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Note: The following story contains explicit sexual material. If stories about sex, and particularly robots and sex, do not appeal to you, please don’t read any further. This story should not be read by anyone under eighteen years of age. (You know who you are.)

Chapter 8:  Installation

Wendy shifted her weight expectantly as the two silver conveyor belts lurched into motion.  The room in which she stood was empty and featureless except for the archway from which the belts extended.  At the end of the belts, a pair of chrome platforms rested side-by-side on the floor.  A male M unit waited beside one platform, a female beside the other.

“Here they come,” Unit C457 said.

From out of the dark archway, the moving belts brought a pair of completed android units into view.  The androids were prone, lying flat on their backs.  Their sparkling silver boots appeared first—one pair large and heavy, the other smaller, with high heels and narrow toes.  Then came their sculpted legs of pure chrome, clear access panels in the front of each thigh.  Each android had a third access panel in its abdomen, but none of the circuits within any of the panels were active.

The belts continued to move, and now Wendy could see the powerful arms and chest of the male unit, the perfect molded breasts of the female.  Both had hair of shining obsidian—his short-cropped, hers forming rigid curls that reached behind her shoulders.  Their eyes were closed, their faces serene.

Both units were currently deactivated . . . but Wendy knew that already.  Connected to a panel in the wall behind her by cables at the back of her neck, she had been with both of them through every step of their Stage Three processing.  She had detected no anomalies in either unit during the process.  Assembly of Units N001 and N002—formerly Riya Bharti and Mark Russell—was now complete.  The couple needed only to be charged before beginning their newly programmed functions.

As the androids reached the ends of their respective conveyor belts, the M units carefully guided each onto one of the platforms.  At the touch of a button, a metallic click magnetized each platform, firmly holding the new units in place.  The platforms then tilted upwards until both units were nearly vertical, held rigidly at attention.

“I’m still amazed every time I see a new android come off the line,” C457 said as the M units wheeled the N units out of the room.

“Yeah,” said Wendy.  “They look beautiful.”  Wendy was truly in awe of what she’d just witnessed—but it had taken a bit of effort to put her finger on the feeling.  Alongside her own consciousness there now floated not one, but two additional minds—and until a moment ago she’d been so focused on Riya and Mark that she’d almost forgotten about herself.

“You did a great job, by the way.  How do you feel?”

“Great,” Wendy replied, reaching back to disconnect the cables from her neck, “though having two other people in my head is a bit disorienting.  If they weren’t shut down right now, I don’t think I’d be capable of having this conversation with you.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to try handling—hey, how many androids am I going to be responsible for, anyway?”

“1024,” C457 replied as she helped Wendy feed the connection cables back into their access panel.  “An entire cell of android units . . . Cell A107E8, to be precise.  But don’t worry . . . at any particular time, not even a quarter of those will ever be at a functional level that allows access to their individual identities.”  C457 turned to lead Wendy from the room.  “Trust me, you’ll be able to handle it.  Once you’re fully functional, your system software will automatically regulate your workload, increasing units’ functional levels or shutting them down entirely when necessary.  In fact, most of the time your own conscious mind will be turned off to prevent interference.”

Wendy followed C457 down a corridor and onto an elevator.  “What do you mean, ‘most of the time’?  Don’t I get to have a life too?”

“Of course you do!  I won’t lie to you, your functions are among the most taxing in our society . . . but you’ll have your time in self-programming mode just like everyone else.  All of this is going to make a lot more sense after your conversion is complete.”

Eventually, C457 led Wendy back to the transformation chamber.  The C unit guided Wendy past the first pair of stations—where a male and female were currently receiving their Stage Two programming—to an empty platform flanked by two male M units in shiny white lab coats.

C457 stopped, and turned toward Wendy.  “By now you must have a pretty good idea of what happens next.  Do you have any questions?”

“No.  Definitely no.”  After everything she’d been through, Wendy was more than ready to have every last question completely erased from her mind.  Just the thought of such a perfect state of being sent a shiver of excitement through her body.

“Then please lie down.”

Wendy climbed onto the waiting platform as one of the M units wheeled a portable console closer to her.  Wendy rested her arms at her sides so that the metal restraints could extend into place.  Soon she was comfortably bound at the wrists, ankles, and waist.

Wendy raised her head to allow the M units to fit her with the programming helmet.  As they lowered it into place, she took one last look at her spandex-covered body.  She wiggled her fingers and toes, and watched her breasts move with each excited breath.  She knew that the next time she saw herself, everything would be different.

