A Suitable Position

by Johnsan

Lucy was working late that night in her fetish wear shop that specialized in latex clothing. Along with the latex, she also sold toys for men and women as well. In fact on more than one occasion the two had coincided when she had used some specially treated latex to change an unsuspecting girl into a latex love doll. She was inventorying some new product that had come in, thinking of all the pretty young things that were now part of her inventory.

Lucy really loved latex. The feel of it and the way it made her feel so sexy. She could empathize with her latest victim as she too could have enjoyed being latex forever as well. She sighed “Oh well maybe one of these days I’ll get a bonus for my hard work.” Lucy told herself in resignation. 

As she opened a box containing the latest merchandise she hummed in surprise and pleasure as she withdrew the latest piece of shiny pink latex. “I do so love the new colors for our line!” she thought to herself as she caressed the latex dress and stockings. “I really shouldn’t but I’d just love to try it on.” she guiltily admitted to herself.

Lucy locked the front door and went into the back where she peeled off her red cat suit like a snake peeling off a worn out skin. She then began pulling on the stockings, reveling in the way they stretched over her and hugged her so tight. When they had finally reached her thighs she caressed both of them with a look of pure lust and licked her lips in a sexy pout. Lucy then slipped on the pink latex panties and felt that same feeling of arousal course through her. It felt like her body was electrified by the latex whereever it touched her. Lucy practically mewed in delight. She turned her attention to the long gloves to drape her arms and sighed in pleasure at that. Lucy put them on with the same intense feelings of delight expressed in the same manner as before. It felt even more sexy and inviting than usual and she didn’t know why. She just felt herself up and was wracked by feelings of intense pleasure throughout her body as if she were being made love to by the latex.

Lucy then completed her outfit with the pink latex dress, which when she squeezed it onto her body felt like a second skin on her as if it was merged with her body. It began to send even more intense sensations of erotic joy to her vagina and the nipples on her breasts.

“OOHHHH!!” Lucy moaned loudly. She began to orgasm over and over even more than she could account for normally. Lucy collapsed to the floor and continued to fondle herself. She rubbed her latex clad vagina with one gloved hand and fondled her breast with another. Soon she was cumming all over her rubber panties and hand until she was exhausted. Lucy lay there panting, finding it difficult to move and then she found herself beginning to move.

What’s going on?” she asked herself. Lucy was confused by how she had no will over what was happening to her. She got up straightened herself up and opened the store like normal but it felt like it wasn’t her who was helping out the customers. “I’m like a passenger in my own body! Who is doing this?” she wondered in her thoughts as she couldn’t even use her own voice.

Whoever it was they had her acting like a ditz instead of the somewhat dominating sexy woman she was. Lucy was somewhat frustrated but for some reason aroused by it as well. She continued in this manner and soon it was closing. So as normal she locked up and counted out the draw then closed out the register. Lucy then got the deposit for the bank ready as well  and placed it in the safe. “Well this is normal for me at least.” she consoled herself as she stood up and finished turning off the lights in the store. “But I’m still not in control of my body!” she mentally complained.

Just as she thought she was going to be leaving she walked in front of a nearby full length mirror and preened herself. As soon as whoever was in control of her was satisfied, she walked into the back and grabbed a mannequin stand. She took it out to the front of the store where she made room for it in the window. Lucy even carefully moved one mannequin to a place next to the register so there was sufficient space. 

Lucy had a sneaking suspicion what was coming next. She had heard of a division in the company that specialized in mannequins. Well I’m going to be a display  fixture in my own damn store!” she thought angrily, while feeling apprehensive if not frightened at the prospect of becoming a mannequin forever.

Lucy as she stepped up to the stand began to feel her panties move, seeming to form a receptacle for the stand in her anus. Lucy then moved her butt over the rod and settled down onto it. As she did she felt herself orgasm very strongly like she was being anally penetrated by the best.  She felt her body then pose and freeze. Lucy stood staring unblinking as she felt her skin begin to harden into a plastic fiberglass. The reflection in the window caused by the street lights were enough for her to see how her skin was changing color and becoming glossy in appearance. Her face was changing as well, becoming more heavily made up like a typical flesh-tone mannequin and her eyes were becoming round brown colored pieces of glass. Feeling the seams forming and a hollowness take over, she knew she didn’t just look like a mannequin. She was a mannequin and now property of her parent corporation. Another realization hit her as she could no longer feel her vagina and she knew without looking that it was now smooth tan colored plastic.

The only thing that seemed to make up for that was the erotic pleasure that accompanied the transformation that would have made her fall to her knees if she weren’t stiff plastic. Lucy also realized that her skin was very sensitive now as she could feel the lightest caresses of air as if someone was lovingly fondling her most intimate of regions with their hand. “Well, Ohhh that is nice. I wonder what happens when someone touches me.” she questioned in wonder.

