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August 2006: Thanks to a download link that was posted on a Yahoo Group (see below) I have been able to replace the Adventures of Sinbad pictures with better quality versions and add a big version that wasn’t previously available.

June 2012: Huge thanks to StatueFied for sending me no less than five of the full-size images that were missing from this page.
February 2015: Huge thanks to me for finding the final missing image! Whooo!

Statue Pic Page

update 12/9/96


  (<--from the Sinbad episode)

From 'Kolchak the night stalker' episode:

Before...................and After


 Woman being turned into a mannequin?

-Courtesy of Mannequin Lover

Women sculpted from clay (or...clay sculpted from women?), courtesy of Bob:

... ... gold Statue

  Marble babes

Hard to believe this is a mannequin? (or...believe this is a hard mannequin)!

From The Adventures of Sinbad...

Before:   And after:  

Revised images taken from downloaded episode, link courtesy of prsap1982 on germanr007 Yahoo Group
(Now sadly gone forever.)


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