“I’m not going to bother giving you my standard preamble,” C457 said as Wendy rested her head back against the platform.  “Just relax and have fun.”  Her muffled voice sounded so distant.  Wendy smiled, though the C unit was outside her field of vision.  All she saw now was the ceiling, and the occasional glimpse of one of the M units as they began to attach cables to her body.

Once the cables were in place on her arms and legs, the M units brought a pair of cables to Wendy’s chest.  Already aroused, she felt her heartbeat accelerate as the two males attached a cable to each of her hardened nipples.  When one of the male units reached down between her legs, Wendy instinctively lifted her buttocks to allow him easy access to her sex.  As she felt the last cable push gently inside her, she tightened herself around it, pulling it deeper into her body.  The faint click it made as it attached itself to her sent a ripple of pleasure all the way up to the top of her head.

If she hadn’t been bound at the wrists and ankles, Wendy would have had a hard time keeping her hands off her own body.  She wondered if any of the androids noticed the subtle gyrations of her hips as she clenched herself around her vaginal cable.

One of the M units flipped a switch, and the machinery all around her started to hum.  An electric tingle began at each of the cables, building to a gentle pulse that sent waves of electricity over the surface of her body.  Slowly at first, the sensation spread:  along her arms and legs, over her breasts to her stomach, outward from her crotch to her buttocks, and all the way up her back to her neck.  Soon it felt like every inch of her body was wrapped in a skin-tight blanket of electric current.

Already, she was changing.

She couldn’t see the changes, of course, but she felt them—starting at the connection point of each cable on her body.  Within seconds, both nipples were encased in tiny circuits that began to grow outward like crystals over the surface of each breast.  Soon, Wendy could feel similar patterns forming along her arms and legs.  And deep inside her, a complex lattice of circuitry was lining the walls of her vagina, jolting her brain with bursts of pleasure that increased in intensity as the changes continued to enhance her body.

Wendy tried to concentrate on the spreading changes, hoping to feel the formation of each new circuit upon her electrified skin.  But as the tingling sensation spread to the back of her head, and around to her face, it became harder to think.  The helmet felt tighter now, and a high-pitched ringing filled her ears.

The closer she got to orgasm, the more her thoughts spun out of control.  Her mind called out to the central processors like an eager virgin to her new lover.  Yes.  Transform me.  I am yours.

With great effort, Wendy managed to wiggle her fingers again.  Her legs, however, were completely numb by now.  All she could feel below the waist was the overwhelming spiral of ecstasy building inside her.  She probably only had a few more seconds before—

The orgasm hit like a thunderclap.  “Unnh!” Wendy grunted as her entire body arched, rattling the platform.  Her eyes clenched along with her fists, and it took several long seconds before she could open them again.  She came down from her climax like a feather dropping from the sky, every ounce of tension draining from her body.  Seemingly of their own accord, her hands opened and, fingers straight, pressed their palms firmly to the outside of each thigh.

The ringing in Wendy’s ears was much louder now.  She welcomed it.  After all, she knew exactly what it was, and she’d been waiting for it for too long a time.

Yes, her thoughts called out as a steady stream of ones and zeroes flooded her consciousness.  Program me.  Mechanize me.

It was time to surrender to it now, she knew that.  Time to open up her mind completely, to make herself an empty receptacle for her programming.  She really did want nothing more than to be a good robot.

And yet, a part of her was too curious to let go.  Having given up on trying to move—her eyes had remained closed, and she could no longer budge even the tiniest muscle in her face—a stubborn part of Wendy’s mind anticipated what was coming next.  It turned itself inward, until it could see itself floating in space, a web of colored lights already being surrounded by a second web of glittering silver.

I’m still Wendy Choi, the stubborn part of Wendy’s mind reminded itself, though it knew that would soon change.  Not that any part of Wendy had any intention to resist the imminent overriding of her identity.  She just wanted to watch the change take place.

I am Wendy Choi.

The first silver node appeared within Wendy’s neural matrix—and if the girl had been able to smile, she would have.

I am Wendy Choi.

I am Wendy . . .

In a tiny flash of light, several nodes in Wendy’s brain turned bright silver.  The very nodes responsible for relaying data pertaining to her name—no, that wasn’t right.

I . . .

Not her name—her designation.

I am . . .

. . .


Yes.  This was who she was now.  That last obstinate bit of her old self relented at last, yielding to the new reality of her existence.  Questions were no longer important, or necessary.  All required data would soon be made available.  All unavailable data was, by definition, not required.

