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December 2020

Compiled by Basilisk, cmq, ArgoForg, among others. Current admin by Leem. Special thanks to those Oriss and those other anonymous souls who submitted scanned pictures.  Comments are a bizarre amalgam from either one or more of the authors. Holy Schizophrenia!

Additional information/entries welcome! The entries are listed in alphabetical order, with comments from either one or more of the main compilers. Although this list leans heavily towards female ASFR scenes, there are a number of male instances as well.

All criteria on this page is subject to change at any given moment and is correct to the best of our knowledge. Please request to see a copy of the comic in question before buying it if there is any question about an issue number.

The ASFR Guide to Comics was conceived with the idea of giving comic-book fans and those who would like to become comic-book fans a place to check out where the better statue/freeze scenes in comics can be found. In short, it was created by some comic-book collectors who know what they like to see in a comic book and aren't afrais to say it. These books are not judged on a star (*) basis, as the Cartoon and Anime page is, but all editorial comments denote that one of the compilers has seen the artwork in question. If you have any questions, comments, information, or gripes, please send them to Leem for answer, clarification, posting, or witty feedback.

All publishers of said comics appear after the description, in [brackets]. Further information about these issues may be gained from the publishers themselves, although I haven't tried this very often.

All visual images, characters and titles on this page, whether written, scanned or represented, are Copyrighted by their respective publishing companies and are used without permission. Fair use is claimed.

Action Comics 418: (At left) Mmmmmm.... A Supergirl statue.... And I thought DC was gonna go this whole time without one! The Blonde Bombshell finds herself cement-sprayed by some thugs who planned using the quick coating on the mayor.  That's a turn of events I won't complain about.  Truthfully, it looks good enough that I'll be doing some comic shopping pretty soon. [DC]

Amanda: Reprint of British newspaper comics strip. Amanda, posing undercover as a model for an eccentric criminal artist, poses as a nude (well, she's wearing a fig leaf) statue in the garden to elude him. [Publisher Unknown]

Amazon Woman: Invaders of Terror! #1: topless girl (sorta, her nipples aren't drawn in, even though she's not wearing a bikini top) kidnapped by aliens is paralyzed while she's brought aboard in their tractor beam ("..and I can't move!" is the only clue that she's paralyzed, a one panel deal). [Fantaco]

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld: At some point in the Amethyst series, she becomes one with Gemworld, leaving only a purple amethyst statue of herself (apparantly nude) behind...Nice art of her statue anyways... [DC]

Avengers #? (original series): Someone has gained weather control over the globe. As the Avengers watch onmonitors, different areas are hit, and Beast is dispatched in a Quinjetto Rio, where he discovers three bathing beauties frozen in ice on thebeach. As I remember, nice frozen in action/surprise poses. [Marvel]

... From Avengers: The Yesterday Quest. (Unknown if avaliable in TPB version) Shown: Scarlet Witch (left) and Jocasta (right). Jocasta is probably a technosexualist's dream come true, as well as having the nice sleek silver skin effect that gives her a "statue" look.. [Marvel]

Axel Pressbutton, featuring Mysta Mystralis, Laser Eraser #1: great little independent series, the female assasin Laser Eraser is cloned from cells taken from an ancient warrior princess, who was captured by a warlord. When he couldn't open the clasps one her (form fitting) silver plated armor bodice, had her encased from head to foot in molten silver. [Eclipse]

Batman and Robin Adventures Annual #2: Zatanna is frozen, hypnotically, by the Hypnotist. She's seen in various panels, still in the same pose in different views. Excellent continuity of her immobilized figure in her classic leggy magician's outfit. [DC]

Batman and the Outsiders #?: The whole team is frozen in liquid nitrogen or something...the two girls Halo and Katana too.  Halo saves them all by melting their icy prison. [DC]

Batman Family #?: Demon back up story where Morgan LeFay is turned to a stone statue. Referenced from Who's Who vol 1 #?. [DC]

Batman: Gotham Adventures #5: the animated design Batgirl among others is frozen in ice by Mr. Freeze on the cover.  [DC]

The Brave and the Bold #63: Wonder Woman is captured by Multi-Man and coated with liquid kryptonite as a living deathtrap for Supergirl. Supergirl pours melted, liquid gold over Wonder Woman to block the kryptonite rays. Another of those wacky stories we comics fan know and love which proclaims the heroines as "super-chicks". [DC]

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: collection of early 1930's newspaper strips in a relatively thin pre-trade paperback form. Features a visit to the Mongol Empire who have paralyzing technology. Wilma is kidnapped by the jealous Hum-Toy and is paralyzed stiff (but still able to speak) during a long sequence. At Hum-Toy's secret lab, Wilma is coated with her plasti-paralysis ray and disguised as the Mongol Emperor's favorite statue. The evil Hum-Toy and her accomplices get the paralyzing treatment in the end as punishment for their crimes. The art is crude, but for the sheer amount of paralyzing action, it can't be beat. The original serial must have run for about a month in newspapers...can you imagine? [Publisher Unknown]

