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Welcome to the new Art and Image Index page, a place from which you can decide your starting point in the Hall of Statuary Art and Image Collections.  Below are the Art and Image Galleries that are open for the public to peruse, enjoy and download images from, if they so desire... or just watch the screen with glazed eyes and wonder exactly what drugs we're on.  (The joke's on them.  We're at full mental capacity, unlike some other people with closed minds!  ;-) )   At any rate, from each of those pages you can go to another image page by clicking on that page's icon, located at the bottom of the page.  But for knowledgable web-browsers such as yourselves, this must be old hat.  Have fun, check out the images, and enjoy yourselves to your heart's content... after all, that's why you're here!

Jennifer invites you to the Your Assignment Images Page, where you can find images waiting to be statue-ified.Michelle opens the door to the Gold Images Gallery.  Gildings a specialty!Kayla leads the way to the First Stone Images page.  See the effects of a Gorgon's Glance.'It is cold in the Freeze Gallery,' says Sharon, 'but come on in and let me show you around!'Sylvia will happily usher you to the Other Metals Page, where you can find silver, bronze and platinum statuary.Nadine knows the effects of the cockatrice's touch.  She'll show you other victims in the Second Stone Gallery.This will take you the HOS Select Page, where you can find pics sent Exclusively to the HOS Gallery!

Click on the area where you'd like to begin, and you will notice that each area contains links from one page to the other.  You can use those to navigate your way through the gallery's many pages.  Special Thanks to Kishin for providing the area map and background images for each page.  Hope you all enjoy them as much as I have!
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