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Note: The following story contains explicit sexual material. If stories about sex, and particularly robots and sex, do not appeal to you, please don't read any further. This story should not be read by anyone under eighteen years of age. (You know who you are.)

Chapter 13: Full Circle

It wasn't long before T800 re-entered the room, followed closely by N986 and N990—the humans formerly known as Rosa and Kevin. The two recruits were no longer wearing their headsets, and their movements lacked the mechanical precision N979 had witnessed in them earlier. Disengaged from their programming for the first time since entering the building, they looked around the room in astonished wonder.

Then N986 noticed N979, and took a few quick steps forward. "Wow! Sam, is that you?"

Before N979 could respond, T800 answered for her. "Yes and no, Rosa," he said. "It's true that Unit N979 was once Samantha Taylor, your aerobics instructor, but she doesn't remember that any more. Now she is a fully-functional N-designate android, one of thousands of similar units that make up our android society. In a few minutes, she's going to assist me in transforming you into a machine just like her. Once your transformation is complete, you won't remember anything about your life as Rosa Sanchez, either. You will simply be an android." Rosa looked up at Kevin and smiled.

T800 turned to Unit N979. "Ready to get started?" he asked.

INPUT RECEIVED. ACTIVATE VOCAL. "Affirmative," N979 intoned.

"How about you, Rosa?"

"Yes . . . I mean, affirmative."

T800 addressed N979 again. "Begin Stage Two processing of Unit N986," he commanded.

Unit N979 walked over to a row of wall-mounted hooks and took a long, white lab coat from one of them. She put the lab coat on. It fell to her knees, and though she didn't fasten it in front, it still covered most of her chest and abdomen. Only her cleavage, front access panel, and smooth crotch were visible. Unit N979 then walked behind N986, and—without even warning her—removed the external power supply from her back.

The woman's eyes immediately went wide with shock as the power drained from her. Setting the power supply down on the floor, N979 extended her arms to catch the rigid body of N986 as it teetered backward like a chopped-down tree. N979's hydraulic arms had no trouble carrying the immobile woman over to the first processing station and laying her down on the table.

"Unbelievable," Kevin whispered. He could feel his heart pounding inside his chest. He knew exactly what was going to happen next.

"Begin Stage Two processing of Unit N990," T800 said to Unit M713. The female unit quickly donned a lab coat and approached Kevin. He tried to smile at her, but she didn't react. Instead she simply pulled his power supply, instantly rendering him inactive.

Now T800 put on his own lab coat and approached the table on which Rosa was lying. Thanks to a mild charge she was receiving from the table itself, Rosa was awake once again. Unit N979 had already bound her to the table with metal restraints at the wrists, ankles, and waist. She was straining her eyes upward in an attempt to watch what N979 was doing at the computer console.

"Unit N979, is the subject ready?" Unit T800 asked.

INPUT RECEIVED. ACTIVATE VOCAL. "Affirmative," N979 said without a trace of emotion. "The subject has been properly prepared. It is ready to begin the next stage."

"Excellent. Begin."

INITIATE STAGE TWO PROCESSING OF NEW UNIT. N979 lifted a chrome transformation helmet and placed it on Rosa's head. Once the helmet was in place, N979 plugged a set of colored cables into the top of it, establishing data connections to the main computer console. Unit M644 came over to help. As he established connections to Rosa's right arm and leg, N979 attached cables to each of Rosa's large breasts.

"What are all these cables for?" Rosa asked. But N979 and M644 did not respond.

"The cables will transmit necessary data to each major part of your anatomy," T800 explained. "The data will trigger internal changes to your body, such as the mechanization of your motor functions."

"Oh," Rosa said simply. Then she felt N979 reach between her legs to connect a thick silver cable to her vagina. "Oh!"

"You should start to feel your new programming being transmitted through the cables now," T800 said. There really wasn't any further need to explain the process to the subject—she would soon be reprogrammed whether she understood it or not—but T800 wanted to be absolutely certain that the newly-installed transformation equipment was working properly.