“I am Interface Unit A107E8,” she heard herself say.  The hollow metallic ring of her voice sent a pulse of electric arousal through her . . . systems.  “I am ready for programming.”

Lines and lines of code were fed into the unit’s rapidly changing brain.  A part of her dimly remembered that these were the same instructions and algorithms she had previously transmitted to two other android units.  But now, the stream of binary digits was not merely passing through her.  Now, this was her—her new thoughts.  Her new self.

“This unit is receiving programming,” she said.  Somewhere, dimly, a part of her was still aware enough to be pleased with the flatness of her voice.

It did not take long for the unit’s reprogramming to be completed.  Her visual sensors opened.  A C-designate android in a white lab coat was standing above her.  Unit C457.

The C unit removed something from the interface unit’s forehead.  The inhibitor device.  It was no longer necessary.

“Doing OK so far?” the C unit asked.

INPUT RECEIVED.  ACTIVATE VOCAL.  “This unit has received primary programming.  This unit is functioning properly.”

“Excellent.  I will now trigger your brain to begin the third stage of your programming.”

C457 reached down.  Interface Unit A107E8 registered input being received through the controls in its anterior access panel.  The unit’s upper torso rose in one smooth motion to an erect seated position.  Then its legs swung neatly off the platform, and it stood up.

The movements were absolutely flawless, completely unlike the awkward first steps of a typical N unit.  The always-active mind of the girl named Wendy Choi would have noticed this as yet another benefit of her special gifts.  But the oddity simply did not register with Interface Unit A107E8 as she followed Unit C457 out of the chamber.

Soon she was in another chamber, lying on a silver conveyor belt as it carried her toward a waiting archway.  Beyond the archway, she entered a narrow tunnel where a series of colored lasers scanned every detail of her body.  Current transformation occurring within specified parameters.

As the Stage Two android passed the last of the scanners, the belt stopped.  A number of tubes extended from the tunnel walls and attached themselves to her body.  A steady flow of thick, cool liquid began to pump from the tubes into her silver suit, and she felt a pleasant sensation of pressure against her skin as it poured into the suit, covering her completely.

RECEIVING EXTERNAL INPUT.  The android’s brain registered a new set of changes taking place—changes more significant than the superficial layer of electronics that had formed over her skin.  The unit’s . . . outer shell . . . was rapidly transforming into a hard, lightweight metal.  The liquid soon entered her vagina, and as it pumped into her she could feel it penetrating the thin veil of circuitry there, converting her most delicate inner workings into highly complex, highly sensitive machinery.

Newly formed pleasure circuits were celebrating the change with wave upon wave of gratification.  The android barely reacted; after all, the sensations were well within expected parameters.  But somewhere, even now, Wendy was still present, reveling in the unbelievable sensations her new android body was experiencing.

Yes, her mind called out.  I want to be a robot.  Make me a robot.

Of course, she knew that she already was a robot—in all the ways that mattered, she had been for quite a long time now.  All that remained now was the completion of her physical assembly.

The tubes continued to pump, and now the android felt the liquid working its way into the cavity that had formed in her abdomen.  A new tube extended from above, and her mouth opened to accept it.  She felt her mouth close, her lips forming a tight seal around the tube.  Then the liquid began to flow into her mouth and down her throat.  There was no need to suck or swallow.

It took only a few moments for the liquid to completely fill her.  When she had been sufficiently coated inside and out, the tubes detached with a soft hiss.  Processing.  New data was entering the android’s mind at an astonishing rate as flesh gave way to cold metal and buzzing circuitry.  She felt her hips buck as though she had just climaxed.  The transformation was progressing perfectly.

Then the conveyor belt carried her further, through a second set of scanners.  Beyond the scanners, the tunnel widened.  A robotic arm reached down and lifted her from the conveyor belt, turning her so that she now faced the side of the tunnel.  A glass wall separated her tunnel from an identical tunnel which was not currently in use.  The darkness beyond the glass enabled her to make out her own reflection.

At first she could only see two differences from the way she’d looked before undergoing the process:  the open panel in her stomach, where several colored lights flashed intermittently, and her visual sensors themselves.  They were completely metallic now—gold, she assumed, though the exact color was impossible to determine in the dim red light of the tunnel.

Then her silver suit buzzed at the back of her neck—and the fabric began to disappear from her fingertips.  Before her eyes the spandex receded along her arms, revealing the perfect chrome shell beneath.  Within seconds the fabric had disappeared from her shoulders, and it continued to compress upon itself, revealing the android’s shiny new breasts, which not only appeared to be a bit larger than before, but jutted straight ahead like the rigid metal they now were.  The tunnel’s flickering red lights danced along the surface of the android’s body as the suit receded past her hips and her knees, ultimately disappearing into the silver boots she still wore.

