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FLOTSAM - the new goddess
By Leem

Author’s note: this story is part of a series that takes place in the same universe as The Chosen (female), The Sculptor’s Model (male), and the Jaskri (female) and Ketrin (male) stories. The links between these various stories may (or may not) become clearer as further interconnected stories appear.

Some of the concepts in the Flotsam stories were inspired by Margaret St. Clair’s 1953 story Thirsty God. The use I have made of those concepts is however original, and no plagiarism is intended.

In this story I wanted to include some scenes from the aliens’ point of view as well as their (for want of a better word) victim’s. I haven’t gone into the actual paralysing process because that’s dealt with in detail in the first story, and I didn’t want to keep repeating myself.

I briefly toyed with the notion of calling the story “Oh, MY, Goddess!” but I had to give up the idea because I didn’t want to get sued.

A ripple of excitement runs through the tribe. We have heard the Call. At last our tribe is to have a god of its own.

There can be no doubt; the portents are clear. Yesterday we saw the sky cloven in two by a bright streak, accompanied by a powerful roar. It was clearly a sign, and sure enough, today the Call has come. We hear the Call not in our ears, but rather sense it in our minds, more clearly than any memory or dream.

Swiftly preparations are made. A party assembles at the base of the hill and makes ready to set out. The entire village would like to come, but of course that is impossible. In the end only a small party of hunters is chosen, since we will be able to forage for ourselves on the journey. Some of the hunters are unable to contain their excitement and begin fondling and masturbating each other. My own penis hardens in anticipation, but I force myself to remain patient. Checking that my spear (my “other” spear!) is sharp, I prepare to depart with the others.

I pray that I, ikw, might be the first to honour the god with my worship.

I’m awake, sitting outside on the cold stony ground with my back against something equally hard.

This isn’t where I belong. Where am I? How did I get here?

Gradually my memory starts to return, but it all seems so hazy and dreamlike. I remember a strange glowing cloud, and a planet that wasn’t on any of the charts, and I remember crashing.

And then I remember a cave or chamber, but I don’t remember exactly how I got there. I seem to recall passing out for a while, and waking up to find my clothes too tight because they’d shrunk or I’d grown or something. And I’d turned blue all over - skin, hair, nails, everything, as if I’d been swimming in a vat of dye. Weird.

And then I got so horny - gods, there’s no way I could ever forget that! - and tore off what was left of my clothes in a mad frenzy of self-pleasure, wishing there could have been someone to share it with.

And then I had an orgasm that just went on and on and on and totally blew me away. I’m getting horny again just thinking about it. Guess I must have passed out again after that. Not surprising really.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling kind of stiff, so I made my way outside so I’d have some space to stretch my legs or something. Only then I felt a sudden wave of fatigue again and I slumped unconscious against the outer wall of the cave and didn’t wake until just now. I assume it’s morning, but it’s hard to tell from the grey overcast sky.

I’m still feeling stiff, but I can’t just lie here all day. It’s time to get up.

Huh. I’m stiffer than I thought. My back didn’t even twitch. All right, this time I’m really going to get up.

Come on. Get up. Get up. Get up!

Oh, gods. What’s happened to me? I can’t get up! My legs won’t move. My arms won’t move. My head won’t turn. Nothing’s happening. Nothing. My body won’t move, no matter how hard I try! I’m paralysed!

The weird thing is that some part of me is actually excited by the prospect of being paralysed. In fact I’m getting horny just thinking about it.

But why the hell am I getting aroused? I can’t move. I’m trapped in my own body. I can’t eat or drink. I can’t do anything except lie here like a reclining nude statue until I die painfully from thirst.

And yet in spite of this realisation, I’m almost having an orgasm from thinking about my own immobility. It’s a weird kind of mental split. And in the end the only thing I can do is give in to my arousal.

Oh, gods, I’d give anything to be able to move just my hands right now!

The Call grows stronger as we approach the plain. It is an arid, lifeless place, so we have to carry food and water for most of the journey. Nobody knows how the gods appear in such a barren place, or why. It is a mystery that has no answer. In the end, all that matters is that the gods do come to us, with their big, beautiful, blue bodies.

My cousin Gua can scarcely contain his excitement. His penis is almost permanently erect, and every time we pause to rest or eat and drink, he starts fondling one of us, so that our breaks swiftly turn into little orgies. Not that we mind very much. We know that these orgies are just a foretaste of what is to come.

And so when he comes to me I contentedly roll upon my stomach and let him do what he wants to me with that big articulated penis of his. I soon lose count of the number of orgasms he gives me. It is hard to count when you can barely think for ecstasy.

Afterwards, I lie contentedly upon the stony ground and consider our lot. Legend has it that our people were once proud, ambitious and arrogant, always striving for more, always jealous of what they did not have. It is hard for us to imagine those times. Today we have little, and we are content. As long as we can hunt enough food to eat, and as long as we can fuck whoever and whenever we want, we are happy.

We did not think that anything could possibly have made us happier, until the gods arrived and proved us wrong.

It’s been three days now. Three days, just lying here hornier than a sexdroid with an overactive power cell.

If only I had gone back to the ship instead of indulging myself like that, I might just have had time to take off and program the navigation system before the paralysis became total. The medical scanners would have detected my condition and the ship would have sent out a distress call. By now I could have been in a hospital station being cured.