As the night went by, she eventually drifted off and it wasn’t until the first rays of the sun hit her plastic face that she awoke. Lucy continued to stand there, unable to do anything else, wondering when they’d come looking for her. Before she could speculate further, she began to feel something different and then she realized that she was a human female now.

Lucy still felt the latex layer protecting her from the pole. She quickly removed herself from the stand and put it away in the back. She then moved the other mannequin into her normal place in the window and Lucy began the preparations for opening as normal.

Lucy continued to wonder who was doing this to her and if she’d ever be the one to control her own body again. In the back of her mind though there was a part of her that loved being someone else’s plaything. It had been suppressed for quite a while but now the more she was controlled the more she liked it. The transformation into a mannequin was another part of it as well, she was realizing she liked being treated as someone’s  property.

Just before she was about to open the doors she stood in front of a mirror again. This time her latex outfit changed from a pink dress and stockings to a blue cat suit that covered her from the neck down including her feet and hands. The foot wear changed from the heels she was wearing to a set of leather boots that came to her thighs with eight inch heels. Even her hair changed to long blonde tresses that went down to the small of her back. The makeup she wore even changed in response without her touching it. “Wow! I wonder what else they’re going to change.” a surprised Lucy thought. She then saw her breasts begin to inflate and in no time she was now an F cup. Lucy admired her new breasts and cupped them which she then began to fondle as well. “Wait a minute they changed something else! I’m taller? Shit! Look at my waist — it’s like I’m wearing a corset. I must have a seventeen inch waist now and I stand five feet ten inches in my bare feet. Look at that, my arms and hands are more slender now as well. I think I like the new me!” admitted Lucy to herself.

Then without any volition on her part she opened the store and watched as a passenger again as her body took care of the customers. As the day before she closed up and turned off the lights then took her place in the window as a blonde mannequin. The next day she repeated her morning ritual and again her hair color changed. Her breasts increased in size to H cups but this time her face changed she looked totally different. No longer the beautiful Asian women who owned the store she was now just another pretty employee. Even her voice and personality had changed she was no longer Lucy but Stacy a sexy redhead with a big chest. Stacy opened the store and ran it as normal. When anyone asked she said that Lucy had just hired her.


It went on like that for awhile, some days she was Lucy as a blonde, brunette, redhead, pink and sometimes blue-haired beauty. Other days she was Stacy in different hairstyles. When she went into storage as a mannequin it was sometimes as Lucy and other times as Stacy. On the weekends they opened like normal Saturday but closed early and on Sundays she spent all her time as a mannequin. On weekday nights she closed late enough that no one saw her go into storage. On Saturday nights she had to be quite surreptitious before entering the window but so far she hadn’t been noticed.

When all this had first started, Lucy had two part time employees neither one of which knew where the love dolls came from. She had let go of one of them shortly after her change. The other she kept until Stacy one day laid her off as well.

Eventually when she was Lucy, that day instead of opening the store she drove to her apartment and began to box some of her things up and moved them into storage. The rest she just threw out and turned her key over to the landlord. Only one small suitcase she retained with what seemed to matter to her new master. She then returned to the store, placed the suitcase in her office, and went back into her display. “Well that makes it final I guess. I’m now homeless and for all intents and purposes just a display fixture that moonlights as the store manager. But I’m not angry or even concerned anymore. If fact I think I like being someone’s toy or mannequin. As crazy as that sounds but there’s something about it that just seems to arouse me.” Lucy pondered.


Not that it really mattered because the rhythm of her life continued to be the same, work as Lucy or Stacy and then stored away as a mannequin on display. Then as the weeks went by something changed.

One day she came out of her mannequin idyll and instead of opening the shop she changed her outfit then left. Today she was Lucy as she went somewhere she didn’t know where. It was with some anticipation that Lucy felt as she arrived at the destination. It was in a prosperous neighborhood, not quite the place for her to wear latex and sexy heels. In an instant her clothing and footwear morphed to something more appropriate to her surroundings.  Lucy parked the car and then approached a turn of the century brownstone converted into upscale dwellings for the well heeled. Carefully making sure she was unobserved, she placed the keys against her clothing and then watched as it parted showing a small storage space wherein she placed her keys as she had left her purse in the car. She made her way into the foyer and located the address of the particular loft she was looking for. Making her way there she knocked on the door. There was no response she then furtively looked around and pressed her hand against the crack of the door.