"Yes," Rosa said. "There's a . . . tingling sensation . . . in every part of my body. I feel . . . different."

"That's good," T800 said as N979 began to monitor Rosa's progress on the computer console. "The sensation is going to get stronger, but it should be quite pleasurable. Just relax."

Once the console readout indicated that the subject was ready, Unit N979 flipped a series of switches which activated the helmet. She could hear a faint buzz from behind her as the helmet came to life, transmitting data to the new unit. A soothing electric hum began to fill N979's body, rewarding her for a job well done. Despite the complete lack of expression on her face, she felt a kind of robotic joy as she continued to make small adjustments to the controls on the console.

"It's getting . . . hard to think," Rosa was saying now, her brow furrowed with effort. Then her expression melted away, and she began to stare impassively. "What is . . . hap.pening to . . . me."

"You're being reprogrammed," T800 said gently. "Don't try to speak any more. Soon you will lose the ability to control your own thoughts as your programming takes over. Don't be alarmed. Your android programming will be superior to your current thought process. Just let go."

Rosa's full lips parted as she opened her mind to her new programming. She was dimly aware that she was on a table, being converted into a robot, and that the same thing was happening to another person on the table next to hers. What was his name? For that matter, what was her name? She struggled to remember, but she couldn't.

On her computer console, N979 could see the activity spike in the subject's human thought processes. These independent thoughts would only interfere with the reprogramming. They must be suppressed. N979 turned a large knob on the console, slowly increasing the data flow to the subject's brain until the activity level of her old thought patterns fell below that of the new thought patterns being written to her core memory.

Soon, the subject surrendered at last. The subject spoke.

"I am . . ."

Unit N979 watched the rapidly flashing console as it displayed the data being downloaded into the subject's neural matrix. One. One. Zero. One. One. Zero. One. One. One. Zero. One. Zero. Zero. Z . . .

"I am Unit N986. I am ready for programming."

The primary step in the Stage Two programming process—overriding the subject's identity—had been completed successfully. Unit N986 was now ready to download the programming which would enable her to function in android society. Unit N979 depressed another button on the console, activating the secondary step in the process. Unit N986 spoke once again.

"This unit is receiving programming."

Eventually, the data transfer was complete. Unit N979 watched as the console indicated the results of N986's system diagnostic. At least from the outside, the unit seemed to be functioning properly. It was time to see whether the unit's internal systems had reached the same conclusion. After releasing the restraints which held N986 in place, N979 turned to face the table. M644 turned as well. As dictated by their programming, the two androids stood at attention, waiting for one of the T units to give them further instructions.

"Great job, N979 and M644!" T800 said as he crossed back from the other processing station, where he had been monitoring the progress of Unit N990. "And congratulations, Unit N986. You've completed Stage Two—only one more stage to go. How do you feel?"

"This unit has received primary programming," Rosa said flatly, still staring blankly at the ceiling. "This unit is functioning properly."

"Prepare the subject for Stage Three," T800 said. As M644 triggered the table to tilt upward to a vertical position, N979 helped N986 step off it. M644 then turned to leave the room. It was his function to prepare the Stage Three processing equipment for the new subject.

Not long after M644 disappeared, N979—along with every other android in the building—received an incoming transmission. It was the building's central processor, communicating directly with their minds.


T800 turned to address the other androids in the room. "It looks like we have visitors," he said. "N979, they're most likely from the group you helped me recruit—so I'd like you to greet them with me. Bring N986 with you. Unit M713, continue with your assigned functions."

As M713 continued to supervise the Stage Two processing of Unit N990, N979 followed T800 through the heavy double doors. The doors opened onto a small reception area, furnished with a simple chrome table and four chairs for visitors. Behind the front desk sat Wendy—Unit N988—who had only recently finished setting up the room's various systems. Still awaiting Stage Two of her transformation, she was wearing her silver suit, receiving her instructions from a headset.

