Chapters 22-27

--Planning a Statue-fest--

    Hours later Petra was back home, her mind bursting with ideas on how to pull of her little statue party…she twirled the elastic phone cord in-between her fingers as she negotiated with the people who were offering their services.

    "Hello, is this the agency where I can hire living statues? Yes, I want some models to portray some statues for a little outdoor gathering I'm going to throw next weekend. You can? Well, let me see… I want about six statues, four women and two men…uh huh… Oh I want absolutely beautiful models… perfect bodies…they'll be performing for the whole day…nude… uh huh… you can't guarantee that?… not even for triple your modeling fees… Oh I'm so disappointed… I guess I'll have to go elsewh… what's that… You say you can… that's wonderful… I'll put my maid on the line for details on how to get here… uh huh… yes, well thank you very much…I appreciate your assistance…I'll meet with you in a few days to pick out the models…Here's Fifi now…" Petra hung up the receiver as Fifi continued to speak with the modeling agency's booking agent from the other room. She had seen performances of living statue and robotic actors during some of the local acts downtown and through a quick look in the phone book had nailed the name of an entertainment agency that offered living statues as a party attraction.

    Real statue performers would lend a certain look to the party, but they would have no idea how real they would look to the attending guests!

    "Okay, the entertainment is booked… catering is being taken care of by Fifi… now for the guests…" Petra got on the phone and began calling around to all her college friends. Nothing like a good old-fashioned Toga party, with real life-like statues as decoration. After about an hour, she had gotten a few people she knew from some fraternities and sororities to come over next Friday evening. And of course, Toby… she was worried he wouldn't show up after that disastrous date she had with her petrified tits, but even afterwards he still seemed interested in her and she was definitely interested in him. She would have to approach him with a little sense of care.

    She looked out her window to the front court below. Julie was still there, a monument to be admired at the party. Or at least Petra hoped people would notice her beautiful marble body as they would get a glimpse of things to come. The caterers could set up near the pool and she could set up the live statue performers on pedestals on the lawn nearby. It would be a party to remember. She now wished she had set up Julie in the back near the pool, so she could oversee the orgy… oh well, the best laid plans…

--Maid-en Stone --

    Petra descended via the main staircase. She had so many ideas on what to do she almost ran into Fifi at the bottom of the stairs.

    "Ah, Miss Petra," Fifi greeted. "I have completed sending payment for the entertainment for your party. They were most enthusiastic about the rates you offered to pay."

    "Thank you, Fifi," Petra smiled, she had her gym bag slung over her shoulder. "Is Grandpa home yet?"

    "No, Miss Petra, he is out to the racetrack. I haven't seen Miss Julie today either."

    "Oh I know where Julie is," Petra snickered. Just about a dozen meters outside, cemented onto the fountain, and stiff as a statue! "Say Fifi, could you do me a favor?"

    "Oui, Miss, what can I-" Fifi started to say. " OH mon! " the startled maid gasped. "Mon corps est marbre plein devenant!" she said, frightened, as she saw the flesh beneath her fishnet stockings turn to whitened stone.

    "Don't worry, Fifi, everything is going to be all right," Petra reassured the pretty servant as she blanketed the maid with the green petrifying ray head to toe.

    "Je me tourne vers la pierre!" Fifi said again as the feeling of petrification swept up her body, across her chest and up her lovely face. "I'm turning to stone!" she cried out before she became a silent sculpture. Her eyes, frozen wide, became blank orbs of marble.

    "I just wanted to let you know what the partygoers will be in for," Petra purred as she dropped her gym bag and cupped the hardened maid's breast. The soft fabric yielded but the stoney maid's breast did not. It was completely solid as rock under the soft maid's uniform. She found the protruding nipple and fingered it gently. Petra slid her hands under the lacey micro-skirt and felt the hardened features of Fifi's pussy under the silky panties. "Very nice, Fifi," Petra smiled. "But don't get too comfortable being a statue though, I'll be needing your help later on!" Petra left the incongruous marble statue wearing maid's clothes standing in the foyer as she got a bite to eat.