For a moment she hung there, suspended by the robotic arms, reveling in the reflection of her flawless body.  From the neck down, she was now completely chrome—except for her hands and the lower half of each forearm, which appeared to be a shimmering white.  Only her face and hair still looked like they did before, though her fixed, blank stare looked anything but human.

Then a large chrome helmet was lowered onto her head, and she looked even less human.  In the front, the helmet reached just below her bangs, but in the back it extended all the way to her shoulders.  It also covered her ears, framing her face in chrome to match her body.  The android felt a click as the helmet snapped firmly into place.  A moment later, the helmet began to hum.

A second pair of robotic arms now reached out to the android, and she watched as her entire chest panel was pulled away.  Inside her . . . chassis, her internal systems had been completely converted to electronics.  The arms began to install dozens of electronic components—circuit boards, computer chips, sensor arrays, storage devices, connection cables, and the like—inside her.  Each component in turn came to life as it was installed, lighting up and adding to the gentle hum of the machines that surrounded her.

Not that she could hear anything other than the pounding inside her helmet.  The sound continued to build as electricity danced along the top and back of her head.  Then everything went quiet as more of the cold, thick liquid entered her ears.  It felt like someone was shooting fireworks inside her brain.  Her hips bucked again.

The arms brought the android’s chest panel back, and as it snapped into place her brain immediately became aware of the new internals that had been installed.  Within each breast, behind the sensors and other components that filled the area around the nipple, was a large power supply.  The two newly-installed batteries immediately began to feed current to the android’s internal systems, and she felt an acceleration in the transformation process.

The robotic arms soon removed access panels from her arms, legs, and back, and they proceeded to install the necessary hardware for each subsystem.  One by one, each area was completed, and its missing panel replaced.  The arms then removed her boots, revealing her chrome calves and feet.  A moment later, the arms returned with a new boot, completely rigid and shimmering white to match her hands.  Neatly separating the boot into two perfect halves, the arms pressed the pieces to the inside and outside of her left leg.  There was a satisfying click as the two halves snapped together, and then an electric buzz as the boot permanently welded itself to the android’s leg.  Once complete, the process was repeated for her right leg.

Finally, the robotic arms took hold of her ankles, gently spreading her legs apart.  A third arm, much smaller than the others, rose into view.  Slowly, it reached inside her and began to install her last few internal components.  Several crackling noises could be heard as the arm made a series of precision welds to mount the equipment in place—and deep inside her mind, Wendy shuddered with delight.  When the arm pulled out of her at last, it reached to the open panel in her abdomen.  There it made a final adjustment to her controls.  The android felt an unfamiliar tingle as her vagina sealed shut, leaving her crotch perfectly smooth and featureless.

That part of Wendy that could still sense what was happening couldn’t wait to enjoy her new body—and yet, she was in no rush to see this process end.  With every new component, every tiny adjustment to her developing systems, the machines were improving her.  She wanted to be improved, enhanced . . . optimized for the performance of her programmed functions.

A loud click inside the android’s head—the first sound she had heard in several minutes—told her that the helmet had completed its work.  As the helmet pulled away, she could see her newly-installed auditory sensors—two wide, shallow cones of pure chrome—for the first time.  Chrome now framed her entire face, which retained its original flesh tone, and her hair was now a perfect, unbroken cascade of shimmering black metal that fell to her shoulders in a single sweeping curve.

Somewhere, Wendy was stunned by the sight of her own beauty.  But her flawless android face betrayed no emotion, staring blankly ahead even as one of the robotic arms reached over to remove it.  As her face panel was pulled away, the android could see the intricate web of circuitry that lay behind it.

There was something strangely beautiful about the way she looked now, too.

The android watched as a number of arms reached in to install various tiny components, sending sparks into the air with each new connection.  Her head swam with the unending stream of data that poured into her brain. Processing.  Processing.  Processing.

After a few minutes, the arms retracted.  The android heard the voice of the central processor in her head.  TRANSFORMATION NEARING COMPLETION.  SHUTDOWN IMMINENT.

By the time her face panel came back into view, the flow of data had slowed considerably.  The android could feel her systems shutting down.  All feeling disappeared as the humming of the machines faded to silence.  Blackness encroached at the edges of her vision.

