What Goes Around...

©2002 MadBirdCZ

Original text edited into readable form by: Northern Chill

PART 1 - Opening the Pandora's Box

   Julie and Linda had a lot in common. They were neighbors, friends, witches, good looking and both still single. They both also liked to use their magic for doing various pranks to people all around them although neither liked to be the target of those pranks. Both had their own secrets and passions. However, as we all know when magic is involved, nothing stays secret forever despite how much one tries......

   It was Friday afternoon and Linda was getting ready for her evening date with Michael. She was dating him for almost a year now and although she really loved him she kept him still at safe distance especially from some 'areas' of her body.

   As part of the usual routine, Julie was helping Linda to get ready. Linda was about to get dressed and it was at that moment when Julie finally decided to give a go to her little planned prank ...

   The spell has been cast and there was no backing out now. Linda had to act fast if she wanted her prank, which she loved to play on people, to be a successful one. All Linda had to do after she cast the spell was to keep Julie 'entertained' long enough to distract her from the spell's first effects. After that, it was simply a matter of keeping her entertained till there was no danger of Julie casting a counter-spell.

   Linda then approached Julie from behind when the unsuspecting girl was thinking about what to wear for the evening date. Before Julie realized what was actually going on, she found herself pinned down on her knees being held there by Linda's legs crossed over around Julie's hip.

   Linda wasted no time because she knew the clock was ticking and the spell would start to show soon. She held Julie in place with legs around her hip and with elbows pressing down on Julie's legs, Linda begun to lick Julie's clit and tease it with her fingertips.

   Julie's reaction was almost immediate as she was getting aroused and wet! However, she knew she couldn't succumb to the pleasure as she had a date to get ready for and Michael will be waiting for her! However, the pleasure felt soooo good and gave her such warm feelings...

   "Please Linda... ooooh..." Julie moaned "don't do that, I.... Uuuh... Have to meet Michael in just a few hours... I have to be ready... ahh..."

   However, Linda wasn't about to let Julie go that easy! She even increased the level of stimulation she was causing to her almost paralyzed friend. After a short amount of time, Julie, with her own head buried in her kneeling friend's crotch, could see the first signs of the spell taking over her friend's body.

   Julie's wet pussy started to change and within a few brief moments it had widened and formed an almost perfect oval shape. After a few more seconds, it was clearly not Julie's 'juices' keeping her pussy wet but Linda's saliva.

   At the same time, Julie was struggling to keep her mind clear but the amount of pleasure she felt from literally every single part of her body was so huge. Julie moaned with pleasure even while still trying to fight it. However, it was a losing battle as the pleasure was just getting stronger every second...

   "Ooooh... Linda..." Julie gasped " I've to... meet... Michael ohhhh..." Julie started to feel stiff and somehow light all of a sudden as the waves of pleasure were growing more and more intense...

   While Linda was giving her friend a very thorough and erotic workout, she was watching as Julie's body changed more and more every second. Linda was quite fascinated as she watched seams extruding along the 'right' lines all over Julie's body indicating that the spell would finish its task very soon.

   As Linda's crossed legs rubbed against Julie's hip, Julie's body produced a rather unnatural sound. Julie could clearly hear it but as time passed the pleasure grew as much as her ability to control her own body diminished. There was actually nothing she was able to do about it even if she wanted to. Actually, in her mind, there was little space left for anything else than pleasure and her boyfriend Michael at that time. She knew she has to meet him!

Click for FULl RESOLUTION!    "Pleeease... Linda... ahh.... Let... me Go-ooooh!" was the last thing Julie managed to say before her mouth became fixed in a round shape completing her look and finishing her transformation! A very sexy love doll now stood ready on the floor for whoever came across it.

   As soon as Linda realized that she has no longer to worry about a counter-spell being cast by an inflated love doll, she stopped the stimulation and stood up leaving the kneeling doll on the floor.

   In the same moment that Linda let the doll go, Julie's mind, trapped inside of her now stiff plastic and inflated body, was finally relieved from being bombarded by waves of intense erotic pleasure and her thoughts became perfectly clear and focused once again!

   "That little bitch has turned me into a Sex-Doll!" was the first thing that crossed Julie's mind. However, at the same time, she found herself aroused since she always had a doll related fantasies. She knew that some things should remain fantasies but it was no longer a secret desire as she was now a fully featured and lifelike love doll!

