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I am interested in a mannequin story that is very real. And I don't like magic, spell, fantasy, and sci-fi. Especially, I like coating whole body or wearing stiff clothes and immobilizing.

madtrans's Recommendations

Charity by Apollo

Living Mannequin

Leslie has a fantasy that can't be fulfilled. It is to become a beautiful female mannequin. One day he meets a strange psychologist who tells him that she can fulfill his fantasy. She fulfilled his fantasy with plaster.

The Mannequin Corset by RSmkn

Living Mannequin

There was a man who loved to dress as a girl and pretend he was a mannequin. And there was a woman who was looking for a guy that she could dress as a girl and put on display. They met at a fetish party. She immobilized him with big tight corset and special shoes which is attached to the display.

Subliminal Commands by RSmkn

Living Mannequin

A man got a strange videotape by mail. In the videotapes, someone is forced to be a maid and become a mannequin in the mannequin suit. One day later, he got another package. In the package, there was a same mannequin suit as he had seen in the videotape before.

Looking for Shoplifters by Disman

Living Mannequin

Kari pretended to be a mannequin to look for shoplifters in the department store. To disguise as a mannequin, the department store staff gave her a special cream. The cream dry and harden several hours later. It helped her to pose as a mannequin long time in the pedestal.

Restitution by Disman

Living Mannequin

Jasmine and Tracy broke the mannequins which would be displayed in the contest. The mannequin owner Peg needed a contest winner prize $2,500. Jasmine and Tracy felt very sorry, so decided to act as her mannequins in the contest. Peg applied special makeup to make them look like real mannequins.

Lori's London Vacation by ?

Living Mannequin

Lori likes latex. She found a latex store on the London street. She decided to work as a model one week in the store. However, she worked inside a mannequin.

Living Art by Mike

Living Statue

Jane's job is freelance fetish journalist. She met Dak Halson the famous fetish artist by accident in a cafe. He said to her that she could interview him if he got her dressed and did the show at the Club DeHood as a living statue. She wore a tight corset and PVC to become a living statue.

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