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Taral Wayne
Gold Chalice (Cat)
Based on an idea by Naga

Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
APRIL 2010: Replaced original image with better scan from FurAffinity.

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Taral Wayne - Gold Chalice (Cat)
Note by Leem:
The two “Gold Chalice” pictures are based on this picture by Naga. Naga’s site features many types of transformation, including inanimate. This is not the first time that Taral has taken inspiration from Naga, and you’ll also find some of Naga’s work on this site.
In the Cat version Taral adds a new design element, namely the girl’s tail, which becomes a handle for the chalice. The self-described doggerel that accompanies the picture was written by Taral himself.

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