Chapters 28-35

--Statues by the Pool--

    "Wow look at this!" Leigh admired the statues by the pool. They were all as perfect as Greek gods and goddesses would be on their pedestals. Unattainable levels of perfection. "Good going Petra!" He said boisterously and winked at Holly as he touched one of the statue's breasts. "Look Hol, almost as sexy as yours…" She playfully punched him in the shoulder for that insult. He apologized and slipped his hand down Holly's bare back, so that it rested inside her homemade toga and at the top of her pantied waistline. She snatched his hand off her backside but playfully snuggled up to him a second later, the better to run her hands over his bare chest.

    Jim and Kristi were laying on the pool loungechairs, their food virtually untouched, and deep in the middle of a personal conversation. Stan and Lina were getting some more food from the buffet setup. The caterers really outdid themselves, Petra thought as she nibbled on some delicious finger food. She really liked the expressions of the guests when they saw the marble statues for the first time. She swore Stan thought they were real people at first, until Lina poked one and was satisfied with the marble solidity. If only you knew, Petra licked her lips.

    Karen and Melody were observing the rather impressive attributes of one of the male statues, picking at it, poking at it as if it would spring to life at their touch and giggling all the way. Petra was rather surprised they were so interested in a statue's doodle, as Karen and Melody's personal tastes ran much more to the feminine side of the tracks.

    Toby was impressed with the décor too, as he told Petra in a moment aside. She kissed him on the lips and broke away, teasingly to mingle. It was starting to get dark now, only the torchlights near the pool were keeping things well lit. The mansion beckoned beyond, but the partyers were well into each other by now. Food and drink were generously spread around, it almost did seem like one of those Roman orgies for a second. The only thing missing was the sex…

    Karen and Melody were eating near two of the female statues. They were now admiring the forms and figures of the statued models as only two girls trying to turn on each other on could. Melody touched the white thigh of one of the longhaired models turned stone. She let her fingers delicately stroke up to the petrified crotch as she whispered something into Karen's ear. Karen giggled and touched the statue with her hand, the other resting firmly on Melody's shoulder…

    Stan and Lina had excused themselves to go down the lawn behind some shrubs. Petra knew they must be getting it on and snuck away from the group as she made an excuse to put away some trays. She circled round the landscaping and crept behind the bushes quietly. She heard some moaning and giggling. She aimed her petrifying ring blind and squeezed the trigger. The noises stopped and she peeked out from the bush to see two statues embracing each other. The statue of Stan had slipped the toga off of the statued Lina's shoulders, her breasts, marbled now, were bared. Her legs splayed on the grass, panties hanging on one ankle, as Stan was reaching under her toga and…stimulating her pussy? His other hand was on her side. Frozen expressions of joy and erotic pleasure were evident on both of their faces. Petra was glad to catch them in a moment of pleasure, a moment which would remain undisturbed for a long time if she had her way.

    Petra made her way back to the party. Melody and Karen were lying isolated on the grass nearby, sensually touching each other. Their bare legs and thighs were rubbing against each other's fleetingly. Petra thought they might catch fire any second now. Holly and Leigh were sitting by the pool, legs kicking the water in the pool. Jim and Kristi were talking to Toby, so Petra thought this was the best chance. The dim lighting worked to her advantage as she walked close by Melody and Karen, somewhat secluded in darkness from the pool lighting and fired her ring. The two groping girls froze into stone figures. Petra then realized Melody had her hands on Karen's tits! Great! She would have to come back to examine her new sculptures more carefully, but she had other targets in mind now.

    "Hi Toby," Petra smiled as she saddled up to Toby.

    "Hey Petra, great party!" Toby wanted to get Petra away for some private talk, but the way she kept disappearing made it tough. Jim and Kristi drifted away to give them some personal time, or perhaps more to give themselves some privacy for some heavy petting. It was getting darker, as the torches were running out of oil. "I've been trying to get you alone all night," Toby said softly as he and Petra walked around the pool. The fact that Holly and Leigh were still there didn't seem to register on either of their radars.

    "Sorry, hosting, you know?" Petra smiled as she took hold of Toby's hand. "I want to apologize again for that weird date we had…it was all some big joke my auntie forced on me…I hope you understand it wasn't personal…"

    "All I'm concerned with is how beautiful you are," he held her hand tightly. "You look so hot…" he led Petra away from the lighted pool and towards some shrubbery that decorated the landscape.

