Medusa XL and The Gorgon Garden - surviving images
This page presents a selection of images originally posted on the Medusa XL and Gorgon Garden sites, which were nuked when Geocities closed. These are all that I've managed to retrieve using the Wayback Machine and, in one or two cases, TinEye Reverse Image Search, or by scouring the files of ASFR Yahoo Groups. --Leem

These pictures contain adult material.  All viewers under the age of 18 should leave now.   All artwork is the sole property of the artists.  Any unauthorized reproduction or publication is prohibited.  If you would like to contribute photos, artwork or stories to The Medusa Realm, please e-mail me at to submit.
As you wander along the misty glade, you suddenly hear the loud hissing of snakes. In surprise and fear, you spin around to investigate, which instantly seals your fate. For standing behind you is a creature so vile, so hideous, that you can feel your heart leaping through your chest. You try to scream out, but you find your voice has fallen absolutely silent. In your mind, you try to dart away from the vile tormentor with the hauntingly pure, green eyes, yet your muscles won't comply. While you stare ahead, unable to move or speak, you suddenly feel your skin growing chilly--unnaturally cold. Then, your once-insistent heart ceases beating. All around your paralyzed body, you hear an almost deafening crunching sound. In utter confusion, you wonder what has happened to you. The Gorgon merely laughs as she says, "Welcome to my garden, unwary traveler!" With a grunt, she lifts you up and carries you to a well-lit clearing before placing you back down with a muted thud. Suddenly, you realize you've become nothing more than another rigid specimen in the Gorgon's collection of life-like statuary.
From your limited viewpoint you can see other victims...

Click on the thumbnail to see animation or a larger image as applicable.

Animated Gifs

(various artists)
Adrenalynn 2K Apollo Six ArgoForg Basilisk
Bob The Collector The Collector The Collector
Eocene Gildsoul Great Cthulu Great Cthulu
Panic Panic Panic Panic
PanicPanic Pop Redraven
Rodin Rodin Rodin Sitx
Stone Cold Stone Cold Stone Cold Stone Cold
Stone Cold Stone Cold Stone Cold Terran
Terran Terran Terran Terran
Terran Terran Xochimil Xochimil


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