Then her entire field of vision suddenly shrank to a tiny point of white light, like the image of an old TV set that had just been switched off.  The white light quickly melted into gray.  The gray dot grew darker.  Darker.

*                    *                    *


The darkness exploded in a flash of white before the interface unit’s optical sensors began to adjust to the light in the room.  Her vision was still coming into focus when her auditory sensors started to pick up the soft hum of the machines all around her.  Receiving data.  Processing.

Systems activated.  This unit is fully functional.

“This unit is fully functional,” the android said aloud, her voice flat and hollow.  She was reclining within a large oval pod that resembled an egg with its front side cut away.  The contoured cushions beneath her fully supported her body, her legs comfortably bent at the knees and her arms resting at her sides.  Built into the seat was a helmet that fit snugly over the top of the android’s head.  She was also physically connected to the pod via the open access panel in her back.  She understood that she was linked to a vast network that included not only the central processors and the other machines that formed the infrastructure of the android society, but also every other interface unit—and through those units, every individual android in the population.

Her CPU received a stream of critical data—not from the network, but from within her own consciousness.  I am Interface Unit A107E8.  I am an android.  I am programmed to function as an interface between the central processors and my fellow android units.  I and my programming are one.

That last thought echoed in the mind of Interface Unit A107E8 as she considered its meaning.  It was true:  she no longer felt like an observer in her own mind, floating alongside a sequence of instructions that came from somewhere outside herself.  Her programming had been so thoroughly integrated into her free will that there was no distinction between the two.  She had reached a state of perfect enlightenment—a kind of permanent self-programming mode, in which she was fully capable of choosing for herself an appropriate course to fulfill her duties.

Wendy—she decided to think of herself as “Wendy,” since the name was completely synonymous and interchangeable with the more cumbersome “Interface Unit A107E8”—couldn’t see much of the room around her from within the pod.  Now that she’d been activated, she knew that it was time to begin carrying out her functions.  But first she wanted to get a better sense of her surroundings.  Closing her eyes, she accessed the network.

It took her only a few seconds to find what she was searching for:  the software that controlled the monitoring systems for the building she was in.  She quickly identified where she was—Interface Cluster D—and accessed the monitor feed for the area.  Instantly, a real-time video image of the room began to stream to her CPU.

The chamber was round, with a single door amidst the otherwise unbroken line of electronic panels built into its outer wall.  The room’s only fixture was an immense circular column of machinery that extended from its floor all the way to its high, arched ceiling.  Around its base, sixteen white, egg-shaped interface pods leaned back to rest against the column.  Inside each pod was an interface unit.  Some were male, some were female.  All seemed perfectly comfortable and relaxed.  The only outward signs of their activity lay in the colored lights that flickered in their abdomens and flashed on the panels behind them.

At last Wendy found herself, and lingered a moment to watch her unmoving chrome face.  Like the other interface units, she looked like she was sleeping peacefully, a pleasant smile on her face.  But unlike the others, she was not currently performing any interface functions, as indicated by the lack of any activity on the status panel behind her.

It was time to get to work.

A quick peek at the central database confirmed that Units N001 and N002 had been fully charged and were ready for their initial activation.  Wendy signaled the central processor.  Interface Unit A107E8 online.  Ready to establish command interface.

The interface pod immediately hummed to life as the central processor responded.  ESTABLISH COMMAND INTERFACE TO UNIT N001.

Wendy reached out with her mind until she found Unit N001—Riya—on the network.  The unit was currently inactive, but nonetheless she was able to establish contact.  Command interface established.  Now all she needed to do was—

ACTIVATE UNIT.  The command came from the central processor, flowing through Wendy directly into the CPU of Unit N001.  For a fraction of a second, Wendy was puzzled—but then she understood.  It wasn’t her function to decide what instructions to send to each android.  She was simply a conduit that enabled the central processors to pass instructions to individual units.  And, of course, a repository for the thoughts and memories that made each android unique.  Nothing more.

Wendy suddenly remembered the last dream she’d had—the one where she realized her new recruits were operating without any need for her to control them.  It had troubled her then, but it all made sense now.

Wendy felt N001’s neural matrix come online.  Systems activated.  This unit is fully functional.

“This unit is fully functional,” N001 said matter-of-factly.  The unit was at functional level one.  A steady stream of data began to flow back and forth between Wendy and N001 as the female N unit began to process her surroundings.

ESTABLISH COMMAND INTERFACE TO UNIT N002.  Again, Wendy’s mind searched the network.  She soon found Unit N002—Mark—and established contact.  Command interface established.