    "Oh Toby…" Petra stopped walking and Toby embraced her with a kiss. She ran her hands over his mostly bared chest, pushing the toga wrap off his shoulder. Her hands probed his muscles as they both sank to their knees. Petra began sliding his toga down as she maneuvered him to lie on his back and she began stroking his crotch with her hands.

    Toby's penis responded eagerly as he leaned forward to see Petra straddling him, her mouth tantalizingly close to his erect shaft. She pulled down his underwear and his dick sprang up like a soldier at attention. She stroked his member to full stiffness and as she softly and sensuously feathered his phallus she began pulling her own toga away, revealing her supple breasts…

    "W-wait, I-I don't have any protection," Toby protested.

    Petra, her mouth tantalizingly open at the tip of his penis fired the petrifying ring at Toby's body. "Don't worry I do…" she smiled.

    He turned to stone, his penis standing like a flagpole, a whitened stone shaft impossibly erect.

    Petra mouthed the head of the marbelized member and probed the stoney textures of Toby's genitals with her tongue. "Mmmmm…. mmm… mpphhh…. hhhmmm…" she practically devoured the petrified phallus, the taste of stone in her mouth was a different sensation to be sure as she went all the way down the shaft and touched her lips to the marbled pubic hair matted to Toby's crotch. Mmmmph….  ohhhmmmm… ahmmpphh…"

    "Oh…Ohhhh…. OOOhhhhhh!" Petra screamed as she wrapped her lips around the stiffened stone and moistened the penis with her saliva. The only thing that would feel better than this would be her own moist pussy embracing the petrified penis, and she raised her short toga skirt over her head, stripping herself naked. She slowly lowered her cunt onto the rigid rock. Her vaginal lips parted as she slowly, ever so slowly, sank deeper, letting the stone probe further and deeper inside her… "Ahh..aaaaa…. ahhhhhh!" her voice raised two octaves as she carefully, pleasurably began moving up and down the pole. "Ohhh….uhhhnnn…" she continued her amorous agalmatophilia, knowing there was only one other thing that could climax this moment.

    She carefully aimed her petrifying ring and at the deepest point of contact, as her soft buttocks squished against Toby's thighs she bathed her lower body with the petrifying ray, rendering her legs, waist, buttocks, and pussy into hardened stone. "Ah, ahhhhh, ah, A-A-AhhhhhhHH!" She moaned, probably too loudly for her own good as she raised the ring and petrified herself up to her armpits. Her torso and breasts became whitened marble. Only her arms, shoulders and head remained flesh. "Oh, ohhh, ooo, OOhhhhh…. OOOhhhhh…." she was linked with Toby now, just a quick wave with her right hand and she and he could be immortalized forever. Preserved passion…eternal ecstasy…it took all her self control to not petrify her own arms as she stopped beaming the petrifying wave and grabbed her marbled breasts with her hands and stroked, probing her marvelous marble body down to the union point where her crotch met Toby's. "Ohhhhhh….ooooohhhh…." she stroked his face, frozen in anticipation.

    She didn't know how long she continued to pleasure herself with the tactile sensation of stone. Finally, she let her arms drop to her sides in exhaustion. She remained linked in stone with Toby, her own body virtually frozen like a real statue in the moonlight…

--Finishing Up--

Petra was motionless, as if frozen herself in that moment of her most erotic fantasy fulfilled. Oh my…She breathlessly gathered herself, coming back from exhausting herself emotionally and sexually. There were still two more guests that had to be taken care of. Petra aimed the red restoration ring, sweeping it over her petrified body, restoring it's cold marble texture to full fleshy suppleness. Carefully she extracted her softened vagina, still moist as it was before she turned her privates to stone, from Toby's petrified penis. She restored her marble legs to flesh, careful not to hit any part of Toby's marble body with the ray. She unstraddled him and looked at his penis with all the attention a master jeweler might give to a valuable diamond. It was still standing proudly and completely undamaged by her unusual sexual technique. She kissed the tip of his marble dick playfully and then, almost as an afterthought, leaned down and kissed his marble cheek thoughtfully. His frozen expression of anticipation did not change a bit. How could it when his entire body was as rock hard as his dick? "I'll be back for you…I promise!" Petra giggled as she tiptoed through the garden stark naked.

