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Fan art by Richard “Kuroku” Palmer
Pyrénée discovers a new stone

Pyrénée discovers a new stone - fanart by Richard 'Kuroku' Palmer
Kuroku [writing in April 2005]: The scene I’m trying to depict here takes place towards the end of the book, where Pyrénée uses the fur coat and boots she found to explore after a snowstorm. there is also a running thing with the bottle which Pyrénée continuously refers to as a “caillou” or stone. Basically it is the first man made artifact she has seen, this scene is when she finds a second one and discovers what it is really called. Anyway, the picture of Pyrénée and the bottle was done last year (right), but I added the background within the last month, and frankly I'm happier with it.

Lee M: Apart from not having a background, the original version has darker shadows and doesn’t show Pyrénée’s cheeks turning pink from the cold.
Pyrénée discovers a new stone, old version - fanart by Richard 'Kuroku' Palmer

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