   Suddenly, Julie heard a voice from above her and it belonged to Linda: "Well Julie, ..." However, no matter how hard Julie tried, she could not move a muscle to look up at Linda. Actually, she could have saved herself the effort since she should have known that inflatable dolls have no muscles to move but she had been a doll for only a few minutes and had yet to be fully accustomed to her new state. And Linda continued from above "...don't worry, you wont be late for your date with Michael"

   Linda chuckled and continued. "Actually, I invited Michael to your home since I knew that you won't be able to just go and meet him yourself." Linda made a slight pause as she admired the great work her spell has done.

   "You know better than I do that you have been dating Michael for more than a year now. Every time he showed even the slightest indication of interest in some of your body 'areas', you kept him at arms' length away from them. I think Michael deserves at least a small reward for loving you all the time." Although Julie could not see Linda's face, she could feel from tone of her voice that Linda was really enjoying her predicament!

   Linda ran her hands over the smooth plastic back of Julie "Well, Julie, we both know that you always had a doll fantasies of your own..." she murmured. Julie was shocked by this statement of something she thought she had kept private. "How the hell did Linda found out about my fantasies?" thought Julie but the sudden very intense wave of pleasure caused by her friend's touch shocked her even more.

   Meanwhile, Linda continued "...and believe it or not dear Julie, I have found out that Michael has always had a doll fantasy too. So I'm pretty sure that this upcoming date you two are going to have will be the wildest, most exciting and for sure the most unforgettable date both of you have ever had or even dreamed of! Michael will have all his secret dreams and desires come true tonight. As for you Julie, like it or not, the spell that did this to you will make sure that you will enjoy the night, too! However, your enjoyment may be in a way you didn't expect."

   "Nooooooooo!" the mind of the kneeling doll was mentally screaming but no sound escaped from her round mouth.

   Linda then bent over so she was looking straight in the kneeling doll's face "Welcome to your fantasy, sex dolly. Don't worry, in the morning, you will revert back to normal but for now I hope you enjoy the long night ahead!" With an almost evil laugh, Linda left the kneeling doll in the room.

   The doll was left split with two different feelings going through it's air filled body: the fear of having her doll fantasy being fulfilled by her very patient boyfriend Michael and the thought that when he did first touch her doll form, she would look forward to it greatly!



PART 2 - Welcome to my Fantasy!

   The next day when Julia entered the living room, she found that Linda was already there, resting on the couch browsing through some magazines. Linda rose her head from the magazine and her face brightened into a wide smile "So how did my little dolly enjoy the night?" she asked as her smile turned into a wicked chuckle.

   Julie's eyes widened and she blushed a bit. She tried to look angry but no matter how hard she tried, when she saw the look on Linda's face Julie could not help but started to smile herself.

   Julie then closed her eyes and it was clearly visible that she was concentrating. In the next second, Julie opened her eyes and with a sly grin she stretched the arm she was hiding behind her back towards Linda.

   Linda saw how Julie quickly pointed her hand at her and that she was holding her short magic wand in the hand pointed directly at her. "Uh, Oh! This is not good..." thought Linda.

   There was a short flash of light and an emerald beam of energy originating at the tip of the wand hit Linda's body. Before Linda could realize what had happened, she was sitting on the couch nearly naked as she was still wearing her bra and socks. "Well, this is just great" Linda muttered while she looked around for her clothes though she knew that it wasn't all that bad.

   Julie, on the other hand, was inspecting her wand and visibly disappointed by the outcome "What the hell was wrong with this spell? I thought I had mastered it!" she said more to herself than to Linda.

   Linda, still clad only in her bra and socks, had put down the magazine she was reading and made herself comfortable on the couch . She looked over at Julie who was still trying to figure out the reason for the spell's failure.

   After several seconds, Linda interrupted the silence "Well, Julie, I'm not quite sure what was supposed to happen but apparently it did not go as you had planned. I just hope that my clothes are OK. Are they because if they're not.."

   Linda was interrupted by another flash of light coming from the back of the room. Both girls turned that way to see Linda's clothes materialize in mid air before falling in a heap to the floor.

   Both girls looked at each other again for several seconds before Julie shrugged her shoulders and erupted in a high pitched laugh.

   Linda looked at her with utter disbelief "Now please tell me what was that supposed to mean..." she said slightly annoyed.

