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If you have not read "The Offer" by, to which this story is a sequel, stop right here and read it first. (It's available here, among other places.) If you don't, you're missing out on a GREAT story and you may not understand everything that occurs in this one!

Note: The following story contains explicit sexual material. If stories about sex, and particularly robots and sex, do not appeal to you, please don't read any further. This story should not be read by anyone under eighteen years of age. (You know who you are.)

Chapter 4: Pillow Talk

"I can't believe how great I feel!" Unit N801 exclaimed. She was sitting on the edge of the sexual interface platform—bed, she suddenly remembered—with her right leg tucked under her. Her left leg dangled off the edge of the bed, kicking lazily back and forth as she leaned back on her hands. "I feel more alive than ever!"

"Me too," T800 replied. He was staring at T801's incredible silver body. The soft overhead lights were flickering gently along the gentle curves of her thighs, her abdomen, her breasts. Her lips shone even more brilliantly than he remembered. It occurred to him that he had never noticed how long her eyelashes were.

"This is the best of both worlds!" he cried, still gawking at T801's beautiful face. "My digital hardware lets me process information with incredible speed and precision, just like before, but now—now, it's as though my new analog capabilities are smoothing over the gaps in my sensor resolution." He stopped. That came out all wrong. What a way to speak to the girl of his dreams! "What I mean is, everything I experience is so much richer. And you—you're more beautiful than I ever realized."

Unit T801 was smiling sweetly. If she weren't completely silver, her face probably would have been red from blushing. "I know exactly how you feel. It's like all this time, I've been taking you for granted. Only now can I appreciate how lucky I am to have you. To have this life."

T800 sat down next to T801 and put his hand on her leg. "Now that I can remember your real name," he said, "I feel like maybe I should be using it—at least when we're like this." By "this," Unit T800 meant functional level zero, a new state they had never experienced as N units. Somehow, while the androids were at functional level zero it felt inappropriate to talk about things like functional levels.

Unit T801 thought about what T800—Tim—had said. "It's a little weird," she said at last, "but the truth is, I don't care what you call me. I'm all yours, lover." Then T801—Kim, she reminded herself—began to laugh.

"What?" asked Tim indignantly. He was sure she was laughing at him for some unknown reason. He suddenly felt . . . insecure. Vulnerable.

"Oh, nothing. It's just that . . . well, back when I was human, I'd never have let you do some of the things you've done to me until you put a ring on my finger. At the very least," Kim said with a wry smile, relishing the opportunity to put Tim on the spot, "I think you owe it to me to tell me you love me."

Tim's eyes went wide with shock. "Of course I love you!" he blurted out, before he had even given himself a chance to think about it. Then, he suddenly realized that from the moment he'd first met Kim until now, he had spent all of seventeen minutes really talking to her like this, really getting to know her. Certainly not enough time, by human standards, to fall in love with someone. It seemed like a cop-out to rationalize that his superior android brain was able to figure out he was in love within seconds. The alternative, that he was simply programmed to feel love for Kim, was even worse somehow.

"I guess what I mean is," he said at last, "that everything inside me tells me I'm in love with you, but I realize there's still so much more for me to discover about you. And I don't simply want to download all of your memories or anything. I want you to tell me everything yourself, in your own words, in your own time. I just know that my feelings for you will get deeper as time goes on—this is just the beginning. But for now, maybe the best thing I can say is that I can't imagine myself without you."

Kim's eyes searched Tim's for several seconds. If she were capable, she might have started to cry. For the first time since becoming an android, Kim was aware of her fear of loneliness, aware of how fortunate she was not to be alone. She would never be alone. "I feel exactly the same way," she said, hugging Tim tightly. "I couldn't be happier."

As the two androids held each other, Kim suddenly had an idea. "Tim," she whispered into his ear, "you don't mind if I . . . reprogram you a bit, do you?

Tim pulled back from the embrace just enough to look into Kim's eyes again. A smile spread across his face. "Of course not, honey! What do you have in mind?"

"I was just thinking about the modifications that were made to our bodies during the upgrade," Kim answered. "I want to experiment a little with my new, configurable outer shell, and I want you to come along for the ride. As for the details—well, you'll have to wait until you load the program I'm about to write."

"But I want to have a say in this too," Tim said. "How about we—"

"Shhhh," Kim whispered, putting her finger to Tim's silver lips. "You'll get your turn, but for now it's time for me to take control. Time for you to obey. Functional level five, sweetie."

