrings.

   "Good day, Wonder Woman.  I trust you're well rested after spending the last three days as part of an exhibit in my gallery,"  the familiar voice of the Artiste called out from an unseen speaker somewhere in the room.

   "You madman!  Is this what you plan to do with these women.... use them as pawns for your sick little games....?  I will.." the heroine started to say before being cut off by a sharp coughing noise from the Artiste.

   "Yes...yes... you'll try to pound me and I'll put you on display for another week or so.  On the other hand, if you agree to my proposal, you'll be free and I won't be tempted to fry the brains of those already on display or being prepared for other works.  For the last.... the very last time, Wonder Woman, will you do as I ask?" the villain called out with venom dripping in his voice.

   Holding her hands over her exposed parts, the heroine thought in silence for several long seconds.  "All right... I'll help for now..."  the crestfallen heroine said dropping her head slightly.

  "Ex-cellent!  Your costume is on the table in the room with you.  I've arranged to make some modifications to the outfit while you were 'occupied' the last few days.  To be more specific, there are tiny cameras sewn into the fabric of the costume though I won't tell you where exactly.  These devices will monitor what you see and say in your exploits once you leave the gallery.  Any attempts by you to warn your fellow heroes or the authorities, no matter how slight, will result in a very tragic scene for whoever comes here.  In addition, I've hidden a tiny transponder under your skin that works like the IMD so if I, or my aides, see any actions that we think are innapropriate, we'll immediately put you into a state of immobility once again,"  the Artiste said with a triumphant sound in his voice.

   After pulling her bustier over her chest followed by the rest of her costume, Wonder Woman sighed out loud.  "Fine... fine... I suppose you have someone in mind for your first addition...?" she said, sounding a tad defeated.

   "You'll find a list of who I'm looking for taped to the underside of that table.  Memorize it and then leave the gallery through the door you see.  Call here within 48 hours when you have located and secured my first addition," the villain said arrogantly. "Otherwise, you'll be frozen in your tracks."

   "Smirk all you want, Artiste.  I'll figure out a way to defeat you and your cronies and then you'll pay...."  Wonder Woman thought to herself as she headed out to start her obscene quest....

   A quest that would prove most troubling for her... and those destined to join the gallery....


   To be continued with... New Figures to Admire

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