"Thanks for alerting the central processor, Wendy," T800 said.

The girl turned toward him, eyes bright and smiling broadly. "Af-firm-a-tive," she said in a monotone too enthusiastic to be the result of her programming. It was obvious that Wendy was desperate to become a robot—and that she planned on playing the part fully until such pretending was no longer necessary.

T800 approached the single elevator which stood across the room. A moment later, T801 entered the room and stood beside her companion unit. Soon the elevator doors opened, and a couple stepped out. It was David, the second man from Sam's aerobics class, and a gorgeous black woman whom T800 assumed must be the fiancée he'd spoken of. Both were dressed in sweaters and jeans which covered just about all of their bodies.

"This is unreal," David said as he looked around the room. It was the first time he'd ever seen androids in their true form. As his partner set eyes on T800 and T801, all she could manage was a startled gasp.

"Welcome to our recruiting center, David," T800 said warmly. "Who's this you've brought with you?"

"This is my fiancée, Keisha," David said nervously.

"Welcome, Keisha. Would you like to get more comfortable?"

"Um, sure," Keisha said. She pulled her sweater over her head to reveal an absolutely incredible body—ample breasts, tight stomach, and sculpted arms—completely encased in silver spandex. Her jeans hugged her broad hips and shapely legs, accentuating a body that, for all its athletic power, was still perfectly feminine. As she removed the rest of her clothing, David did likewise.

"So," T800 asked, "I'm assuming you've decided to accept our offer?"

"Ask her," David said, a bit helplessly. "It was her idea."

Keisha rolled her eyes and sighed as she put her silver hands on her hips. Her delicate fingers reached almost to the N992 stenciled on her left thigh. "Don't listen to him," she said, shaking her head and smirking comically as though gossiping among old friends. "I had to talk him into it, but trust me—he wouldn't be here if he wasn't ready."

"Fascinating," T800 said. "I'd like to know—how did you come to that decision?"

"Well," Keisha said, "I knew as soon as David came home that something was up—he obviously had something he needed to tell me. I asked him about it, and when he finally got around to telling me about these outfits, I didn't know what to think. I could tell that he wasn't sure if he wanted me to try mine on—I guess he thought I wouldn't like it—but I'm the curious type. I had to know what it felt like."

"And what did you think?" T801 asked.

Keisha laughed. "What did I think? I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! David and I—I mean, I always thought we were close, but we'd never experienced intimacy like that before. I want to have that feeling forever—no matter what it takes."

T800 turned to David. "And you?"

David reached out and took Keisha's hand, pulling her to his side. She put her hand on his silver chest and kissed his ear. "I never thought I'd say this the last time I saw you," he said. "But after the way Keisha and I connected, my whole perspective has changed. Seeing her this happy makes me happy. I can't explain it. I just know that this is what I want."

"Well then," T800 said, "congratulations are in order. You will both make excellent androids." He turned back toward Wendy, who was watching excitedly from the desk. "Wendy, we need to equip David and Keisha with headsets."

"Af-firm-a-tive," Wendy intoned, stiffly opening a drawer which contained a number of headset kits. She couldn't wait to put the headsets on the two new arrivals. As far as she was concerned, everyone should have one.

Keisha stood up on tiptoe so that she could see past T800 and T801 to where N979 and N986 were standing. "Hey, could I talk to them before we get started? I know I said I want to go through with this, but I want to know exactly what I'm getting into before we make it official. No offense."

"None taken," T801 said. "Unit N979, resume functional level one and bring Unit N986 forward."

SET UNIT TO FUNCTIONAL LEVEL ONE. N979 blinked as her systems adjusted to their new functional level. "Functional level one restored," she said before turning to N986. "Come on."

N986 followed N979 toward the elevator. "Hi, David," she said as T800 and T801 stepped back to let the others talk. "Nice to meet you, Keisha."

"You look good, Rosa," David said. "How come you're not wearing a headset like Wendy is?"