The torches had gone out by now, and only the light from the mansion and the lighted paths illuminated the darkness. Petra was glad she didn't have to creep around in the bushes, the leaves were poking her soft skin! She made it back to the pool, passing the statues of Stan and Lina in the bushes and almost tripping over the prone statues of Holly and Leigh in the dark! Petra kept to the shadows and started crawling around on her belly on the grass as she got closer to the pool She watched from afar as Jim and Kristi, deep in a passionate kiss, rubbed their hands over each other's bodies like long lost lovers. Petra waited, feeling a little like some perverted voyeur but she knew it would be worth it if she caught them at the right moment.

Jim had slipped Kristi's toga off and she was completely naked. Her straight blonde hair reflected in the moonlight like pale gold. After a few more moments of groping they made their way into the pool. Or rather Kristi did, as she slipped her slim nude figure into the warm water. The dim lights in the pool illuminated her submerged body, the water supporting her breasts rippled as Kristi walked over and beckoned Jim to come in.

Petra could see Jim was declining to go in as he doffed his toga and laurel leaf headband and sat naked on the rim of the pool. What was the matter with him? Wasn't he all hot and horny by now? Kristi was a perfectly proportioned female who would make a wonderful statue when the time came. Petra wondered if the ring would be able to petrify people underwater of if the beam would affect the water itself. It shouldn't, ever since Julie modified the ring it only affected living people and nothing else. Time would tell…

Treading water in the deep end of the pool, Kristi slowly made her way over to Jim when it became obvious he wasn't going in. "Don't want to get wet, eh? I can change that." Kristi made her way over to the shallower end where Jim was sitting and placed her hands on his knees. Jim leaned over to sensually stroke Kristi's head, drawing her in between his open legs. She began massaging his penis with her hands, stimulating it to an erection and finally she devoured the engorged member with her mouth. Petra couldn't tell if she was kneeling as she continued her oral copulation, the pool wasn't that deep, but Kristi's head sank beneath the waterline a few times as she bobbed up and down with a mouthful of cock.

Oh I have to get them now! Petra stealthily rose up and ran out of the darkness firing her green ray like a stealth commando assaulting enemy troops. The two bathing lovers were transformed by the green petrifying ray. The two stopped cold in mid-sexual connection, turned into two marble lovers fused together.

--Oops! I Didn't do it again!--

Petra couldn't believe it, everyone was now solid stone! She dashed into the house, naked as a jaybird and scrambled to find the cameras she just knew she had somewhere. Fortunately Fifi was long asleep now as she made such a commotion tearing her room apart looking for unused film and blank videotape. Finally, cameras and accessories in hand, she rushed down with her video camera, and ran straight into Leigh!

"Wha-Leigh?" Petra sounded shocked and confused. Didn't she turn him and Holly to stone earlier?

"Hey Petra," Leigh responded nonchalantly until he noticed Petra was stark naked! "Heyyyy, Petra!" His eyes were all over her naked body.

"EEk!" Petra covered herself up as best she could with her camera equipment. Unfortunately with her hands full, she didn't succeed very well.

"Going to make some home movies with Toby? Coool…" Leigh smiled. "Hope you don't mind, but me and Hol are bunking down in one of the guest rooms. Hol just doesn't like getting grass in her hair. I just got up to get some suds from the fridge."

"Ah sure…no problem…" Petra began sidestepping around Leigh, trying to keep her bare butt away from his roaming eyes. "Have fun!" she smiled uncomfortably as she scooted to the screen door and out into the darkness.

Petra's grin disappeared quickly. What the heck was that all about??? Petra was sure she had tripped over Holly and Leigh a few minutes earlier…right before she petrified Jim and Kristi…d'oh! It was Karen and Melody she had tripped over! Petra smacked her forehead with her hand and promptly lost a handful of film rolls. When did they manage to sneak off? Now she had a pair of live bodies around when she didn't want any witnesses! Petra did some quick thinking on how to rectify the situation. Holly and Leigh must have left the pool after she had made off with Toby. She had lost track of the pair later on when she coupled with Toby and petrified Jim and Kristi! Now all her plans could unravel unless…

Petra watched from the pool and saw Leigh walking away from the patio door. Petra thanked her lucky stars he didn't come outside and find the statues of Jim and Kristi locked in fellatio. She carefully snuck back inside and flicked off the lights. The inside of the mansion was dark, but Petra knew her way around pretty well despite the size of the place. She took a peek around the corner and started tiptoeing down the long guest room corridor. She heard a noise and quickly dropped out of sight into an empty guestroom. She listened to the footsteps come closer and closer and she aimed the green ring blind from the slightly ajar door. Sensing the coast was clear she peeked out and saw a fresh new statue of. . . Fifi!

