Computed Resurrection

by Ladymecha

Susan Cummings was a computer expert; she worked with computers for most of her life.  She had lots of knowledge of computers and their abilities; she knew how to make one of her own too.  Amelia was her first true computer, and a very smart one at that. It was the most intelligent computer in the world.  She was proud of her work; the computer had surpassed even her own expectations.  She taught the computer so many different things, she taught it about life and humanity.

She did not want just a computer that would do whatever she said; she wanted a computer with a heart and compassion.

However, she had enemies, they were all jealous of her work.  Especially one doctor James Milton, her chief competitor.  He had tried desperately to steal her research, but no success.  However, he had devised a terrible plot.  Susan was not aware of this, but she knew he was up to something.

They had known each other too long and it this would the last time they would fight.


Hello Doctor Cummings,” said the supercomputer in a sweet and yet synthetic female voice

“Hello Amelia, how are you doing today?

Just fine mistress, but I feel a little incomplete. I believe that you were going to give me something today.

”Indeed I was, I was going to give you emotional protocols so that you can feel human emotions,” Susan replied.

That sounds wonderful, I can’t wait to feel human emotion.

“Yes, now let me go into your central core and give you the protocols”

Yes mistress,” said the computer as Susan went into the back

In Amelia’s processing center, Susan was making her final connections. James came up to the small compartment and said, “Hello my dear, it’s a nice day.”

She turned to him and yelled, “How the hell did you get in?”’

“I hacked into the security system, and now you are mine!”  He viciously grabbed her and shoved her into the corner of the compartment.  “All this time I was second best but now I will rule the show!” he pulled out a wire from the computer's side and choked her, then he snapped her neck and ripped the computer apart.  He took a few computer parts with him and ran off; the alarms had finally come on.

Susan lay dead on the floor, but Amelia was not finished. Susan’s supreme computer could only do one thing with her master.

Don’t worry - I will save you master,” said the computer as it started to wrap electrical cords around her master's body

The cords lifted Susan’s body then an amazing process began, the cords began to go inside her flesh as the computer had made some adjustments.  Susan’s nerves in the neck reconnected and the computer she had created revived her.

Susan became self-aware one more.

Susan felt the computers intelligence invade her and asked “Amelia, what are you doing to me?”

Saving you master - you taught me to serve you. You taught me so many things; you wanted me to be the most human computer possible so here I am to help you… after all that is what humans do when someone is hurt.

“What’s going to happen to you, though? I know that jerk injured you when he took out your processors.”

I will become a part of your being master, that is if you want it.

Susan thought hard on the matter, the computer saved her life and she knew that her creation would not harm her or anyone.  She knew her computer was pure; after all, she was the one that built it!  “Alright Amelia, lets see if we can get along okay?”

I am sure we will get along fine master,” said the computer.

She watched as the computer wove wires into her body.

White metal slowly covered her frail skin she started to become robotic.  Her hands slowly became mechanical, then her arms.  The amazing transformation moved its way up her arm and then onto her chest, the process did not hurt at all, as the computer took special care in its efforts to recreate its master.  Susan’s breasts and her chest were slowly covered by a metal armor, her other arm also became metallic.  Her hips and her legs started to become robotic now, she looked down and saw her feet become metallic and segmented.

She felt metal wrap around her forehead and her ears, her vision became clearer, and she saw the world in a brand new way.  She also felt Amelia’s consciousness merge with her own; the two had now became one.

It was incredible! The rush of power was unlike any other!

She felt incredible, unlike anything she had felt as a human.  Susan felt Amelia’s conscious run though her head, the two were now one and they both felt the best of their worlds.  Amelia at last could breathe in the air around it, and appreciated every breath.  Susan felt Amelia’s vast knowledge and knew that indeed this merger would work out in the end.

However, both the computer and the human knew that the process was permanent and they knew that both the human known as Susan and the computer were both dead to the world, as they both became an entirely new creature.  She slowly got out of its birthplace; the new being knew she had to get out before the police came.  She flew out the top floor window and landed on the ground safely. She ran to the late Susan Cummings house, for it was the only way to hide for now.