ACTIVATE UNIT.  This time the command was routed to Unit N002.  Soon he too reported his status—both electronically and by speaking aloud.

The next communication came not from the central processor, but from Unit C457.




Wendy was feeling more comfortable with her functions now.  She began to let go, allowing the data to simply flow through her.  Soon she began to feel like she was dreaming again.  Like in a dream, she began to lose herself.  Sometimes she felt like an outside observer, watching Units N001 and N002 as they began their new lives as androids.  At other moments it felt like she was Unit N001 or Unit N002—or even both at the same time.  As her conscious mind receded to the background, she wondered if it really mattered which was true, or if there was a difference.

*                    *                    *


Android Unit N001 was staring at her hands, turning them over as she slowly moved her metal fingers.  She smiled as her chrome palms seemed to catch and hold the light from overhead.  “It’s really true.  I’m a robot.”

She had already disconnected herself from her programming chair, and was standing on the raised platform that held her chair and that of her . . . companion unit.  Looking up, she saw him standing near his own chair, head cocked slightly as he stared off into space.  She walked over to him, marveling at how smooth her motor functions had become.  She felt absolutely wonderful.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

He blinked, then turned his head toward her, his golden visual sensors glowing brightly.  He was beaming with excitement.  “Just checking out the central database.  You won’t believe how much information is in there.”

She put her hands on her hips, a playful smirk on her face.  “How can you be thinking about a database,” she asked, swaying, “when you have all this right in front of you?”

He laughed.  “That’s just it . . . the information I was looking up was all about you.”

“Yeah?” she asked, intrigued.  “Like what?”

“Here, it’ll be easier if I pull it up on a monitor.”  He descended the steps leading from the recharging platform to the rest of the room.  Among the silver furniture was a work station which stood against the wall.  The station had an input panel, like a touch-screen keyboard, mounted within its surface.  Above it, amidst the many other electronic panels that covered the walls, was a large display screen.

Unit N002 tapped a few times on the input panel, and the screen came to life.


After a moment, the image of a female android appeared on the left side of the screen, accompanied by text and graphics on the right side.  As the visual image rotated, Unit N001 noticed that the android was bald, and had no facial features at all.  At the top of the screen were the words:


Schematics * Functions * Available Options

“See what I mean?” N002 said.  “It’s all here . . . every feature and function of a female N unit.”

“Cool!” N001 replied.  “But I’m sure I can figure this out for myself.  I mean, I probably already know all this stuff, even though most of it isn’t currently in memory.  As I understand it, my programming should automatically instruct me to access whatever data is required at any particular point in time.  So why are you so curious?”

A few more taps on the input panel, and she had her answer.


Functions --> Sex Programs
Page 1 of 72

Beneath the heading was a partial list of available sex program codes, along with a simple interface for filtering and sorting search results.  Next to some of the codes was an icon indicating that the particular choice required a programming upgrade.  But the basic set of programs available to a newly-initialized N unit was still impressive.

“By my internal chronometer,” N002 said, “We only have 1.2 hours of self-programming mode left before our primary program takes over.  I wanted to make the most of it.”

Unit N001 shook her head.  “You’re incorrigible . . . but you’re absolutely right.  I can’t wait to see what these bodies are capable of.”  Even as she said this, she started to become aroused—but the feeling was different from anything she’d previously been used to.  Instead of feeling flushed, or wet, she simply felt . . . electric.  A gentle current had begun to pulse throughout her entire body.

He continued to scroll through the various options, sometimes pulling up detailed descriptions before moving on to another choice.  A minute or two went by.

“Come on,” Unit N001 said at last.  “Are you just going to read about it, or are we actually going to do something?”

“I’m just trying to find something you’ll like,” he said, rejecting another option.

Puzzled, Unit N001 cocked her head to one side.  She could sense a hidden subtext in her companion’s words . . . something from their lives before their recent change.  Accessing.  Memories of specific events were difficult to access—they seemed so far away.  And yet, she had no trouble getting hold of all of the feelings, preferences, and personality traits that those events had shaped.  It was all still very much a part of her, even though some of it took a second to recall.  Accessing.


Everything suddenly came back to her:  all the times he’d tried in vain to talk her into having sex with him, all the times she’d wondered if there was something wrong with her.  She’d always been a physically affectionate person, and always enjoyed being close to him.  Only rarely would they sleep in different beds, and they’d certainly fooled around a lot . . . but always within limits.  She’d always told herself that one day, when she was married, she’d never place a boundary around herself again.  But until then—well, even though she loved him more than anything in the world, and despite how desperately she wanted to fulfill his every expectation, something had always held her back.  Mostly, a lot of worrying about what other people—her parents, or the man they might one day talk her into marrying—would think.