   Julie managed to get her laughing finally under control. While still chuckling, she answered the question "Well... you know.. I'm still learning and I need practice."

   Linda rose her eyebrows "Ahh... Practice, all right but then you should practice it right!" she said and then, without warning, she cast a short incantation and pointed her finger at Julie.

   A rain of glowing particles started to fall all over Julie's body covering her completely. When it finally stopped, Julie stood there dressed like Linda in only her bra and socks.

   Julie, more than a little surprised, looked at Linda and saw her pointing to the table in the back corner of the room. Julie turned her head that way just in time to see her clothes materialize on the table neatly folded and unharmed.

   "You're right, Julie, you need practice... and lots of it." said Linda with a sly grin on her face.

   "YOU..." gasped Julie and turned quickly towards Linda.

   "Yes?" said Linda still grinning broadly, stood up from the couch.

   Julie, letting out a wild cry, jumped from the spot she stood in Linda's direction trying to catch Linda with her extended arms. However, Linda avoided this straight forward attack and soon both girls were rolling on the floor laughing wildly as they playfully embraced each other. After a while, they stopped their pretend fight and remained resting on their sides facing each other.

   "So tell me, Linda, how did you find out about me and Michael's secret fantasies and desires?" Julie asked curious as to her friend's method.

   Linda grinned. "Well, as a lot of things that happen in my life, it was an accident." she said making a slight pause and watched as Julie's eyebrows rose in surprise. Linda then continued "I was trying to perfect a mind reading spell but I misspelled it. However, thanks to this little accident, I realized that I was not able to read the person's mind but that the spell opened for me the part of the person's mind that he/she was trying to keep secret. That's how I learned all the secrets and desires of your boyfriend Michael. Since I needed practice, I used it on you also but it was just a few times..."

   Julie could not believe what she had just heard. "She was reading my most private and secret parts of my mind and I didn't even notice it!" thought Julie while she tried to decide whether to be pissed off or not.

   "The next part I'm going to tell you won't believe at all." continued Linda "I found out while practicing that spell that Tommy has a liking for dollies, too! Imagine that, my Tommy! I thought I know him quite well after all the time I've been dating him. Well, life is full of surprises... so, Julie..." Linda paused so she was sure she has Julie's attention "...how was your last night with Michael? Did you two have a lot of 'fun'?" Linda chuckled as she waited for Julie's answer.

   "You are kidding me for sure!" bursted out Julie "Tommy and dolls? That is really..." Julie made a short pause and there was a brief glimmer of an idea in her eyes "...interesting."

   "Come on, Julie, tell me, how was it? Was it good? Did you enjoy it?" Linda was really begging Julie for answers now.

   "Oh, Linda.." started Julie "..it was something that can't be simply described by words and you know what?" Julie said with a dramatic pause.

   "What?" Linda said gasping in eager anticipation.

   "Well, since you said that Tommy actually liked dollies too, I can't think of a better way of telling you how it is to be a dolly than to let you spend tonight with your Tommy being turned into a doll yourself!" Julie said as she pointed her magic wand at Linda, who's face now froze in shock.

   "You wouldn't dare!" hissed Linda in disbelief at what Julie had suggested.

   "After what you did to me yesterday?" asked Julie with a grin. Before Linda could react, Julie has touched Linda's chest with the tip of her magic wand "You bet I would!"

   As the tip of the wand came in contact with her skin, Linda felt a strong jolt of magic energy. The next thing she realized was that she was feeling lightheaded, dizzy and unable to concentrate. A wave of numbness, that felt both odd and very good at the same time, was slowly spreading all over her body.

   Julie immediately noticed how Linda's look changed from a look of surprise into a distant glassy expression. She ran her hand along Linda's cheek and then circled her forefinger around Linda's lips that were already forming into a perfectly round shape.

   "There you go, Linda, you will make such a beautiful dolly that I'm sure that Tommy will simply adore you." Julie said while turning Linda's body over so she was resting on the pillows on her back.

   "Don't fight it, Linda. Just give in and relax because there is no way you can break this spell anyway. It will transform you whether you want it to or not but if you give in to it you will feel much better" said Julie while she grabbed Linda's legs and bent them so they pointed up to the ceiling.