"Because I've already comple.ted Stage Two of my processing," N986 said, a brief hesitation in her voice as multiple threads of her programming competed for the limited resources of her still-developing brain. "I'm waiting to undergo Stage Three, after which I'll be all done."

"By 'done,' do you mean like . . . her?" Keisha asked, pointing at N979.

N986 looked over at N979, and the two exchanged smiles. "That's right. My body will be completely metallic, and all of my internal components will have been installed. I'll be functional . . . fully capable of per.forming my assigned duties as an android."

"So," David asked, "what do you feel like right now?"

"Impatient to finish the process, But other than that, I feel great. My brain has been completely reprogrammed at this point, so the rest should be All I have to do now is obey."

"Believe me," Unit N979 added, "it's a wonderful feeling. Even more fulfilling than what you've already experienced—and it keeps getting better."

"Can I . . . look inside you?" Keisha asked curiously.

"Sure!" N979 said, happily obliging by opening her front access panel. "See those blinking status lights? They indicate that my internal systems are functioning properly. The controls in here—and behind the access panel in my back—allow other androids to reprogram me as needed during the course of my duties."

David shook his head in awe. "It's that easy, huh?"

"It's that easy!"

Doing her best to walk like a mechanical robot, Wendy stepped forward with a headset kit in each hand. Her own headset was still active, but her programming was only directing her activities intermittently, allowing her a good deal of free expression. Ironically, she was applying all of her free will to the task of acting like her idea of the perfect robot. She stood at attention, arms at her sides and elbows locked at a ninety-degree angle to present the new recruits with their headsets. Every so often she tilted her head back and forth to signal that she was awaiting further instructions.

"Join us," N986 said to Keisha and David.

"Yes," N979 added. "All you have to do is put these on, and the programming will take over from there."

"OK," Keisha said confidently. She reached out to take one of the headsets from Wendy. "What do we do with these?"

"The-disks-go-here," Wendy said, pointing like a robotic flight attendant to the equipment mounted on her own hips. Keisha placed one of her disks against her hip, and it attached itself to her suit as though it were backed with Velcro. As she fitted the second disk into place, David began to mount his disks.

"Now," N986 said, "you're ready to listen to the headsets."

Headset in hand, David looked over at Keisha. "Last chance to turn back," he said.

"Never," Keisha replied, smiling. "Here, let me put it on you." She took David's headset and lifted it over his head. "Sweet dreams, baby," she said as she lowered the headset onto his ears.

"Funny," David said, "I don't hear anything."

"Shhhh!" Keisha said, clicking her tongue as she placed her own headset on. "Just give it a few seconds. Quick, turn and look at me."

David turned to look into Keisha's eyes. His fiancée—soon to be his companion unit—looked simply amazing in her silver suit. She was the most incredible woman he'd ever met in his life. Now he was about to be joined to her in a manner more intimate, more complete, than anything he'd ever dreamed of. He was a little scared, but looking at her beautiful face made everything feel like it was going to be all right.

Her beautiful face, and the soothing tone now building inside his mind.

"I can hear something now," he said. "Like a low hum. It's . . . telling me something. I . . . have to . . . obey . . . ."

"Good, baby, good," Keisha said as she began to hear the sound too. "I can't believe it! It's . . . working . . . . I can feel myself being . . . pro.grammed . . . ."

Keisha's eyes glazed over as her mouth went slack. David had fallen under as well. Neither one moved as the programming, having gained a foothold, reached into every corner of their waiting minds. By the time Wendy had installed power packs in their backs—wind-up keys were not necessary, since they did not need to be transported—the couple was completely under computer control. Guided by their new programming, they suddenly turned toward the double doors and began to walk mechanically.

"I'd better follow them to make sure they're functioning properly," T801 said to T800. "Now that we have two more units, the assembly of the programming cubicle should go even faster. Need anything else here?"

"No, thanks," T800 replied. "Wendy will let us know if our last candidate, Cheryl, shows up."