"Fifi!" Petra said in a both hushed and annoyed tone. "What are you doing up at this hour?" The maid had been frozen into a marble statue wearing only her flimsy negligee. The whispery thin cloth clung to the maid's figure. Her pointed nipples were very prominent, as were her very bare legs. No fishnet leggings here! Her marble legs were utterly smooth and flawless, stretching seemingly forever before disappearing into her fluffy pink slippers or up under her silky panties. Fifi was holding an empty cup in her hand. No doubt she was going to fetch some tea or water from the kitchen when interrupted by Petra. Now she was a marble monument! "Oh well," Petra left the marbled maid in place and put her ear to the door of a guestroom. She could hear some murmuring inside and knew she had found her targets!


--Getting caught in bed--

    Holly and Leigh had made themselves at home. Their togas had been long discarded on the floor and they were back at getting it on after Leigh's brief beer break.  Holly and Leigh were hot and sweaty on the bed making passionate love as Petra listened to their moaning and grunting. Holly's voice was getting higher and higher with each passing moment. I'll have an exquisite statue group if I catch them in the throes of sex! Petra turned the doorknob, suddenly afraid they had locked the door! No, it was open and it turned slowly in her sweaty grip. Petra could hear Holly's voice sounding closer and closer to climaxing. I'm running out of time! Petra opened the door and squeezed the trigger on her green ring and aimed in the direction of the bed. Holly's orgasm was silenced abruptly. Petra opened the door a little wider to see what was going on. Did I hit the target? The two marble lovers confirmed her aim! Petra swung the door open and turned on the lights. A marble masterpiece was revealed in all its glory on the bed.

    Leigh was kneeling on the bed; his feet just under the silk sheets were pulled all the way to the foot of the bed. The bedspread was pulled all the way off the mattress and lying on the carpet beside the discarded clothing. Leigh's bare butt was tensed and tight as he straddled Holly's upturned ass. She was on all fours; her rear end turned up like some sort of presentation. An offering of herself to Leigh, Petra surmised.

    Hol's lower legs paralleled Leigh's, her back arched at the waist, where Leigh's hands were grasping for more thrust. His shaft was buried deep within Holly's cunt. Only an inch of his penis was visible outside of her vaginal lips. She was grasping the sides of the mattress, marble fingers buried deep into the side. Her head was turned to the right and plastered with disheveled stone hair. Her eyes were clenched tight in ecstasy, and mouth moaning open in frozen delight. Her round breasts dangled like ripe fruit, just barely avoiding one of the pillows she was straddling. Petra liked the way they came out. Intense passion, frozen at the exact right moment. Timing was everything!

    Petra knew she had to document this important moment and she dashed outside to gather up the video camera she had left outside. Passing the statued Fifi both times, Petra realized she, herself, was the now only non-statue left in the entire mansion! She thought that was amusing as she loaded in a blank tape and began to film every angle of Holly and Leigh's intimate embrace. Their whitened skin made them look much less like an obscene porno-scene and more like fine art. The finest art, Petra smiled to herself as she focused in on the point of penetration. The veins of Leigh's penis, the folds of Holly's pussy… Petra touched Leigh's dangling sac. "This is what we call playing hardball…" She panned the camera over Leigh's shoulder to get a view of Holly's hardened ass. Like a plastered apple, so inviting… so demanding to be touched! Petra ran her fingers over Holly's rear end, under her stomach, and cupped Hol's marble tits. The nipples were points of pleasure and Petra giggled at the sensation of those wonderful marble nubs in her fingers. The camera captured every inch of their bodies as Petra moved pillows out of the way to get better angles. She eventually ran out of tape and switched to the standard film camera, shooting off dozens of shots from multiple angles to capture this moment forever.

    She didn't necessarily get tired of documenting Holly and Leigh (how could you ever get tired of touching and filming a pair of incredible newly manufactured statues from life?) but she knew it was time to move on. There was so much more to document before they had to be restored to normal. Meeting up with Fifi in the hallway, Petra undid the string tying the marble maid's negligee. It parted like a wisp of smoke, rewarding Petra with two tempting marble breasts. Petra snapped some shots of Fifi's face and topless torso before she allowed herself to partake in the sensual touch of marble. Her fingers seemed to come alive with electricity anytime she touched a newly statued person. Fifi's beautiful hair was an elaborate cloverleaf of alabastered strips diving and turning over and under each other. Her silent lips were so pretty! Petra kissed Fifi on the lips, the marble was cold…solid…sexy! A new videotape gave her another 30 minutes worth of footage of the frozen Fifi, and with some care Petra managed to get Fifi's panties slipped down to the ankles! Those legs were so luscious…