All traces of Tim vanished as Unit T800 rose stiffly to stand at attention. He was already fully erect, not to mention completely blank, when Kim opened up his rear access panel and began tinkering with his controls. It didn't take long at all to create a new sex subroutine for him. Now it was time for Kim to get ready. Scanning a new set of files in her memory store, she quickly came across the program which controlled her outward appearance. Accessing outer shell modification subroutines. Accessing. Updating outer shell parameters. Update complete. Configuring outer shell. Configuring.

Kim watched herself in the mirror as her silver shell gradually lost its metallic sheen, becoming a dull grey for a brief moment before taking on the rosy color she'd had in her previous life. Her golden hair also changed, returning to its former blonde hue. Kim's eyes were once again a pale sky blue, with just the faintest metallic glint in them. And the silver boots which had become a permanent part of her body were now gone, a pair of shapely calves and feet in their place. As her breasts and vagina took on a fully natural appearance, Kim ran her hands over her body with delight. She felt warm . . . soft . . . feminine . . . human.

The only things that still gave away Kim's true nature were the plastic access panels in her thighs, abdomen and back. It took her a moment to find the proper subcommand to hide the panels. Configuring. Kim watched as four perfect sections of . . . skin materialized over the panels, the seam around each one visible only for a second before fading from sight. Just one more detail needed Kim's attention now. With a final sequence of instructions, she caused her lips and fingernails to turn a bright, fiery red, completing her transformation. Configuration complete. Saving configuration data to permanent storage. Data saved.

Kim turned back to T800, who had not moved, nor reacted in any way to her stunning makeover. He was still standing at full attention, ready to service her. Kim walked slowly around T800 in a circle, running her soft hands over his rigid metal body, kissing his glittering lips, grasping his firm member playfully and letting go again. Then, stepping back from him, she lay back upon the bed, spreading her legs and raising her arms above her head until her body made a perfect X. Tilting her head back to gaze at herself in the reflective ceiling, she called out to Unit T800. "Robot," she said, "load sex program D1010."

Unit T800 made no sound as he slowly, smoothly, approached the bed. Kim could not see him as he climbed upon the bed and reached for her. But she felt his approach, and her body responded. Activating sex mode. T800's cool silver hands touched Kim's breasts, and her entire body shivered. Sex mode activated.

As T800 kissed her just below the navel, Kim let her mind go blank, to the point that even her own internal dialogue became inaccessible. Suspending internal status messages. T800 ran his hands from her shoulders to her wrists, and the gentle tugging at her flesh gave her goose bumps along both arms. A kind of arousal Kim had not experienced in too long overcame her as her robotic lover continued to caress her delicate body. She was . . . wet.

"Enter me," Kim sighed, her voice quavering, and T800 gently mounted her. Her body tensed with apprehension as she felt the full weight of him upon her, his chrome chest grazing the tips of her fully aroused breasts. He began to push inside her. At first, she thought she might not be ready for him. But then, as she pulled her knees toward her to open herself wider, Kim felt T800 slip into her body. She scraped her fingernails across his metal back as he slowly thrust himself all the way into her. Then her arms fell limply to the bed as he moved back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. T800's movements were absolutely precise, relentlessly identical with each repetition. He was functioning perfectly, obeying perfectly. T800 gently pinned Kim's wrists to the bed with his strong silver hands, exactly the way she wanted him to. A moment later, her first orgasm rippled through her body.

Right on cue, T800's hands returned to Kim's breasts as he shifted all of his weight onto his knees. His fingertips ran in ever-expanding circles, from her erect nipples outward, until his hands were at her sides, just below her arms. Kim's back arched as T800's long, insistent strokes followed one upon another. Grasping her sides firmly, he ran his hands all the way down to her hips. Then, guided by his programming, he thrust them behind her and grabbed hold of her buttocks.

"That's right, my beautiful robot man," Kim moaned, her head back, her chin pointing straight up. "Squeeze me." She bit her lower lip as his firm metal fingers sank into her soft, supple flesh. T800 began to knead her body with an irresistible urgency. Kim felt herself respond to him in quick, pronounced bursts of pleasure. Her ecstasy was overwhelming her. She struggled to speak. When she finally did, she was surprised to hear herself in perfect robotic monotone. ""

T800's body suddenly jolted as he emptied himself into Kim's waiting body. At that very instant, Kim lost herself to an orgasm more intense, more profound, than any she had ever felt. She imagined herself suddenly going as rigid and unmoving as a steel beam; she imagined herself melting into a puddle of water, evaporating into vapor, dissipating into nothingness. The sensation which permeated her entire being was the perfect union of robotic clarity and animal chaos. I am an android. I am a woman. I am complete.