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: collection of early 1980's newspaper strips with Gray Morrow art. One sequence of strips features the Space Vampire who wants to add Wilma Deering to his statuary of victims "gilded with sparkling scintillium to endure forever". Nice view of the various alien babes who have been statued, but was featured in only two days worth of the strip. Trade paperback reprint collection. [Publisher Unknown]

Cat Claw #4: Cat Claw, surprised in a costume shop while she's changing and half naked, poses as a mannequin doll. The crooks breaking into the store comment how real she looks and squeeze her breasts. Of course, she must respond to this affront to her dignity. Written like the fun-loving Marvel comics of the 1960's. [Eternity]

Cosmic Heroes #?: reprints of 1930's Buck Rogers in the 25th Century newspaper strips. One sequence has Wilma paralyzed while flying in a jetpack. It runs over a week's worth of strips. [Eternity]

Demi, the Demoness #4: Demi is turned to stone by "that mean snake lady". Short and brief scene, she has one hand at her breasts, and the other toward her crotch. Interesting note: this scene is the inspiration for the Demi cold-cast statue collectible. [Anubis]

Detective Comics #405: "The Living Statue" storyline features Batgirl, parlayzed by a gas-spray attack, being coated with plaster by an insane villainess, Veda.  Her entire body below her neck is covered in quick-hardening plaster, which totally immobilizes her! [DC]

Disney's The Little Mermaid #11: Pirania, the sea witch, turns Ariel and friends to stone with her petrifying spray. Nice full page shot of an Ariel statue. The cover shows her being sprayed, but not stone-like yet. Kinky ASFR/Disney-family-fun! [Marvel]

Doll: a series about an ultra-realistic (yet inanimate) doll created for sex-making purposes which becomes involved in numerous characters' lives and adventures.  She never speaks, thinks, or even moves on her own, but all the people she runs across seem to think of her as a real girl! [Kitchen Sink]

Elementals #4 (second series): villian shoots Fathom, who is made of water and immune to normal bullets, with a freon pellet and turns her into an ice statue. Nice effect, because she is clear and there is a little frozen splash on her where the pellet goes in. [Comico]


Other Elementals Images (below) taken from Elementals #'s: 1, 5 (both  second series) and 28 (first series). [Comico]


Elementals #28 (first series): villainous mass of living rock (called statue-maker?) turns the Elementals team, including Morningstar to stone. I'm not sure if this is a legit scene or a hallucination, but she is petrified in a full page panel. [Comico]

Enchanted Apples of Oz: Evil witch turns one woman to silver (while running), Ozma to stone, and Dorothy to wood. Brief sequence, but well drawn. Graphic Novel format. [First]

Excalibur #6-7: Rachel Summers, Phoenix, is turned into a mannequin. [Marvel]

Excalibur #57-58: While pursuing the mutant Alchemy, whose touch can transmute substances, Meggan is touched and transforms into a golden statue. Early Joe Madureira (X-Men) artwork, and there are a few good shots, one of which is shown (At Right). [Marvel]

Excalibur #86: As the M'kraan Crystal effects hit Earth (just pre-Age of Apocalypse mini-series), Kitty, Meggan and the rest of the team are hit by the effect and turn to crystal. From what I can tell, each "X" team that month had an ending page where they were turned to crystal. I don't have numbers on the others...yet. [Marvel]

Fantastic Four #20 (original series): Sue and the rest of the Fantastic Four coat themselves with plaster to resemble a group of statues sculpted by Alicia Masters.  When the Molecule Man tries to convert the 'statues' into something else, his weakness against transforming living matter is revealed.  (An unused cover version of the FF posing as statues and being menaced by the Molecule Man is found in the Jack Kirby Collector collected edition). Reprinted in Marvel Masterworks volume 6. [Marvel]

Fantastic Four #? (original series): The Frightful Four, with Electro as a member coats the Invisible girl in a nightgown and robe in hardened electrocarbon atoms but she just looks like a black sillhoutte. Disappointing, but the Frightful Four do mention that was their plan to turn her into a "living statue". Too bad they didn't try to do it more often. [Marvel]

Fantastic Four #232 (original series): Invisible Girl is frozen under a layer of dirt which is "hardening like cement". Another brief, one panel event, which would have been better if Sue didn't have an annoying REALLY short haircut. [Marvel]

Fantastic Four #306 (original series): One of Diablo's elemental constructs turns the Inhuman Crystal into a gold statue. Cool idea, hopefully they'll use that elemental more often. I had conflicting reports that this issue number may actually be 307 instead of 306, but after buying it myself, I can tell you it is 306. The cover with a gold creature holding Crystal's arm is the correct one. [Marvel]



(Right) Cover of Fantastic Four #393 featuring the Puppetmaster. 

Fantastic Four #5 (current series): Crucible turns reporter Isabel Aguierre into a human gargoyle.  Her face is flesh, but "the rest of her remains cold immobile stone" due to Crucible's ability to transform life itself.  Pretty pic of her crouching, nude, and stone from the neck down. Hopefully Crucible will put his talents to use on Sue's soon! [Marvel]

Fantastic Four coloring book (YES! COLORING BOOK!): the Pink Fink (Pink Fink?!?!) paralyzes the Invisible Girl with his "amazing pinkometer!" (yes I know I'm stretching it a bit here!). The villain uses "pink plastic cement" to trap Mr. Fantastic. Now if only he had used BOTH on Sue... [Whitman] (?)