Oh, who am I kidding? There was never any chance of the ship taking off again, and even if it had done, I’d put money on my condition being unknown to medical science and incurable.

It’s so weird. Part of me is screaming in helpless frustration, praying to every god I ever heard of to be set free from this paralysis. And yet, another part of me is actually enjoying the prospect of being an inanimate object.

My memory is still very hazy, but I seem to recall that when I was just a girl someone told me an old story about a young woman in an old-fashioned farm village who was turned into a statue for all eternity.

I used to love that story! I always wished I could be the statue-girl. Standing rigid and immovable in the market square, naked and beautiful forever, listening to all the village gossip, feeling the villagers’ eyes and hands caressing my smooth marble skin...that would have been heaven to me.

Well, I’m immovable and naked all right, but that’s where the similarity ends. Instead of enjoying the attentions of statue-loving villagers I find myself lying alone in this stony wasteland, and slowly dying of thirst.

Although to tell the truth, I don’t actually feel very thirsty just yet. How long does it take to dehydrate? I never thought it would be as drawn-out as this.

I’ve just had a crazy thought. Suppose I don’t dehydrate? Suppose whatever altered my body also prevents me from dying? Suppose I just lie here forever?

Half of me wails in horror at the idea. The other half is practically having an orgasm.

No. It can’t last forever. It’s bound to wear off sooner or later, isn’t it?

It’s got to wear off! I can’t live like this!

On the fourth day we arrive at the plain. It is a dry, featureless desert, broken only by some large, square stone structures and several strange metal objects.

Some say that every time a new god arrives there is a new metal thing lying on the plain. They suggest that the metal things are the gods’ flying chariots. It is hard to see how this can be. The gods are never found inside the metal objects, after all, but only in or near the stone structures. For that reason they are known as the Wombs of the Gods.

And it is from the Wombs that the Call originates. Of this there can be no doubt. The Call always leads us unerringly to where the gods lie.

Indeed, by this time we are scarcely thinking about where we are going. The Call overwhelms our thoughts and we follow it blindly. We have no more choice than a raindrop has to stop falling.

Someone’s coming. In the distance I can see a group of small figures, seven or eight of them, walking this way. They look humanoid, but it’s hard to see any details from this distance. Anyway, I’m glad the local lifeforms didn’t turn out to be something weird like giant octopuses.

I watch them approaching. What else can I do? I can’t exactly wave to them. They just keep walking toward me in an almost robotic way, like they’re in a trance or something.

As they get closer I can see that they are about three cubits high. Their arms are swinging in a way that makes it obvious they have extra elbow joints, and their hands seem to have extra thumbs as well. They have ratty faces with elongated snouts but their eyes seem... well, let’s be honest: I’d like to think they seem intelligent. Their bodies are lightly furred and they don’t have any clothing, which makes their sexes blatantly obvious. There are three females with big boobs, and four males with almost disproportionate penises. Looking at those penises, I can’t help getting aroused again....

They are carrying what look like sheathed knives and leather pouches. So they’re a primitive race of hunter-gatherers. Have they come to hunt me?

They’ve arrived. All at once they seem to come out of their trances and focus on my body. A loud wailing goes up, which is probably their equivalent of a cheer.

We have arrived! The call has led us true. The god sits against the wall of one of the Wombs, just outside its vaginal opening. Perhaps this is a sign, for the god is in fact a goddess, with a vagina of her own. Some gods have penises, some vaginas, and some both. I had hoped that the new god might have both, but in truth I cannot complain. Indeed, all of our penises are already making up for her lack of one, and Gua is fondling mine and his own with either hand.

The goddess has a wonderful female body, more than half again as tall as a Person, with beautiful blue bare skin, long arms and legs (articulated a little differently from ours), and large, firm breasts with inviting dark blue nipples. Framed by a spray of long blue hair is the goddess’ flat face, a wonderfully strange and exotic visage with big green eyes (her only feature that is not blue), a small nose, and a narrow, flat mouth that is almost like another vagina - and every bit as inviting to our tongues and penises.

The goddess holds herself in readiness for us, in such perfect, stonelike immobility that I can barely restrain myself from coming beneath Gua’s touch. But I must not. I have vowed to be the first to honour the goddess, and so I quickly withdraw and push Gua aside.

Oh, gods. Judging by the way they’re looking at me and groping each other, it’s obvious there’s only one thing they want from me, and there’s nothing I can do to stop them taking it.

Now two of the females are fondling my breasts. I can’t stop them. They’re making me hornier than ever

Oh, good gods. Now another female is licking my moist vagina. I can’t stop her. I can’t move. I can’t move. And now it looks like the males are fighting for the privilege of raping me.

It won’t just be rape, it’ll be inter-species rape, even though they’re not exactly dumb animals. But what kind of sick people rape someone who’s paralysed?

The goddess watches with those stunning green eyes as we fight for the right to worship her. How I envy the supernatural restraint that allows the goddess to keep her body so perfectly still. If only I could remain so rigidly inanimate while my friends pleasured me!

The fight goes on for several moments as we each try to win our way to the goddess’s body. In this, as in any fight, only one rule applies. None of the People shall kill another.

