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[Leem speaking. I've inherited this site from EHY, but contributors are still welcome. You may assume that all of the remarks made by EHY below apply to me too.]

Contributed recommendations should include the following information about each story:

If you're sending me your first recommendations, you may also send me some information about your general tastes, or even biographical info, to be included on your page. This may help people to know whether they're likely to enjoy what your recommend - a person who enjoys short transformation-to-statue stories probably shouldn't bother reading recommendations by someone who prefers character-driven stories about androids, and vice versa.

Please email this information to Leem in SIMPLE TEXT or HTML format. Word documents and most other formats will be ignored.

Questions and Answers

How many stories can I recommend?

There's no fixed limit, but remember that these should be your favorites. People who want an all-inclusive list of every ASFR story ever written can go to LTBSA; this site is intended as a shortcut to the best ASFR has to offer. Five to twenty is probably a good guideline.

How long does it take for you to put up my recommendations?

I don't know. I make no promises. I'll try to get to it as soon as I have time, but I have other things to do in my life and this is not a high priority for me. Please be patient.

What if someone recommends a story and I hate it?

Pretty much the same thing that happens in the rest of the world - you spend a little time reading a story you don't like, and then you go on with your life and don't pay as much attention to that person's recommendations in the future. Better yet, send me your recommendations for stories you do like!

Will you edit my recommendations?

Maybe a little, for spelling and grammar, but I won't change what you say, no matter how much I disagree with it. I may refuse to post a recommendation if I feel it is in particularly poor taste or overly negative, if the link doesn't work, if I have reason to think the story is on the web illegally, or for other reasons that seem good to me.

I wrote a new story. How do I post it on your site?

You don't. This is a story RECOMMENDATION site, not a story site. If you're looking for a place to host your story, there are plenty of other sites that do that - for example, the Legacy of Timeless Beauty Story Archive, which hosts many of the stories recommended here. Then if someone else likes it a lot, they can recommend it here.

Can I recommend stories I wrote?

Well... on the one hand, I kind of want to say no. The point of this site is for us to plug each other's works, not our own. But on the other hand, if people like the stories you recommend, they'll probably also like the stories you write. So my compromise is this: You may recommend stories you have written, BUT, you must recommend at least one new (that is, not already listed on the site) story by another author for each link of your own you list. Also, stories you wrote will be listed in a separate section at the bottom of your page.

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