Celebrity Doll

by johnsan

Callista ambled down the boulevard feeling out of sorts. Her movies had not been widely successful and her series was long over and it seemed like the ravages of aging were taking their toll on her. She walked on until she found a coffee shop and decided to stop in for coffee. Callista sat in a booth and waited for the waitress while chewing on her troubles in her mind. She did notice that the coffee shop did seem a little seedy and she wondered whatever possessed her to stop. Callista shrugged and waited “Coffee is coffee, how bad can it be,” she thought to herself.

The waitress came up to her and Callista noticed her unique appearance in a city that thrives on individuality. The waitress was tall and thin with skin the pallor of  someone who was indoors a lot. It even seemed to have a glossiness to it but she told herself that was just a trick of the lighting here. Her makeup was dark with very red lips it seemed to applied rather heavier than was currently fashionable too. It was like she was made up for the stage or to be on display. She looked at Callista with eyes that also didn’t quite look right but again Callista attributed it to the lights.

“So honey what’ll it be,” she asked in typical fashion. Her nametag said Mabel, Callista noted “Well Mabel just a cup of coffee for now please.” Callista asked. Mabel smiled and left after writing that on her pad.  In a moment she returned with a pot, cup, saucer, and spoon. Mabel placed it on the table and smiled again. It was then Callista noticed how different her smile was. It too seemed not quite human; like it would have been more at home on a display piece in a store window than a human being.

Mabel didn’t leave immediately after pouring the coffee, she just looked hard at Callista. Callista with an exasperated expression said “Yes, I am Callista Flockhart!” as she looked up at Mabel.

“No it’s not that Ms. Flockhart. You just seem like you’re troubled,” Mabel said with that pleasant seemingly artificial smile.

“Oh I’m sorry. I just wasn’t in the mood for another fan session today that’s all. Well, yes, I do have some things on my mind but I really don’t want to talk about them now. Thanks anyway,” Callista tried to say in as pleasant a manner as possible.

Mabel unexpectedly sat across from her in the booth, regarding her with that same smile, much to Callista’s surprise. “I do know what’s troubling you Callista; I can see it in your eyes,” she announced. Even more surprising is that Callista didn’t strenuously object to the waitress' intrusion like she felt. It seemed like her words felt so soothing to Callista. She decided to sit and listen to what she had to say.

“Listen Callista, I know that you’re worried about growing old and the course your career is taking but I think I can help you,” Mabel said with genuine concern and that faux smile plastered on her face. “If you agree, I can give you the youthful looks and a body that will rejuvenate your career and life!” Mabel offered with that contrived plastic smile.

Callista’s first reaction was to immediately reject her offer and leave as quickly as possible. Something, though, kept her from that; some part of her was intrigued or even seduced by the offer that Mabel made. So with some trepidation nagging at her mind she asked what she would have to do.

Mabel smiled “All you have to do is agree and drink this,” she said with her unbroken smile while holding out a small tan vial. “You’ll then be beautiful and unaging, forever.”

“Forever! I don’t believe that but even if it works for ten or twenty years it will be enough.” Callista admitted. Callista then thought to herself “Why not? What can it hurt?”  “Ok I’ll do it!” Callista enthusiastically agreed. Mabel handed her the vial and drank. It was sweet and then rapidly turned bitter but she quickly swallowed. She felt nothing and looked at Mabel as if to question what was going on.

Mabel waved aside her concerns. “It will take effect shortly. Give it time and you will see results,” she explained with her eternal smile. “Have a good day Callista and remember you need a new vial once a month.”  with that she got up and left, leaving Callista to reflect upon what had taken place.

Callista shortly got up and left somewhat in a daze until she arrived home. When she arrived home she felt tired, so tired she immediately retired to her bed. She slept for hours and hours. It wasn’t until the afternoon of the next day that she awoke. Callista was in some shock “What did she do to me? Did she poison me? I’ll kill her if she did.” she said in indignation. She was angry until she stopped to get a good look at herself.

Callista gasped at the image facing her in the mirror. “They’re gone! My heavens they’re all gone !! I can’t believe my crow’s feet are gone!” she began to giggle like a little girl. She quickly stripped and looked at the other parts of her body. She found her breasts seemed firmer and in fact her muscle tone through out her body seemed firmer. “It really worked! I can’t wait for the rest of it to happen! It’ll be so wonderful!” she said enthusiastically.