    Petra knew that Holly and Leigh (and Fifi!) were only the start. She dashed down the corridor and turned on all the outside lighting. The mansion grounds were suddenly bathed in floodlights and Petra ran as fast as her bare feet would carry her. With video in hand, Petra began filming Jim and Kristi’s intimate pool encounter up close and personal. Jim was still sitting on the edge of the pool, and Kristi still had a mouthful! Petra plopped down and filmed Jim from the side, panning from his pleasured face down to his crotch, firmly engulfed in Kristi’s open lips! She was definitely having a mouthful, and if his expression was to be read correctly, he was having the time of his life! He even wore a silly little faux laurel leaf headband like some teenaged Caesar.

    Petra admired the fact that their marble bodies were so toned. It was one of the reasons she invited them to this little petrification party of hers. Jim was very athletic, doing weightlifting, running, biking, whatever outdoor activities you could imagine. Kristi was Jim’s physical equal, though not cutting as intense a body.  Her regimen included lots of aerobic exercises and she and Petra had often hit the gym together at school for workouts when Julie was not available.

    Fortunately, Julie had spared no expense in purchasing a videocamera. Petra could take it underwater with no problems! She sat on the cold tile and scooted into the pool. As her naked skin hit the warm water she tensed. She had been running around totally naked for the past few…hours? She had almost forgotten she wasn’t wearing any clothes!

    Kristi’s body was lovely, illuminated by the pool lighting. The rippling water made her look like some sort of lost Atlantean treasure. A statue long ago created by master craftsmen, and sunk beneath the waves… At least that was the impression until you saw her mouth full of marble cock. Kristi’s body radiated sexuality, and Petra liked the way she could feel Kristi’s muscles frozen taut. Her feet were barely touching bottom, one leg was bent up in the classic ‘kiss’ position and her hands were on Jim’s thighs. Kristi’s moderate bustline was difficult to film so close to the pool wall. Petra satisfied herself with lingering views of the girl’s stone backside and obviously stimulated crotch. Emerging from the pool every few minutes when she remembered to breathe, Petra fingered the slicked back mane of marble on Kristi’s head. It was normally curly, but the water had rendered it a curtain of stone. Kristi looked incredibly lovely and Petra made sure she got a good amount of tape chronicling the marble maiden. Knowing she would never have another chance like this, Petra rubbed her naked body against the smooth stone ass. Kristi would never let Petra do this if she weren’t a stone statue!

    It was time to get out of the pool, and Petra dried off with a towel from the pool shed. She looked at the seven marble statues on pedestals (six actually, but Sandy was practically a part of the display) but instead decided to hunt out and capture her friends first on film. A short trip across the grass yielded Melody and Karen fondling each other’s bodies like some sort of perverted marble sunbathers! “Hey gals,” Petra said seductively but the two stone girls did not hear. Petra crouched down and popped in a new videotape.

    Melody and Karen were lying on the grass facing each other. Melody’s hair was cascading down onto the grass like a mass of hardened cement. Her hands were  squeezing Karen’s tits gently, as very little pressure indentations could be seen on the latter’s marbled mammaries. Karen’s nipples were at attention, straight and true, whether it was due to the chilly nighttime air or Melody’s sensual touch. Petra guessed the reason was Melody as she zoomed in on the two topless lawn ornaments. Their ankles were crossed at one point, a delicate indication their fondling may have gone further had Petra not interrupted them. Both girls were fairly leggy, often going to class in short shorts and giggling at the stares of boys who would not have a shot at either of them. They had not taken off their togas, but merely slid the fabric down around their waists, so Petra knew she had to see what was underneath. She gently hiked up both of the statues’ togas and pulled down their undies as best she could. Like precious treasure, the marbled crotches were immaculately trimmed. Sleek triangles of fine marbled pubic hair framed what looked to be very stimulated pussies.

