Jenny: "Hello, and welcome to The 
Medusa Realm! On this site you will find incredible stories, artwork and animations, all crafted for your enjoyment featuring only the most beautiful women in the world.  So sit back and...."

--Excuse me, Jenny?

Jenny: "Ummm, yeah, can I help you? I'm kinda busy at the moment..."

--Sorry for the interruption, but would you please look over here? Our hostess would like to meet you!

Jenny: "Oh, of course!" She turns toward the sound of my voice.  "Is that her next to y---- - -?" Jenny's body crackles with energy as she is frozen.  Her soft curves harden.  She finds herself turning to stone!

Medusa: "You were right, she was perfect for this job!" She smiles as her snakes hiss their approval.

--I thought she might suit our purposes...

Medusa: "Call my gallery and reserve a spot for this lovely statue.  Then I'll give you some of my venom for more of your projects."

--I'll make all the arrangements.  If anyone out there has a subject that they'd like to add to my growing gallery, send your pictures to me! I'm dying to use the Medusa Venom on a new victim!

Medusa walks over to the statue that was once the illustrious spokesmodel named Jenny.  Running the back of her hand against her cold face she admires her handiwork. "You'll like your new, silent role as spokesmodel from now on, my dear."