"Terrorvision" Video Capture
These pictures contain adult material.  All viewers under the age of 18 should leave now.  These images were edited and submitted by Leem.  Thanks go out to Leem for this great submission to the site! If you would like to contribute photos, artwork or stories to The Medusa Realm, please e-mail me at medusa@many-realms.net to submit.

Read a transcript of the episode, created by Leem with painstaking care.

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Leem: Hi, guys.  Please find attached six screen shots from the Terrorvision episode, "One of a Kind".  By the way, these are scanned screen photos, not frame captures, so please excuse the quality.  Total attachment size is roughly 110k.  The last, unnumbered picture above is an 80k JPEG of a lovely lady who appeared in the British weekly, Amateur Photographer, May 27 1989. Before computer fx they had something called "clay", apparently.  Model unknown, photographer Geoff Howes.  I've edited the colour and contrast for legibility.
Here's the story behind the Terrorvision episode that these screen photos are from: Brenda and Joan see a notice in a small shop window: "Models Wanted".  Joan isn't sure but Brenda wants to look as glamorous as a mannequin...  As Brenda enters, one mannequin's eyes follow her (1).  Inside, it's not long before she's posing confidently (2), for the kindly old couple who run the store.  But soon she starts to feel weird (3).  That camera is giving off some strange flashes.... Then suddenly she freezes into immobility (4).  Joan makes her way back to the store while the mannequinized Brenda is placed in a crate (5).  When the old man shows Joan Brenda's test photos, she decides she'd like to give it a try.  Meanwhile, Brenda is lying in a crate in the back of a truck, en route to her first modeling assignment (6).  Hope you like the pictures!

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