As the weeks went by it was wonderful. All the parts of her body that were sagging or wrinkling became like new again. Her hair became fuller, more lustrous, and the envy of others. Callista’s breasts became not just firmer but fuller too, becoming a cup size or two larger. It was as if she had a makeover and she could sense the envy from old friends and enemies. Her faltering career began to take off again. Movie offers and TV scripts flowed in along with the constant calls from her agent.  It was wonderful and all she had to do was show up once a month at that nondescript diner and collect a vial from Mabel.

About three months into her new life Callista noticed that for some reason she was having trouble wearing flats or shoes with low heels. She went to a chiropodist but he could find no reason why her feet seemed to be changing that way. When she left she thought “Doctors what do they know!” she thought sarcastically. “Damn it my feet still hurt! Wait a minute there’s a shoe store there.”  she thought as she went to the store she spotted. “This is a nice place! Oh I love the shoes too!” she gushed. She didn’t know why but she was drawn to the really high heels. It seemed to make her feet feel better and she enjoyed them more. Callista loved the way they made her legs and butt look.  So it was in no time at all she had thrown away all her other shoes and replaced them with the higher heeled ones.

As the time went by she noticed that her feet actually began to change so radically she couldn’t wear anything but high heels. Her feet were drawn up in a permanent arch. She mentioned it to Mabel. “What’s going on now? My feet are contorted into a permanent arch! Can you do anything?” she asked annoyed.

“Don’t worry Callista. Does that really bother you that much? Is it that much of a problem, considering all you’ve gained!” she explained in such a calm and seductive voice with that smile that wouldn’t fade. Callista found she had to agree that it really didn’t matter besides she loved the shoes and how they made her look. She never mentioned it again.

Time went by and Callista’s career and life was as good as or better than before. Fame, fortune, and romance were all hers as she dreamed. Then she began to notice how she needed more makeup; at least she began to think so.

Callista also found herself spending more and more time in front of a mirror. It seemed to become something she couldn’t help but do. Callista also found herself posing and then freezing in front of it. “I don’t know why I’m doing this and that’s annoying but there’s a part of me that seems to enjoy it for some reason,” she thought happily to herself.  Then one day she was dressed to go out and she passed by the bay window and a stray thought occurred to her. “This is a lot like a display window. I wonder why I didn’t see that before? Hmm.” she thought to herself and just seemed to stare at it. The stare grew into a freeze and she noted unconsciously how she had adopted a mannequin like pose before she became as rigid as one. She remained there unmoving and still for over three hours before she began to move again. As she did she felt an overwhelming torrent of ecstasy wash over her like the most massive orgasm she had ever experienced. Callista shuddered as it passed she felt weak and had to sit. “What is happening to me? Part of me is afraid and part of me is ecstatic about it.” she asked herself in a state of confusion over what was happening.

The next few days were uneventful except for how the pallor of her skin was changing. She noticed her usual skin color was lightening she was becoming quite pale. When she confronted Mabel all she said was that was just a small price to pay for youth and beauty. As she said that to Callista she remembered she couldn’t help but agree again with Mabel. Callista decided the only thing to do was to compensate with makeup and she did. She began to find that her makeup now closely resembled that you find on a mannequin. In fact when she froze she was sure someone would have mistaken her for one in a store.

One day when she was drying off in front of a mirror after showering. She was wearing her heels as she couldn’t be barefoot even there anymore. Callista noticed something shocking as she stared in the mirror. “What the hell! All my hair on my pussy is gone!?” she just stared in amazement. Callista stared in the mirror and saw that a lot of her hair on her body was gone. “I’ve been so busy I didn’t notice but I haven’t had to shave for weeks! Huh!” she thought to herself puzzled. Callista again stared at herself in the mirror. Again she felt the freeze taking place and her body adopting a mannequin like pose. In moments Callista was frozen and unable to move her eyes wouldn’t even blink. “I’m on display aren’t I? Yes I am! I love being on display it’s what I was made for.” she thought hazily to herself.

She remained there, perfectly still, hardly breathing or blinking for over five hours. All the time she was thinking of what she should be dressed in and how she should be posed. Once again as before when the freeze finally broke Callista was overwhelmed by the orgasm that took place. The freezes began as infrequent occurrences and then they began to take place more often until Callista knew that at least three times a week she would freeze for at least five hours at a time. She tried to suppress it once, what a mistake that turned out to be. While she was able to keep it from happening when it originally came upon her she was not able to do it indefinitely. When it finally overwhelmed her Callista was frozen for almost eighteen hours in her home. Luckily it was a weekend and no one discovered her. As Callista remained there her thoughts again became enmeshed in thoughts of displaying clothing and wanting to be seen by as many people as possible because that was her purpose in life.