Long ago, it is said, our ancestors fought each other in great battles called warrs. Because of these warrs, countless ancestors died needlessly. None of us can understand what made our forerunners wish to destroy each others’ lives in so wanton a fashion. Yes, we sometimes feel anger and jealousy toward each other, and we carry weapons for killing game that could be used against each other, if we chose to behave as our ancestors did. But instead we restrain our anger and our jealousy, and our weapons remain in their sheaths.

But our penises do not. Perhaps that is the reason we feel no desire to harm one another. Our differences are resolved with pleasuring, as the gods’ periodic arrival reminds us.

And so we fight for the right to pleasure the goddess, doing our best to inflict as little harm as possible but not always managing to avoid bruising or scratching our opponents. It does not matter. All will be forgiven soon enough. For now, I manage to twist free from the mele and shove aside the female who is trying to give the goddess an orgasm with her tongue. That privilege belongs to my penis!

One of the males has won the fight. Looks like the losers are consoling each other quite intimately. Meanwhile the winner’s pushed the female away from my crotch. Now he’s lowering himself onto me, while the other two females continue to grope my breasts.

Now his hot, hard penis is sliding (o-h-h-h-h-!) into me while his hands are fondling my backside. Yes, invite yourself in, why don’t you? I am hardly in a position to (a-h-h-h-h-h!) refuse.

Half of me is still screaming with helpless rage, while the other half is tingling with excitement.

He’s fucking me! Gods, he’s really going at it there! The little bastard’s fucking me and I can’t do anything about it! I can’t push him away. I can’t resist in any way. I can’t open my mouth to protest at what he’s doing. No matter how hard I try - and Gods know I’m trying! - I can not move a single muscle.

That is, except my vaginal muscles. I can’t prevent them from responding, slowly and rhythmically, to his insistent stimulation. Between his penis and the females’ hands, I’m so aroused already in spite of myself that I can’t stop myself coming after only a couple of minutes.

Oh, my...oh...ohhh...oh, GODS! I...CAN’T...M-M-M-M-M-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-V-V-V-V-V-E-E-E-E-E!!!!!!


I’ve never had an orgasm like this. Nobody’s ever had an orgasm like this. For a long time I can’t see or hear or think. All I can do is experience the incredible rushes of pure pleasure, unlike anything I’ve ever felt, that sweep over me again and again and again and again and again. If I could speak I’d be moaning in ecstasy

And almost incidentally, while this is happening I feel a pulsing within my vagina and a rush of hot liquid into my body.

When conscious thought slowly returns, I find myself thinking: Oh, that was incredible! I want more! Gods, please let me have more!

And then I hear another part of myself wailing, Hey! What are you thinking? You weren’t supposed to enjoy it! It was rape!

I’ve never been so confused.

The little male is still lying on top of me. At first I think he’s asleep, but it soon becomes clear that he has only been resting for a moment. Now he’s ready for a second go.

This time he takes things more slowly, and his thrusts are almost gentle, causing small ripples of pleasure to wash over me. It still doesn’t take him long to come. I’m a long way from coming again, but his second seminal discharge gives me a thrill as it rushes into my unresisting body.

Once again he becomes dormant afterward. Part of me is still screaming rape, and yet I feel so good, and my body is tingling with anticipation. Is it rape if you enjoy it? I can’t stop myself enjoying it, any more than I can stop him doing it. In any case, I can’t exactly call it a sexual assault because he’s not being the least bit violent or aggressive.

The other part of me is telling me that he’s only being gentle because I can’t fight back. But I’m not so sure of that. While he’s been seeing to me, his friends have been licking, buggering and fingering each other with almost the same degree of enthusiasm. It almost seems as if they use sex like certain primates, as a form of social grooming.

If that’s true, then fucking me might just be his way of saying “Let’s be friends”. The trouble is, I can’t make my paralysed body say “No, thanks”, and I can’t stop my rebellious vaginal muscles from shouting, “Yes, please!”

Oh, blessed goddess! Truly you are a supernatural being! Never before have I experienced such ecstasy. After the fifth peak I can take no more, and have no choice but to roll aside while one of the other males takes my place. Then Gua takes his revenge for losing the fight by throwing himself onto my back and penetrating me from behind. I am too weak to move or resist, and so I find myself lying as motionless as the goddess while Gua takes his pleasure from me. I did not believe I could have any more orgasms today, but Gua’s insistent thrusts combined with my feeling of helpless immobility, cause me to come twice more before losing consciousness.

I think they’ve finished. For now. They’ve all worn themselves out, and they’re just lying in heaps while the sun sets somewhere behind the dismal grey clouds. And I’m lying between them, like a helpless doll.

My whole body is still ringing. Little sparks of pleasure continue to shoot through me. I must have had four more of those incredible orgasms, or was it five? Each one just went on and on and on until I thought I was going to die from ecstasy. But I couldn’t die, any more than I could move, and so I had no choice but to wait for them to bring me to the next climax, and the next, and the next.

I thought the little maniacs were never going to go to sleep. As soon as the first male got tired another one took over, and once he finally decided he’d had enough one of the females began tonguing me. Hope she liked the taste of semen because there was a lot of it in there by the time she arrived. Judging by some of the things I saw the others doing, I get the impression that both males and females love it.

In fact judging by what I saw out of the corner of my eye, when I was able to focus at all, there don’t seem to be many sexual acts that these critters don’t love. They haven’t tried all of them on me yet, but I have no doubt that they will do, sooner or later.