    Petra took some snapshots of the duo damsels when the tape ran out and when she got tired of that she lay on the ground next to Karen and rolled onto her side so that she echoed Karen’s stone figure. Petra reached over Karen’s short-hairstyled head and groped Melody’s breasts. It felt weird to Petra to have taken this moment and stopped it before fruition. She wondered just how far the two would have gone…

    Stan and ‘Lina were in the bushes, hiding from prying eyes. Petra found them with little effort as the floodlights had pretty much eliminated any hiding spots. ‘Lina was splayed out on the grass as Stan leaned in over her. Neither was completely undressed, in fact both had their togas on in varying degrees, but there was no denying the silent sensuality present! Time to pop in a new tape! Petra got to work. Stan’s hand was under ‘Lina’s toga skirt, and since her panties were around her ankle that meant… yep, Stan’s fingers were caressing ‘Lina’s nether region! The old two finger exercise! His other hand was on her waist, bundled around the toga that had been slipped off her white marble shoulders. ‘Lina’s breasts beckoned Petra for a close-up. She must have been frozen as Stan was lowering her to the ground as her breasts were remarkably defying gravity! Not squashed out or rolling to the side. These rock hard babies were perky and pointed directly at Stan! Maybe she had a boob job? Petra shrugged her shoulders and lifted ‘Lina’s skirt to get some good shots of her crotch. A touch under Stan’s toga revealed he was certainly having a ‘hard one’ too! Petra giggled as she lifted his toga around his waist and dropped his shorts to show an aroused, yet restricted penis trying to burst forth from it’s marble immobility! Petra patted it like it was a good dog and after taking some more pics moved off to find her favorite.

    Toby was still where she had left him. His penis was still a wonderful marble pole, and Petra sat next to her silent friend. She felt a little bad about pulling the wool over his eyes, so to speak, but he made a sexy statue! She lay on the grass next to him, putting her videocamera and photography equipment to the side. She stroked his bare chest softly, savoring every passing moment. She remembered being linked to him, their pelvises fused as one in stone. It was her fondest desire for him to see how beautiful she was when turned to stone, but would he accept it? She considered changing him back to flesh now and confessing everything. He was so sweet, he even seemed to be avoiding having intercourse with her because he didn’t have a condom on him. She lazily fingered his hardened hair with one hand and his dick with her other, admiring how strong it looked when turned to stone. Finally, she picked up her videocamera and began filming to her heart’s content, stopping only to grope and fondle when she lost concentration. A few more stills from her camera finished the job and she finished off her marble blow-job with one last mouthful of marble.


--Seven Still Statues--

    And then there were the six living statue models, plus the artist-formerly-known-as-Sandy-and-now-a-statue. Petra looked over the incredible monument she had made. Seven rigid figures, pristine in color on their little pedestals. Petra looked over each one in turn, focusing on their awesome anatomies over and over. Each was a sculpted masterpiece captured in time. Immortal as stone, Petra knew she would have to release them from their stoney silence soon. Katie, with her incredible physique, the first to be petrified was a sexy statue. A bathing beauty sans swimsuit and rendered in stone. Petra touched those incredible breasts one last time, so firmed up and so breathtaking.

    Her ‘Adonis’, Dirk…Dick? Petra didn’t remember his name was next on the documentary list. She appreciated his bodybuilder pose, bulging muscles, and that awesome package! She kind of felt bad, but since Toby and she weren’t really an item (yet?) she partook of his marble member, lapping at it with her tongue until it was as moist as her own pussy was.

    The statued Amber (I think that was her name! Petra thought) with her shaved crotch and tall build was documented in full. Petra walked around the tall figure numerous times, it was like taking pictures of a giraffe! Nothing fit into the entire frame at once! Her ponytail braid looked great, and Petra considered styling her own ponytail like that in the future. Very Lara-Croftish! And speaking of Lara Croft, Amber certainly had the cleavage to match! Petra thought Amber was the only statue she would have truly considered keeping stone. She was that statuesque!

    Next up was, darn she forgot his name too. It was a shame that she couldn’t keep track of all the models’ names but with…18? 19? statues on the grounds now it was a wonder she could keep track of her own plans! He was another dynamite dude, posing like a flexing muscleman and stoned Sandy touching up his makeup by his side. They really made a wonderful pair, an unplanned moment that actually came out for the better. Looking like an indifferent Olympian, he seemed to rebuff the lithe Sandy’s figure. A mere mortal unworthy of the attention of a god! Petra tried to photograph both of the marble figures in the same frame when she took snapshots. Video-choreographing them together was more difficult so she settled on panning over each statue separately.

    The last two female statues got the once-over. The showering beauty, with shellacked stone hair and the haughty last model who Petra had to rush and petrify. She was in a simple hands-on-hips pose and Petra wished she had time to reconsider reposing the statue but time had run out on her. She was adequate, but was far overshadowed by the ‘bathing’ statue. That was an incredible pose and Petra was surprised the model would have even suggested it as she would have been holding it quite awhile had she not known about being turned to stone! Petra was tempted to unfreeze her and see just how long the woman could hold that pose before tiring. She had such a fine ass… so perfectly round and curvy.