Femforce #22: Ms. Victory, in her new Rad persona, dreams of being dunked naked in a giant mudpit. The mud hardens around her body, immobilizing her. [AC]

The Flash #? (original series): Captain Cold tests his cold beam on an entire building. Nice closeup of a frozen secretary with icicles on her fingers as she is typing. Reprinted numerous times, including Treasury format (Secrets Origins of DC Villains?). [DC]

The Flash #251 (original series): Golden Glider and Captain Cold frozen at end. Iris Allen frozen in a teaser opening panel, but it is lame since she is lying down in an unconcious pose. [DC]

The Flash #41 (current series): Dr. Alchemy uses the Philosopher's Stone to turn a young lady to gold. (Shown Below at Left) [DC]

Cover from The Flash #43 (current series) at right [DC]

The Flash #113(?) (current series): Golden Glider is turned into an ice statue by Chillblaine and accidentally shattered by Linda Park. [DC]

The Flash #116-118 (current series): (Images from which shown below) Abra Kadabra and Dr. Polaris use Chillblaine's technology to produce a cryonic effect. Linda Park is frozen into an ice statue and remains so until #118. There is a loss of continuity from issue to issue of her pose, but it is intact somewhat within each individual issue. [DC]


Flash Gordon: reprint of newspaper strips by Alex Raymond. During a visit to the frozen wastelands of Mongo, a slave girl is frozen in ice and placed as a warning to people who might stumble upon the empire. Nice one panel shot from the rear of a girl frozen into an icy pillar. [Kitchen Sink]

Freedom Fighters 1-2Freedom Fighters #1-2 (at left.  Quit drooling.): Silver Ghost + Phantom Lady = statue! Phantom Lady (best female costume nominee) turned to silver with a couple other Freedom Fighters. Brief panels of her as a statue, but the idea is sooo tempting! [DC]

Freedom Fighters #4-5: King Samson gains the Silver Ghost's power and turns Wonder Woman to silver (very flexible silver, UNfortunately) in issue #4, but no pics of her until #5. The cover to issue #5 doesn't even feature WW as a silver statue, even though she's being carried off by Uncle Sam. [DC]

The Fury of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #3-4: Killer Frost, the ice chick, freezes the entire city of New York. Lots of frozen girls. [DC]

The Fury of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #20: Killer Frost returns, with a few scenes of her in a frozen stasis jail cell. [DC]

Gen 13 #0: Roxy is turned to living marble and poses as a statue with Grunge to elude pursuers. Not a really long scene, but the fact that it was done makes me wish he used his powers that way more often. If I'm not mistaken, a second story has a very small shot of other nude,Gen-active, teens frozen in ice blocks, ala Demolition Man, and transported away. Reprinted in one of the Gen 13 trade paperbacks. [Image]

Glory #8 and 9: These are two examples of Glory's extradimensional home, with a few panels of Amazonian warriors cursed to be frozen in cakes of ice. Unfortunately, whenever Glory returns home, the artists always skimped on showing the frozen babes...there are other issues following this with similar background scenes, but none are very good...#9 is probably the best one. [Image/Maximum]

Gold Digger #?: there is some sort of statue/freeze scene in this series. Reprinted in the collection trade paperback. [Antarctic]

Green Lantern #142 (second series-Hal Jordan): (Shown at left) In a backup feature, Adam Strange's girlfriend Alanna is turned to crystal in one of the better scenes I've seen. [DC]

Green Lantern #68 (third series-Kyle Rayner): (Shown below at right) The much-buffed up Mr. Freeze, in his Underworld Unleashed crossover appearance, freezes a spandex clad jogger and shatters her. Nice expression on the frozen girl's face as she's frozen from behind. Quite unfortunately, Donna Troy in her Darkstars outfit, although frozen, doesn't get as good a visual. [DC]

The Haunt of Fear #1: girl frozen for space trip, then dropped. [Publisher Unknown]

Heavy Metal #?: Schuiten Brothers' "The Cutter and the Fog" with a nude woman encased in a fog which hardens to rock. Good shots of the Cutter trying to free her, with a great, sexy shot where the front half of her torso from the neck down is free, but the rest of her is still stuck in the hardened fog. The Cutter makes statues from softened fog by using the mold of the woman's body created by the hardened fog. Reprinted in the Best of Heavy Metal #? [Heavy Metal]

Hostess advertisement, Reprinted in several issues: Wonder Woman poses as a gold statue to catch Twinkie Snatcher robbing Egyptian tomb of its precious Snack Cakes (I've always wondered about this one. How did the Ancients get twinkies? Were they buried with the Pharaohs in case they got hungry on their journey into the afterlife?). [DC]

Ice Queen of Oz: Queen Ozma frozen by Ice Men to become Ice King's bride. They also sculpt an ice statue of her. Excellent art in Graphic Novel format. [First]

Incredible Hulk #138-141 (Much thanks, Oriss!!): Betty turned to glass. [Marvel]

The Incredible Hulk #262: While searching for the glass Betty issue, I thought I had struck paydirt with this one. Bruce washes up on a beach and is found by a beautiful, pure white woman named Glazier. She collects men, and her touch turns them to glass. No women, except for the villainess herself in a brief panel at the end. Sigh. Still searching for that glass Betty. [Marvel]