There’s still a part of me that keeps thinking it’s all has to be a weird dream, that I’m sure to wake up soon. But then for the thousandth time I try to move, to turn my head, to stretch a leg, to bend an elbow... and nothing, nothing, nothing happens. I can no more move now than I could when the aliens were fucking me senseless for hours on end.

And so I eventually find myself becoming resigned to the fact that I’m not going to wake up, that tomorrow I’m still going to be lying here surrounded by the little aliens. And sooner or later they’re going to wake up, and then they’re going to start fucking me senseless all over again for hours on end.

And then there’ll be the next day. And the next. And the next.

And the days will turn into weeks, and then months, and then years....

There’s no way out. I’m trapped, caged in my own body. The paralysis isn’t going to wear off. I’m going to be helpless forever. The aliens are going to keep fucking me forever. No matter what they do to me I’ll never be able to protest or resist, never able to lift a finger to stop them.

And I still don’t know whether to be horrified or excited at the prospect.

Three days pass in adoration of our new goddess before our food and water begin to run low and we reluctantly decide to move. It is many days’ journey to our village, but once there we will be able to share the goddess with the entire tribe.

Our small party has had the goddess all to ourselves these past days, and are not happy at the idea of sharing her with others, but we know that we must not be selfish. The goddess belongs to the entire tribe, and in the end, like all of the gods, she will belong to all of the People.

On the second day, one of the females began licking my clitoris with her long, articulated tongue and at the same time one of the males started humping my mouth. Now, I had never been keen on that kind of thing - the view certainly wasn’t inspiring - but the minute that hot, hard piece of meat touched the back of my throat I felt my lips tighten and my tongue press hard against it. Once again my body was conspiring with its exploiters, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent it.

As always it didn’t take him long to come the first time, and his semen flooded into my mouth so forcefully that I pictured my cheeks bulging out like balloons. Somehow my body managed to avoid choking on it, and after a moment I began to swallow reflexively. And while I was swallowing ripples of pleasure began spreading from my throat all the way down my neck and chest until they ignited my nipples. I remember hearing about an old sexvid from ancient history where a girl has a clitoris in her throat. I could never imagine what that would have felt like - until now.

Over the next hour or so the male made my throat “come” six or seven more times, while the female made my clit come twice. By the time they finally got tired I had become intimately acquainted with the sickly-sweet taste of alien semen. It wasn’t an unpleasant taste, exactly, but it was a little overwhelming, and with nothing else to wash it away it just lingered until two of the females spent some time tonguing my mouth, my vagina and each others’ mouths and vaginas. By the time they’d finished the taste of alien semen had been replaced by the taste of alien and human vaginal fluid.

Well, anyway, now they’re taking me somewhere. Pairs of the little aliens are taking it in turns to carry me between them on a makeshift stretcher. Back home, I suppose, wherever that is. Anywhere else on this planet has to be more interesting than the desert where I landed. I’m leaving behind my ship, my clothes, and any chance I might have had of being rescued. At least they can’t fuck me while they’re carrying me, although some of them walk beside me just so they can fondle my body, and even that’s made me come a few times. But then, my body has become so hypersensitized that just being carried over bumpy ground is almost enough to make me come.

And of course they have to stop to forage for food and water every so often, and during the breaks two or three of them always manage to find time to give me a quick seeing-to.

Our pace quickens as we approach our familiar hills. Soon we shall be home, and we shall have the honour of sharing our goddess with the tribe. Seku has already run on ahead to tell the tribe of our success, and my penis is already rock-hard in readiness for our arrival.

They’ve been carrying me for three days now, away from the desert plain into the hills where it seems to rain a fine misty drizzle all the time. There is a kind of fine mossy growth covering the ground that must thrive on all this moisture. The persistent dampness would be depressing, if it weren’t for the fact that even the touch of millions of water droplets is making me horny.

It’s probably about mid-afternoon on the third day now, and we seem to be nearing our destination. My head is lying on one side, and I can make out a muddy track that’s presumably been worn into the moss by generations of hunting expeditions.

And now we’re passing through a stockade made of whatever passes for wood around here, and I can see what look like lots of huts made of the same stuff. And there are tens of the little aliens running out of those huts to greet the ones who’ve brought me here. And just how do they greet them? Huh. I wouldn’t have had to be a hyperdrive scientist to figure that one out. There’s an instant orgy, and of course I’m invited.

So now it seems like every villager that’s capable of sex is falling over (and into!) each other in an attempt to reach me. One of the young males is the first to arrive, and no sooner does he start fucking me blind than the runner-up jumps on top of him and starts fucking him blind. After a few minutes I’m so far gone that I can barely think, but not quite so far gone that I don’t notice another little guy sliding his moist hard-on into my mouth....

And for the next few hours or days - how could I tell? - I’m just drowning in a torrent of sensation. I can’t see, I can’t hear, I can’t think. I don’t know who I am or what I am or what is happening to me. I only know that it feels better than anything I could ever have imagined.

The paralysed goddessI am vaguely aware that as the hours pass different partners come and go, and from time to time I am rolled onto my stomach and back onto my back, and sometimes lifted into a sitting position. I seem to recall that I was once able to move my body on my own, but that doesn’t seem to be possible any more.