To Lucy’s surprise her hand morphed and flowed through the door crack. “That’s unexpected. What else can my new body do?” her imprisoned mind wondered.  As if answering her unanswered question the rest of her arm and then body quickly followed suit. She had pushed herself into the locked apartment and oozed to the floor as liquid latex. Remaining there for a moment she then reformed herself into her usual shape and proceeded.  As if knowing just where she was going, the automaton Lucy went into a bedroom and approached a bedside nightstand. She opened a drawer and, in a move that her mind found impossible and a little alarming, she jumped into the drawer.

Instead of crashing through the furniture, she began to change. Faster than she could have imagined she shrank and transformed into a twelve inch long pink latex dildo. “Whoa I really am a sex toy now!” she giggled to herself as she landed with the sound of rubber hitting wood. As if that wasn’t enough of a shock two pink tendrils formed and grew from her long pink latex body. These tendrils then slowly closed the drawer shut and withdrew back into her body.

The rest of the day she just enjoyed being a dildo and imagining being used for a woman’s pleasure. Lucy’s mind began to imagine being slid in and out of some strange woman’s pussy. She seemed to revel in it. “I don’t know why but I want this so much.” she told herself.


After what seemed like hours, she couldn’t be sure as she had noticed inanimate objects experience time slightly differently. The sound of footsteps reverberated through her rubber body. Another surprise to Lucy’s mind was she was able to actually have sensations of sound, touch, and vision when she had no sense organs at all. But despite that she knew someone was approaching and then a bright light hit her. A giant women’s hand grabbed her and that felt good. This woman laid her on the bed and stripped then grabbed Lucy again. The erotic feelings she felt when she was touched were mind boggling. She then brought her to her gigantic breasts and rubbed her all over them. Again Lucy was taken to the heights of erotic pleasure as she was rubbed all over. The orgasms rocked her as she came and came again. Just as she thought it couldn’t get any better she was kissed by the unknown stranger and then carefully lubricated. Lucy knew what was next and waited with unbridled anticipation.

After lubrication she was brought to the lips of the women’s vagina where she was teasingly brushed against. The anticipation was almost too much to bear for her. The slow tease continued for a few moments as she brushed against the labia and  clitoris gently rubbing them with her latex body. “OHHHHHH I love this!!” she mentally yelled as she was used. Then Lucy was gently pushed inside the dark warm moist tunnel of the stranger’s vagina. “MMMMM This is where I was meant to be” Lucy thought in complete abandon to her new role in life. The erotically pleasant sensation of being held by the tightness of the woman’s vagina make her cum over and over. “AAAAAAHHHHHYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS” was all she could say over and over. Lucy’s stimulation was increased a hundred fold when she began to rub against the vagina as she was pulled out and shoved back in slowly, sensuously at first then faster and faster as the woman who was her new owner came closer to her orgasm.

Finally Lucy’s owner reached her climax and shuddered as she yelled. Lucy had already had uncountable orgasms rock her latex form and she was sure she had moved her new form as a result of that vibrating in the woman’s vagina. They had reaches such a level of intensity she knew she had blacked out for a bit. Her owner finally collapsed into her bed enjoying the glow from her orgasm as the cum flowed over her new dildo She reached a hand down and tasted it then smiled. She actually preferred others to her own, but for Lucy as her cum covered dildo thought she could taste it which made her mentally smile as well. The woman who was using Lucy for her sexual pleasure lay there for awhile with Lucy resting in her vagina.

The unknown young lady then pulled Lucy from her vagina and took her to the bathroom. There she washed her off lovingly then dried her off tenderly. Lucy was in heaven “If this is my new life it may not be so bad.” she thought pleasantly. Lucy’s new owner took her back and kissed her before putting her back in the drawer. “Thank you and I will be your best toy I promise!” Lucy said as she felt so happy and loved in her new home.

Lucy fell asleep dreaming of just being used all the time to make her owner happy and her wonderful vagina which she felt was like her home. When she awoke she heard her owner’s footsteps as she left for the day. After remaining there for what seemed like hours, eventually her body — responding to commands she did not give — began to move. Those same two tendrils came out and opened the drawer and then pushed her pink rubber body out and onto the floor with a rubbery bounce and clunk. She bounced a few times, rolled a little, then came to rest. In moments she began to enlarge, growing back to her normal shape and size.

In her mind Lucy felt a mix of disappointment and elation. Disappointed that she was not going to feel such pleasure again and elated that she was in some semblance of her former self. Despite what she felt Lucy’s body went to a mirror and she made sure she was perfectly attired then made her way to the door. There she did the same as she had when she first came here except for one thing she seemed to be able to see through her hand once it was squeezed through the door making sure no one was around. Lucy then squeezed the rest of herself through in short order and reformed in seconds into her beautiful self.

Again making sure no one was looking she retrieved her car keys and left.