Incredible Hulk #?: This issue has Betty Banner reminiscing about getting turned to glass, but no issue number given, and I combed the racks and couldn't find it. [Marvel]

The Infinity Crusade #3 (Mini-Series): The 'Goddess' who is causing all sorts of mayhem in the Marvel Universe is turned to a salt statue as Pip the Troll touches her cosmic egg and has his wish granted (It's no wonder this mini-series didn't fly. Cosmic Egg???). [Marvel]

Infinity Gauntlet TPB: As Thanos begins to take over the universe, the forces of nature try to stop him (Eternity, War, etc.). The force of Love is depicted at a woman clad in a Greek/Roman toga. Thanatos ends up turning them all to stone, but the scene is short at best. [Marvel]

Infinity War #:? (Mini-Series): When Thanos stops time, the superhero assault force, including whichever superheroines are there, are all frozen. Mephisto looks intrigued by the frozen Scarlet Witch. Who wouldn't? [Marvel]

Invincible Iron Man #107 (original series): an encounter with Midas Mordecai leaves IM, the Guardian, and two lovely ladies, Madame Masque and Girlfriend Whose Name I Can't Remember to golden statues. They are placed as decoration around the Stark? compound. [Marvel]

Iron Man #235-236: (Shown at left) The Grey Gargoyle goes into business for himself, when he realizes that a thin coat of plastic will stop that annoying one hour time limit on his power. TONS of well drawn babes in that Surprise, You're on Candid Statue pose. The look of horror pose isn't my favorite, but this is far and away the best babe statue stoyline ever. (2 issue spread). [Marvel]

Ironwood #6: cover features elves sculpting a statue. Unfortunately, the scene does not appear inside the comic. It's a VERY nice cover, though. [Eros]

JLA #16: Prometheus uses his hypnotic abilities to paralyze the Huntress. Not a great scene, would have been better if it was more evident she could not move over a greater number of panels, but I'm picky that way. [DC]

JLA Year One #7:  Montage shot of the end result of Black Canary, Green Lantern and the Flash getting the business end of the Icicle's Ice gun.  Shot of BC is from the back, but still isn't bad.  Neither is the series on the whole, for that matter, but not from an ASFR standpoint.

Justice League of America #3 (original series): The alien Kanjar Ro uses his tiny bell to cause the JLA members, including Wonder Woman, to be "immediately frozen into rigidity." Another brief scene and we wouldn't know it unless we were told so. Reprinted in Justice League Archives #1. [DC]

Justice League of America #8 (original series): gangsters gain control of the Justice League and force them to commit crimes. They decide to eliminate the League afterwards and begin to pour a cauldron of quick-hardening plaster of paris over Wonder Woman. Reprinted in Justice League Archives volume #2. [DC]

Justice League of America #9 (original series): The classic origin of the Justice League features Wonder Woman being turned partially to mercury by an alien invader and into wood by another. Various background extras are turned to stone/glass/mercury/etc by the aliens. Reprinted in Justice League Archives #2. [DC]

Justice League of America #12 (original series): Dr. Light's light beams render the JLA, including Wonder Woman, motionless. Not so great, brief scene. Reprinted in Justice League Archives #2. [DC]

Justice League of America #19: Wonder Woman, in her Diana Prince guise, is commanded to remain motionless by a Wonder Woman dublicate holding the golden lasso.  She is frozen in a pretty good action pose, lunging forward with her arm out.  It would have been better if she was in her skimpy Wonder Woman outfit though.  Reprinted in Justice League Archives #3.

Justice League of America #22: Black Canary is being turned into marble by one of the magical-based villains. This occurs during one of the Justice Society/Justice League Crossovers. She actually is changing into a block of marble, but her dialogue is entrancing: "Oh! I'm turning into solid marble!" Reprinted in Greatest Team-Up Stories Ever Told in softcover and hardcover format. [DC]

Justice League of America #200 (original series): The Appellax aliens are resurrected and in a retelling of the origin, a flashback to Wonder Woman turned to wood is featured. [DC]

Justice League America #84 (Different series!  No "of"!): (Shown at right) Wonder Woman is frozen in ice by one of Ice's evil relatives. Tiny panel, but a full figure shot of her inside a block of ice and a nice, surprised expression on her face. [DC]

Justice League America #85 (Different Series!  See above!): Ice is frozen from the waist down and her arms in icy shackle-pillars by her evil relative. [DC]

Legion of Superheroes #74 (90's version): Two of Triad's bodies are turned to wood and gold respectively by the Philosopher's Stone. [DC]

Legionnires #31: Two of Triad's bodies are turned to wood and gold respectively by the Philosopher's Stone. Continuation of the story in LOS #74. Just wish it was used on the many OTHER female Legionaires in the story. [DC]

Logan's Run #4: lots of female runners in frozen blocks, ala the movie. Unfortunately they are not nude in the comics. There is also a scene with the Box robot sculpting a statue from ice. [Marvel]