Throughout this she had continued working but it was becoming increasingly more difficult. At first people ascribed her behavior to what is normally expected from ‘difficult’ stars. But as the changes continued it was more difficult for her to hide or work for an extended period. Callista insisted on shorter periods in front of the camera and longer periods in her trailer.

By now her skin was as white as a mannequin's and getting glossy like one. The good side effect she saw was it made her so smooth to the touch and any blemishes had disappeared as well. “It feels so nice but not like my normal skin. It seems somewhat artificial or am I going crazy?” Callista admitted to herself.

She approached Mabel, who smiled that same fixed smile, “Oh Callista dear it’s nothing to worry about. See a little body makeup and it’s not so noticeable. Besides you do like the new you don’t you? This isn’t such a great imposition in order to accomplish your goals?” Mabel asked without losing that same everlasting oh so pleasant smile on her face. Once again Callista found herself agreeing with Mabel that it wasn’t such a huge problem that she couldn’t deal with it.

 Another thing that was difficult to hide was her size. Callista was growing taller day by day from her normal five feet five inches to eventually as the weeks went by to five feet ten inches. As the weeks went by something else began to happen. Her limbs seemed to lengthen as well with even the fingers on her hands becoming long and delicate. “Oh I do like this. It does make my hands look more elegant I think!” Callista thought as she admired herself.

Callista then began to notice other changes to her body one day as she was dressing for work. Her neck seemed to lengthen a bit and her waist and hips grew smaller, perhaps impossibly small for a normal woman. She smiled as she found these further changes to her body. “Finally I’m getting to be the star I was supposed to be this whole time!” she said in some self satisfaction. Others who noted this just believed she had a particularly good makeover.

The changes that had affected her so far and the need to freeze periodically were for quite a while the only things that had any effect on her career. While the other changes happened so slowly and subtly no one really made an issue out of it. It did come up after a while when the wardrobe dept. began to find nothing would fit Callista like it should and they mentioned how her body had indeed changed. For the first time Callista had to explain what was happening to her. She sadly explained she was having to be treated for a medical condition she had from birth. A side effect of this treatment had led to a growth spurt. They all seemed to quietly accept that explanation while offering their sympathies.

The pace of Callista’s life continued dictated is some manner by the things she had no control over. When asked to mannequin model for a charity she jumped at the prospect. It just seemed natural for her to do it.  When they asked if she would mind if they treated her like a mannequin she smiled and said no while a part of her mind was clearly jumping for joy at the prospect. When she came in early that morning they were quite impressed with the makeup job that they believed Callista had already done. A visual merchandiser had remarked how not only her skin and body but how her face now looked like a mannequin's as well. It was then that Callista noticed how her nose had become more delicate, her eyebrows more arched and her cheekbones more pronounced. Even her lips seemed fuller and more attractive along with noticing how different her eyes looked , so artificial like they were glass. Callista then asked if she could just be dressed like a mannequin and carried out to the display. The visual merchandiser just smiled knowingly and agreed. She then conspiratorially whispered “Not a few have asked to be treated just like that so don’t be embarrassed. Even I would enjoy it if  I had the body for it.” she said with a wink. “By the way, just call me Sharon.” she invited Callista

Callista smiled “I’ll get into my pose now,” she said to the visual merchandiser. With that statement she put herself in a typical standing pose with her arms and hands held just so and her legs in an open stride type of stance. Callista then just froze stiff and thought “I guess I may have a second career in freeze modeling thanks to these changes. I think I can hold this pose for quite a while.” said to herself while smiling a typical mannequin smile.

The young lady who was her visual merchandiser looked at her in surprise as Callista froze into her pose. She walked up and touched her then noticed how she rocked on her heels as she held herself so stiffly. “You really do this well. If I didn’t know better I’d swear you were a mannequin.” she said clearly impressed by Callista’s performance. This same woman then began to remove Callista’s clothing and was again surprised by how light Callista was. She didn’t mention it as she knew she was sensitive about her weight but it seemed to her that she wasn’t far from weighing as much as a real mannequin. If fact all she seemed to need were the seams especially when she noticed how smooth and hairless Callista was and the merchandiser could have sworn she had never seen a smaller pussy on a living woman as if Callista’s was shrinking but no she shook her head “It’s not like she’s changing into a mannequin. That’s ridiculous.” having reassured herself she continued to change Callista. The young lady did marvel at how she didn’t move an inch throughout her gyrations. Soon she had changed Callista’s clothing and shoes and then had someone carry her out to her stand.

