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These images are submitted by Leem.  Thanks go out to Leem for these great additions to the site! If you would like to contribute photos, artwork or stories to The Medusa Realm, please e-mail me at medusa@many-realms.net to submit.
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Well, once again I’ve been slaving over a hot scanner and enclosed herein are some of the fruits of my labours. I’ve actually got so much material I thought I’d better divide it into two groups. This group comprises a total of 11 photos of six real statues that I happen to like. Most of them are clipped from obscure art books – often so obscure I can’t remember the titles! Group 2, which I’ll send later, consists of statuesque models.

Contents of group 1:

Wouldn’t you know it? The three most gorgeous women in statuary, and they’re embracing each other! Photos by Leem, Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Canova is a famous artist, and if anyone’s interested they can probably find books on him and his work at the Bookfinder site.

Diana, goddess of hunting, is bathing in a pool when she’s spotted by Actaeon the hunter. Furious, Diana gives chase and shoots Actaeon with a magic arrow that turns him into a stag, and his own hounds tear him to pieces. Charming story. Seen here are two different versions of the statue and a closer view of the second one. Manship also sculpted the Prometheus statue for New York’s Rockefeller Plaza. A fairly famous American sculptor, you should be able to find further information in a web search.

PAUL MANSHIP Dancer and Gazelles
This one appeals to me through sheer charm.

ALBERT TOFT The Spirit of Contemplation
Two views of a statue in the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. An obscure British artist.

She’s waiting for her lover to return from over the sea. Another obscure British artist about whom I can discover nothing.

Bates was slightly less obscure, but only just! This is in the Tate Gallery, London. Unfortunately the Tate is heavily into "modern art" (blecch!) and doesn’t seem very proud of its Victorian collection, which tends to stay locked away where no one can see it.

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