Lois Lane, Superman's Girlfriend #107: Lois turned into a snow sculpture by a raygun. Nice scenes of her tortured by the fact that Supes can't distinguish her from all the other snow sculptures until he notices her tears. [DC]

Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl #1: Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl immobilized in "fabric-tightened" costumes by Prima Donna's gel-cap "paint balls". Reprinted in Spandex Tights-The Lost Years #1. Second story features Madame Adhesive. [Comic Zone/Lost Cause]

Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl Christmas '77 Special #1: Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl frozen in iceblocks by Lady Ice. Reprinted in Spandex Tights-The Losy Years #2. [Comic Zone/Lost Cause]

Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl Summer Vacation Special #1: Spandex Girl frozen by freeze-flash camera by those wacky tourists, Ed and Marsha. [Lost Cause]

Marvel Fanfare #33: part of the aborted Questprobe comics/computer games event features most of X-Men team petrified, including Kitty and Storm in swimsuits. Nice cover of them as statues too. (See at right) [Marvel] Marvel Fanfare cover

The Mighty Thor #258: The Lady Sif is turned to stone by Grey Gargoyle. Unfortunately, her pose is changed from panel to panel. Cool, dramatic cover though of her petrified. [Marvel]

New Teen Titans #9 (second series): Kole encases Wonder Girl Donna Troy under a crystal coating. Unfortunately, it appears to be very flexible crystal, as her pose changes from panel to panel. This story is reprinted in an issue of Tales of the Teen Titans #? [DC]

The New Teen Titans #34 (second series): Mento created a group of villains called the Hybrid, which had a character named Gorgon, who could turn people to stone by sight. (Of course, like all good statue-creating characters, he was vastly underused. Go figure.) This issue, he accidentally turns one of his teammates, a woman named Scirocco, to stone. One panel, back view. [DC]

The New Titans #118: Former bad-girl Shimmer is turned to glass and shattered in a very short one panel sequence with only decent art. Donna Troy (Darkstar) is also covered with a green "Gummy resin" from GL's ring. [DC]

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #62: Gold Bug villian sprays geeky blond lab chick character (Debra Whitman) with an adhesive hardening gold dust. The effect is kind of ruined by horned rim glasses. The cover is nice, with the gold spray coating the title. [Marvel]

Punisher 2099 #5: The Endymion Room makes its first appearance. It is filled with girls turned into statues by Fearmaster, who has immortalized them in statue form through his transforming touch. There are cute tags on their pedestals like "She had a heart of gold". [Marvel]

Punisher 2099 #9: Punisher's girlfriend turned to glass statue and is shattered into itty bitty pieces. The expression of fear on Kerri's face is somewhat disturbing... [Marvel]

Punisher 2099 #16: Endymion Room's second and final(?) appearance as the Fearmaster and the Punisher have a final showdown. The art of the statues is infinitely better in this issue than in the first appearance. I just wish the room was in EVERY issue of the series! [Marvel]

Quicksilver #4: The Scarlet Witch, at a dining table during the Inhuman's welcome back banquet, appears to be frozen to Quicksilver, due to his accelerated perception of time. She appears immobile, with a fork held up to her open mouth for four panels or so. Would have been much better scene if we could have seen her in an action type movement!

Red Sonja (or Marvel Comics Presents?) #?: Red Sonja finds a town where the people are being turned to stone by the gorgon. She herself is "turned to stone" but it's all a trick with a paralyzing drug and a mold made of her and cast in stone. Pretty good sequence though of her confronting the "gorgon" and "petrifying" as well as a detailed description on how her statue was made to fool the townsfolk. [Marvel]

Savage Sword of Conan Magazine #?: Cover by Joe Jusko of Conan and two gorgeous golden statue girls. Both are scantily clad, unfortunately, this does NOT appear anywhere within the magazine. Talk about false advertising. [Marvel]

From Secret Defenders #20 (At left) Dr. Strange deposits the soul and being of a woman in a statuette.  Ehnh. [Marvel]

Secret Origins #?: retelling of the origin of the Justice League of America when the Appellax? aliens arrive to conquer. Part of Black Canary's leg turned to glass and she's turned to wood later on. Various background extras are turned to stone/glass/etc by the other aliens. [DC]

Sensation Comics #11: Rebla, of the planet of Eros, creates a paralysis ray. She tests it on a willing subject who declares: "It works, Rebla. I'm paralyzed from my neck down! I can't move hand or foot!" Of course, the ray guns end up being used against many female government soldiers and Wonder Woman herself, who is not released from the effects of the ray because her super powers would threaten Rebla's schemes. Oh, those wacky 40's stories! Reprinted in Wonder Woman Archives #1. [DC]

The Sensational She-Hulk #27: (Below) 
She-Hulk is turned to stone by the Grey Gargoyle, who taunts her in her petrified state. Pretty good continuity for a few pages of her pose. She manages to shake off the effect (boo!). [Marvel]

Spandex Tights Vol. 1 #5: Dr Angela Peveecy and Tara, in disguise as Flex Woman and Spandex Girl, are paralyzed in ridiculous poses by Stupid Guy's raygun. Actual dialogue from the scene: "Stiffening!", "Contorting...into humiliating poses..." More crazy fun! [Lost Cause]

