Another Reality

by Petros

OK, here we go. Here's the story I promised, forgive me if it's not that great it's my first time.
    Petros' Another Reality
There are other worlds besides the one we call home. Realms that are cut off from ours by veils of time and space. Other realities where battles that were lost have been won, where heroes are not so good and those who are flesh and blood are statues.

Statues, Love and Other Spells  #1

Janya thought it was supposed to be your entire life that flashed before your eyes, not just the last few hours. She saw again the beginning of her and Zan's very brief adventure in this garden.

They had been in the Hall of Justice, watching the monitors, when they gasped at the sight on the screen. There was Wonder Woman secured in a net, trapped in the grip of a giant gladitor made of stone.

"We have to help her!" her twin brother, Zan, exclaimed.

The Wonder Twins activated their powers, Zan taking the form of an ice jet pack and Janya chose the shape of a gryphon. Appropriate, she thought, taking the shape of a mythical creature that was part eagle, part lion, as they raced to save Wonder Woman from mythical beings.

With their pet monkey, Gleek, on her back and Zan strapped to her, his jet pack form providing speed the twins easily reached the garden in time.

Janya swooped down and picked up the stone warrior, forcing him drop Wonder Woman. Janya then dropped the gladiator, she didn't look to see whether he broke apart when he hit the ground.

The twins flew back to where they last saw Wonder Woman and, after landing, changed back to their human shapes.

"We have to find Wonder Woman and get out of here," said Janya, looking around at the garden in the bright moonlight.

The garden was well maintained, only a few fallen leaves littered the ground. The trees and bushes were trimmed and all about the garden were granite statues of people. Young outnumbered the old, although the statues were of people from all types of classes, mostly all in some form of Greek clothing. Scattered among the different statues were those of warriors.

Janya especially took notice of the statue of one young warrior, about her age. He was handsome and had a sword belted to his side.

Her appreciation of the stone warrior was broken as Zan shouted, "There she is!"

Janya looked to where her brother was pointing. A figure was in the shadow of a tree with its back to them, it was definetly female, but Janya wasn't sure it was Wonder Woman.

She tried to mention this, but Zan was off before she could form the words and she took off to keep up with him. Neither noticed that Gleek was vigorously shaking his head no and waving his hands.

The Wonder Twins walked up to the figure and stopped a few feet short as Zan said, "Wonder Woman."

"I'm afraid you're mistaken. I am not this Wonder Woman, for I am Medusa!" said the figure as she turned into the moonlight.

The gorgon's hair of snakes coiled back and forth at the twins and hissed at them.

Janya felt a stiffness begin to creep into her body. The stiffness became an inability to move, followed by a feeling that her body was starting to harden. In shock and surprise she was able to gasp out, "Medusa?!"

The gorgon was beautiful in form and face. It was especially the face that drew Janya's eyes. The gorgon's gaze seemed to be almost hypnotic. Janya could see her the upper back of her brother.

She heard him force out, "We're turning to stone." Each word came slower as though his voice was a recording someone was slowing down.She could also see that he was losing color. His pink skin, the color of his costume and his black hair were all taking on a stony gray color.

As Janya watched she felt the hardness grow deeper in her own body. She could feel her very body turning to stone now and then her eyesight started to grow gray. Then both her eyesight and her mind went dark.


If the Wonder Twins could have still seen or heard, they would have seen a smile of pleasure cross Medusa's face as she looked at her two newest acquistions. Her smile grew as she said, "Exactly, and you will make beautiful additions to my statue garden for eternity!"

The twins would have also seen behind Medusa a familar figure hiding in the darkness provided by bushes. The figure was watching, but was also ready to duck into the darkness and hide her face from the gorgon.


Here's part two of the story I'm working on. To be honest I wouldn't mind some feedback.
   Thanks, Petros

Statues, Love and Other Spells  #2

Medusa examined her two newest statues for her garden. A young man and woman, both about the same height, the same haircut and outfits that matched. She looked closely at their still features and a smile crept over her face as she realized they were twins.

