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Frozen Women on Film - 5/98


Over the years I have seen perhaps 100 occurrences of women statues on film, including movies and TV. I would like to share some of these with you. This list contains a few items which appear on Robotdoll's faq list, but most do not.

There are 3 basic themes that I have seen:

  1. Frozen/paralyzed, where people become statues or mannequins through some magical force or scientific device.
  2. Frozen  (cryogenically) on ice, where people are literally frozen, usually in tubes of ice.
  3. Time stoppers, where someone can stop time, or be accelerated so that everyone else appears to be frozen. A very common science fiction theme.


I rate each show from 1 to 4 stars based on the quality of 'statue' content. Ratings have nothing to do with how good a show it was in general. I rate strictly on how well the show portraits the concept of women being frozen like statues.

[?] means I havnt seen it yet. If you have seen it, please rate it for me!

[1*] Honorable mention. May be a show that did not promise anything, but provided a glimpse. Or, a show that promised a lot but did not deliver much. These shows may have had a good idea, but didnt follow through.

[2**] At least one scene of a women as a statue/mannequin. Its probably brief and not very erotic, but worth watching.

[3***] More than just a few seconds, and probably with a good looking babe. These are worth seeking out.

[4****] Only the best get this rating. A reasonably long duration with nice babes (by today's standards) turned into statues or mannequins. Must leave nothing to be desired.


I have a few of these shows on video. If anyone else has some video, I would be interested in trading.

Let me know what else you find, I list credits at the bottom (unless you request to remain anonymous).

Enjoy, -iceman (

New Stuff !  (May 1998)


Here are new entries, either new shows, or old ones we forgot about.

Village of the Damned, [2**]
(from around 1989 or so) with Kirsty Ally and Christopher Reeve.  These kids hypnotize
people instantly. Lots of good scenes for hypno fans.  Near the end a woman is hypnotically
frozen while trying to rescue one of the kids.

Wishmaster  [2**]
A brief scene of a woman turned into a mannequin, and later, a woman transformed into a glass 
statue.  Unfortunately, she blows up.

Marylin Manson Music video [2**]
I dont know the name of the song, but it was shown on MTV earlier this year.  It has several 
short scenes of frozen girls.  Unfortunatly, you also have to sit through the lead singer
in drag which is almost as much a turn off!  Anyone recall the name of this one?

In the segment 'One of a Kind', I was told that this movie has a woman who gets turned into
a mannequin.  Havenít seen it yet but sounds good.
[Note by Leem: Not a movie, but a short TV episode - see here.]

Starring Caroline Munroe, was a sci-fi flick akin to Barbarella, 
where Munroe was stranded outside her spaceship in a blizzard.  She's frozen 
overnight, but her robot buddy defrosts her after getting back inside the 

Playboy Sexy Lingerie 2: Mannequins segment where two mannequins come to life for the
visual merchandiser.
Playboy Sexy Lingerie 5: cat burglar playmates are surprised in the vault of the Bank of
Lingerie and pose as mannequins to fool the guard.

Dungeonmaster: Richard Moll plays the videogame villain who freezes a girl partway in
his private art gallery.

Super Sentai Zyuranger: (in Japanese) Japanese original Power Rangers begin turning
to stone from Bandora's spell.

Power Rangers Turbo: Cassie is sprinkled with powder and turned to stone.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Kimberly the Pink Ranger is frozen by the Stoplight
Turtle monster.  She is also accidentally frozen by Billy in one of the moral 
trailers after the show.

Power Rangers in Space: Cassie and Ashley (the female Pink and Yellow Rangers) are frozen 
in gigantic ice blocks while in full ranger costume

New Outer Limits: artist freezes a female hologram (Natasha Hensridge) so that he
can paint her portrait.

Sliders: Kari Wuher is sprayed with cryogenic spray to halt a life-threatening parasite.

<If anyone knows the episode names of the above shows, please let me know.>

Farrah Fawcett - All of Me: features a sculpting session where the statue is replaced by
a real model covered in clay to resemble a statue.

Exotic House of Wax: is supposed to feature all sorts of B movie queens in starring roles
as the waxworks statues...