    Fifi stood with her arms raised, bent at the elbows with palms facing out. Her thin arms were white as the lace on her outfit. The gorgeous marble legs 'neath the fishnets tapered down to a slender point at her ankles. Her marble 'skin' literally glistened in the lights of the foyer. Her hair was an elaborate rendered tangle of marbled twists and twirls. She stood in silent, elegant repose, awaiting the return of her mistress who would restore her to life.

    Almost a week to the big bash, Petra thought. It couldn't come fast enough for her, as she gobbled down her lunch. And if she was lucky, she might be able to convince Toby to stop by too. For now it was time to head to the gym, she needed to keep her trim figure in shape if she was going to be wearing a skimpy toga. Petra walked back to the foyer and picked up her bag, still lying at the feet of the still statue. She gently ran the back of her hand against Fifi's marble cheek, admiring the fine details of the statue's pretty face. She aimed the red ring at the statued maid and restored her to flesh. Fifi looked a little flustered and Petra apologized to her, saying it was just another test Julie had asked her to do while she was on her 'business trip'. Little did Fifi know Julie was mounted just outside and had been there since she had to 'leave suddenly'. Maybe she could be let in on the real party plans, Petra considered

--Trouble Brewing--

    Five days later, Petra pulled up in front of the house. In Julie's car, no less. Hey, statues can't drive, and Julie won't mind, she reasoned. Jumping out of the vehicle she said her daily greeting to the fountain decoration that Julie had become. "Hey Julie, looking good!" Petra smiled behind her dark sunglasses. Julie had been a statue for about a week now and Petra actually was missing her company. But keeping her a marble monument was delicious revenge for the stunt Julie pulled on the night of Petra's big date with Toby. It had taken over a week for her to get the guts to face him again on campus. She had even resorted to squeezing her breasts in front of him to try and convince him it was all some elaborate practical joke she had played. See?!! She had said in her clinging, most provocative dress. Soft! Petra rolled her eyes as she recalled the dialogue. She was really desperate to get Toby. So desperate that it had virtually distracted her from using the petrifying ring since that day at the beach. Now, with his agreement to attend, she could focus on the petrifying aspects of the coming weekend.

    She went upstairs to her room and lay on her bed as she checked off the names of the guests. It was going to be a rather small group. No more than a dozen or so people, an intimate affair, but if she had planned it right it would be a wild occasion. Her grandfather was leaving on his pleasure trip on Wednesday, and Petra had already told the mansion staff that they were getting the long weekend off. Petra rolled off her bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen. The sound of raised voices caught her ear. It sounded like someone was at the front door.

    "I want to see Juliette Covington now!" a familiar voice bellowed.

    Petra descended the stairs and saw Daphne DeNavereau at the front door speaking to Fifi. Daphne was dressed as usual, her lime green leather blouse and skirt outfit featured daring cleavage. Fifi looked like she was having a difficult time satisfying the impatient woman.

    "Miss Covington is not in town, Miss DeNavereau," Fifi tried to explain. "She had to leave town suddenly for business matters."

    "Bullshit!" Daphne raised her voice. "I know she's in here somewhere and I'm not taking some servant's word on it!" Daphne put an unusually derogative slant on 'servant' when it sputtered from her lips. Typical Daphne.

    Fifi tried not to react to the disparaging Daphne and looked quite relieved when she saw Petra coming down the stairs. "Miss Petra, I'm sorry to intrude but could you this…woman (Fifi put a not-so-subtle pause before uttering the word) where Miss Julie is?"

    "Sure Fifi, let me handle it," Petra beckoned for Fifi to depart and faced Daphne. "Hello Daphne," she said, not so icily as she could have.

    "Patricia," Daphne hissed in a dismissing tone. "Where is Juliette? I need to speak to her about the Museum reports that she was supposed to have ready for me! And don't give me any b.s. about her being off on business! She knew full well these reports are very important and she's been completely incommunicado! I've been trying to call her all week and she simply isn't answering my calls," Daphne put her hands on her hips in an indignant pose. Petra thought to herself how statuesque she looked like that but didn't act.