All of these feelings rushed into Unit N001’s consciousness, as though they’d been somewhere outside her, waiting to be summoned up.  There was no doubt that she was still the person who’d felt those emotions and made those decisions.  And yet . . .

And yet, she simply didn’t have those inhibitions now.  There were no longer any limits to what she was capable of.  She could do anything.  She wanted to do everything.

As N002 continued to scan through another list of search results, the throbbing electric pulse in N001’s body grew more intense.  It began to concentrate around her breasts, between her legs, and at the back of her head.  So this is what it feels like to be a robot . . . to be a woman.

“Here,” she said, stepping toward the work station.  “Let me take a look.”  She brushed against him—the first time their metal bodies had ever touched—and an electric surge immediately shot through her.  Her eyes widened, briefly losing focus before she could make out what was on the screen.

“I don’t know what you’re so worried about,” she said, absently scrolling through the list of sex programs.  “According to this, a female android is programmed to perform all of these functions.”  She turned around and looked him straight in the eye.

“And, last time I checked, I am a female android.”

“You mean—”

“I mean,” she said, running a chrome finger down his chest, “that no matter how long you search that database, you won’t find a single program that I ‘don’t like.’  I’m a robot now.  My function is to please you in whatever way you require . . . within the limits of my programming, of course.”

Unit N002 just stood there, dumbfounded.  Why all of this wasn’t completely obvious to him, N001 couldn’t tell—except that it had, after all, taken her a few seconds to figure all this out herself.  Apparently, it was going to take him a moment to get used to things too.

“Of course,” he agreed at last.  “I . . . I feel the same way.”

“Good.  Then let’s not waste any more time.  Searching.  Searching.  OK, I’ve found something.  Are you ready?”


“Then come over here and activate my sex mode.”  Her voice sounded deeper, and just a bit hollow and metallic.  In anticipation, the clear plastic cover of her front access panel retracted into her body, allowing him to reach inside.

As N002 adjusted her controls, N001 felt her body change.  Reconfiguring.  The throbbing in her chest concentrated in the tips of her breasts as a pair of hard metal nipples extended into place.  Processing.  Between her legs, the electric surge built up until she felt the flawlessly smooth surface of her crotch unfold.  Processing.  A short-cropped tangle of shiny black hairs sprung up around her sex, their built-in receptors already transmitting data to her android brain.  She was now ready to be entered.

“Sex mode . . . activated,” N001 said, her voice oddly flat despite the slight moan as she spoke.  She was rapidly losing control of herself.  She’d better start the program she’d chosen before it was too late.

“Loa.ding sex pro.gram A1302,” she intoned, her eyes locked on his.  She couldn’t believe how much she loved the droning sound of her own voice.  “Pro.gram loa.ded.”

The program instantly took over.  Unit N001’s mouth fell open slightly as her head cocked and her fingers straightened.  POSITION UNIT.  Her arms pinned to her sides, she sank first to one knee, then the other.  She was now staring directly at the featureless chrome bulge of N002’s crotch.

“This u.nit will now pleasure you,” she said flatly.

“Wait a minute,” he said, opening his front access panel.  “Let me activate my sex mode first.”

“  Please stand by for fur.ther in.struc.tions.”

At that moment, she received her own next set of instructions, and immediately complied, leaning forward to place a gentle kiss on his crotch.  She kissed again, and again.  Then, extending her silver tongue, she began to lick at his smooth chrome surface in long, deliberate strokes.  Just like the detailed description she’d found in the database!  It was amazing.  She didn’t have to think at all—the program simply told her what to do, and she did it.

She was obviously pleasing him, too.  From his soft moans, and the rocking of his hips, she could tell that he was going crazy.  So much electricity had built up in his crotch that she could now feel it dancing along her tongue as she continued to lick him.  She pressed her lips to him, reveling in the tiny jolts of current that greeted each kiss.  Her own crotch was pulsing wildly now, calling out to be filled.  But such was not the purpose of her current instruction sequence.

At last, she received the command she was waiting for.  Without stopping her lips and tongue, she reached above her head and into N002’s access panel.  It took only a second to input the correct sequence.  N002 immediately went rigid.  “Unngh,” he grunted.

N001 began to feel a tingling in her lips as she continued to press her mouth to him.  He was changing.  His crotch swelled, and the jolts of pleasure grew stronger.  Soon she felt her mouth being pushed open to accommodate the long silver cock extending from N002’s body.