Spandex Tights Summer Fun, Cliff-hanging, Death Trap Bondage Special # 1: Flex Woman and Spandex Girl encased in "injection mold" cake frosting device (pin-up only...this is sorta like them being frozen...) by Oo-La-la. [Lost Cause]

Spandex Tights Presents Black Spandex #1: Flex Woman and Spandex Girl frozen under super strength layer of hairspray by Prima Donna for the "hold that lasts--forever". Mmmmm...hairspray... [Lost Cause]

Spandex Tights Vol. 2 #1: Spandex Girl and Flex Woman are gooped, then frozen and encased in hardened phlegm before the ingenious Heflin is able to free them. There is a flashback to Dr. Peveecy and Tara frozen by Stupid Guy's raybeam while impersonating the Aerobic Duo (see Vol. 1, #5 entry). [Lost Cause]

Spandex Tights Vol. 2 #4: Cover parody of Star Wars with Flex Woman encased in carbonite & Spandex Girl frozen in ice. The scenes happen in the interior contents, as well. A REALLY great looking cover. [Lost Cause]

Spandex Tights Vol. 2 #6: In a flashback to the events preceding Black Spandex #1, we get to see the events which led up to, and beyond, the Aerobic Duo being fully encased in hardened layers of hairspray from the devious Prima Donna. [Lost Cause]

Spandex Tights-The Lost Issues #1: Much like a director's cut, or special edition of the original Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl #1 with new dialogue and artwork. The Aerobic duo is immobilized by Prima Donna's gel-cap gun. Second story features Madame Adhesive and her glue gun. [Lost Cause]

Spandex Tights-The Lost Issues #2: An enhanced-reprint of Lycra-Spandex #2 which features the frosty Lady Ice who freezes Flex Woman and Spandex Girl in their tracks.  The last panel of the second story features Stupid Guy paralyzing the heroines in mockeries of their heroic stances.  There is a brand new backup pinup of the Aerobic Duo being frozen too, done by our very own cmq. [Lost Cause]

Spicy Tales #4: reprint of 1936 SPICY DETECTIVE Sally the Sleuth story with waxworks. [Eternity]

Starfleet Academy #8: Female ensign is turned into some sort of metallic statue by Charlie "X" Evans. Nice continuity of her pose in multiple panel scenes. Wonder why he didn't do it during that Classic Trek episode? [Marvel]

Supergirl #5 (original series): backup features Zatanna's first appearance.  In her quest to find her lost father, she uses a spell to split herself into identical twins to search two places at once.  The spell backfires on her and she becomes paralyzed at attention  in two different locations.  The hawks find her, each thinking her to be a painted statue of a girl at first!  They carry her stiffened selves back to base, where Zatanna is re-integrated and made whole again.  Pretty nice classic stuff. [DC]

Supergirl #8 (original series): Supergirl is possessed by the spirit of Medusa and gains gorgan-like hair.  No, she doesn't look at her reflection in a mirror but instead turns a couple of JLA heroes to stone temporarily. [DC]

Supergirl Choose-Your-Own-Adventure: not really a comic but a "choose-your-own-path" type book with pics for children and has one storyline ending where Mr. Mxyzptlk changes Supergirl into a department store dummy!  Guess which ending I would keep picking! [ publisher unknown]

Superman #? (original series): Superman- Supes has a crazy hoola-hoop stuck around him called the "Rainbow Doom" that turns everything around him, including Lois Lane, to glass. (Oh for a crystal Teri Hatcher!) [DC]

Superman #74 (original series): cover illustrating Lex Luthor aiming a petrifying ray at Supes.  Poor Lois is already completely statued next to him in a sundress and hat!  Don't know what the story inside is like, too pricey as is in original format.  The ray is among a batch of weapons from a vault filled with Kryptonian technology and can transform a person to stone as long as the beam is shined on her.  Hopefully it'll be reprinted eventually. [DC]

Superman #365 (original series): Supergirl, turned evil, pursues a shrunken-down Superman in his Fortress of Solitude.  He tricks her into flying in front of one of the alien zoo creatures' paralyzing ray, turning her into a stiffened statue!  She's paralyzed in a flying pose, arms in front of her and is carried by Supes in one panel, totally stiff! [DC]

Superman #375 (orginal series):  Lana Lang turned to stone by villainess, who frames an alien superhero, Vartox.  Supes discovers the villainess' scheme, and in repentence later pulls the effect to herself. Lana's petrified pose is nice, a quasi-kneeling with her arms outstretched, but they goofed and colored her pants black in her petrified state.  Nice consistency between panels of her pose and has a dramatic cover,  but the pose is of her lying down.  [DC]

Superman #? (second series): Mr. Mxyzptlk, in disguise as a being from "yonder" (in a hilarious sendup of Marvel Comics' Secret Wars' Beyonder) turns Lois Lane into a mannequin as an "exchange" when he brings a store mannequin to life and plucks her from the display window. Very nice look on the frozen Lois' face, and she's wearing a bikini too. Extra points for that! [DC] 

Superman #137 (current series): the Superman of 2999 meets other futuristic versions of the JLA, including a Supergirl of the future.  They are all paralyzed by a brainy villain who uses his superior brainpower to literally cause them all to become unable to move! [DC]