As T801 left the room, T800 turned back toward N979. "Hey," he said, "I think it's time we finished Unit N986. By now, N990 must be nearly done with Stage Three."

"Yes," N979 agreed. "Come on, N986. Let's get you to Stage Three processing."

"I'm ready," N986 said, following N979 toward the double doors.

T800 was now alone with Wendy. "This is so exciting!" the girl said, fists clenched. She was so elated that she'd forgotten about trying to act like a robot. "I can't wait to find out what it's like to be fully robotized!"

"You will soon enough," T800 said reassuringly. "We just need to find you a suitable partner."

"Can't, um . . . can't you be my partner? I mean, just long enough to get me up and running as a real android? The waiting is driving me crazy! Please . . . I'll-do-a-ny-thing."

"I'm sorry," T800 said sympathetically. "Like I told you before, it just doesn't work that way." He was amazed at how eager Wendy was to undergo the process. Something about her personality made her ideally suited for recruitment into android society. Already, she'd shown obedience and performance levels far beyond the norm for a Stage One unit. He wondered what she'd been like before; from his brief observation at the gym, she'd seemed very quiet and unassuming. It had been an appearance no less deceiving, he concluded, than the human form he'd been wearing at the time.

"I promise we'll take care of you just as soon as we can," T800 said gently. He was determined to find a partner for Wendy, if only so that he wouldn't have to keep explaining why it was impossible at this stage for him to interface with her. "In the meantime, I need you to finish installing this room's sensor equipment. Your programming will now take over so that you can perform this task. Are you ready?"

"Finally!" Wendy said with a smile. "Bring it on!" She wanted nothing more than to give herself over completely to her programming again—she felt completely weird when it wasn't engaged. In anticipation, she stood at attention and did her best to stare straight ahead. But she was too curious not to follow T800's movements with her eyes as he approached her.

"Good," T800 said, pressing a button on the disk mounted on Wendy's right hip. "If Cheryl or anyone else comes, you know what to do."

"Af-firm . . . a.tive," Wendy said, her voice settling into a true monotone as the programming took control. Having finally achieved the state she'd wanted—but now oblivious to everything that she had been thinking before—she circled silently around the desk to begin her work.

Leaving Wendy in the reception area, T800 smiled to himself. It had been a long day, but an immensely successful one. He looked forward to completing the process on the remaining candidates, finishing the work on the recruiting center, and finding the right companion unit for Wendy. But most of all, he looked forward to getting T801 to himself for a while.

* * *


Unit N979's eyes opened. Receiving data. Processing. She was in the programming cubicle, sitting in one of the programming chairs, having just been recharged. For the first time, her internal batteries were at one hundred percent capacity. The android felt invigorated.


"This unit is fully functional," she said as she stood up. Turning around, she saw Unit N982 overseeing the construction of another row of programming chairs. Unit N990, now fully functional himself, was assisting.

N979 crossed the room to speak to her companion unit. "How long have you been up, honey?" she asked.

"Only about twelve minutes or so," he replied before giving her a sweet kiss. "Doesn't it feel great to be fully charged?"

"Yeah—I feel like I could do anything right now."

Just then, the door opened, and Unit T801 entered with Unit N992—the female who had once been Keisha Grant. She was now completely chrome, her stunning facial features made even more beautiful now that they were metallic. Her shining onyx hair, once short, now fell to her shoulders in a style identical to N979's. Without a word, she went to work on one of the disassembled programming chairs.

"Units N979 and N982," T801 said, "we're finally ready to give you your first programming upgrade. If you'll come with me?"

"We will go with you," N979 and N982 said in unison. They followed T801 into the Stage Two processing chamber, where Unit N987—formerly David—was helping Unit N986 to process two more candidates. One of them was Unit N991—the tall aerobics student named Cheryl. Unit N979 assumed that the other one must be her boyfriend. She couldn't believe how successful the recruiting effort had been so far!

