Welcome to The Medusa Realm! This is a world of fantasy, where Gorgons rule.  Inside you will find incredible perils on the fiction archive, featuring the work of some of the best writers on the internet.  Statue transformation artwork, edits and animations also abound on this site! These galleries and archives are open for your enjoyment, but beware!  If you are not of legal age to view pictures or read stories containing adult situations, you are instructed to exit this site now!  This site has been constructed by adults for an adult audience.  No children are allowed!

Submissions to this site are welcomed and appreciated.  A hearty thank you is offered to everyone who has submitted stories or artwork! Believe me, I know how much work goes into these projects, and I appreciate the efforts of the patrons to this site.  Without your submissions, this site wouldn't be possible!

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Anatomy of a Statue Edit: A Tutorial

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