Lucy was soon back in the shop opening it as usual in her latex fetish wear making many customers happy with her assistance and lovely presence. As the day drew to a close she once again closed up the shop but instead of returning to the window she left again to the same brownstone address. In no time at all she was again in the drawer but as a blue colored dildo this time. Again she was used and then cleaned up then put away. In the morning she left for the store to again sell more latex fashions and adult toys. This cycle repeated itself for over two weeks with Lucy becoming all different colors and styles of female sex toy. Then she was used by some woman who didn’t seem to question where she came from or where she went.

Throughout this Lucy was genuinely enjoying her nightly forays as a sex toy. “This is a lot of fun. I never would have imagined just how much I’d enjoy being an object. Of course being latex does help, how I enjoy that.” she mentally effused.


Then one day as she was expecting to be a lovely dildo for her new owner she went back to her old pattern of closing the store and changing into a mannequin in the window. While a little disappointing she knew she did love being a mannequin as well.  Lucy ended up in this pattern for about two months. Then one day much to her surprise she was closing up early and left. The trapped mind in Lucy’s body wondered what was up this time.

She arrived at a nearby mall and went to one of the nicer department stores. Having arrived there late and changing in the car to a less erotic style of clothing she made her way inside seemingly looking for some new form of attire. Lucy made her way to a  door that said employees only. Quietly looking around she stepped inside and made her way quickly to an employee locker. Slipping her hand inside like she did at  the brownstone she opened up the locker and found the employee ID resting inside. Lucy gazed at it and once more she morphed into an exact duplicate of the woman, even copying her clothing, then left the locker room. She made her way to where the store kept their mannequins where she quickly made sure she was alone she then tossed the ID tag away and changed back to herself.  Moments later she was nude and looking for a stand, though after finding one she quickly mounted it then posed. In an instant she was again a mannequin, standing nude this time without any hair at all, waiting to be taken and dressed then put on display. “Well I guess I am going to learn what it’s like to be touched by someone.” she giggled to herself. 


It wasn’t until the next day when she was discovered. One of the employee’s came over and looked her over. She examined her for something but Lucy wasn’t quit sure then it hit her. “She’s looking for a serial number and company logo I guess. Well I hope whoever is controlling my transformations remembered that!” she said to herself.

The woman then stood up and seemingly pleased with what she found she began to take Lucy apart. For Lucy who had already had very much enjoyed the woman’s first touches now found herself in a heaven of pleasure as every touch seemed to connect directly to the most sensitive parts of her vagina. “OOOOHHHH Yesssss, This is very nice!” Lucy thought as she felt their touch and orgasmed even louder as her pieces were separated from herself. They laid her out on a table and began recording all of her serial numbers found on all of her individual parts. Lucy was just laying there enjoying her new state and the feelings that came with being touched and taken apart. “Mmmmm I hope I stay here for quite some time. “ came Lucy’s fervent wish. 

As if in answer to that instead of reassembling her, they took her individual parts and stored  them separately with all the other mannequin parts. Her torso and head ended up on a shelf with others, giving her a view of the store room and the bins where her parts were. The legs were placed in a bin with other mannequin parts as were her arms and hands. “I don’t even feel like myself anymore. That professional somewhat dominant woman who owned a fetish shop and occasionally transformed girls into dolls and other toys seems light-years away from me now. That Lucy wouldn’t have enjoyed being controlled and used like I seem to. I just feel like I‘m not at my best if I‘m left to my own devices . I need to be someone‘s toy or tool for their pleasure.” she observed with what could only be described as wonder.

Lucy lay there feeling her individual parts touching other similar parts and being jostled when someone would grab for something. She knew she was just a part of the inventory now and would have to wait for her turn to be on display. Lucy didn’t have long to wait, in a weeks time she felt her legs being moved. Lucy could feel them being picked up and carried. Soon she saw them then felt and saw as a mannequin torso was attached to her legs. As they did Lucy orgasmed over and over as they touched and rubbed her missing parts. Just like that they were no longer hers anymore but some other mannequin’s. “I wonder just what is mine anymore.” she asked a little concerned.

What was funny to her was now she felt like she was in two places at once. Soon however some visual merchandiser came in and took her arms and like that she was in three places at once. “I just have my upper and lower torso now unless they decide to use that in another mannequin.” she remarked in a little bewilderment. “But still it is fun feeling someone touch me and make me orgasm even though they’re not even in the room.” she laughed to herself while she again felt the rush of pleasure as someone rubbed her legs.


A few days later Lucy was half asleep when another visual merchandiser came in grabbing parts to assemble another mannequin. It was with a mixture of surprise and elation that she felt her lower torso and upper torso being added to the pile on the cart.

Lucy felt and saw herself moving on the cart through the store past ‘her sisters’ in other displays and the clothing she saw hanging or on the shelves in the store. Soon she arrived at her final destination where other visual merchandisers were setting up other mannequins.