    "Sorry, but it's true…" Petra started. "Julie is out conducting…research," Petra stumbled on her words as she could see the statue of Julie standing on top of the fountain in the court. "Very important research…but she knows how important those reports are and…and she'll be back in time to finish them," Petra knew she sounded vague but hoped she sounded at least plausible. And it was the truth too, to an extent.

    Daphne looked askance at Petra. The young woman looked earnest enough but something about her story didn't seem on the up and up. "Just tell Julie if she doesn't have those papers ready I'll have her head!" Daphne began to storm away from the mansion.

    "Sure, I'll let her know," Petra followed Daphne out to her car. Daphne was about to get into her car when she noticed the fountain. Or more accurately, the ultra-realistic statue of Julie on the fountain!

    "Where did you get that statue from, Patricia?" when Daphne said it, it sounded more like an accusation than a request.

    "Oh that? We've had it for…ages," Petra tried to discourage Daphne's curiosity. "You know you really should stop by more often…don't be a stranger…" Petra would have shoved her out the door, except they were already outdoors.

--Party Prepping--

    Petra closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief. The entire staff had been dismissed for the long weekend, and Grandpa Covington had left on his trip the night before. With Julie an immovable statue on the fountain out front, only she and Fifi the maid remained in the house.

    The entertainment company had plans to send the models over first thing in the morning to set up the live statue bit. She had hand picked the models based on pictures the artist had in her portfolio as well as from some 8x10 glossys of models for hire. Little did the models know that they would be performing their parts for real, Petra smirked. She had the caterers set to arrive later that afternoon. They were a bit mystified that she didn't want any tuxedoed servers considering the swank surroundings of the mansion but she assured them it was a strictly low-key affair.

    Petra looked at the two rings on her hands. These little babies hadn't seen much action since Julie was stoned but tomorrow should be another matter entirely. Her pussy moistened at the thoughts of petrified bodies decorating her party. She was tempted to use the rings on herself for some extra-special marble masturbation, but she knew it would be a long day and she had to sleep. The last thing she needed was to spend a whole night petrifying herself and not be able to keep her eyes open when the guests arrived tomorrow! She slipped the rings off and put them on her dresser. Lying in bed dressed in a body hugging crop top and panties she dreamt sweet petrifying dreams.

    Hmmm, ohhhh yessss! She felt her toes freeze into dainty stone digits. Her ankles, slim and sexy calves followed her feet as they too became hard and immovable. She could feel the skin of her inner thighs harden beneath her fingers, the green light seemed to bathe her entire body. Her fingers touched her sex, stimulating her soft flesh, her smooth skin. Her roaming fingers stopped at the edge of her pubic hair. The silky strands of brunette hair turned into brittle twigs of marble. Her hands swept over the marbleized splinters, shaving her petrified crotch smooth and clean. Her hands moved up her torso, following the petrification process. Her index finger slipped inside her navel as it hardened into a stone dimple. Her palms stroked her hardened sides, following the conversion of soft tissue to calcified marble. OOOHHH! Her breasts were overwhelmed by the marble effect! Aureoles and nipples became frozen droplets. Magnificently marbled now, they glowed with a shiny sheen of the moonlight. Her arms and hands froze, unable to move any longer. She could feel the marble lapping at her chin, moving over her lips, pouting, pursed…petrified! Soon I'll be preserved forever…eternal beauty…everlasting…The last thing she saw before her face froze forever was…Toby!

    "OH!" Petra awoke early. That was quite a dream! She threw on a casual-fit blue T-shirt and white hip hugging Capri pants and dashed downstairs. Fifi had already got breakfast on the table. Rather plain, considering the cook was off duty, but Petra didn't mind anything more fancy anyway. Her mind swam with all sorts of ideas on how she would spend the night with Toby. She couldn't wait for the models to arrive. At around ten-o clock in the morning the entertainment van showed up. A van with the models and makeup artists pulled into the front driveway and Petra practically broke down the front door to greet them. She introduced herself and ogled the models. They were gorgeous, as promised. The women were all bosomy and tall, thin. Petra was jealous already. You'll make fine additions to the décor after you're suitably statued though! The guys had broad chests that Petra could tell they were well built under their polo shirts. Hunky, Hercules-types, you're about to become stiffened statues! The two makeup artists were female as well and unloaded their equipment, consisting of airbrush spray guns and a lot of body paint. Petra asked if they could duplicate the quality of the Julie statue prominently on display and the makeup artists said no problem after they admired the lovely statue. No problem indeed, Petra thought.