They placed the very stiff and co-operative Callista on her stand the shoes fitting into specially made slots in the base and the padded pole supporting her backside. For Callista she was in her mannequin dreamland again. She was just thinking of herself as if she had always been a mannequin. “Oh I hope I get to wear something really sexy! I hope they keep me in the window for a long time. I just love it here!” she said to herself as she stood there unmoving and still.

For most of the people they believed it really was a mannequin version of Callista and not the real one. Even the visual merchandiser had to keep reminding herself that it was the real one and not a fake.

Callista remained there perfectly posed and very mannequin-like in body and mind. Usually they would remain there for an hour or two with many pose changes but for Callista it was different. She remained for four hours unmoving and still before she broke her pose and her visual merchandiser came by. Sharon looked at Callista with wide eyed wonder “You know that’s impossible, I think,” she told her in amazement.

Callista looked at her puzzled “What?”

The young lady reiterated “You posing for hours like that without moving or blinking should be impossible!” she informed Callista.

Callista smiled “Oh that, it’s just something I’ve recently developed. It just takes a little concentration, you know. Nowadays it’s like I don’t really have to try too hard, it almost seems effortless.” Callista answered as if in a far away dream.  

The young visual merchandiser just nervously laughed “ Take a short break before continuing, please. I‘d feel better if you did.” she insisted and Callista relented and moved from her spot to the surprised looks of some store patrons whilst others pointed in amazement. Callista followed her to the back where she was offered something to drink and something to eat but Callista  graciously turned it down. Callista didn’t even sit down she just stood in a corner standing very still her eyes focused off into space her hands held like a mannequin's. For her whole break she remained like that only breaking pose when someone would approach her for something.

As the break ended Callista approached her visual merchandiser and asked her for a favor. “Could you have someone carry me out like this morning. I just feel more mannequin-like when they do,” she asked with a bright almost mannequin like smile. The bewildered young lady complied with her unusual wishes and once again the Callista mannequin took her place remaining perfect and still. Unmoving and graceful to all who again were convinced she was not alive but artificial. Callista’s thoughts were quite different. “Oh I’m a beautiful mannequin! I hope I’m put in the window soon. I can’t wait to wear something sexy and fun!” the blonde haired living mannequin thought. As she stood there something began to appear becoming more defined.

The slight discolorations around her wrists, shoulders, neck, waist, and right leg plus her ankles grew darker. They had appeared a few weeks ago and Callista had covered them with extra body makeup to hide them. “What are these?”  she had asked herself as they didn’t seem to go away but got progressively darker and darker as time went by. She did confront Mabel and as always Mabel was very comforting and soothing  so much so that she completely dismissed it in her mind. So as she was standing there feeling more like a beautiful plastic display fixture than ever before. The discolorations became so dark they seemed like seams on her contributing to her appearance as a mannequin. Leaving many to believe she really was a mannequin even as she believed herself to be as she became lost in her mannequin dreams.

Callista again broke from her pose as Sharon approached “Hello, Sharon is it time to go now?” Callista asked sadly.

Sharon nodded “Yes and thanks for your help, Ms. Flockhart! It’s been a lot of fun watching you!” Sharon admitted frankly.

Callista then approached her and began to speak in a conspiratorial manner. “I have an unusual request. “ and she smiled at her. “Could I just remain here until you open up the morning? I’ll just be on display, frozen, or if you like here in the back.? Callista asked sincerely.

Sharon blinked in surprise at that “Well I suppose it’s possible but we don’t allow anyone here after we close.” she said in an attempt to dissuade her.

Callista was insistent even if she didn’t exactly know why. “I can just be another mannequin on display or you can leave me here in the store room.” Callista suggested.

“You’re telling me you’re going to freeze from 9p.m. to 9a.m. tomorrow?” Sharon shook her head in disbelief.

Callista nodded in answer “Yes I can. I know it sounds difficult to believe but I can do it.” and for some strange reason Callista knew she could.

Sharon just stared at her wondering if she was really serious. “I don’t know. I could get fired and in a lot of trouble.” Susan attempted to dissuade Callista.

“Listen if they find me and you get into trouble, I’ll pay you for your losses and give you a job.” Callista said while again smiling that artificial smile she seemed to inherit from Mabel.