More than twenty minutes passed before Kim felt she could move. T800, having rolled to one side of her, was also unmoving, still awaiting further instructions as directed by his program. Kim swung her leg on top of him, bending her knee to his chest and pressing herself against his silver body. "Wake up, lover," she whispered, and T800—Tim—sprang to a sitting position, back at functional level zero but still completely silver.

"Kim," Tim stammered, "I . . . I cannot believe how amazing that felt. You're almost more than I can handle!" He stopped to stare at her gorgeous body. "Wow. You're amazing. How did it feel?"

"There's no way I could describe it," Kim answered. "You're not going to understand until you've tried it for yourself."

"Good idea," Tim said wryly. "It's about time you let me take charge. Give me access, will you?"

"Sure, baby." Kim propped herself up on one elbow and, reaching down to her abdomen, popped off her access panel. She now looked like a beautiful nude woman with a complex array of flickering circuits inside her stomach. She lay back on the bed, gripping its silver sheets tightly in anticipation. "OK," she said, "I'm ready for you to have your way with me."

Eager to catch up with Kim, Tim set himself to the task of assuming a human appearance. Soon, he had duplicated Kim's feat, and now the two of them looked exactly as they had before becoming androids, with the exception of Kim's open access panel. Tim reached into Kim's abdomen and made a tiny adjustment. "This might be a while, so I think you should take a little nap," he said.

Kim smiled weakly, eyelids drooping, as her systems began to wind down. "Can't wait . . . to obey . . . my . . . programmminnnnng . . ." she said, deactivating with a faint click. She was now peaceful and still, with her eyes closed and her arms and legs lying comfortably at rest. Tim watched her for a moment before getting to work. Kim looked beautiful as a normal woman, just as she was gorgeous as the robotic Unit T801. But how much more incredible, he wondered, would she be in a hybrid configuration—part human, part machine? He couldn't wait to find out.

Over the next hour or so, Tim programmed a comprehensive list of different looks into Kim. Each was a highly detailed vision of android beauty. One would make her into even more of a robot than usual—with no hair, a thin electric-blue visor in place of her eyes, flat conical antennae where her ears should be, tiny rivets at every seam in her body, and accordion-like mechanical joints at her elbows and knees. In another, she would resemble a kind of android Valkyrie, her human skin adorned with a shiny scale-mail bikini, silver gauntlets, silver boots whose straps crisscrossed up her calves, and a glistening chrome helmet complete with wings.

Dozens of other configurations followed, until Tim had reached the limits of his imagination. He decided that he'd done all he could with silver—now it was time to try some new colors. Tim quickly figured out how to turn any part of Kim any color he wished: pure black, or completely white, or blue, or orange, or purple. The colors Tim chose were never dull—every one glistened and sparkled with a faint metallic sheen.

Soon Kim was pre-programmed not only with every complete configuration Tim could think of, but hundreds of smaller subroutines for her to use as "building blocks" to modify her own appearance. By using these subroutines in different combinations, Kim would be able to assume a nearly infinite variety of appearance configurations.

The only thing left for Tim to do was to select a default configuration for Kim—the way he wanted her to look whenever she was at functional level zero. Pressing one of the buttons in Kim's abdomen, he chose his favorite among the configurations he'd just created, and her body began to change before his eyes. Kim's face and hair still looked human, with silver makeup on her lips and eyelids. From the neck down, however, she was completely chrome—like a T unit whose access panels were hidden—with the exception of her hands and abdomen. On the back of each hand, the silver of her arm extended past the wrist in a triangle whose point just reached the bottom knuckle of her middle finger. The rest of each hand—including the entire palm—was human, highlighted by glittering silver fingernails. A diamond-shaped area around her navel, extending all the way to her sides and well below her waistline, was also made of soft flesh, but this section was covered in a removable panel of clear, reflective plastic. Lying asleep on the bed, Kim was a perfect robotic angel.

Tim reached behind Kim's neck and gently pressed a button he had placed there. Kim's silver eyelids fluttered, and her stunning chrome irises gleamed as she turned to look at him. She smiled that gorgeous smile again. "This . . . Kim . . . is fully functional," she said, reaching out to hold him. A moment later, Tim and Kim—T800 and T801—were locked in a warm embrace. Soon they would be well on their way to another adventure in robotic love-making, but there was plenty of time for that. Right now, they were in no hurry to do anything at all.

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