    Petra brought the entire group out to the pool, and she explained where the caterers were going to set up. Sandy, the makeup artist, a frizzy haired blonde with a slight body, laid out the faux pedestals the 'statues' would be standing on. Petra asked the models to run through some poses and they happily complied, though they did mention that they wouldn't be able to hold these poses permanently. That's what you think! Petra thought. She agreed on the 20 minute breaks per model, They're not going to need them anyway. Petra insisted all of the models be there 'in character' for the first guests as she wanted to make a big impression on them. When Petra was satisfied with their preliminary poses she led them back to the mansion.

    "Do you have a room where we can apply the makeup?" Sandy asked. Her assistant was Max, a short-haired brunette with a streak of blonde in her hair and a rail thin figure. Tattoos circled her arms like bracelets, and her pants were so loose-fitting her undies were showing. They aren't so bad looking themselves, Petra thought of the two artists. She was getting giddy as the anticipation was starting to become too much for her and she led them inside a rather large, yet plain room.

    The models began undressing in the 'work' room, a mostly storeroom-ish studio where Julie sometimes tinkered. Drop cloths were laid down and the female models took turns being spray painted by the artist while the assistant prepped the guys. Petra peeked into the room more than once, curious to see the transformation from live model to live statue. The models didn't seem to mind. They shouldn't at three times their rate! No privacy for them anyway since they're going to be naked statues! One of the guys seemed to be quite taken with Petra and he continually smiled at her as he was getting painted up. The artists worked fairly quickly, applying a base coat of white paint via the sprayer they had hooked up and then an undercoat of light blue followed by another layer of glossy white. Petra was amazed at how quickly their bodies took on the appearance of statuary after only a few coats of paint. After their skin color disappeared beneath the paint, they really started to look like statues!

    After the coats of paint were sprayed on, Sandy touched up each model personally. She 'styled' the model's hair so that it would look like stone rather than soft. Katie, the first model to be 'finished' was led outside by Petra. The other models in various stages of painting stood around trying not to smear their paintjobs as it dried.

    Petra took the painted model Katie out to the pool and indicated where their pedestals would be. As the model got onto the pedestal she arranged her limbs into the specified pose Petra had decided on earlier and held her position for approval. Petra froze her into a REAL stone statue! The model's whitened skin didn't visibly change much at all. The entire petrification process was seemingly invisible. That's a good makeup job, Petra realized as she touched the models thigh and found she really had turned to stone. Katie was posed in a perfect statuesque pose, right leg tucked and bent glamorously, left arm reaching behind the head, right arm bent and touching her right shoulder. Her nipples were proudly pointing out due to the chilly air outside. She made a magnificent statue!

--Statues turned to statues!--

    Petra impatiently waited for the next painted nude to emerge from the house. "They could at least be more punctual," she fumed, even though she knew how long it took to get the models ready. She continued stamping her toes, trying to avoid being caught fondling the newly made statue next to her. That would be a hard to explain situation (though not as hard as explaining how the model was now really a statue of solid stone!). When the next model finally made his way down the grassy slope to the pool, and Petra almost lost composure at the sight of the nude Adonis. He had broad shoulders, a well-defined chest and stomach and an impressive penis! She smiled at him and he smiled back. "Hey, Steph," he acknowledged the female statue, not noticing the woman was really rock hard now!

    "She's getting into the mood," Petra explained the statue's non-response as she moistened her lips with her tongue "…you know, concentrating on maintaining her pose?" That was the first test, Petra exhaled as she tried not to stare too much at his dangling genitals. If none of the models noticed their kin had really been turned to stone it would make her plan go a lot easier. "Could you pose, kinda…heroic?" She asked, "…you know flex your arms out like a bodybuilder?" He complied striking a muscle bodybuilder pose with huge bulging biceps as he turned his head to one side and flexed his arms in opposite 90-degree angles and flashed a toothy smile.