   "Hold your legs right here..." said Julie and spread Linda's bent legs wide. Julie then felt the skin on Linda's legs changing as they became nothing more than smooth air filled vinyl tubes. She watched with glee as visible seams extruding from them and ran the length of Linda's legs

Click for FULL RESOLUTION!    "...that's right! Good doll." Julie grinned as she watched the rest of Linda's body change in the similar manner as her legs did. Her skin became the same glossy vinyl that her legs were with no traces of freckles or blemishes. Julie could see Linda's breasts push slightly outwards against her bra with visible seams just underneath the bra.

   Soon, all that was left of Linda was a perfectly lifelike inflatable sex doll resting on the floor between the pillows in the living room.

   Julie then picked up her friend's air filled body from the floor and while putting the doll's legs around her own hip she pressed the dolls vinyl body against her own in tight embrace. Smiling like a little girl that had received a new puppet, she said looking into Linda's fixed gazing face "Now, now... Linda! You are ready for your evening date with Tommy but it's still just morning so let me play with you a bit first."

   Julie grinned broadly as if she heard an answer even though none was possible. "Oh, that's great, Linda, that you have nothing against it. Don't worry, if Tommy does his job right this evening, you will revert to your normal form in the morning just as I did." Laughing out loud at her little prank, Julie carried her new doll from the living room to the bedroom...for some serious and very erotic play time.



PART 3 - Payback is a Bitch!

   The night that Linda spent as an inflatable love doll, she has been turned into by Julie, with her boyfriend Tommy has passed and the sun was rising in the morning once again. It was a beginning of a beautiful sunny day.

   As the sun rays penetrated the room where Tommy has left his doll on the floor before departing, the spell that was keeping Linda trapped in her inflatable prison was broken and Linda started to change back.

   First of all, the seams that ran up and down her body slowly dissolved followed by the vinyl skin which started to lose its plastic sheen and became closer to human skin every second that passed. Soon Linda found that she was able to move her legs once again.

   Linda was exhausted from the pleasure she had experienced during the night just passed. No matter how hard she tried to remember what was happening to her during the night, she could remember only fragments. The rest of her memories were pushed back by the enormous pleasure and almost non-stop orgasms and arousal that had been greatly increased by the fact that the person that was causing her the pleasure and stimulation was her boyfriend Tommy.

   Linda's mouth still held its perfect oval shape and Linda left out a long moan of pure pleasure from it's opening.

   Linda was slowly regaining control over her body as it changed from vinyl back to flesh and blood. However, it was, compared to the speed of her change into a doll, a slow process and it took several minutes before Linda was fully restored back to her human from.

   Linda looked out of the window and stretched her legs. She could see the clear blue sky through the bedroom window. "Mmmmmm... Well, that was really something!" she thought as she tried to get up from the floor and sit on the couch.

   Linda's moves were still unsure. She felt a bit lightheaded and somehow stiff but it was just a residue of her spending the night in a fixed position.

   As she sat back on the couch, part of her was still returning to the enormous pleasure she has endured during the last night. However, she was also thinking hard how to repay to Julia for this prank.

   "That thankless little goose. I do my best to make her most secret dreams come true and this is what I get as a reward? Just you wait, Julie...!" muttered Linda to herself as a wide wicked grin slowly appeared on her face.

   Linda waved her hands and her spell-book that, when not using it, was kept hidden in a parallel dimension, materialized on her lap. Linda wet her forefinger and opened the book.

   "Now, where is it... 'T'... where is the T?..." she muttered as she browsed through the book. "Hmm... 'P'... Petrification....I'm getting closer but not there yet...R...Restoration hmm.. sure will use it when the time is right for it but still not there"

   Linda increased the speed she was turning the pages and soon there it was! T!

   "Yes!" Linda gasped. "T... Time Stop..." Linda paused as a memory from a time when she was still a kid was recalled by the sight of this spell. Linda grinned as she remembered how much fun she had with that spell... but it was not the spell she was looking for so she kept browsing.

   "Here it is!" Linda shouted mentally as her forefinger stopped at a bold topic in the book - TRAPS.

   Linda started to read the symbols to refresh her memory on this topic. She has not used magical traps for a long time so a quick memory boost was exactly what she needed. It was not her style to use traps but she felt that for this special occasion this type of magic use would come in extremely handy.

   "OK, now I have to put together the spell" thought Linda as she started to work on it. She was sure that Julie will soon come to check how the spell she cast on Linda the previous morning did its job.

   It didn't take long for Linda to put together the spell she was willing to use and she quickly memorized it. Linda was fully aware that she had only one attempt for this spell "It has to be perfect!" she kept repeating to herself.