 Sharon was a little titillated at the idea and considering how good Callista was she was sure Callista could pull it off. Sharon grudgingly agreed “Okay we’ll put you back here but remember you can’t move or leave; you have to stay frozen. ” she told Callista seriously.

Callista smiled “Not a problem but I think we need to hide the stand under my dress if you can. ” she grinned to Sharon. So Sharon helped Callista get into the stand and as she’d suggested hidden it under her dress. Callista then got into a typical pose with her head turned to one side and her hands splayed out delicately. As if she was under a spell she then froze rock solid in her pose. Sharon reached out and tentatively touched her and to her surprise felt her skin feel very smooth, cool, and plastic like. Sharon pulled her hand away in shock and a little fear as she looked on Callista as she stood there staring off into nothingness. Sharon just quietly left feeling some disquiet and for some strange reason arousal at what Callista just did.

“I’m a mannequin now and forever. In fact that’s all I’ve ever been!” Callista repeated to herself like a mantra over and over. She remained there hearing all the employees leave including Sharon and missing her as if she was her personal visual merchandiser. Callista just stood there knowing she was perfect as she could be seeing as how she was a mannequin and by definition the epitome of the female form. After everyone had left she reveled in the quiet solitude that only a mannequin can experience hearing the little things like the air conditioner turn on and off. The sounds of footsteps of the security guards and their hushed voices. Callista could even hear her heartbeat as it  beat but at a pace so slowly that to anyone who leaned in wouldn’t have heard it. She felt her breath as it also came at the much reduced rate.

That did seem to bother her as she knew that mannequins didn’t breathe or have heartbeats. She resolved to ask Mabel about it at the first opportunity. But for the most part Callista just enjoyed standing there with her sister mannequins, enjoying being beautiful and ready to display clothing.

In the morning Sharon came in expecting to find Callista had moved or adjusted herself in some manner if not just having given up and went home. To her shock and surprise she found Callista standing there as she had left her in the same pose. Sharon walked up to her unblinking eyes and stared. Hesitantly she reached out and touched her and now she felt indistinguishable from one of the other display forms. Sharon quickly withdrew her hand back and began to try to snap Callista out of her state. She reached out and tried shaking her and was amazed at how light Callista seemed. Callista didn’t move or respond she remained as stiff as the display forms she emulated. In fact she rocked like one them had they been similarly disturbed. Sharon was seriously disturbed by Callista’s behavior or lack of it.

“OHHHHHHHH!!! That feels so wonderful!!” Callista thought as Sharon touched her. “It’s my visual merchandiser! Oh I hope she dresses me nicely …oh wait it’s Sharon … wait I’m not a mannequin!? That’s right I’m a human female … that’s right!” she told herself somewhat disappointed. “Damn; oh, I’m sorry Sharon, I kind of lost track of the time. I’ll get out of your hair now.” she grinned sheepishly.

“Oh that’s all right Callista. I’ll just say you forgot something “ she smiled crookedly still somewhat disquieted by Callista’s behavior. She quickly helped her out of the stand and quietly escorted her out of the store.

Callista turned and said good bye “Well bye Sharon and if you ever need another mannequin you know where to turn to.” she winked and giggled. 

Sharon smiled and nodded then nervously replied “ Thanks Callista I think we’ll keep you in mind.” she responded and waved. Sharon was meanwhile torn between the disturbing appearance and behavior she had seen and the arousal at seeing the star seemingly change into a mannequin.

Callista left and arrived home while walking in she begin to think over her past actions. “How did I know I could do that and why did I want to do it? I just don’t understand this.” she told herself. She walked into the bedroom and stared at herself in the mirror and she noticed just how dark the lines were around her wrists. Callista was shocked at their appearance and how they seemed to actually be seams like on a mannequin. With a mixture of curiosity and fear she ran her finger over it. “Shit it feels just like a seam but that can’t be right I’m not made of plastic!” she told herself wide eyed. Even though as she ran her finger over it did feel hard and smooth like plastic.

Callista then ran a fingernail along the seam and expecting it to run against her skin she yelped in surprise and shock when it went into the dark seam and ran along the seemingly plastic surface of her hand.  Callista just plopped down on the bed staring at her hand while she could move her fingers they were rapidly becoming harder and harder to move. Callista touched it with her other hand and found it becoming more and more mannequin-like until it froze into a mannequin like pose. A fearful Callista then grabbed her hand and twisted it and it came off just like it was a mannequin’s.