    "Oh that's perfect!" Petra turned the hunky hunk into an instant statue. She touched his rock hard penis, solid as stone now! He's going to have that hard one for a long long time! She stroked the marbleized member with her fingertips, admiring the preserved details up and down his sexual shaft. She was really getting into the mood now, ready to petrify anything and anyone that came near her!

    The next model to come down was one that had caught Petra's eye early on. A tall statuesque (really about to become an appropriate description!) blonde with shoulder-length curly hair. She had her hair braided into a long ponytail now, painted white as the rest of her glorious nude body. Her shaved pubic area made her look more like a real statue than the first female model did with her neatly trimmed triangle. Petra couldn't believe how statue-like the woman already looked. The wait had been worth it. "Could you stand on this pedestal," she quickly directed the model away from the petrified duo and offered an opinion on what position the performer could take. Seconds later the lovely lady was a marble monument. Petra touched the petrified breasts, her fingers rolled off the pretty petrified points the model's nipples had become, and her head swooned as she remembered the sensation of having a pair of marble tits of her own. How firm and absolutely stiff they could be…

    Another female model came out, her long straight black (well, formerly black…now it was like rippling alabaster) hair fluttered in the breeze like a fan being opened. Petra directed her to an empty pedestal and asked her how she was posing. The model, so beautiful dressed in nothing but white bodymakeup, obliged by shaking her hair and holding her hands near her face as if holding her hair back in a shower commercial. Her arched back allowed her breasts to point upward…Petra petrified her, and she instantaneously became a beautiful stone statue, showering in the unseen rain…forever frozen. Petra stroked the flawless marble arms from the elbows down to the breasts, so unbelievably firm as perfect marbled globes.

    A second male model emerged from the mansion and Petra wasted no time in petrifying the handsome man into a marble god. Smooth chest and a nice set of balls to go with that dick…she touched the man's chest, feeling the hardened abs and eventually made her way down to his phallus, and his rock hard ass, so tight and scrumptious now! His marbled muscled arms were eternally flexed. Petra was in dreamland! Five statued performers were now decorating the mansion grounds, stoney testimonials to her perfect plans!

--Completing the Collection--

    Petra couldn't believe how easy it had gone! Each model had strode across the grass and took his or her place onto the pedestals, not realizing their comrades had been stoned for real! It was her fear that the plan to turn each one of them to stone would not pass unnoticed, but the makeup job the artist had done was utterly perfect! No one suspected a thing, and her five stiffened statues were about to be joined by one more. The last female model was quite amazed at the sight of her fellow performers, and attempted to engage in conversation with one of them. Petra urged her to hurry up and get onto a pedestal as the guests were already here and about to come out. The nude model gasped and stepped onto the pedestal and struck her pose-a hands on hips bathing beauty type of pose and Petra turned her promptly to stone. At last, a complete set of six sexy statues for my party tableaux! There was only one more detail…

    "So how do they look?" Sandy's voice came from behind Petra.

    Petra whirled and saw the makeup artist looking over one of the male statues. She carried a small makeup jar with a brush in one hand.

    "I think this needs a touchup," Sandy raised her hand up to touch the statue's arm.

    Petra gasped and turned Sandy to stone, bathing the artist in the petrifying green glow. The artist stiffened, her super-slender body merging with the male model's marble skin as her fingers touched his elbow. Only her clothing and the makeup jar in her hand remained unaffected, the rest of Sandy's body was completely marbleized. Her tangled mass of marbled hair became a weird marble mess of macaroni.

    "Eeek!" Petra gasped at the clothed statue. She hadn't expected the artist to come down to see the statues in action (inaction? Now there was a double entendre…), and she actually planned to petrify both the artist and her assistant inside the building. Now it was too late. Petra grimaced, how would she explain, not only a clothed statue, but a modern-styled clothed statue? She decided to head back to the house ASAP, the better to maintain damage control before the situation here got any worse.

