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Below, you will find original comic scans from issues penned and drawn by CMQ.  If you would like to contribute photos, artwork, or scans to The Medusa Realm, please e-mail me at to submit.  I finally found the time to scan these great issues in total! Enjoy!
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Foxes of Football, Page 1
Foxes of Football, Page 2
Foxes of Football, Page 3
Foxes of Football, Page 4
Foxes of Football, Page 5
Foxes of Football, Page 6
Foxes of Football, Page 7
Foxes of Football, Page 8
Hardbodies, Page 1
Hardbodies, Page 2
Hardbodies, Page 3
Hardbodies, Page 4
Hardbodies, Page 5
Hardbodies, Page 6
Hardbodies, Page 7
Hardbodies, Page 8
Trapped, Page 1
Trapped, Page 2
Trapped, Page 3
Trapped, Page 4
Trapped, Page 5
Trapped, Page 6
Trapped, Page 7
Trapped, Page 8
Trapped, Page 9
Trapped, Page 10
Granite Girls, Page 1
Granite Girls, Page 2
Granite Girls, Page 3
Power Woman vs. Chroma
Daphne meets the Moon Monster
Petrified Supergirl
The Perils of Cosmic Girl
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