Britney Gets the Wax Treatment
By Basilisk

I checked the temperature of the wax vat, and it was a perfect 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Not really a true wax, it was my own special concoction of natural waxes and polymers that would remain extremely liquid as long as it was maintained above 110 F. Once exposed to air and cooled, it turned rock hard and crystal clear. It had other special properties as well.. I had to invent this certain mixture due to the delicate nature of some of my subjects.

That turned my thoughts to my latest acquisition, who stood silently mesmerized in a corner. I won't go into all the details of how I managed to get Miss Spears into my workshop, but money placed in the right hands can work wonders. Having already taking the liberty of hypnotizing her into believing she was a statue, (makes my job easier, believe me), I began to remove her clothing. The young blond stood at glazed-eyed attention while I removed her midriff baring pink top, schoolgirl skirt, and panties. Upon unhooking her bra, I was greated with the magnificent sight of two perfectly hemispherical globes, with small upward thrusting nipples pointed skyward. I know they are not real, but better living through chemistry, thatís my motto.

I guided the mesmerized pop singer to a small platform at the side of the enormous bubbling vat, and gave her a good going over with a depilitory foam to remove any stray body hair. She hardly needed it, but it is one of my favorite parts of the job. Once completed, I pinned up her blond locks, and placed a protective cap over her hair, making sure it was postioned right on her hair line. Sometimes I left this out for the 'wet hair' look, but once the wax dried it was impossible to change, so I wanted to leave my options open. I decided on a basic pose that would accentuate her already plastic bosom, so I placed her beautiful little feet in some high heel formers I had dreamt up, consisting of mesh shoes on an angled platform, so that the wax could still seep in and work its magic. Her hands were placed behind her head, elbows out, and one knee slightly bent. I told her to give me a smile, and when she had the right half lidded, faraway look in her eyes, I said "Freeze!" She obeyed me immediately, and stood rigidly locked in her pose. I had no worries about her ruining her pose before the wax hardened, because she was already as solid as granite in her own mind.

I walked briskly over to the controls, bursting with excitement. This was going to be the best one yet! I activited the overhead crane, which slowly lifted Britney's platform in to the air. Using the controls, I maneuvered her over the vat, and taking a deep breath, pulled the down lever, slowly immersing her in the bubbling liquid.The liquid seemed to foam around her, caressing each new part of her as she began her final descent into immortality. After she was completely immersed, I checked the timer on my console. The wax mixture was extremely runny, much less viscuous than even water. It would actually soak into the pores of the skin, and bond with it, so it needed time for this to occur. Left in too long, too much would build up on her, marring some of the detail and possibly causing runs. After the proper amount of time, I pushed forward on the 'up' lever, and held my breath. Britney slowly rose from the vat, like Botticelli's Venus emerging from the ocean. The wax was extremely shiny, and coated her lovely form from top to bottom. She had been called a sugary, 'bubblegum' pop star, and now she looked the part, as if she had been candied, covered with a sugar coating. I moved her over to the platform, and gazed in awe at her glistening form. Knowing I had to get some things done quickly, before she dried rock-hard, I removed the hair cover and slipped her out of the foot holders. She was pretty hard on the surface now, but it would be a few hours before she was thoroughly dry. I checked her delicate feet for any missed spots from the shoes, and quickly touched them up with a sprayer attached to the side of the vat. That completed, I tilted her back upright, running my hands along her shiny, smooth, cool surface. Every detail was there as before, only now preserved for all time in a thin layer of superhard wax. Knocking on one dimpled cheek, I was rewarded with the clunking sound of banging on a piece of hard wooden furniture. I reluctantly placed her to one side to dry, and busied my self with preparing the wax for storage. ( I accidently let it get hard in the vat once.. took weeks to repair.)

[AP) Waxwork of Singer Unveiled: Missing Pop Star honored with new wax figure at prominent museum.A watched pot never boils, and seemingly ages later, the requisite time had elapsed. I approached Britney, and tilted her back and to one side. I couldn't get over how beautiful she was, and how deserving of immortality she was. Her pop career would have ended soon, and she would have been another "Where are they now" segment for VH-1. But now, she would be preserved, just has everyone rembered her, for eternity. I moved a portable tank over, and began spraying her with a matt finish to cover the glare. I personally liked the shine, but the buyer wanted 'lifelike', and the customer is always right. Soon she was back to a more normal sheen, and I began dressing her in a tight white T-shirt, short grey skirt, white socks, and black heels. The pose was perfect, and soon she looked like she was frozen in the middle of performing for one of her videos. I knew the buyer would love it, but I was going to hate seeing her go. I really couldn't afford to keep the famous ones in my private collection, they were so expensive to obtain, and fetched such a good price. I gave the beautiful Miss Spears one last lingering look, and a kiss on the cheek, before tipping her up and placing her into a shipping crate. Yawning, I pounded in the last few nails, and addressed it for a morning UPS pickup. Ah well, another day, another dollar. Time for bed. I had a 7 AM with a certain young movie starlet that I did not want to miss.