"I've never had twins in my collection before," she said. She moved closer to the brother, still smiling as she dropped her voice to a throaty purr. "A pity I didn't find out what your names were before I stoned you."

Her face was just inches from the young man's face, any closer and her snakes might have tried wrapping themselves around the statue's neck and head. Medusa reached out to the stone lad, allowing her hands to wander up and down his granite chest. Her hands moved up his chest and then down his arms.

"Mmmm. You were already working on having a hard body, even before we saw each other," she said her smile deepening.

She moved her hands back up his arms, taking in the cool, hard feel of his granite muscles. Her hands moved down his chest, over the ripples of young developing muscles that were now caught forever in stone. Medusa's hands moved down the statue's chest, to his waist and below that and to between his legs and. . . "Oohh," Medusa let out a little cry. "Something else of your's became hard, when you saw me," she whispered at the young man, nearly pouring the sentence into one of his pointed ears with a deep purr.

She was glad that she still had her beautiful face and figure. Some of her earlier victims had thought she still seemed to be like a goddess, despite her snaky locks. She played with his stone sex as best she could since his clothes were also made of stone. "We'll get rid of those clothes later," she purred. After she let his sex out the granite prison that was his outfit she would enjoy herself.

Medusa moved her hands up, until she was cupping his stone face in her hands. Her hands spread out until they both came to rest on his ears.

Playing with the points, she said, "I wonder if you and your sister are elves?" She looked deep into his eyes, the shock and surprise of seeing her was clear on his face. Medusa moved in closer, locking her warm lips over his cold ones. Her tongue moved across his lips taking in the taste and feel of granite. Almost like one of the snakes that made up her hair, her tongue moved around, finding where his lips parted. With a life of its own her tongue moved across the slight parition of his now stone smooth lips and inside his mouth as best it could.

She stepped back with a sigh, took in his entire statuesque from and then took a step over to the sister. She was very much like her brother, except she was more petite and had a lovely curvaceous form. She could hardly wait to get the clothes off her.

"My dear," said Medusa, taking a step toward the lovely statue, "your brother has me all hot, but you have me feeling wet."

Medusa's started at the finger tips of the young woman. She wanted to hold off touching those beautiful globes of granite that had been the girls' breasts as long as possible. After all, why start with the main course when there were appetizers. The young woman's fingertips were smooth, she could tell by the feel of them that this girl had liked to take care of her hands, making them look as lovely as the rest of her form.

Medusa's hands moved up over the woman's arms. "Ahh, you liked to be strong also," she said, feeling the tight muscles of the girl. She wondered if these twins had been warriors.

Since they were now statues in her garden and had been surprised to see her, she knew they hadn't been here after her. Medusa had dealt with warriors before. The truly lovely she had allowed to stay in her garden as stone monuments to themselves. Most she had either killed or broken apart after she stoned them. She didn't need constant reminders that there were those who saw her as nothing but a threat.

Medusa tore her mind away from such thoughts and turned her attention back to the beautiful statue before her. Medusa's hands moved up the girl's arms and up to her face. She allowed herself to trace her fingers around the woman's ears and then moved them down, down, down. Medusa realized that she was breathing heavier as her hands got closer to the woman's breasts. Well, why not? This young woman had the most beautiful breasts. She started with just two fingers on the outside of the stone globes, tracing each one. As her two fingers moved inward she allowed more of her hand to touch more of the statue's breasts, as though she was trying to become one with the statue.

She had a stray thought of what it would be like to spend eternity as a statue, forever touching this statue's breasts. Or, better yet, making love to her, or her brother, or both of them. There were worse fates, she thought. With something that almost sounded like a sigh of regret Medusa's hands moved down past the woman's breasts to examine the rest of her body. She lingered on where the young woman's sex was covered behind a granite curtain of clothing and also on the girl's legs. Such lovely legs.