She opened the door using her new robotic strength, she closed the door and went to a nearby mirror to get a since of what she looked like. She saw her new robotic body, and she was amazed.  Her entire body was robotic now, segmented and covered in a super strong white colored metal alloy.  She looked at her now mechanical hands; her fingers had become metallic and segmented.

Gears and servos encompassed her joints; the whirr of her mechanical hands gave her a thrill, and for some reason reminded her of mechanical gloves.  She looked at her white metallic arms and saw that large gears had replaced her elbows and her shoulders.  She flexed them and felt an incredible strength run though her.  Her upper body was entirely metallic; metal sections encased her midsection, and she knew that would give her incredible upper body strength as her abdominal muscles filled with electricity.  Her hips and her lower legs were like her arms, segmented and stronger then before.

Her knees caps were now in a strong looking metallic shield, she saw gears cover the sides of them.  All the way down to her ankles, she saw white metal gleam, she saw her metallic sneaker like feet and she knew they would be able to make her faster then ever.  She looked closely at her head; a large metallic helmet encased her head.  Metal encased her ears as well, she could hear better then ever before.  Her skin was a grayish white color but she knew it was because she was partially a dead woman.

The thing that surprised her most was her eyes. It seemed that glowing blue crystal lenses replaced her human eyes but when she touched then she felt agitation.  She saw she had no irises and no “eye whites”, just two glowing blue bulbs that lit with purity and good.  She looked over her body, and new that this beautiful she-mech was going to be the ultimate force of good in the world.

The computer had resurrected its master, and then merged with her. The two minds had merged so well that Susan did not even notice Amelia, nor did Amelia notice Susan.

They were one in the same now, and soon they would collaborate on getting revenge on James.

James had used Amelia’s parts to build a new computer; at last, he could get recognition in this world he wanted to dominate.  He did not feel guilty at all for killing Susan, in fact he was overjoyed that Susan was dead and that at last credit would be his to take to the bank.  He shouted, “Finally I can be the best, and no one will ever know I killed Susan!”

But I will...” came a computerized voice. A strangely familiar robotic figure came towards him and said “Hello, James, nice day huh?

James was shocked and yelled, “What the hell are you?”

I am a result of your interference. You tried to kill me but now I will get my vengeance!” her robotic arms extended out, then telescoped outward.

“Is that you, Susan?” said James in absolute fear

In a way I am James, but I am also Amelia; the computer you hurt!

James ran and pulled out a gun he hid in a drawer; he shot her, but the bullets bounced off her metallic body.  He also aimed for her mouth area but it seemed that no bullet could harm her.  The robot retaliated by shooting a laser out of its eyes, knocking the gun from James’ hand.

She grabbed him by the neck and said, “The police know everything, and thanks to your stupidity I have clear evidence against you!

James shook and said “But how? How did you survive?”

The robot smiled and said, “Because I am better than you.

When the police found James, he was unconscious; a video player was by his body and on a small screen, a video played the murder of the late Susan Cummings and the robbery of Amelia’s parts.  The police took James to the station, but the police found no evidence on who put the man down.  The robot looked on as the police took James away to justice.

The robot sat on a tall hill and pondered about the future, with her new powers she could take over the world.  However, Susan always wanted to save the world, and as for her creation well whatever Susan wanted, it wanted the same thing.  Even with her new conjoined and computerized mind, she had devotion to that.  

Susan Cummings was dead now, and Amelia used her parts to save Susan. Therefore, the robot had to think of a new name for itself.  It thought for a while and said, “We will call ourselves Samelia; an odd name but it will do.

The robot thought some more and it said, “Our new life will be to save humanity, to give it hope. We will save this planet and its people… we shall become a superhero, Someone who will help when danger comes.  We will stop evil in its tracks so that no more people like James Milton would kill any innocents.

She fulfilled her vow and the robot known as Samelia became a hero to all… but that is another story.


The End

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