They took the legs they had brought with them and attached them to her hips . The nylons were placed on her next, black and sheer. Then the shoes with five inch heels were placed on what were now her feet then she was mounted on her stand. Her upper torso was then placed on her hips and attached. Lucy was then dressed in a black halter dress with the attachment of what she considered to be her arms now to her torso. A diamond and gold bracelet was placed on her wrist to match the ankle bracelet around her new ankles. The visual merchandiser looked at her and considered she then placed a long blonde wig on her and after making sure everything was just so she left Lucy to enjoy herself in the window and her form.

For Lucy the touch of the visual merchandiser’s on her two parts was heavenly and when they attached the arms and legs to her the funniest thing happened. It was like they became a part of her and when they touched them she felt it as her own. Those moments of orgasmic bliss along with what had come from being mounted on her stand left her in a paradise of pleasure and satisfaction. “If this is what I can expect from my new life I’m going to be very happy to be a display fixture.!” she thought to herself with a mental smile.

Now in the peaceful bliss she found herself in she took the time to notice the display she was in. There were two other mannequins with her both brunette wigs but with slightly different hair styles. They were also wearing dresses and high heels. “This is a nice display we’re in. It’s almost like a club and we’re dancing and having fun. Oh and I love where we are I can see all the people going by in the mall.” Lucy mentally grinned.


Lucy remained in the window display untouched except for dusting and minor adjustments by the staff for over a month. She enjoyed watching the people watching her and the subtle circulation of air over her plastic skin. She did enjoy the dusting and fussing over her with every touch a rush of erotic pleasure for her.

Soon however her time in the window ended. Too soon for Lucy’s tastes but since she was a mannequin she had no say in it. They came for her and to Lucy’s joy undressed her and took her apart. Again she found herself being transported on the cart. “Back to the storeroom for me I guess.” she thought in resignation.

She was surprised when instead they went to a display inside the store. There she found two other mannequins already dressed and mounted. One brunette again and another redhead wearing rather formal gowns for an event. Once again Lucy was dressed in the same manner as before with the legs attaching to her hips and then nylons being placed on her. Followed by  shoes and placement on her stand then placement of her torso on her. Her dress was placed on over her head and pulled down over she shoulders after it was satisfactorily on her arms were placed in their respective sockets. The wig and jewelry quickly followed with the visual merchandiser’s brushing her hair and fussing over her dress and jewelry.

Moments later they left her and her sisters — as she’d come to see them — alone surrounded by the throng of customers. The women of all shapes and appearances would come by to admire the clothing and in some cases to admire the mannequins as well. For the men most would ignore them but there were a few who snuck furtive glances at them and in one man's case stared. But not at all of them he focused his attention on Lucy drinking her in with his eyes before he blushed and embarrassed quickly left. “I wonder if he’s the one doing all this to me. If so I’d like to thank him for this.” she thought quite sincerely.

Lucy spent another month in the floor display just having them change her clothes  periodically and being dusted. Lucy loved how someone other than the store employee’s would touch her. It sent waves of orgasmic pleasure running through her plastic form. “I do love this, being on display. Just an object to display clothes and for some envy or lust. Having people admire me for my body and looks. Not worrying about anything but looking good. I’ve always wanted this.” she said to herself with a peaceful sigh.


As the month ended the store’s visual merchandisers came by and began taking apart the display including undressing the mannequins then taking them apart. Again Lucy found herself in pieces on a cart being shuttled through the store. In answer to an unasked prayer she found herself in the lingerie dept. They brought her in and next to some forms they put her stand and reassembled her in white fluffy slides with a five inch heel. They then dressed her in a white lined bustier with lace front and lycra back with matching white lace fingerless gloves. They fitted her with similar white lace panties and white nylons with lace trim. Her blonde wig was removed and replaced by a long brown haired wig that reached far down her back with a final touch a gold locket was placed around her neck on a white ribbon.

“Oh I feel so pretty like this. I’m so glad they decided to display me in lingerie. It is one of my favorites.” Lucy thought to herself with a pleasant feeling of completeness and joy. As she stood there people came by as before admiring her even jealous of her as she stood there perfect and plastic. She was left to model the lingerie for another five days before they brought something else for her wear. It was a sheer halter-style fishnet body stocking with open bosoms and crotch. They placed a pair of black sandals with six inch heels on her ever-arched plastic feet before finishing her and moving on to other mannequins they had to dress. Lucy loved being dressed and even taken apart she felt so doll like and loved when they did. The touch of their hands feeling like someone was licking every inch of their skin also helped as well. “Makes me wish they’d touch me, play with me, and dress me more often!” Lucy remarked while enjoying her new life. “Especially that one girl she seems to linger over me more than the others. I think she likes me!” she mentally surmised. When she came by to change her and seemed to go out of her way to brush her hand against Lucy’s blank crotch and fell her plastic ass. Lucy loved it “Why don’t you make me your very own mannequin, cutie!“ she mentally told her one day. Lucy loved once again the more blatant looks of lust and, on some, shock when they saw her exposed. Lucy didn’t mind being semi-nude, it was a turn on for her. Being looked at naked was just another part of her new existence she had come to accept and love in her new role as a mannequin.