   Linda then heard the gate in the garden opening. "Julie!" flashed through her mind. Linda quickly waved her hand sending the spell-book back to the parallel dimension and with a grin quickly jumped off the couch and lied down on the floor again.

   Linda then bent her legs and spread them apart so she was in the same position as Julie had left her the day before. "OK ,Julie come on in!..I've got something for you!" Linda exclaimed mentally and started to concentrate on the spell.

   Her plan was perfect and she was about to use herself as a bait. With a little luck, she would catch Julie completely by surprise. It will bring a high level of satisfaction to Linda when all went as planned.

   At least that is how Linda has planned it.

   Julie opened the main door and entered the house...

   "Here we go!" thought Linda as she closed her eyes and then she quietly burst out spell. Within a few seconds, Linda had completely lost control over her body as the spell quickly changing her to the form she has spent the night before in.

   Suddenly, a shadow of doubt crossed Linda's mind "Did I pronounced the spell right?" she thought to herself. However, her mouth was already fixed in a perfect oval shape and it was too late to change anything.

   The change that raced through Linda's body was very quick and in a matter of seconds Linda was once again resting on the floor as nothing more than an ultra realistic sex doll. However, this time the doll was not filled just with compressed air. There was the adequate amount of air inside of her and it was keeping her body in a perfect shape and position. However, this time Linda' inflated vinyl body was also full of concentrated magical energy that was to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting subject that would fall to the charm of the inviting look of the perfect sex toy. It was a perfect trap, a masterpiece of magic and Linda was truly proud of it. With Julie's arrival, the trap was about to be sprung!

   Julia opened the door and peeked in. She was prepared to find Linda in a pretty pissed off mood. She was hoping that Linda wouldn't be that mad since the 'fun' she must have had the night before should reward her for the little discomfort Julia has caused her with that little prank spell.

   Julie held her magic wand ready to cast a protective spell in case of emergency but what she saw in the room took her completely by surprise. Julie's jaw dropped as she saw Linda resting on the floor still in her inflatable form.

   Julie's mind was racing "What went wrong? Was the spell I used wrong?" she thought to herself as she just could not understand why Linda did not revert back to her human form. Julie was sure she had the spell right as she had spend a lot of time preparing it so the problem must be somewhere else. "But where?" she kept asking herself as she lied down along the motionless doll.

   Looking over the perfect curvatures of the plastic toy, Julie could only come with one explanation "That must be it! Tommy failed to do his job right! Ahh... Such a bad boy..." Julie thought to herself.

   With a sleek smile, Julie ran her hand over Linda's cheek "It seems, Linda, that your Tommy does not like dollies that much after all" she said.

   "Oh yes he does..." thought Linda as memories of the last night flashed in front of her eyes.

   Julie could not hear Linda's thoughts of course as she continued "Tommy is such a bad, bad boy! He had such a nice dolly waiting for him...don't worry though, Linda, I'll work something out but first..." Julie made a pause and grinned "..let me give you a small compensation for your discomfort."

   With a lusty expression on her face, Julie released the magic wand she was still holding. However, the wand didn't fall to the floor but instead remained suspended in mid air just floating there and bouncing a little as the fresh air from the partially open window kept flowing around it.

   Julie snapped her fingers and the wand exploded into a million of golden sparks disappearing into another dimension

   Julie then pressed her own body against the helpless doll and started to fondle and caress its soft, pliable and smooth surface.

   Linda was once again lost in the ocean of pleasure as wave upon wave of it kept washing across her vinyl body. If she only could she would moan... no... scream with pleasure that was really hard to bear.

   Julie was playing with her plastic friend's body and it was like a heaven for her. Not only had she always loved the idea of being a doll but she loved to care for her dolls too. The fact that this doll was perfect, made it a perfect experience.

   Julie was now kneeling and giving a soft but tense workout to Linda's legs. Linda could feel Julie's fingers running along the seams on her inflated legs. The feeling was odd and arousing at the same time. She could feel as Julie was slowly working her way up towards Linda's exposed crotch. "Ohh... Don't stop Julie..." Linda mentally moaned as her expectations grew.

   Julie then lowered herself to all four and buried her head in Linda's crotch "Oohhh...Yess... There!..." Linda wanted to scream in pure ecstasy as she felt the tip of Julie's tongue touching the area of her private areas where her clit used to be.