Medusa moved her hands up, bringing them around the back of the woman's body, so she could hug the hard stone body against hers. Medusa let out a gasp that was more of a sharp release of pleasure as she felt the young woman's granite globes press against her soft, supple ones. She started kissing the young woman. First hard against her stone lips, then pressing softly across her grey face. Medusa's tongue popped out and lightly, she licked the stone lips, and then down the statue's neck as far down as she could go where the stone clothes would allow her. Medusa stepped back and took one last longingly look at the two statues.

"We are going to have an enjoyable time," she promised them.

She walked past them, toward her home. But first, she thought, there was still someone out there in her garden that wasn't made of stone. The twins had called her Wonder Woman. She had heard stories about an amazon warrior, who was also a princess. It was said the only thing that surpassed her abilities as a warrior was her great beauty. Medusa allowed herself a small smile as she came closer to her home.

If everything went well she would soon have the greatest and most beautiful statue in her collection.


Here's Another Reality: Statues, Love and Other Spells #3. I know it doesn't explain how to remove the stone clothes yet, but be patient that will be revealed in #4. For now, enjoy the story and let me know what you think. Petros

Statues, Love and Other Spells  #3

Wonder Woman watched from her hiding place as Medusa walked away toward her home. Her body was tense. She was ready to throw herself behind her leafy camouflage in case the gorgon looked back. She was also tense from a strange stirring she had felt when Medusa had been touching the Wonder Twins, but it was something she wouldn’t admit to herself. Although she wondered what it would feel like to be made of stone, to have her beauty forever captured as a statue, Diane pushed those feelings and thoughts deep within her. Such musings were not fit for a princess of the Amazons.

She glanced toward Medusa again. The creature was going into a building that, like the others in the gorgon’s garden, was built in the style of Greek architecture. With its marble columns and arched roof the house looked more like a temple or a palace.

Diane waited a few moments until she was sure Medusa was gone. “The Wonder Twins have been turned to stone,” she said as she parted the bushes, stepping out of the surrounding darkness, looking at Zan and Janya, admiring how beautiful they looked as statues. “And if I’m not careful the same thing could happen to me.” Would that be so bad, a small voice in the back of her mind whispered. To be a statue. What were the possibilities of being made of granite?

Wonder Woman shook her head to clear her mind of such thoughts.

Suddenly, as if popping out of the darkness of the night, Gleek, Zan and Janya’s pet alien monkey, appeared. He was chattering, but softly so as not to alert the gorgon that he was there, and making gestures.

“You want to help Gleek?” said Diane.

Gleek’s chattering and gesturing increased.

Wonder Woman had guessed correctly. “All right, you can help create a diversion, but don’t look at Medusa or you’ll be a simian statue.”

With that Wonder Woman and Gleek advanced toward Medusa’s dwelling.


Medusa sat waiting in an open area of her home. It was bare of most furnishings, not even a statue could be found in the room, but that would change before the night was through. Suddenly, Medusa heard a loud chattering. It sounded like a monkey; she had heard the sound before she had gained her snaky locks. When she could walk through a market place without worrying about turning people to stone.

She looked up at one of her chandeliers and what she saw looked like a large monkey, hanging from the fixture by its tail. Except it was wearing some odd costume and… was blue?!

“Get down here,” she ordered. “Get down here or I’ll turn you to stone.”

She wondered how she would do that, considering the monkey had one of its hands over its eyes to protect itself from Medusa’s stony glare. Medusa then heard a crash. She looked toward the noise and saw that a vase had fallen from it stand. Out of the corner of her eye she saw some movement. Still looking out of the corner of her eye she looked to see if there was a mirror; more than one warrior had tried that, hoping she would stone herself. Not seeing the telltale sparkle of light that a mirror gave, Medusa looked toward the movement.

A woman stood just a few feet away from her. She must be a warrior, thought Medusa. She has some kind of armor on, although it was in brilliant shades of blue, white and red. Medusa saw the warrior had her arms up covering her face from Medusa’s sight. Medusa also saw a glint of light at the wrists of the warrior. She realized this woman was wearing some type of metal bracelets. Medusa knew she would have to be careful of those bracelets, or else she would be the newest statue in her own garden. The gorgon also saw a golden tiara on the woman’s head. She knew who this warrior must be.