It was six weeks into her new position as a lingerie mannequin when they came for her. She had worn baby dolls, chemises, camisoles, teddies, gowns, and just about every other kind of lingerie she could want to. They took her apart and undressed her and carried her off again. Lucy could only regret leaving the lingerie department and wonder where she was going to.

Lucy was now in a back room of the store still laying in parts when some employee she had never seen before arrived with two arms and legs. He removed Lucy’s borrowed arms and legs and substituted the new ones. Then she was reassembled into a whole mannequin. It was then she realized that the new arms and legs where her original ones she had three months ago. “Am I going to leave now?” Lucy asked herself disappointed. Before she could further her speculations she began to feel a familiar feeling encompass her. “Oh, I am changing. Damn I guess it’s back to the shop.!” Lucy quietly predicted.

As the familiar erotic feeling overtook her she silently orgasmed over and over. “OOHHHH…I’ve always loved this at least!!” Lucy silently cried to herself in pleasure. She began to change from hollow modular plastic to a warm lovely soft woman. As Lucy once again felt her naked body and could finally move for the first time in three months this enhanced her already earth shaking orgasm into something so tremendous that if she had any control of her body she would have collapsed. Lucy moved her now naked body off her stand and stood next to it. Then much to the surprise of the trapped persona in her mind she began to transform again.

Lucy’s arms began to collapse on themselves melting back to her torso. She looked down and saw her legs began to do the same thing as well. At the same time she felt herself becoming hollow plastic again like a mannequin. Her impressive breasts seemed to become more pronounced and erect as her arms became nothing more than stubs and her legs stopped at mid thigh as she became a torso form. Lucy once again found herself overcome by the resultant orgasms. “OOOOHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYEEEEESSSSS…I’m in heaven again!!” she yelled in her thoughts. Lucy stood there next to the stand relishing the orgasms from her latest change exploring her new form. “I’m a torso form now. Interesting I bet I end up in the lingerie dept. again. I think I like it.” she mentally observed.


She didn’t have long to wait a passing employee found her picked up her hollow truncated body and carried her to the lingerie dept. like she had surmised. They dressed her in a powder blue bra and panty set and carried her to a nearby shelf next to another mannequin in the same position she had been in. There she quietly watched and reveled in her new form and life as a display fixture. They left her there for two more weeks every three days or so changing what she was displaying. Lucy loved how they touched her when they changed her and how she felt so perfect now. Lucy orgasmed every time they did touch her , feeling hands on her hard plastic breasts was enough to bury her mind in pleasure. “This is bliss, on display, just a perfect body for everyone to want!” she considered with a mental smile.  “Once again being dusted and changed are really the highlights of my new existence. Lucy stated mentally to herself. After the last day of the three weeks expired they carried her to a window wearing a g-string set and placed her there. “Oh this is so much better than inside I love being in the window!” Lucy thrilled to herself.

She remained as a form in the window for another two months being handled as they added and changed things around her. Handled again when they changed her clothes and dusted her. Lucy loved the attention and adulation of those who looked in the window. At the end of the second month though her private paradise ended again. They picked her up and carried her to the storage area and placed her on a table there after they stripped her clothes off. She sat there for a few moments and when no one was around her body changed again.

“OOOOHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!!” screamed Lucy in her mind as she orgasmed again and again. “Funny I’ve never grown used to those. It’s like each one is as new and as wonderful as the first time!” Lucy’s mind doing the equivalent of a smile at that thought.

The torso form she was changed the legs reappearing long and seductive and in the air in just such a pose. “Well looks like I’m modeling pantyhose!” Lucy said happily to herself. She knew now she was a pantyhose form and it was alright with her. Not long after they came for her and just like she thought she was back in the lingerie dept. modeling hose and she loved it. “They can keep me here forever!” Lucy added turned on by the stretchy pantyhose hugging her plastic and oh so sensitive form. “Maybe I’ll get to be a bra form and a dress form too!!” she thought in anticipation.


This time she was put on display next to the product she was selling and this time she was touched by every woman who was buying pantyhose which sent her into space on the thrust of all those orgasms. Lucy also felt the caress of  not a few curious men. They only added to her overwhelming joy of erotic bliss. Again the touching and caress of being changed was heavenly to Lucy.  She luxuriated in her new form for what seemed like another two months when again they undressed her and carried her off  to the storage room.

