Note: Argo Forg’s World of Phantasie was originally conceived as a shared world to which any interested authors could contribute. The original site fell dormant and was deleted when the Many-Realms domain went down. I have restored the entire site, with Argo’s permission and a few code tweaks, and the invitation for other authors to join in remains open. I previously said: “Although the original site has now been restored, I’ll keep this mirror active just in case.” Well, now the original site is gone, so I guess it’s lucky I did.


World of Phantasie - A Mythological Fantasy World for the Statuephile


Enter now, into a world of ancient times, when the wonder of magick was everywhere and men of strange power walked the Earth. Journey to a far-off land, where beauty and danger lurk around every bend in the winding road or a flowing brook. Heed ye, of the perils that accompany foolishness and the rewards that come to those that choose... wisely.

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In every story there is a beginning, and this saga begins with a simple wizard and a complicated spell.

The tale continues as the true powers of the gift come to be discovered.

  1. Fortune, Fame, and the Foolish
  2. Bitter Introductions
  3. Discussion, Ambush, and First Blood


Forsooth, for those scribes intrepid enough to follow in the path of the writers of this tale;
a few bits of hard-won knowledge about the World, its peoples and its language:



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