   Julia put her arm around the doll's leg to keep it from moving and started to play with her tongue around the doll's crotch. She knew what the doll must be feeling during this as she remembered what it felt like to her just 2 nights before.

   Suddenly, Julie's tongue penetrated deep inside the doll's oval shaped pussy.

   "Gotcha!" screamed Linda mentally with satisfaction about the job well done as she felt a massive magic energy discharge inside of her body.

   Linda watched in silence as Julie jerked from the energy surge that hit her tongue and, in a matter of moments, enveloped Julie's whole body.

   Julie's eyes widened in shock. She felt the energy enveloping and penetrating her own body from all directions! "What?" she thought as she found herself paralyzed and unable of moving or talk on her own.

   With her head in the doll's crotch, Julie suddenly felt compelled to continue stimulating the doll's love opening with her tongue. Julie's mind was running on high gear before it hit her "It was a trap!" In the next moment, her suspicions were confirmed as she felt her anus and pussy widen and form into oval shapes. "Oh god! Not again..." Julie mentally shouted while at the same time she was getting aroused by the thought of how good it was actually being a dolly.

   Julie felt her nipples throbbing and assuming a fully aroused and erect state and the sensation of her body losing weight rapidly just confirmed her assumption "Gee... I'm going to be a dolly again. I just hope Linda won't be that mad at me and will treat me nicely, it was all just a joke anyway..." thought Julie to herself before her thoughts were interrupted by a sound of low humming.

   It was Julie's tongue, now made of soft latex, sticking out of her oval shaped mouth and attacking Linda's clit at hundreds of revolutions per minute.

   Julie's transformation was soon complete and her mind, trapped inside of her pliable body, was expecting to be punished by Linda soon. However, time went on and nothing happened.

   Linda felt the change become complete as Julie's body became nothing more than an inflated realistic sex toy with the same appearance as she was herself.

   Linda felt Julie's tongue teasing her clit sending strong waves of pleasure right into her brain. "Ohh... More, Just a little bit more..." moaned Linda mentally as she felt a strong orgasm coming. "Yeah, make me come, my sweet dolly!..yesss.... just a little bit more..." squealed Linda mentally as the stimulation became really extreme. All Linda needed for reverting back to her human form was an orgasm caused by Julie's stimulation after her becoming the doll.

   Linda suddenly felt the stimulation speed increased rapidly together with the feeling of Julie's wet tongue becoming just a soft latex.

   Linda gasped mentally as she prepared herself for the strong orgasm that was about to consume her any second. She then registered the low volume humming that filled the silent room and the stimulation in her crotch increased exponentially. "Ohhh... She's complete... I'm going to come...Ohhh... Now!" screamed Linda mentally but instead of the strong orgasm she was expecting, the stimulation ceased all together very abruptly.

   One moment she was about to orgasm and the next second there was nothing Although she felt Julie's soft latex tongue still teasing her clit, she felt absolutely no sensations except for vibrations it sent through her air filled body. However, those were of a physical character and were accompanied with no sensations at all.

   Linda was desperate. "Oh, shit... What's happened...?" she kept asking herself but her thoughts were disrupted by the sound of Julie's humming and the vibrations of her own air filled body.

   Some more minutes later, Linda realized what she had done wrong "Ohh... I was so stupid.. I used the original doll spell for both of us!" she thought to herself and she was not very happy about it at all. Linda was aware that the original spell was meant to give the doll extreme pleasure but only when stimulated by a human and that pleasure would be even more amplified when the person providing the stimulation had a special place in the heart of the doll...

   Linda slowly realized that the trap idea was not as good as it seemed. "I should have used some other spell... oh, I was so stupid... now we are both trapped like this... ohh.... why didn't I used the time spell at least for me?... Damn it!" Linda's anger was clearly reflecting in her thoughts.

   As time went on, Linda desperately tried to think a way out of her situation but the only way out she could think of was to hope for a wizard or some other witch that could accidentally find them and change them back.

   The beautiful day was coming to its end as sun was setting and darkness started to spread over the town. The room both dolls were resting in became dark when there was a <click> and the lights in the room flickered on.

Click for FULl RESOLUTION!   It was Michael and Tommy who entered the room. Both guys froze in amazement as they found the two dolls in a passionate embrace.