T801 led the two N units into an adjoining chamber where T800 was waiting. "I trust it's a good time for us to upgrade you?" he said cheerfully.

"Yes," the N units said as one.

"Great," T800 said. He held out a remote control toward N982 and pressed a button. N982 immediately stiffened as his programming took complete control. His vocals activated. " Re.spon.ding." He walked robotically toward Unit T801, stopping directly in front of her.

"Load sex program A1000," T801 said in a commanding tone.


"Activate." Unit N982 dropped to his knees and pressed his face against T801's crotch. She placed her hand on his head, gently petting him as he licked her with increasing urgency.

As N982 serviced Unit T801, T800 turned the remote on N979. Somewhere in her programming, she knew exactly what was about to take place. As soon as the button was pressed, she felt her servos lock up as new data entered her brain. Her head tilted, and her mouth opened. ACTIVATE VOCAL. " Re.spon.ding."

"Load sex program A1000," T800 said as she approached him.

Processing. ACTIVATE VOCAL. "Loa.ding."


N979 felt a torrent of instructions flooding into her CPU. The instructions were controlling her utterly—not only making her execute each command, but reinforcing in her a deep, insatiable desire to be controlled. I will be controlled. This unit will be controlled. N979 sank to her knees before her superior, staring impassively at the smooth bulge of his crotch. Then T800's magnificent cock began to extend from his body.

N979 now knew exactly what she must do. She took T800 into her mouth, licking and sucking with her silver tongue and lips. As her head bobbed neatly back and forth, she could see his status lights blinking more and more furiously. She could also feel the data being transmitted from his body to hers. Soon, the data flow intensified to its inevitable climax, and N979 felt a white-hot stream of liquid enter her waiting mouth. The android swallowed the liquid, dutifully sucking T800 clean until he was completely finished.

Through all of this, N979's circuits did not experience a release. The purpose of this procedure was not to bring her pleasure. Its purpose was to upgrade her sexual functions so that she would be a more perfect companion for N982. N979's brain processed the new data she had just received. Transfer complete.

N979 now stood up, expression blank, and turned her back on T800. She felt her rear access panel slide open to receive a cable, the other end of which was attached to T800's front panel. As soon as the cable was inserted, N979 felt T800's more powerful CPU connecting with her own. Interface established. T800 immediately used the connection to communicate directly to her internal systems.


Unit N979 now bent over at the waist, spreading her legs slightly to present her chrome ass to her superior. T800 positioned himself behind her. Then, as she felt his cock pushing inside her, she felt something else—the physical sensation T800 was experiencing as her ass clenched tightly around him.

The information from T800's cock filled N979's brain, upgrading and enhancing her sex program with completely new capabilities. The unit felt her mouth open. "Re.cei.ving.da.ta. Re.cei.ving.da.ta." N979 lifted her head until her visual sensors met those of T801. She too was bent over, connected to N982 by a cable as he thrust into her. But despite her position, T801 was clearly in control of the encounter.

"You're both doing great!" she said encouragingly.

"Re.cei.ving.da.ta. Re.cei.ving.da.ta," N982 intoned.

It wasn't long before T800 reached a second climax. But this time, N979 felt her circuits build toward a release along with him. When the orgasm came, it was strong—but not as deep or fulfilling as when she was with N982. A part of her understood that this was all part of her programming, a critical aspect of her design parameters that kept her bonded first and foremost to her companion unit.

Unit T800 pulled out of N979, and she stood up. Once again, she spoke. ACTIVATE VOCAL. "Pro.gram.ming.up.grade.suc.cess.ful."

A moment later, T801 disengaged herself from N982. "Pro.gram.ming.up.grade.suc.cess.ful," N982 reported.

"Nice going," T800 said as he held up the remote again. With the push of a button, both N units felt their systems readjust themselves.

"Functional level one restored," they said together.

Then N979 stepped forward and gave T801—her best friend—a warm hug. T801 was a bit surprised, but nonetheless returned the embrace with equal caring. "I really want to thank you for bringing this amazing technology into my life," N979 said. "For allowing me to become part of the technology. I feel . . . transcendent."