This time as if whoever was in control of her form really was listening to her thoughts she found herself undergoing another transformation. This time her plastic legs began to melt back into her while her upper torso began to reform. In no time at all she was a beautiful bra form. “I like this! I’ve always wanted large perfect breasts I can display in public and now I have them!” Lucy thought  as she sat there on the table. Once more she found herself in the lingerie department and then sitting on a shelf wearing a very attractive white lace bra. A three month stint modeling bras was just what Lucy had wanted all the time.

During her time as a bra form Lucy again felt the touch of people cleaning her and dressing her. She noticed the same girl that had fondled her before was now working in the lingerie department. This same young lady again fondled her oversize breasts whenever she could. “Back are you baby, to play with your plastic toy? Well you go right ahead honey. Make Lucy doll your toy!!” Lucy invited with a huge mental grin.

One day though as in all those other times before someone undressed her and carried her out of the lingerie section to the storeroom. “My home away from home!” Lucy giggled to herself. Again as she stood there she began to transform again. Lucy began growing again and orgasming too as she did. She felt her stomach and hips reappear “Welcome back OHHHHHHHHHHAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! “ she silently yelled in pleasure. After she had finished she realized she was now a dress form but without her stand. Another employee found her and carried her over to another part of the storeroom. There he found a wheeled stand for Lucy the dress form. She felt herself being screwed onto it and again orgasmed long and hard. “Oh thank you honey for that wonderful screwing! I feel like I have a dildo inside me now! What more can an artificial girl want!” Lucy mentally remarked.

Unlike the previous times she was taken to the evening wear department and dressed in a black velvet mini-dress  and rolled out onto a floor display. “Oh this is nice! I think I’ll enjoy myself here for quite awhile!” as she orgasmed again as someone ran their hands over her plastic body and the dress she was displaying. Soon in her months there she wore every description of evening wear both long and short. Lucy was even dressed in cocktail dresses in all colors and styles. “I’m in heaven I feel so lovely and sophisticated. For a dress form that is!” she mentally giggled. Lucy continued to orgasm as she was dressed and touched. Even the feeling of the fabric against her plastic body was very arousing. Lucy remained there for another six months before her situation changed again.

As Lucy was just believing she had found a permanent home they came for her and undressed her. They carried her back to the store room and when there they unscrewed her from the wheeled base that had pleasured her along with seeming to fill her now missing vagina. Lucy was disappointed when it was removed and again wondered what  her body would change her into when whoever was controlling it ordered the change. After removing her base they placed her on a  table with other forms when Lucy felt that same old feeling she really did enjoy as her plastic body changed. This time her legs, arms, and head made a re-appearance. She was also restored to flesh for the first time in months.

 Lucy sat there on the table feeling her body and frankly reveling in it again. The beautiful Chinese woman just smiled and fingered her vagina for awhile “I haven’t done this in years! I do wonder how my store is doing and Oh! What about my car? I bet that’s long gone. Shit! What am I supposed to do?” Lucy asked her fellow mannequins. Before she had that long to enjoy her playing with herself or worry about her car she stopped fingering herself and walked over and took a stand again. “Well back to work I guess . Vacations over.” Lucy mentally giggled at that. She again placed the stand inside her as all those times before as she formed a receptacle for it. After she had mounted herself she again changed into a mannequin.


Lucy stood there for a few hours when someone came by and looked at her. The employee checked her serial number against his clipboard and nodded. He picked her up off the stand and took her apart then placed her pieces on the table. “ I wonder where I’ll end up now?” she asked herself as he grabbed her leg and began wrapping it up in bubble wrap and placed it into a box he produced. Lucy found her entire body in pieces in bubble wrap and boxed up.

It was dark in the box and she couldn’t see out but she felt herself being carried and then set down. She remained there for days or they seemed like days she couldn’t be sure. Lucy then felt herself being carried and it felt like she was riding in some vehicle. Again she felt like she was being carried after they had stopped and then she felt as if she was moving on a conveyor belt.  There seemed to be another pause like she was on a shelf when again she was moved back into a vehicle.


Lucy felt herself moving in a vehicle of some sort for quite some time when she seemed to come to a halt. She felt herself being carried and heard the bell that announced someone had entered. Lucy then heard a familiar voice “Yes can I help you?” she asked the driver who was carrying Lucy.

“I know that voice! It’s Jessica she really took a shine to me in the store. What is she doing here?” Lucy asked herself but she had no answers for herself.

“Package for Lucy’s fetish shop. If this is the right place.” he told her with a smile as he saw the black latex cat suit clad blonde smile oh so sexily at him.