And so I can only sit or lie in whatever position they choose to place me, a life-sized doll, while they continue to penetrate every orifice they can find with every appendage they have, and fondle and caress every bit of skin they can get their hands and feet on.

I can’t stop them. I can’t move. I can’t do anything. They are using me for their own selfish pleasure and I am helpless to resist.

And part of me doesn’t want to resist...is even excited at being unable to resist.

Finally the light starts to fade and the aliens reluctantly withdraw from me and each other. The last one to leave considerately licks his semen from my vagina and strolls away licking his lips.

Two of the young males pick me up and carry me over to what looks like some kind of altar, a long stone slab that’s slightly raised at one end. After laying me down on the shockingly cold stone, they make respectful gestures and go back to their huts.

It’s not the most comfortable bed I’ve ever had, but I’m not in a position to complain about the accommodation. At least I get to sleep under the stars, not that I can actually see any stars through the planet’s hazy atmosphere.

My body is still tingling from all the sex it’s had, and every few minutes it gives me another mini-orgasm. Whatever changed my body seems to have transformed it into a perpetual sex engine, which was just what the planet’s sex-mad inhabitants wanted.

When they first started using me for sex part of me hated them for it, but I think I understand them a little better now.

They are incapable of rape. I know that sounds like a complete contradiction in view of what they’ve done...what they are doing, and what they’re going to keep doing...to me, but from their point of view it’s nothing but the truth. Somehow I know - don’t ask how, I just know - they will not force sex upon anyone who actually refuses. That would be against their morality. But because I can’t refuse, they naturally assume that I must be willing. And because they think I’m willing they do everything they can to try and please me.

And if I’m honest, I have to admit that they are pleasing me. I have never had such fantastic sex in my life. I’ve tried it with enhancer nanos, sexdroids, telestims and bio-enhanced partners of every conceivable gender, and none of it ever came (no pun intended!) anywhere near the sensations my paralysed body is getting from these little fellows.

I’m surprised to admit it, but I think I’ve come to like them.

No, let me be perfectly honest with myself. I’ve fallen in love with them!

Now that the village has initiated the worship of its new goddess it is time for sleep, but sleep will not come. Gua and I can only lie awake in anticipation of tomorrow, when the elders will open the sacred shrine in readiness for the goddess’s true worship. The talismans contained within the shrine are ancient, mysterious and very powerful. They will make our worship an even more profound and sensual experience, and Gua and I spend half the night masturbating each other in thrilled anticipation.

It’s morning. Four or five of the villagers have woken early and walked over to my altar to take a look at me. One or two of them have reached up to stroke my arms, legs and breasts, but none of them have climbed on top of me yet.

Maybe they’ve got bored with sex. Maybe they want to sacrifice me now.

But no sooner does this thought cross my mind than they begin fondling each other and the small group turns into a tumbling, squealing mini-orgy.

Nope. They don’t get bored with sex.

And neither does my body.

I can’t turn my head to look away, so I’m forced to watch them fuck each other blind. It’s making me hornier than hell, and I’d give anything just to be able to move my hand right now.

Eventually a young female wanders by and climbs onto me. Ohh, that’s better. Her fingers and tongue are relieving my sexual tension while I watch her friends seeing to theirs. It takes me longer to come this time, and when I do it’s slow, gentle and sensuous, and for a while I forget everything except the pleasure. Oh, yes. Yes. YES! Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes yyyyyyyeeeeesssssss yes yes Y...E...S!!!

Whoa. I’m floating in euphoria, thinking how much I enjoyed that. The female is asleep on my stomach with her hand on my crotch. Didn’t she just take me against my will? Wasn’t it rape? But how could it have been? It was so nice!

I try to reach up and hug the little female, but for some reason my arms won’t move.

Oh, yes...that’s right.

After a while the rest of the tribe wake up. Some of them join the ongoing mini-orgy, but eventually one of them raises his hands and squawks what might be a command. The newcomer might be the tribe’s chief. I can’t see any insignia or body-marking that might signify his status, but the others immediately stop whoever they’re doing and rise to stand before him in a respectful, slightly moist, row. The female who just fucked me wakes up and steps down to join them.

The chief, if that’s what he is, squawks something else and the tribe begin chattering excitedly. One of them reaches below my altar - there seems to be a recess there, though I didn’t see it earlier. Of course I can’t turn my head to see she’s doing, but after a moment she brings out a bunch of what look like metal headbands with ornate decoration, each set with a large jewel.

Where could they have come from? These creatures are obviously too primitive to smelt metals or cut gems. Maybe they’re artefacts from a time when their civilisation was more advanced. If so, they’ve really come down in the world. But why would they be interested in headbands? They don’t wear any other adornments that I’ve seen.

The female gives the headbands to the chief, who then hands them out to the entire tribe. Although the headbands look like they’re made of solid metal, they fit everyone perfectly. Maybe it’s some kind of memory-metal that can expand or contract to fit the wearer’s head. The sight of the primitive aliens wearing such expensive-looking jewellery is quite funny, and I’d be laughing hard if I could.

Even funnier, the moment they put them on all the males got rock-hard erections and the females became moist. As if they weren’t horny enough to begin with, the headbands seem to be linking and amplifying their libidos.