"Well," T801 said, "what can I say except that we're so glad to see you both enjoying your new lives as androids. I knew you'd do it! It took a lot of courage to go through with it—and you had a particularly difficult time of it, with all the experimental equipment we were trying on you—but you pulled through with flying colors."

"Thanks," N982 said. "If you don't mind, I think I'm going to get back to the programming cubicle and help finish the construction."

"By all means," T800 said. "As you know, there's still a lot of work to do. You can go too now, N979."

"OK," N979 said. Then, with one last smile, she left the room.

"What a week!" T800 said as walked over to the far wall. He pressed a button, and a section of the wall descended to form a horizontal platform. He hopped on the platform, then beckoned T801 over by patting it with his hand. She walked over slowly, swinging her chrome hips with each step, then sat down beside him.

"I know what you mean," she said. "It's been hard work—but I can't imagine it going any better."

"So, what's next for you? Going to go after all your old friends until you've got a fully-staffed robot dance team?"

"Don't laugh, you jerk," T801 said, slapping his shoulder half-heartedly before leaning back against his chest. "I just sent an email to Julie Goldman in New York. I don't think it's going to be too difficult to get her on board. As for the rest, we'll see."

"I wouldn't bet against you, that's for sure." T800 gently squeezed T801's right shoulder, then ran his hand down to caress her breast. She let her head fall back to kiss his neck.

"You know," she said, "I have to admit that I've felt a little jealous these past few days."

"How so?"

"Watching the new recruits going through the process, I can't help but think back to the day you and I became androids. I keep thinking about how amazing it felt to be with you, that very first time—and how quickly and easily I was able to imagine myself living this life. I remember waiting to see what you were going to say when we got the offer—being so scared that you might say yes, but then realizing I was even more scared that you'd say no. And I remember how fast my heart was beating as I agreed to give myself to you—to allow myself to be reprogrammed alongside you."

"You're right," T800 said. "That was the most exciting moment I've ever experienced."

"These past few days have had me wishing we could do it all over again."

T800 thought about that for a moment. "You know," he said at last, "maybe we can—but I'm going to need your help."

For the next two hours, T800 and T801 created a new sex program for themselves. With painstaking attention to detail, they mapped out the physical configuration each would assume at the start of the program. Then they established appropriate behavioral patterns for each other, and wrote code that would ensure that each had some latitude for independent choices within the basic guidelines of the program. Finally, they experimented with a new technique they'd never tried before—partial override of their sensory input devices, so that the program could control their perception of their environment.

When they were all done, each android saved the program to permanent internal storage. They were ready to begin. T800 stood in front of T801 and took her hands in his. "Ready, 801?"

"Yes," she said.

"Then by all means, load sex program R0001."

T801 closed her eyes as the program loaded into her neural matrix. She felt dizzy—as though the room were spinning around her. She tried to orient herself, but she wasn't exactly sure where she was. Even stranger, she suddenly realized that she couldn't remember her own . . . name. Then, a fraction of a second later, it came back to her. I am Kim Peters. I am Kim Peters. That was it!

She was Kim Peters . . . and she was out shopping on a rainy Saturday evening.

As Kim opened her eyes, everything suddenly made sense. She was standing inside a dressing room, wearing her favorite little black T-shirt and a pair of tight blue jeans, holding a silver one-piece bathing suit. She didn't really need another bathing suit, especially not with the way the weather had been recently, but its shiny metallic fabric had caught her eye—and she knew she had to have it. The only question, really, was whether it fit right.

Dropping the swimsuit for a moment, Kim pulled off her boots and socks, then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off. After stopping to look at herself in the mirror—she loved the way she looked in nothing but a tight-fitting top and panties—she pulled the shirt over her head and undid her bra. Finally, she pulled her underwear down to her ankles and kicked them away. She knew she wasn't supposed to try on clothes without her underwear on, but for some reason she was feeling mischievous. Besides, she was probably going to buy the suit anyway.