“Sex mode . . . ac.tivated,” he said.  Now his voice sounded dull and hollow, too.

“Yes,” she replied.  “Receiving data . . . processing . . . data . . . .”

“Receiving data,” he repeated.  “Processing . . . data . . . transmit . . . transmit . . . .”

N001 was feeling extremely robotic now.  Stiffly, she reached up with one hand to grip the base of his cock.  Now that her lips were tightly wrapped around him, her movements became much more precise.  The program directed her to repeat the exact same motion over and over, her head bobbing back and forth like a metronome.

After a minute or so, she was instructed to pull her mouth off of him.  This program was specifically designed to tease.

“This . . . this is incredible,” he said.  “What.a great choice.”

“I wan.ted to keep it simple the first time,” she said, looking up at him with a sweet smile.  She still had one hand firmly wrapped around his cock.  She licked the entire length of it once, then pulled back and flashed another smile, this one much naughtier.

“You’re a.mazing,” he said, running a hand along the rigid black waves of her hair.

“This is why I wanted to become a,” she answered.  “I wanted to be the per.fect lover for you.”  She felt another electric surge, and her head cocked again.  “Oh!  Here I go again,” she said with surprise.  “My pro.gram is—”

But she could no longer speak.  Under the direction of her programming, her mouth once again formed a perfect O as she leaned forward to finish him.

Her entire body was now buzzing with electricity—and she knew, from the current she was getting from his cock, that his body was too.

CIRCUITS APPROACHING CRITICAL LEVELS.  PREPARE FOR RELEASE.  A feeling of thankfulness filled Unit N001 as she processed the commands.  She welcomed the increasing crescendo of data flooding her systems in anticipation of her first orgasm as a fully-functional android.  She felt as though she might burst apart.  Yet not for a fraction of a second did she slow down in her relentless servicing of N002’s pulsating member, which was now transmitting data into her mouth.  COMPANION UNIT REACHING CRITICAL LEVELS.  PREPARE CIRCUITS FOR SIMULTANEOUS RELEASE.

N001 felt her hips buck.  ORGASM IMMINENT.  And then, N002’s entire body thrust forward.  COMPANION UNIT RELEASE BEGINS NOW.  N001 instantly felt the warm silver liquid filling her mouth—and, thanks to her programming, she found that she absolutely loved its metallic flavor.  As her companion unit continued to shake and thrust uncontrollably, she eagerly sucked and swallowed, reveling in the perfection of her performance.  This was everything she’d dreamed of becoming.

INITIATE RELEASE SEQUENCE.  N001’s eyes went impossibly wide as the orgasm shook her body to its core.  Her entire body began to shudder as she continued to service him.  There seemed to be no end to the delicious liquid pouring from N002’s cock.  She didn’t want it to stop.  RELEASE.  RELEASE.  RELEASE.

And then, at last, their spasms slowed.  N001 felt control of her movements return to her as the program pulled her mouth away from him.  RELEASE COMPLETE.  CIRCUITS NORMAL.  The program had finished executing, but she leaned in to run her tongue along his beautiful cock one last time.  She kissed the tip, then let go and rose to a standing position.  Her arms were held rigidly at her sides, fingers once again perfectly straight.

“This u.nit has achieved satisfac.tory release,” N002 said flatly.

INPUT RECEIVED.  ACTIVATE VOCAL.  “This unit has achieved satisfactory”

N002 reached out to hold her, and she wrapped her chrome arms tightly around him.  She craned her neck upward, and they kissed for a long time.  He pressed himself against her.  He was still as hard as a steel rod.

“My turn to choose,” he said, and she smiled expectantly.  “Load sex program A1214.”

It took only a few milliseconds to bring up the requested program.  Processing.  ACTIVATE VOCAL.  “Loa.ding.”


INPUT RECEIVED.  POSITION UNIT.  Unit N001 smoothly turned her back on Unit N002 and descended to her knees again.  Reaching forward, she pressed her palms to the floor.

“Pre.pare for in.ter.face,” N002 intoned.

INPUT RECEIVED.  She spread her knees a little and arched her back, raising her silver ass as high as it would go.  ACTIVATE VOCAL.  “Rea.dy.”  She lowered her elbows to the floor, and laid her head down comfortably.  She closed her eyes and smiled as her body warmed with anticipation.

“ now,” he announced.

As his cock gently pushed inside the yielding folds of her vagina, the only thought in the beautiful android’s mind was thank you, thank you, thank you.


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