   "Whoa!" gasped Michael and turned to his friend with a grin on his face "You see, Tommy? I told you that when I was here two days ago to meet Julie for the date, I found just this dolly but now there are two of them!" he exclaimed.

   "Yeah! The same happened to me yesterday when I was about to meet Linda. I found just the doll that looked like Linda." said Tommy and made a pause as a dreaming look spread over his face "It sure was a night to remember!" he gasped but when he realized what he just said out loud, he blushed.

   Michael chuckled. "It sure was" he said finally.

   Tommy was the first one to recover "OK, let's go and find Linda and Julie. They must be hiding somewhere in here for sure"

   "Yeah right!" nodded Michael and both guys started to search for the two girls. At the same time, both dolls were screaming mentally and trying to draw attention of their boyfriends although they knew that the guys were unable to help them.

   A few minutes later, both guys entered the living room again. Michael looked at Tommy and asked "Nothing?"

   "Nope, not a sign..." said Tommy with a worried look on his face.

   Michael was worried too but then his look rested on the two dolls in the middle of the room. He felt he was starting to become aroused just by the sight of those two beautiful dolls. He then turned to Tommy "Hey, Tom! I'm sure the girls are fine. Maybe they just stepped out for tonight..."

   Tommy shrugged his shoulders "Well you are probably right!"

   They both were now looking at the dolls. A few moments later, they both without saying a word stepped forward and picked up the dollies from the floor. Michael took 'his' Julie and Tommy picked up the Linda doll.

   "Hello again, sweetheart" said Tommy in a soft and tender voice while looking into Linda's fixed eyes. He then removed Linda's bra and teased her erect plastic nipples. "I'm so happy that last night wasn't just a dream" he whispered into Linda's ear as he was already carrying her to the bedroom where he placed her on top of the large bed.

   Linda was fighting the sensations but it was a battle she has no chance of winning and worst of all she knew it. However, she still didn't want to give in "Oh.. Tommy...please noo... please leave me alone.... ohh..." Linda pleaded and screamed mentally but as the stimulation grew stronger her primal instincts overrun her coherent thoughts.

   If there was someone around who would be able to hear what sex toys mentally screamed, he would hear something like this "Ohh.. Tommy... please... more... Yessss..."



   Almost 5 years have passed since Julie got herself trapped in the set up Linda had prepared for her. She was always being turned on by dolls and being one had been her most secret fantasy. It had come true at the end, although in a most weird way.

   As time went on, Julie kept thinking more and more why Linda kept her in this dolly form so long. However, it didn't matter to her that much because she had a loving owner who was using her regularly. All things considered, she was one happy doll.

   Sometimes ,however, her thoughts were elsewhere. "It would be nice to be able to move again..." Julie thought sometimes when she was resting in her cardboard box waiting and looking forward for her lovely Michael to inflate and use her again.

   The sensation of being inflated was another thing she was really enjoying. The air rushing into her body through her valve felt.... so erotic... The feeling of her body starting to gain its proportions again and the pressure of the air increasing was simply fantastic! "I wonder if Linda is aware that this is not actually a punishment..." was something that almost always crossed Julie's mind just before her mind was consumed by a devastating orgasm.

   But what happened to Linda? Some may ask...

   Linda fell victim to her own trap that she set up. She not only used a wrong spell for her own change but casting the spell in a hurry she misspelled it too!

   Soon the little mistake in the spell's pronunciation started to show as Linda realized that every time her inflation plug was popped open and she was deflated, a little part of her personality vanished only to be replaced by the peaceful mind of a loving love doll.

   As time went on, her doll's personality started to gain dominance over her former human one. Some time later after a great night spent with her owner and she was being deflated, the doll realized that she was no longer bothered by those nightmares she was suffering from for some time where she had some fixed idea that she has been a living woman... "Live woman? no way... I'm a good dolly... I have always been one..." the dolls mind was finally found peace.

   "Good night, Linda..." the doll heard the voice of her owner just before he closed the lid of the cardboard box he has folded her into.

   "Linda?" the doll was confused as the lid of the box closed and the doll could hear her owner who she loved so much walking away. "Who is Linda? Does my owner has a new dolly?" the doll was not sure what to think about it. However, all her worries dissolved the very next time she got inflated again.

   As she felt her owner squeeze her plastic tits and caress her soft vinyl skin, she felt assured that she was still his only love... and she looked forward to making him happy...

   As any good inflatable sex doll would...

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