Callista yelped louder now and almost dropped her newly artificial hand. “I am becoming a mannequin!” she thought to herself in a growing realization of her fate. “What the hell do I do now? I mean do I really want to stop this?” and as she asked herself that the mannequin part of her that took over when she was a living mannequin came to the fore. The expression on her face changed from worried concern to extreme pleasure. 

“Now this is nice! I can be dismantled, Susan would love that!” she thought to herself pleased now with this new unusual development. Callista posed in front of the mirror and found the seams now particularly clear and defined as she ran a nail along them to find them real and no longer just darkened areas. She found seams around both wrists, shoulders, right leg, waist, and both ankles and she thought to herself “Just like a real mannequin!” she giggled. Callista then reattached her hand then noted “I don’t even need to shower, that’s how different I’ve become,” she observed. 

As she explored herself she saw her vagina had all but vanished leaving her smooth on her crotch and something was forming on her ass. Callista touched it and it seemed just like the receptacle for a support rod. “Wow I am so like a mannequin now I could really end up in one of Sharon’s displays.” she touched her smooth crotch and moaned as it felt so sensitive Callista felt like she might have cum. While examining her chest she saw her nipples had disappeared as well. Callista looked down and exclaimed  in surprise when she saw that “They’re just smooth mounds now just like any other mannequin's!” she happily thought. What did puzzle her was how except for right near each seam and her crotch and those other few areas she was still flesh. “This is very un-mannequin like!” she thought, puzzled. “I have to see Mabel about this!” she said to herself adopting the same plastic smile and expression she assumed when she was posed and frozen. Callista then grabbed her things and made her way to the diner.

Callista walked in immediately looking for Mabel. She spotted her at the end of the diner standing there smiling that frozen smile of hers seemingly frozen. Callista walked up to her with her own nascent frozen plastic smile “Mabel, hello!” she said with that expression on her.

Mabel who for all the world was herself looking just like a mannequin with the pallor of her skin and her immobility turned to Callista when she spoke. “Callista, how are you dear? Why, you seem quite beautiful now!” she smiled in her artificial way. She then caressed one of Callista’s new joints causing the now very hard, shiny, plastic, and very sensitive skin to shudder and moan in pleasure. “Ah, you’re almost perfect now, aren’t you my dear!” she said in that so solicitous manner that seemed to belie her real intentions.

Callista seemingly oblivious to her manner just smiled that same smile that would have been more at home in a department store window. So lost was she in her mannequin fantasies she didn’t realize how her skin was indeed changing. “Oh Mabel, I came because these appeared but all this ‘flesh’ it’s … it’s so … not like a mannequin should be! “ she said with a look of dismay on her very display figure like face.

Mabel just smiled then put her pale somewhat stiff arm around her and consoled Callista “Oh you have nothing to worry about Callista, look,” she pointed at her arm. To Callista the sight of her rapidly changing arm finally seemed the answer especially as she began to feel the pleasurable and erotic sensations begin to emanate then overwhelm her. In moments her hand became stiff plastic as did her arm, face, neck, torso, hips legs, and feet.


“I’m a Real Mannequin now. No longer just a girl making a pretence, I’m now plastic perfection!!!” she shouted in her mind over the orgasms she felt. Soon Callista was a frozen plastic display form even her vagina had finally sealed up with the hole for her support rod appearing in her backside. Callista’s eyes then became unmoving glass as the joy in her new form left her glowing inside.

“Your ready Callista for your final role -- that of display mannequin in a store window! I know you’ll love it!” as Mabel kissed her and caressed her smooth mound Callista again moaned loudly in her mind in ecstasy.

Sharon came in to work and after talking with her supervisor was told to change the new window display. She took a cart and the clothes she was supposed to change them into and left. Upon arriving she saw a familiar face, it was Callista. Sharon walked up smiling and said “Callista welcome back so you’re modeling again?” and she touched her. Sharon’s expression changed immediately when she felt the cold hard plastic then felt the seams and knew this time she really was a mannequin. Callista was no longer a women posing as a mannequin but a mannequin posing as Callista.

“They must have just purchased this new one. It looks so much like her it’s uncanny.” still disconcerted by this new display figure and Callista’s performance earlier. Sharon unconsciously shivered as she looked at her then she saw another familiar face. “Hey, Mabel, you’re back from storage well it’s nice to see you in my display again!” Sharon smiled as she touched the other mannequin on its arm with a warm smile. Sharon looked at her and Callista, then sighed with a grin she said “I almost wish I was like you girls,” she said wistfully, then began getting their clothes ready.

As her back was turned she didn’t see Mabel's frozen smile become a wide grin instead.


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