Stone Illustrated
1999 ASFR Edition

In a quiet corner of the Bermuda Triangle, we brought a party of lovely ladies along on a pleasure cruise. One that we promised would change their lives forever.

Table Of Contents

Sorry, Looked Too Soon!
Indecision Can Be Your Undoing
Review Your History Before Reenacting It
The Perfect Tan
Listen To Your Photographer, He Knows Best
The Accidental Artist
Restless Natives
I Was Stoned Along the Beach One Day
Naked and Petrified in the Kitchen


Looked Just a Little Too Soon
As this model was quietly contemplating her simple surroundings, she glanced over her shoulder to see what was causing a scuffling noise outside her hut. Was it Kato Kaelin? No, it was our own petrification specialist rigging his stasis projector. Unfortunately, it was set to ‘stone’ when she happened to gaze into the unit’s projection unit and was drawn into the eerie, green light emanating from inside the firing chamber. The result, a lovely marble maiden and testament to the ingenuity of our artistic talents.

Make Up Your Mind (Or Else!)
Our next model simply could not decide what to wear. Finally, she asked our makeup specialist expert for his advice. He walked her to his hut and had her stand on a portable pedestal and applied the powder of plasticization. Just as our model finally decided on what to wear, the radiation unit in the pedestal activated, instantly reacting with the model's makeup and turning her into the articulated mannequin you see before you. Indecision will no longer be her weakness. Rigidity will forever be her strength.

History Never Repeats
There is a mythological tale told by the locals here of two sisters. They were twins who looked exactly alike, yet they only saw each other as life long rivals for love and attention. Over the years, each indulged themselves in magics. Some black, some white. But one sister learned of a magic long ago banned and thought forgotten. Forgotten and forbidden, that is, until the night the sisters engaged in their final fight. Both were evenly matched until the one sister reached deep into her polluted soul and dared try her hand at the forgotten and forbidden knowledge. A bolt of mystical flame engulfed the weaker sister. For moments, the onlookers were hushed at the anticipated horror. Instead of seeing the expected painful fate of the engulfed sister, they gasped as the flames ebbed, revealing the sister's fate. She had been turned to stone.

On the third night of our visit to this island, we asked the twins in our group to re-enact the mythical fight in front of our cameras, not hinting that the reenactment would be far more realistic than either thought possible. At the climactic moment, the light operator inserted the lens of immortality into a high intensity portable light and aimed it at the sister who 'fought' facing the camera. The model was wrapped in a bright aura. When she had been sufficiently exposed to the light, it was switched off. It took a few moments for our eyes to adjust to the changing light levels, but we were rewarded for patience. The reenactment was a tremendous success.

Perchance to Tan?
Lydia loved bathing her nude form on the sunlit beaches of our private isle. Today, we slipped a little something extra in her CopperTone. As she lay in the sun, we watched her soft flesh darken, not only producing a dark tan, but an unexpectedly high level of arousal. Slowly, her hand moved about her breast. Slower and slower the movement became as her body became darker and darker. Soon, all motion ceased and the sun danced about the metallic form of Lydia's body.

Now Listen Carefully…
Eve turned out to be a particularly rare prize. We tested a new device on her, our Mystical Megaphone of Molecular Masterdom. With this device, the listener is enveloped in magical energies that enrapture and ultimately render her susceptible to commands spoken through it. This device is perhaps one of our closest kept secrets. Here, Eve is instructed to hold her pose. Drawing on her experiences modeling clothing as a live mannequin, she surprised us when we saw her body stiffen and turn to plastic.

Imagine our surprise when we suggested that the other models would be green with envy at her performance. Her body instantly began turning green, and this time, her entire being seemed to transform. Upon closer inspection, we found that Eve had misinterpreted our compliment and became literally jaded.