My suspicion is confirmed when the chief reaches up and slips one of the bands onto my head before donning his own.


I hadn’t thought it was possible to feel any hornier than I had been, but I was wrong. The minute the jewel touches my forehead I become so aroused I can’t believe any amount of sex will ever satisfy me again. I need it so badly I think I could die. I want to reach out and grab the nearest alien and fuck it senseless, but all I can do is lie here and plead with my eyes for one of them to relieve me of my terrible need.

And within moments my plea is answered. One of the males virtually leaps over the heads of his rivals and vaults onto my stone altar and then into me.

It’s hard to tell the little buggers apart, but there’s something familiar about this one. I think he’s one of the search party that found me. In fact something tells me he may be the first one who fucked me. If that’s true, he hasn’t got bored with me yet.

Again it falls to me, Ikw, to honour the goddess with my worship. Some of the others are already so aroused they can hardly move, but I somehow manage to hold back until I have vaulted onto the goddess’s altar and begun to caress her body.

Oh, goddess, how perfect is your divine stillness and silence! How intoxicating the sight of your beautiful blue flesh! How readily your warm, moist lips part to admit my unworthy yet incorrigible member! And as I repeatedly thrust myself into your holy flesh, I begin to taste your own godlike pleasure as well as my own. Now for the first time I begin to understand the awe with which folk of other tribes have haltingly attempted to relate their encounters with the gods. Mortal words can scarcely begin to describe this. It is a thing that can only be experienced. Oh, goddess, how I love you for allowing a mere mortal such as I to experience this!

After a few moments I reach the first peak and the goddess passively accepts my seed. For a while I can only lie in euphoric exhaustion. I can feel all that the goddess now feels. She in turn can feel all that the rest of the tribe feels. And what they are feeling is nothing but love and ecstasy as they pleasure each other in as many different ways as they can. Some of them are fondling the goddess’s breasts, her arms, her face; one or two of them are caressing my temporarily inert body; the rest are performing every imaginable act of pleasure upon each other.

The goddess and I can feel them all, every one of them, coming and coming and coming and coming. With such powerful stimulation it doesn’t take me long to get aroused again, and I eagerly resume my worship of the goddess. Embraced by the goddess’s sweet vagina, I am truly in paradise.

It’s a paradox. How could such primitive creatures have possibly got ahold of such advanced technology?

The jewels in the headbands are remote sex links. Whoever is wearing them can feel whatever sexual sensations another wearer feels, and the more there are the more those sensations get amplified and echoed between the jewels. And obviously they work just as well on humans as they do on aliens, because I can feel everything the little nymphos are doing to each other.

My sensations by now are so intense I can’t tell where one body starts and another leaves off. Every few seconds there’s an orgasm - brief, intense and sensuous - and then for a few minutes the echoes of that orgasm bounce around the network, arousing everybody even further. I’d estimate that about half of what the aliens and I are feeling is direct sensation and half is feedback from the jewels.

I’m dimly aware that somewhere in the middle of all this my paralysed body is being helplessly fucked and fucked again, but in this fog of ecstasy I can hardly tell which body is mine.

But then I feel a slow stirring and I know it’s coming from my body...or rather, it’s my body starting to come. My own sensations are so different from the aliens’ that I can easily distinguish them. Unlike the aliens, my orgasm is taking time to build up and up and up and up and up...

I’ve already gone way past the point where I’d normally have climaxed, way, way past the incredible orgasm they gave me the first time they ever fucked me, and I’m still climbing. It seems the damn jewel has increased my threshold as well as my tolerance. The guy who’s fucking me (I can’t tell if it’s the same one as when this started) can feel it too, and he’s really getting excited, thrusting away like mad.

And in the middle of it all I’m still feeling the other aliens’ short sharp orgasms as they’re bounced back and forth by the crystals, endlessly repeating and re-repeating in a feedback loop.

And what happens to a feedback loop if you keep increasing the input? Happens to a feedback loop if you keep increasing the input? Feedback loop if you keep increasing feedback loop if you keep increasing feedback loop if you keep increasing feedback loop if you keep increasing

Oh, sweet gods, it feels as if every molecule in my body is exploding. I am a human supernova and my radiation is flooding the aliens, bounced and reflected by the crystals, crystals, cryscryscrystals, crystals, my arms won’t move, bounced and reflected, paralysed, the little bastard’s fucking me and I can’t do anything about it, my radiation is flooding the aliens, my legs won’t move, I am a human supernova, it feels as if every molecule in my body is exploding oh,sweet gods, a feedback loop, if you keep increasing, part of me is actually excited by the prospect of being paralysed, keep increasing, my head won’t turn, I can’t tell where one body starts and another leaves off, paralysed, keep increasing, increasing, increasingcreasingcreasing.......

What’s happening? There was something about feedback....

Oh, yes...the jewels. They just kept feeding back every sensation until they overloaded and went into a permanent feedback loop. So now what? If the aliens can’t do anything except respond to the jewels’ stimulus they’ll all keep fucking me and each other until they all die of thirst, starvation or just plain exhaustion, and I can’t do anything to save them.

But the tiny part of my mind that can understand this is soon overwhelmed by the shockwave of my endlessly amplified and repeated orgasm, and for a very, very, very long time it’s impossible to think about anything at all.