Sitting down on the dressing room's little bench, Kim reached down and picked up the suit again. Lifting both legs, she put her feet into the suit and began pulling it to her hips, standing up once it was past her knees. The suit felt very cool against her skin. Plus it was tight—tighter than she expected it to be, given the size on the tag. But more than that, the suit was sending a strange tingling sensation through her body. As she put her arms through the straps, and pulled the front up to cover her breasts, the tingling grew stronger.

There was definitely something funny about this bathing suit. It was alive with electricity—a persistent vibration that was slowly arousing her. Kim suddenly noticed her reflection in the mirror. Her nipples! They were straining against the fabric of the suit, jutting out more firmly than she'd ever seen them before. And she was getting wet, too. This was crazy! Against her will, her body was responding as though she were masturbating. She had to do something fast!

Then a mild wave of dizziness washed over her. Kim wanted to balance herself against the wall, but for some reason she couldn't lift her arm. Instead, her body turned to face the door, and her hand reached out for the doorknob. She noticed that her arm was perfectly straight—and so were her legs. It was like she had no elbows or knees. What the hell was going on?

Even though Kim was wearing perfectly acceptable clothing, leaving the dressing room in such an aroused state was no different than walking around naked. She wanted so desperately to stop, but she couldn't. Before she knew it, she had stepped out to the hallway and turned to her right. There, in front of her, was the strangest sight she'd ever seen. A young man in his late twenties was standing at the other end of the hall, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and pants made from the same skin-tight silver fabric that she was wearing. The sleeves of his shirt even ended in tight silver gloves—only his head and feet were uncovered.

Unable to control herself, Kim walked—legs stiff and mechanical, arms held rigidly at her sides—until she was standing three feet in front of the man. His face was handsome, but for some reason his eyes were opened unusually wide and his mouth was hanging open. He seemed to be completely unable to move. Well, Kim thought, at least she wasn't the only one.

Suddenly, a voice rang out in Kim's head. ACTIVATE VOCAL. She felt her head jerk to one side as her mouth opened of its own accord.

"Hel.lo . . . . My . . . name . . . is . . . Kim."

Kim's brow furrowed. That didn't even sound like her own voice! The words had come out flat and monotonic. She sounded like . . . a robot.

The young man's head now twitched to the side as well—and when he spoke, his voice sounded no different than hers. "Hel.lo . . . . My . . . name . . . is . . . Tim."

Tim. Tim. She couldn't explain it, but the name meant something to her. As she stared at Tim, Kim struggled to remember if she'd seen his face before. She was sure she hadn't, and yet . . . .

ACTIVATE VOCAL. Once again the strange voice had commanded her, but she wasn't quite sure what to say. She felt her head cock back and forth as she fought to clear her mind.

"I . . ."

"I . . . I . . ."

"I . . . I . . . I am . . ."

And then it hit her—a feeling so overwhelming, so pure, that it latched onto the deepest recesses of her being, instantly becoming a conviction more tightly held than any she had ever known. This man, whom she had never met before this moment—this was the man she was born to be with. Forever.

Kim's head stopped moving, locking neatly into position, just slightly off-center. She finally knew what to say, finally understood the truth.

"I am pro.grammed for you."

* * *

Android Unit N979 walked purposefully down the long corridor, under the gentle guidance of her programming. She was designed to always obey her programming. Four weeks ago, when she was a human girl named Samantha Taylor, Unit N979 would have been awestruck by the sights and sounds of the recruiting center where she performed her functions. All around her, humanoid robots—just like her—were walking to and fro, carrying out whatever duties were necessary to ensure the growth and survival of their android society. Truly amazing things were unfolding here, and under other circumstances she might have felt tempted to stop and wonder at the beauty of it all. But N979 was completely used to the activity of the recruiting center, and besides this was not a time when her programming allowed her such an indulgence.

She was an android.


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