Below, Tina (Platinum) of the Metal Men. From Adventures of Superman Adventure Comics 590 [DC]

Superman/Wonder Woman-Whom Gods Destroy #4: in an Elseworlds storyline, WW escapes from Nazi-esque pursuers with a Midas mask which turns her female pursuer to gold. If this was made more clear in the artwork, it would have been a keeper! [DC]

Supreme #?: filled with homages to old classic Superman stories, one features a 40's era Glory, Supreme, et al turned to stone by the Basilisk in a one page cover homage. [Maximum]

Synn, Girl from LSD #1 (one-shot): Synn in her go-go dancer outfit is frozen in suspended animation by an evil scientist who is doing experiments. This is her origin story, but when it was retold in a future issue of Femforce, she isn't cyrogenically frozen before she gains her powers. Well, at least we have this one. [AC]

X-Force #75:  Danielle Moonstar, aka Mirage, is covered with liquid earth which hardens, leaving her frozen immobile except for her voice.   The Black Queen taunts her statue-like form. (Shown at Left, Right, Below)



(Below at Right) From X-Men Archives Graphic Novel [Marvel]

Uncanny X-Men #?: Storm is frozen and encased in a pillar of amber during Proteus' rampage through a small town in Great Britain. Reprinted in Classic X-Men #33. Marvel

Uncanny X-Men #145-147: Storm turned to chrome by Doctor Doom robot. This one is pretty cool, since Doom changes her into organic chrome, but the effect doesn't change her costume, just her skin. He puts her on a little display dias with a sheer cloth outfit covering the taboo parts of her anatomy. Just wish they used that little trick more often on the other X-women, such as, say, Jean, Rogue, or Psylocke?. Reprinted in Classic X-Men #49-51 (shown at left) [Marvel]

Uncanny X-Men #160: Kitty Pryde encased in a big crystal. Reprinted in Classic X-Men #64. [Marvel]

Uncanny X-Men #161: A Jewish girl is comatose because she believes she has been turned to gold in her mind. Very brief one panel scene with melted gold-like feet. If I'm not mistaken, she would later be the mother to Legion, Professor X's son. [Marvel]

Uncanny X-Men #354: Sauron's hypno power convinces Iceman that Jubilee (dressed in an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny pink polka-dot bikini! Yummee!) is a villain, and he freezes her, from about the chest down...pretty good looking art and coloring effect...would prefer more views of her body inside the ice though. [Marvel]

Uncanny X-Men Annual #?: Amanda Sefton, Nightcrawler's girlfriend is turned into an ice statue by her sorcerer mother during Nightcrawler's torment in a Dante-esque Inferno ordeal. [Marvel]

At Left and Right, From Vault of Horror #2 [DC] 

Warlock and the Infinity Watch #20: The 'Goddess' who is causing all sorts of mayhem in the Marvel Universe is turned to a salt statue as Pip the Troll touches her cosmic egg and has his wish granted. Infinity War crossover. [Marvel]

Weird Science #?: reprinting the original EC story "50 Girls 50" with a plot by a man in a cryo-colony ship to have his way with all 50 girls in frozen stasis, then paralyzing them with his raygun and eliminating them through a second cryo-freeze. Has been reprinted in comic form as well as in hardcover compilations. [EC]

Wetworks: not really statue/freeze type stuff, but the team members are all covered in this gold skin/alien symbiote which makes them look golden! [Image/Top Cow]

Wildstorm Swimsuit '97 Special: The first pinup is a huge bodyshot of a topless Fairchild being scrubbed down or something by these little green aliens. What's intriguing about this is that if you look at it the right way, it looks like they're putting some sort of stuff ON her or turning her to marble, as most of her body is pristine white from the neck down. The expression on her face fits a marbelizing effect too, but I don't think that's what the artist intended. Ambiguous enough though. [Image]

Wolverine #115: continuation of story begun in X-men #65, Storm encased in hardened polymer. Only one good panel of her in it and we don't get to see her released from it (bummer!). [Marvel]

Wonder Woman #32 (original series): War Lord Uvo from the planet Uranus uses his Kal-C-M ray to turn WW into stone. Miraculously, due to the fact that the ray can't penetrate the "new amazon-material" of her boots, she is able to tip herself forward and get Uvo to shoot her with another (curing!) dose of the ray. [DC]

Wonder Woman #? (original series): polar offshoot of Paradise Island troubled by wacky Seal Men who freeze the Amazons in blocks of ice for later use as slaves.(The Amazons, for some reason, run around in the Artic wearing flowerey bathing suits. OK by me. Wonder Woman, alas, remains flexible.) Reprinted in hardcover comics book (name?). [DC]

Wonder Woman #72(original series): WW is turned into a "solid gold figure-incapable of movement" by the evil mole-gildings. She is still able to think and command her invisible plane to take her closer to the center of the Earth and melt her golden shell. [DC]

Wonder Woman #231(original series): WW trapped in a pyramid glass shaped, nice pose. She's not frozen, but the expression on her face coupled with the pose is dang close enough for me! D[C]

Wonder Woman #24(current series): a television camera girl is turned to stone by the gorgon Medusa's sister, Euryale, during a mass destruction of Boston. [DC]