Ecstasy. Ecstasy beyond belief, beyond understanding, beyond mere physical pleasure. This is truly the gift of the goddess, and there is nothing that I or any of us can do but give in to it. Time no longer has meaning. It is impossible to tell day from night, and who would wish to do so in such a state of divine bliss? There is no day or night. There is only the goddess’s eternal blessing.

But then suddenly I am wrenched from eternity and returned to the harsh world. I scream as the coronet is ripped from my forehead and I am thrust back into my mortal flesh. I am not the only one screaming. My heart is pounding, my throat is dry and my stomach rumbles. My penis is caked with dried semen and my limbs are stiff from disuse.

Slowly my fellow villagers and I begin to recover from the shock. As my eyes focus and look around the village once more I can see a group of elders from the great arena. It is they who have taken the coronets, and they are scowling at us with displeasure.

“Fools,” barks their leader. “You could have died. We have brought food and water. If we had not taken your coronets you would have starved or dehydrated.”

Our chief approaches the elder on trembling legs and says, “We only sought to honour our new goddess.”

“You were careless,” the elder tells him. “Where is the honour in dying of pleasure? The coronets can be dangerous if they are not used properly. I think we should take them from your village. They will be safer in the arena.”

At once the entire tribe protests hoarsely.

“What is more,” the elder continues, “we feel it would be best for all if the goddess was also taken to the arena.”

Now the cries of protest are even louder.

“There are hundreds of gods, goddesses and god-goddesses in the arena,” complains Gua. “Can’t you let us keep just one?”

“The goddess does not belong to you,” says the elder. “Gods and goddesses belong not to villages but to all the people, and so they must be brought to a place where all the people can worship them collectively.”

The elder lets the latest wave of protest die down then says, “Eat and drink now. You must recover your strength. We will discuss this further once you have eaten.”

As he speaks he walks, fully erect, toward the altar where I am still lying atop the goddess. “In the meantime,” he continues, “my companions and I must perform our duty to the goddess you have found for us.”

With a gesture he dismisses me, and I have no choice but to step down and watch jealously as he gives himself to the goddess in my place.

When they took the headband off I thought I was going to die from the sudden shock of withdrawal. One moment I was trapped with the aliens in a never-ending hypergasm, and the next moment I’m back to reality with a horrible thud.

Seems like the aliens feel the same way. The whole village seems to be moaning and screaming, like I would be too if I could make a sound.

How long has it been? It felt like years, but none of the tribe seem to have died of thirst, so I guess it couldn’t have been more than a few days.

Who took the headbands off? It must have been someone from outside the village, somebody from another tribe who was overdue a visit, maybe, or who was just passing and saw what was going on.

Yes, by rolling my eyes as far as they’ll go I can see a group of aliens who don’t seem to belong to this village. There seem to be four males and five females. They all look middle-aged by their race’s standards. Their fur is a lighter grey, and they have a few more wrinkles on their faces.

And now one of them is barking at the villagers. Probably scolding them for risking their lives like that.

Now that the withdrawal shock is wearing off I don’t feel too bad. I’m a bit cold and damp from the constant drizzle, of course, and I’m still horny, but not mega-horny like I was while I was wearing the headband. Anyway, I guess I’m feeling better than my little chums, because unlike them I never feel hungry or thirsty.

The argument continues for several minutes. There are some raised voices, even though the villagers must still be feeling pretty weak, but it never comes to blows. There isn’t even any pushing and shoving. I get the feeling that the aliens don’t like violence. I’m sure their behaviour would be fascinating to anthropologists, assuming they could observe it without getting paralysed first.

Eventually the shouting dies down and one by one the villagers start walking over to a heap on the ground. I can’t see what’s in the heap from where I’m sitting, but my educated guess would be water bags and food that the new guys have brought.

But if I thought the villagers’ exhaustion would give me a break from being used for sex, I was mistaken. Now it’s the newcomers’ turn to approach me. The fellow who’s been lying on me sees them approaching and gets up with every show of reluctance. One of the strangers immediately takes his place, and - O...H...H...H my! - here I go again.

This guy and his friends may have a few lines on their faces, but they could teach the younger ones a thing or two. Probably will, too, when they get their strength back. My sensations are still pretty intense, but without the headband I’m not being blown away by them (no pun intended). Oh, yes, this is good. This is really good.

No. He’s not raping me. He’s acting like he loves me, like he really wants to give me pleasure.

He’s worshipping me! I’m his goddess!

And very soon I’m in heaven. My climax isn’t a supernova this time. More like a planet exploding, that’s all. Very slowly.

And that’s only the start of the solar system.

Ruefully we watch our goddess depart, borne on the shoulders of the arena elders.

At least the elders allowed each of us to worship her one last time before taking her from the village. Under the circumstances it’s hardly surprising that that took us a long time.

They have taken our coronets as well, insisting that they are too dangerous to be used without the proper precautions. Protest as we might, they were insistent. The goddess must join her fellows in the arena, and if we want to worship her we must come to her there. Of course we shall do so as often as we are able, but it won’t be the same sharing her with so many others.

But I suppose it is for the best really. She will be reunited with her fellow gods and goddesses in the arena, and she will be worshipped for generations to come through the coronets.

Farewell, goddess. We will come and visit you in your new home as soon as we may. The thought gives me some consolation.