--Look ma, a talking statue!--

    Petra didn’t think she could have stayed up all night but she did. The sun was already coming up, lending a warm orange glow to her marble monuments. It would be quite a new day, almost as eventful as the previous if that was any indication! She gathered up the loose videotapes and film rolls that had been left on the lawn in her haste to film every inch of her new sculptures. It took some time, but she finally got around to actually getting a bite in the kitchen. She had run around nude for so long it felt normal for her now. Liberating and powerful at the same time for some reason. She munched on some toast and took a camera out to document Max in the workroom. She had been pretty much isolated from the rest of the statues, so Petra took some time to document her ultra-skinny body. Max’s pierced navel looked kind of cool in stone. It reminded Petra of Daphne’s clit jewelry, the way the shiny ring was embedded in white stone.

    Eventually the princess of petrification took a look at the fountain in the circle. None of this could have happened without you Julie, Petra looked at the wonderful statue that Julie had become. She knew the time was rapidly approaching when she would have to turn Julie back to normal. But now was not the time, or was it? Petra’s mind hatched a devilishly deviant idea as she aimed the red restoration ring at Julie’s head.

    “No, Petra don-“ Julie gasped, the last words that would have made it out of her mouth if she could have spoken them in the shower. She blinked and realized her surroundings had instantly changed! No longer was she in the privacy of her bathroom, she was surrounded by blue sky and outdoors! “Petra? What did you d-“ Julie recognized the landscape as the driveway in front of the mansion but realized she was standing at a weird angle, as if she was off the ground and that’s when she realized she couldn’t move at all! “What?” Julie looked down, as much as she could given her neck and the entire body beneath was still solid marble!

    “Hiya Julie,” Petra waved from the ground. She had the most wicked-looking grin on her face. And she was naked too!

    “Petra! Change me back to normal right now! “How did you get me up”-- Julie suddenly realized she had been standing naked here for awhile— “How long have I been like this?!” She was starting to get really pissed off!

    “Don’t worry Julie, I’m going to change you back… when I feel like it! In the meantime I’ve been keeping myself busy…” she pointed over beyond the landscaping. From Julie’s higher vantage-point she should be able to see a little of the pool.

    “What?” Julie couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She glanced with her eyes to the point where Petra was pointing. She could see what looked like over a half dozen statues around the pool! A pool that had absolutely no statuary decorations as far as she had ever recalled! “Petra what have you done? I’m going to make you… No don’-!” Julie’s protests were cut off as Petra raised the green ring and turned her back into stone! Julie’s face was more than a little perturbed now, as opposed to the original surprised look that was more appropriate for her cringing pose.

    Petra hoped there wouldn’t be any hard feelings. Hard feelings… there certainly had been enough of those over the past night! She took some more last minute daylight photos of her outdoor statuary group, concentrating on the statue models before seeking out her petrified friends. She even threw in Julie’s statue for good measure. Three more rolls of film down the tubes! She knew it was getting to the point where she would have to start putting her grand plan ready and began collecting up all the catering tables and leftovers and stuffing them out of sight in the pool shed as best she could.

    Another wicked thought popped into Petra’s fertile mind. Sure she had photos of everyone but could she do one more thing to capture this special night? There was! She ran back and forth to each of the statues, breaking off a tiny sliver of petrified pubic hair from each statue as carefully as she could. She settled for a strand of hair from the shaved model’s head. In a tiny zip-lock bag, the stone souvenirs were going to be her own personal keepsake!


--Putting the plan in action--

    Petra ran upstairs and searched for the outfit she had worn on Saturday morning when the statue models had showed up. Wiggling into her white pants and shirt, she went over in her mind what she had to do. Everything would have to be done in the right sequence or everything could go bad! She retrieved the makeup artist’s clothing and lay it on the grass. Some makeup remover from the artist’s assistant’s bag cleaned up the painted-over shoes pretty well. Any lingering specks could be chalked up to the makeup painting session, Petra figured. Getting the panties back on took a lot longer than she thought. It took seemingly twice as long for her to maneuver the fabric undies under the heels of the statued artist. Agonizing millimeter by millimeter she slid the legholes under each firmly planted foot. Was it this difficult to get them off in the first place? It was only when she started sliding up the panty that Petra realized she had done it backwards!  There was no time to fix her mistake though, so she pulled the underwear up and smoothed it out as best she could before zipping the wraparound skirt back into place. The shirt was easily draped over the statued sculptor and Petra was satisfied she would not have any recollection of anything wrong (till she looked at her panties, anyway).