Please Do What You're Told…
It wasn't until recently that the true power of the mystical megaphone was revealed. It had simply been thought of as a mind control device. One day, not long ago, one of our interns was having problems attracting the attentions of a young model. He decided that she would be an easier subject to both acquire and control if he used the mystical megaphone of mind control. He seized control of the model he desired and while posing her reclining form on his worktable, he told her to freeze and picture herself as the finest nude statue she had ever seen. The effect was most unexpected. He watched as her body seemed to become rigid and then her skin took on a darker tone. Several moments later, she lay on the worktable as a solid stone statue. Forever petrified. The intern ordered her to turn herself back to normal, but once transformed into the densely inert material of stone, she was unable to hear and therefore remains a petrified presence in our permanent collection, as do all who have been commanded to transform themselves in this manner.
Becky's Big Break
We have used this location several times for our photo shoots, but the story of how we came to use this place is one worth telling again and again. Our first trip to this island was a mistake. Several years ago, we set sail for an island in the Caribbean, only to be blown far off course by a storm that seemed to come from nowhere. As the crew repaired our badly damaged ship, we decided to take in the island's natural beauty. The following day, believing the island to be safe, we invited our models to accompany us to a local tribe we encountered the day before. Becky, wearing a devilishly red swimsuit, asked to have her picture taken with the natives in the background. As she approached these simple and peaceful people, an elder came up to her and uttered something in his native tongue. Becky seemed to ignore the elder and struck a pose among the natives. Angered, the elder kneeled at Becky's feet, continuing his strange dialogue, trying to make her understand something he considered important. Then, from the quiet, still air rumbled a deep voice. It seemed to emanate from everywhere. It spoke a short passage and was gone as quickly and suddenly as it appeared.

The effect on the elder was immediate. He stood before Becky, trembling with fear and spoke to the natives behind her. While Becky held her ground, and her pose, the people quickly turned to walk away. Suddenly, a gust of wind rose up, its noise intense and a stark contrast to the peaceful skies around us. The elder once again directed his dialogue at Becky, who surprisingly did not react at all to the events around her. The elder raised his hands above his head, looked to the sky and pleaded with the deity who spoke moments ago. He looked back at the unresponsive woman and slowly lowered his, palms facing Becky. Becky blinked, and then gasped. "What are you d. d. doing to me?" She screamed. The elder seemed shocked at Becky's sudden actions and quickly joined his people. "what's wrong, Becky?" A concerned photographer asked. "Th. Th. That v. v. voice," she struggled to say, "It w. w. was a w. w. w. warning ab. Ab. About this pl. pl. place. Sa. Sa. Sa. Sacr… ed. I. I. I am to b. b. b. be p. p. p. pun. Pun. Punished. Tur. Tur. Turn. Turning m. m. m. me t. t. t. to sto. Sto. Stoooooonnnnneee."

Becky's lips turned gray and silent. For a few precious seconds, her eyes pleaded for mercy before yielding to the punishment of the native's god. Everyone and everything was silent, save for the crackling of magical energies turning Becky's flesh to stone We expended all of our film in that spot that day, knowing that we would never return to that place on the island. As we returned to our ship, we decided that two people should remain on the island for the night. The other models were told that they were scouting and preparing for the next day's shoot. After all, we didn't want to have to explain Becky's fate and besides, be it through accidental divine intervention or devious intentional action, each of them would share a similar fate.

Water Polution
"Please don't drink the water." is an old and tired cliché. Today, it proved to be dangerous to even be IN the water. One of our interns was returning to shore with a new serum for our next round of shooting when the boat he was speeding in suddenly sank for no apparent reason. The Bermuda Triangle claimed yet another life. Those are the breaks when you take chances we're taking. Fortunately for us, none of our crew were in the water when the boat disappeared under the calm seas. Even more fortunate for us, some of our models were splashing along a nearby beach, warming up for the day's shooting. They were completely unaware of what had just happened only several hundred yards away.

Apparently, the vial containing the serum that the intern was delivering either broke or lost its seal. Either way, the serum contaminated the water, providing our junior photographers with an interesting opportunity. As wave after wave of water gently lapped against the models, their bodies became more and more inert. Neither model seemed to know what was happening to them as their bodies slowly solidified into stone sculptures. We waited for the next tide before sending anyone else into the waters. Luckily, the serum contaminated waters were washed out to the ocean where they would likely be of no harm to anyone else.

A New Recipe
Here is a rare treat for our readers, a work in progress. Circumstances that day truly leant themselves to this photo. Mary and Tif were feeling rather adventurous and we needed to test a new lip ointment. Tif was our choice to try the new lip ointment (you'll get to see her fate next), since we knew of her fondness for female encounters, we arranged for Tif and Mary to be alone in the kitchen for awhile. It wasn't long before Mary was lying on the countertop, lip-locked with Tif. We weren't able to hear from Tif what she felt when her coated lips touched Mary's, but you can see the results in this picture that was taken before Mary was completely petrified.

As for Tif? You guessed it! She couldn't look any happier with her encounter, and neither could we! >













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