    Max was cleaning up the workroom. There were streaks of white bodypaint all over her clothes and skin. The artists had used an airbrush sprayer to cover large areas of their models' bodies and taken to brushes and sponges to touch up hair and hard-to-reach places. There were always hard-to-reach places, Max sighed as she rolled up the drop cloths. In a few hours it would be time to clean up the models and that entailed a whole 'nother set of clean rags, makeup remover, and such.

    Petra hurried up to the mansion and burst thru the patio doors. Fifi was preparing the silverware when Petra practically ran her over. "Is the other makeup girl still in the workroom?" She asked without stopping.

    "Oui, Miss Petra," Fifi started to say but Petra was already down the hall and turned the corner. Petra was always in a rush, such was the way with youth. Not that she was an old maid, but once Petra hit her twenties Fifi figured the girl would slow down a little.

    Petra slowed down outside the workroom to catch her breath. The door was open and she peeked inside. Max was capping the unused jars of bodypaint. To finish off the caper, Petra petrified the skinny assistant where she stood in the workroom. Max froze in the midst of cleaning up and became an alabaster statue. A rather strange statue with piercings but a nice looking statue nonetheless. Her waiflike physique really leant her a nymphlike quality. No need for more witnesses though…the painting had taken a good five hours, and it was already mid afternoon. It would have been faster if I had just petrified the lot of them when they got here…Petra fumed. With the assistant an instant statue faster than you could say instant statuary Petra dashed back outside to deal with Sandy. Her clothing remained normal and Petra knew she had to undress her if she had any hope of pulling off this caper.

    Petra looked over Sandy's lithe body. The artist wore a loose fitting top and a zip-up skirt, which would make Petra's job a lot easier. The fabric of the paint speckled yellow top was flexible enough that Petra managed to pull the garment over Sandy's marble head with a little patience so that she didn't fragment the delicate marble curls. Removing the makeup jar from Sandy's frozen hand, Petra slipped the armhole of the garment over the immobile hand. With some deliberately delicate maneuvering, the other arm of the garment was feed as Petra tipped Sandy just a little bit so that the point where Sandy's fingers and the male model's elbow made contact was cleared. Petra was glad Sandy wasn't wearing a bra, it was hard enough getting her shirt off! She then unzipped the white-splattered denim skirt carefully and drew it away, revealing Sandy the statue's cotton undies. Petra managed to slide the underwear down the statue's legs but when she hit the ankles she realized Sandy was wearing shoes! Sandals, actually, but that was a problem in itself. How would she get away with that? The panties were stretchy and somehow Petra managed to get them around the feet of the statue by sliding the fabric ever so slowly between the grass beneath the shoe. I'll bet these were never designed for this much action! Petra held up the liberated undies after many, many minutes of work.

    There was still the problem of the sandals though…time was running out and she herself had to get dressed! Then it struck her! The makeup! She used the brush and painted the amber shoes with the white bodypaint. It blended in just perfectly with the statue, almost looking like pseudo-Greek footwear! Petra hoped it washed off easily, but now was not the time to worry about such things as the party was going to start in less than an hour! She looked at Sandy, standing next to the nude male god almost like she was trying to touch him and retain a piece of his godhood status. She actually enhanced the statue on display, go figure! Petra smiled and headed back to the house. It was all starting to come together.

    The caterers arrived soon and Fifi let them set up their tables near the pool. The caterers admired the statuary decoration, but Fifi said nothing about that. Petra was upstairs, hastily fashioning a makeshift toga out of some sheets. She had put so much effort into arranging the party that she had forgotten about making a garment to wear. She wrapped the satin sheet around her body. Her resulting short toga skirt and one bared shoulder with the tail end of the sheet thrown over her other shoulder completed the daring ensemble. She had neglected to put on any undies in her haste to get dressed, fortunately her costume wasn't so short that she had to worry about that…not that she would have to worry too much about keeping her outfit on…

    "Miss Petra, the guests are arriving!" Fifi announced as Toby arrived with some of the others. Petra had invited Karen and Melody from college. Leigh brought his girlfriend Holly. Jim brought Kristi. Stan brought 'Lina. It was going to be a small, yet intimate group.

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