If you have loaded up this page expecting to get Origins Part 2, there is some stuff you really oughtta know:

  1. This part of the story is absolutely bloody huge.  Don't be surprised if it takes quite a while to load.
  2. A lot of this story has very little to do with actual ASFR themes except for the inclusion of some characters from the ASFR room.  I'm sorry, but that's just the way the story is heading lately.
  3. So if you take the time to load up this story, I can't be held responsible for you saying "I wasted my time with THIS???  It isn't really even a statue story!!!"  and then sending threatening e-mails.  Nuff Said.
However, I've placed this disclaimer here specifically for you to be able to make that informed decision for yourself.
Either hit the BACK button on your browser now, or the proceed link below to load the story.