“Look at me, Wonder Woman,” said Medusa. “I dare you to look me in the eye. Look at me and turn to stone.”


Diane kept her face covered, knowing full well what would happen if she took that dare. Although a small part of her ached to look at Medusa’s face. No, thought Diane. One does not look upon the face of the gorgon and live. She looked down at her golden lasso. Her telepathy over it had saved her in the past and it would do so now. She commanded the golden rope to work its way down and slither, like one of Medusa’s snakes, across the floor, up the side of Medusa and gently wrap itself around Medusa’s necklace.

Wonder Woman then pulled the necklace free from Medusa and tugged it toward her waiting open right hand. “It looks like you lost your necklace Medusa. That’s what happens when you face Diane, princess of the Amazons,” crowed Wonder Woman.

She took a step forward, but then stopped as a hand clasped her right wrist. Diane looked down and saw Medusa’s hand was covering her bracelet. Wonder Woman tried to move her left arm up to show the gorgon her reflection in her other bracelet, but before she could move her arm, Diane felt herself spun around. She looked square into the face of Medusa, at once lovely and petrifyingly hideous.

“No!” was all Diane could blurt out.

She dropped the necklace as she took a few steps back, before she felt her body go stiff, then rigid, then hard. Diane felt the hardness go deeper into her body. For a moment she could actually feel her boots turn to stone against her skin. She then felt the stone effect go into her toes, then up her feet, into her ankles and spread up her legs, making them into two stone columns that supported her body. The stoning continued up her thighs. Wonder Woman felt her ass become rock hard. For the briefest of instances Diane felt every fold of skin of her sex and the hair around it become captured in stone.

Diane gasped with the last breath in her body as she felt the stoning effect enter her body like a lover. She felt the stone spread outward to her costume and there seemed to be a race as to which would turn to stone first, her skin or her armor. Diane felt the stone enfold her breasts making them firmer than they had ever been. While her nipples became the hardest she had ever felt them. The stone continued up her chest and down her arms, transforming them into stone limbs and spreading down to her fingers. The stoning effect spread up Wonder Woman’s neck and washed over her face. With the last of her consciences, Diane felt her hair become stony wires. Then, all was still.



As Medusa watched Diane finish turning to stone she realized she was breathing heavily, she also felt enflamed and her sex was more than a little damp.

Behind her, Medusa heard something like a whimper. The monkey. She looked out of the corner of her eye, but saw the animal was growing dim, then transparent and then fade away. An illusion? She gave a slight shrug as she turned her attention back to her newest prize.

Medusa walked around the statue, looking it over. Admiring the long lean legs, allowing her hand to caress the tight granite ass. As Medusa came around to the front of the stone princess, she let her hand wander down Diane’s stony left arm. It felt cool, smooth and hard. Medusa felt a shudder of delight go through her entire body. She came face to face with the statue of Wonder Woman and realized the Amazon was taller than her. She looked up into that beautiful face now forever preserved in granite. The eyes were wide in shock and surprise with wonderfully lovely stone eyelashes encircling them. Diane’s mouth was caught in an “oh” shape, and yet, by the gods, the very ends of her lips seemed to be turned upward. Medusa looked at the entire face, it seemed that just under the shock, below the surprise there was a slight look of ecstasy hidden on Diane’s face. And she could swear the eyes had a little bit of a gleam of pleasure. Medusa shrugged slightly. She just wanted to enjoy her newest statue.

With a sigh she leaned in to Diane’s face peppering it lightly with kisses and then said, “My dear, you’re the masterpiece I’ve been waiting for my entire life.” She allowed her hands to explore the princess’ body. Diane’s form fitting costume gave her body a certain appeal, but Medusa would enjoy it more without the clothing. Medusa allowed her body to lean into Diane’s stone form.

She looked out into her garden, past the statues of the twins and could see the first rays of dawn peeking over the horizon. She stepped back, trying to stifle a yawn, but found she couldn’t. Medusa wanted to do so much, but she needed some sleep.

She could hardly wait for the night when she would enjoy the time with her three newest stone playmates.


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