“Oh indeed it is but it’s under new management now. My name’s Jessica and I just bought this place from the old owner. She’s retired and moved on. I daresay she’s enjoying her retirement. It really is like no other.” Jessica grinned and signed his tablet.

He thanked her and carried the carton holding the disassembled Lucy mannequin to the back where Jessica indicated. “I’m back where I started. I guess I’m just going to be a mannequin forever now and in my own shop!” she admitted to herself.


Lucy remained in her box for awhile when she saw her carton being opened and Jessica smiling down at her. Jessica began by caressing Lucy’s mannequin body, rubbing her in a way to drive Lucy over the edge as she orgasmed over and over.  Jessica then began reassembling Lucy placing her on a stand naked. Jessica then began rubbing her hands and body over Lucy in earnest. “OOOHHHHHH YESSSS!!!! Baby make me your fuck toy! Little Lucy loves it!!” Lucy yelled in her thoughts.

After she played with Lucy for over an hour she left to take care of store business “Welcome home Lucy, you lucky doll! Your moving up in the company honey!” she informed her with a grin. Just then someone else came into the backroom of the store. Lucy was still somewhat addled by her orgasms when she noticed the man walk up to her and look her over.

“Wait, I know him! It’s Mr. Samuels, my boss. Why had he done this to me, not that I’m complaining, but I’m curious?” Lucy asked herself.

“Hello Lucy my dear. Yes it has been me and you’ve been wonderful. We choose you especially for our test because of your years of faithful service and loyalty. Your expertise at producing quality love dolls also entered into it and on a personal note it’s also because I find you sexy and alluring.” he grinned and continued “We in the company have therefore decided to move you on to another position my dear and we think you’ll love every minute of it!” he said with the same grin on his face.

“I know this is somewhat of a shock but I’ll begin your transformation now to start your new life. Oh before I do, Jessica here is taking over the store for you and she is quite a fan of yours as well. Well goodbye and enjoy your new life.” and he rubbed her plastic mounds.


Lucy moaned as he did wondering how they were going to change her. She didn’t have long to wait as she felt the now familiar tingle she saw her body changing becoming darker and shiny. “Oh I know this feeling. I’m becoming latex again. But I don’t think I’m going to be a dildo this time. I think I’m flattening out and oh parts of my body are merging with the rest! OOOHHHHHH it feels so good” she said in amazement.  Lucy was correct as her head merged into her shoulders and her feet and hands did the same as well. Her whole body flattened out which she thought was a shame for her lovely breasts. Lucy now realized she was becoming Latex clothing in fact a black cat suit. No longer a mannequin she collapsed to the floor, where Jessica retrieved her as Lucy came so many times she knew she couldn’t ever keep track.

Jessica folded her up and placed her where  Lucy used to keep the special latex wear she had used to change girls into dolls.  It was then Lucy realized what she was “I’m going to change some girl into a love doll. I love it. I wonder when I can do it.” she said to herself giggling. It wasn’t long before she got her wish when an attractive Asian girl came in and Jessica convinced her to try Lucy on. Lucy immediately began to orgasm when she was put on. Soon after so was the girl wearing her. As they both began to cum Lucy quite unintentionally, in fact she didn’t know how she did, began to change the young pretty stranger into an inflatable latex love doll. “OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHAAHHHHHHH !!!!” was all Lucy could think as she and the girl wearing her cummed all over. Soon Lucy felt herself changing and being changed turning to a tan pinkish color spreading over her companions body making her flesh latex and filled with air. Transforming her features to paint on her body and making her vagina, ass, and mouth just like a love dolls. Lucy began to feel less like the clothes her Asian friend was wearing and more like a love doll herself. She began to sense the other person with her, her name was Amanda although she didn’t think Amanda knew Lucy was a fellow passenger.


Lucy reveled in her new form “I’ve always wondered what it was like to be totally latex and now I know having been a cat suit and a doll in one day!!” she giggled at the thought. As Lucy was touched then deflated and folded like a doll before being placed in her box she orgasmed over and over as did Amanda. “Oh I’m going to love my new existence. I just wish I could help Amanda come to terms with the joys of a dolls existence.” Lucy admitted sincerely. She then heard Amanda calming down and enjoying her new form as Lucy did and she knew she could help Amanda by being there for her and sharing her feelings with her without having to speak a word at all. “I think I’ve finally found a home and I do love my new position in the company!” she mentally smiled as Mr. Samuels came by and picked up the box with Lucy and Amanda.

He was smiling as well “Lucy, your new position is now as my Love doll my dear and you’ll be enjoying all positions from now on, I think!!” he said as lasciviously as he could then carried her away. 


The End ?

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