    With Sandy fully dressed (a weird sight as all the other statues were naked) Petra began making her way back to the mansion. One clothed statue looked very out of place, and Petra was glad she went through the trouble of stripping the sculptor/bodypainter for the party. Finding Max still frozen in place, Petra took a deep breath and restored the assistant with the red ray. Max came to life as Petra silently slipped away. Max didn’t seem to feel anything was amiss and she continued setting up for the eventual cleanup work. The great cover-up had begun!

    Petra dashed outside and took her place in front of Sandy, slightly in the middle of the statue group. She wondered if she could get away with restoring the statues one by one, but figured with seven people there it would be way too risky. It was all or nothing now as she aimed the red ring and swept the beam over all seven of the stone figures from left to right before quickly secreting her hands. She held her breath and waited for a reaction as Sandy’s skin was restored to color and she brushed the elbow of the male statue with her makeup brush. The other models, still remained white of course. Their bodypaint was so convincing Petra at first thought none of them were restored to life!

    “That tickles!” the male model flinched as he turned and saw Sandy standing there. “Where’d you come from?” he blinked as if seeing a mirage.

    “Whoa!” the female statue Katie turned her head. There was an entire chorus line of statues here now! “You guys are really sneaky! I didn’t even hear you come up!”

    “Me neither!” another girl statue broke her pose and looked around. “Guess we were really getting into it!”

    “Must be, you know how you can fall into a trance when you’re stiff for a long time,” Katie smiled.

    “The guests will be here very soon, please be very quiet and return to your poses!” Petra admonished the living statues. None of them seemed to notice anything major had happened. A small feat since the last thing any of them had seen was Petra the day before! It seem the first test had been passed! “I’m going back to the mansion and check on something, I’ll be right back!”

    “Did you notice that statuary by the pool earlier?” one of the male models asked his female partner as Petra hightailed it out of there as fast as she could. Jim and Kristi certainly weren’t present when the models had been turned to stone but if Petra worked as fast as she could there would be no time for questions.

    Petra ran into the mansion and collected herself. Okay, take a deep breath…she prepared herself as she burst into the room where Max was setting up. “Oh no! I don’t know what to do!” Petra wailed in her best-distressed tone.

    Max was sort of surprised by Petra’s appearance and flinched like a bullet had been shot. “What happened?” Max asked.

    “It’s terrible, my…aunt is in the hospital!” Petra tried to cry but couldn’t find the crocodile tears. That might be a little over the top for her to pull off anyway. At least her breathless performance was enhanced from all the running around she had done. “I have to cancel the party!”

    “It’s okay, we can deal with it,” Max reassured her. “Have you told Sandy and the models yet?”

    “No,” Petra sniffled. “I’ll go tell them now.”

    “I’ll come with you,” Max offered as the two women went outdoors. Max consoling arm was on Petra’s shoulder the entire time. “Don’t worry about it.”

    Petra explained the situation to Sandy and the statue models. She did her best to sound convincing and apologized for getting them all here and painted for nothing. The extra check she wrote out to cover their troubles no doubt helped as the models made their way back to mansion to gather their belongings.

    Because of Petra’s ruse they even offered to cleanup as fast as they could, using all the guestroom showers (except one, which Petra had to explain was conveniently ‘under repair’. The statue of Fifi, semi-dressed in the guestroom hallway did draw some second looks, but since the mansion had some other unusual pieces d’art and artist-types were rarely thrown by unusual pieces it didn’t seem to clue in anybody. As if they could guess what had really happened to all of them! Sandy did inquire as to whom the artist responsible for ‘Fifi’ was, and Petra just admitted she didn’t know and that it was the last thing on her mind at the time. In a little less than an hour (probably the longest hour in Petra’s life) all the models were cleaned up (Petra would have offered to help scrub down some of the guys but didn’t think it was appropriate considering her ruse) and heading out the front door to the van.

    “Did you notice the statue on the fountain before? Does it look… angrier?” she heard one of the models comment as they loaded up. Petra waved as the vehicle departed, trying to look both emotionally disturbed yet normal at the same time. She was getting to be exhausted at keeping up this false front!

    Petra sighed as the gated driveway opened to let the van leave. Part 1 of the plan had gone well… the hardest part was yet to come though!



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