Mastermind: From 1970's.  An Asian girl is shot with paralyzing drug dart in a Japanese
Baths setting.  Not to be confused with the recent movie 'Masterminds' with Patrick Stewart.  

Custom Videos:
Thanks to M.L. for telling us about some custom videos for ASFR fans.

'Mannequin'  3***
Available from Stevi's Secrets:
One girl turns the other into a mannequin with a drink.  She then poses and dresses
her in a variety of outfits.   This is good for mannequin fans, but not a great freeze
or statuephile video.

1997 and before:

Tales from the Darkside "Mary, Mary".  [1*]
A not so good looking woman photographs a pretty mannequin to use as her pictures to fool
men into thinking she is good looking.  At the end, she becomes a mannequin.  BQ low, 
duration short, no transformation.


SM sends in the following:
Several years ago there was a short run series called "Good Heavens"
Starring Carl Reiner who played an Angel who granted one wish to an
individual who did a good deed.  A different individual for every show.  In
EVERY SHOW the individual in question would always doubt that Reiner was
actually an Angel.  Reiner would prove it by snapping his fingers and
freezing time.  OFTENTIMES there were extremely hot women frozen by Reiner.
I think this show was right before the era of VCR's(20 or so years ago)so if
anyone knows how to get copies of this it would be well worth the effort.  I
am surprised this is not on anybody's list.  THis show was made for

Space 1999 had four great freeze episodes. 1) Space Station alpha is
invaded by a green glowing light that freezes everyone for a few minutes
before taking over one of the inhabitants, 2)One of the babes on the station
receives incredible mental powers.  She takes over the station by freezing
the entire command center and taking over their minds, 3) The Warlike aliens
called the Dorcons, attempt to abduct the beautiful resident alien Maya of
Space Station Alpha by Freezing the entire station, 4) A group of alien
androids invades the station.  At the beginning they freeze the entire
command center(well done) and then at the end when the androids are finally
deactivated they are left frozen in place. 

The Adventures of Sinbad. [2**+]
"Still Life"
An artist turns women into stone statues with a pair of magic gloves 
(check out the pics on pic page).
This series has lots of babes and magic, the perfect combination for freezes.  I 
bet we'll see more from this one!

Old shows...

Hercules Unchained, Hercules and the Captive Women [2**]  (1950's, 60's )
Both of these are dubbed from Italian but the babes are luscious in any 
language.  In one (the first title, I think) a virgin is sacrificed to 
a living rock wall, which slowly engulfs her and turns her into stone.  
Several earlier victims form a very sexy frozen frieze.  While H 
wanders about trying to kill the evil queen etc. they cut back to the 
babe in various stages of petrification.   -Courtesy of DMUK

Love Boat [1*]
In the episode with Vincent Price, he plays a hypnotist.  In one scene, late in the
show, he hypnotically freezes everyone.  The scene is brief and doesnít show much but
it's still an unexpected surprise.


Mantis [2**+]
I had a chance to review some scenes sent to me by friends and there are 4 or 5 good scenes.
Mantis has 2 freeze devices; a gas, and a ray gun.  The scenes are brief, but good.  The
devices are classic paralyzers, and he zaps women on occasion.  Donít know if this show
is still on anywhere, but it's available on video from participants.

Looker [2**]
A gun shoots a hypnotic light that hypnotically freezes people.  A big disappointment 
except for the opening scene.

So, what is the worst, most disappointing show of all time??...
"Ultra Flesh"
I had forgotten about this one.  I rented it several years ago.  This X rated porn flick
has a villain from another planet who supposedly can freeze women by having sex with them.
And, in one scene, he is doing it with the heroine, and he says to her "I'm going to freeze
you now bitch!".  Also, there is a freeze ray gun shaped like a penis in one scene.  Still,
not one girl (or anyone) gets frozen in this movie!!  I cried for days.  The only person I
hate more than the producers of this dog is Nancy Carlson.

The List The list has gotten so big that I had to split it up! The orignal list is now a separate page. All new stuff is on this page (see above).


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