Wonder Woman #38-40: (Above, Left to Right) Wonder Woman, dressed in her amazon skirt variation outfit, is turned into a wooden figure bound to the great tree beneath Themiscyra. Interepid reporter Lois Lane discovers the immobilized amazon. [DC]

Wonder Woman #76 (current series): (Left and right) Cool golden WW statue on cover. The statue is created by Circe to destroy the Amazons and is found washed up on the shore of Themiscyra. [DC]


Wonder Woman #92 (current series): (Shown at left) Amazons Venelia and Artemis are turned to stone by the gorgon Medusa. Nice full page shot of Venelia, but a tiny panel of only Artemis' face. Reprinted in "The Contest" trade paperback. [DC]





Wonder Woman #97 (current series): WW (Diana) is paralyzed by some spray from the Joker's flower. Nice "Fear of God" expression, if you're into that (which I am. ;) )... shown at upper and lower right. [DC]

Wonder Woman #110 (current series): WW encased in a solid, amber-like cube created by a Sinestro replica's power ring. She comments on how the imprisoning substance is beginning to penetrate her nostrils, mouth and...? [DC]

Wonder Woman #116-117(current series): WW frozen in an ice-block along with Champion. The effect happens to her at the end of #116, and #117 opens with a cool splash page of her frozen. #116 also includes a woman (forget the name because i haven't kept up with the book since Byrne took it over... I'd like his WW stuff better if he didn't look like he half-assed every issue.) being frozen by those selfsame aliens. See image at left. [DC]

Wonder Woman #121(current series): (Shown at right) WW and Amazons turning to stone due to the absence of the Greek Gods. Nice cover of Amazons turned into statues.  More "had better things to do this month" Byrne art. [DC]

Wonder Woman vs. the Mole Men Coloring Book:  yeah, I'm pushing the envelope again, but this kiddie book features an underground race of mole people who like to paint their women flourescently.  They kidnap a bunch of United Nations women, and WW and the amazon, Paula.  They use charged electrical plates which paralyze WW when she tries to escape and force her to dance or be paralyzed...There should be an issue of the comic which is close to this coloring book, the number is?  [Whitman?]

Young Heroes in Love #9: Bonfire coated in ice during her lovemaking with Frostbite. Nice idea, though she doesn't get permanently frozen, the parts of her touched by Frostbite are iced over (breasts, thighs, etc.). [DC]

Xena-Warrior Princess #1 (2 issue limited series): Gabrielle and others iare turned to stone when the Gorgon sisters exact their revenge on Perseus. Xena must get the cure or in one month, Gabrielle's injuries in petrified form will be fatal. [Topps]

X Factor Annual#4: Jean Grey frozen in stasis and tractor beamed into the sky with the Beast hanging onto her. Very nice glassy-eyed expression, but a boring pose. [Marvel]

X-men and the Micronauts #1: Marionette partially encased in a rock asteroid (ala carbonite). Only a couple of panels of this one. [Marvel]

X-men #2: Whole team turned to various states of crumbling stone on cover (with Magneto and Prof. X in the foreground). Two of the team, including Psylocke and Rogue are turned to chrome by the Acolyte Chrome who has placed them into a "transitory statue-state". Moira McTaggert gets metal "skin" from Magneto later. [Marvel]

X-Men #65: Storm is encased in an expanding polymer which encases her ala an insect in hardened amber by Bastion's Sentinels. [Marvel]

XXXenophile #4: "Now Museum Now You don't" features a female security guard having sex with a quartet of female statues who come to life. One comments "...besides, being a statue is more pleasant than you would think." Nice idea. Reprinted in one of the XXXenophile collection trade paperbacks. [Palliard Press]

Notes, Quotes and other Stuff....

Where Can I Get Any Of These Comics?

Well, if you're intrigued enough and want to actually read/see any of the titles listed above, here's a few tips:

Check your local Yellow Pages for Comic Books to see what comics stores may be available in your area. Most stores have back issue bins ranging from fairly modest to extensive.   You can also call 1-888-COMIC BOOK to find out where the nearest comic book store is located. (If this phone number is wrong, please don't send e-mail stating you're going to kill me.)

Once in a great while you can find a treasure trove in your local used bookstore, as well.  You'd be surprised how many of these issues can be hunted up at a used bookstore if you know which issues and titles you're looking for.

Some titles are also available directly from the publisher, like the Antarctic and Lost Cause issues of Gold Digger and Spandex Tights, respectively.

Finally, Comic Book conventions are a good place to search for those elusive issues as many dealers have backstock they are just dying to get rid of at very cheap prices. You may also want to check out advertisers in publications such as The Comics Buyer's Guide, Wizard, etc.  If one doesn't happen near your home, yearly ones with a boatload of dealers come to Chicago and San Diego.  If you can't find it there, even we would be hard-pressed to tell you where to look.

Most of the issues listed are fairly affordable, with the exception of the Golden Age Era books. When the stories have been reprinted, a note has been made. Usually, the reprinted versions will be more easily obtainable as trade paperbacks, but in some cases, the stories are actually reprinted in comic book form.

Again, good luck and happy hunting!  And please remember that if you find new issues or errata in the issues we show here, to e-mail us and tell us so!

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