It also gives me an instant erection. Gua, laughing in spite of his sorrow, immediately takes my erection into his mouth, and the others take this as a cue. And so we all spend most of the day comforting each other in the only way we know how.

I like to think that’s what the goddess would want us to do.

For the last few days they’ve been fucking me without the headbands. I’m glad. It’s better this way. Even so, they’ve still been giving me some prety awesome orgasms. And just when I think they’ve tried everything - WOW! - they go and invent something else.

After the leader of the visitors was finished with me his companions wasted no time in following him. One of the females was second, and another was third. Then one of the males got his friends to help him turn me over and spent a few hours exploring my anus. By the time they were finished it was long after dark and I’d lost count of the number of times they made me come.

And then the next day each of the villagers took turns to do me. Somehow I got the impression that they were sad, as if they were saying farewell. At any rate, they certainly made sure it was a long farewell. It was something like three days before they were all done - by then I’d almost lost track of time.

So now it’s the fourth day (I guess) and I realise I was right. The villagers were saying farewell. The newcomers have picked me up and are carrying me away from the village. Listening to the wails of the villagers as they recede behind me, I wish I could wave goodbye.

Isn’t it ironic? If I could have moved when they first found me I would have run away from them. Now if I could move I would run back to them.

Well, thank you for having me, guys, I think.

Where are the new guys taking me now? The muddy track joins others and slowly grows broader. Stones begin to appear on the path, becoming more frequent until it’s obvious they are the remnant of an ancient stone road. Eventually stone ruins begin to appear and I realise we’re approaching a ruined city. Oh, what a xenoarcheologist wouldn’t give t see this place!

Soon the ruins become more dense and in the distance I seem to see the metal skeletons of what were once huge towers. Was this all built by the ancestors of my little nympho friends? How did their civilisation collapse? I don’t suppose I’ll ever find out.

Now they’re carrying me into a long stone passageway. It’s decorated with some kind of murals, but they’re so cracked and faded that I can’t make out any details. And then we emerge into a large open space. It seems to be a stadium or amphitheatre of some kind, surrounded by tiers of stone niches.

And those niches are all occupied by naked blue figures. Hundreds of them.

My Gods! I’m not the only one! People must have been getting trapped and paralysed here for hundreds of years...maybe thousands!

And eventually they all got brought here. And they couldn’t move, and they couldn’t die, so here they’ve all remained, like statues in a giant outdoor gallery.

And I’m going to join them. It’s not quite the kind of immortality that I would have wished for, but at least it will be a dignified way to spend eternity.

As my bearers carry me up into the tiers I can see that the paralysed men and women are all wearing those damned headbands and they’re all fully aroused. In fact the men have almost comically enormous erections.

So we’re not done with sex after all. I’m not sure whether to be sorry about that, but I am apprehensive about having my senses boosted by those jewels again.

In addition to the frozen humans there are also lots of hermaphrodites with long, thin erections and quivering nipples. I don’t think they’re modified humans. They seem to be from a race that we haven’t heard of. In spite of myself I can’t help wondering what their orgasms will feel like once we’re linked by the jewels.

My bearers put me down in a niche next to another human girl. Oh, gods, that stone is cold! Then one of the aliens mischievously licks my hand and inserts it into the other girl’s vagina, then puts hers in mine. Well, well, so the little nymphos have a sense of humour after all.

Down in the centre of the stadium there’s a huge orgy going on. Oh, so that’s why the aliens have put us all here. Our headbands are going to reflect and amplify their sensations by several orders of magnitude. But of course the aliens will be able to stop and take off their headbands whenever they want to. We won’t. We’ll just be trapped in that supernova of ecstasy, like I was in the village, only this time it’ll be magnified hundreds of times...

My bearers spend a little time feeling me and the other girl up. Then the leader takes one of the headbands, which he’s been carrying on his shoulder all this way, and puts it on my head. I try to shy away but of course it’s impossible. And the instant the jewel makes contact with my forehead....


I can feel the crystals reflecting and amplifying all of the aliens’s orgasms, and feeding them to the humans and hermaphrodites up here in the stadium, where they get reflected and amplified still further until everybody is coming and feeding their orgasms back to each other and the aliens, who feed their orgasms back to us...until every living being in the arena is having a permanent super-orgasm that somehow manages to be even more powerful than the one I had in the village.

And yet somehow...somehow I am able to tone down my sensations, from a supernova to a mere nova, just enough so that it doesn’t drive me insane. In fact if I give myself up to the sensation I can lose myself in a fantastic symphony of human and alien sensations. To stretch the metaphor a bit, the orchestra may be playing too loudly, but in spite of that it’s still a wonderful tune.

But the tune seems to have words as well....

Maybe I’m not entirely sane after all. For a moment there I could have sworn I heard voices in my head.

There they go again. If I concentrate just a bit harder I think I can make out what they’re saying.

+Welcome, stranger,+ they say. +Welcome to our club.+

Club? I think. You call this a club? Gods, this is a weird hallucination.

+It’s not an hallucination. You’re really hearing us. We’re linked telepathically - the link is independent of the jewels’ sensory link - which means we can keep each other company. At least, those of us who are human can. We still haven’t figured out how to talk to the natives or hermaphrodites yet, but we’re still working on it.+

All right, I think. Suppose I assume for the sake of argument that you’re really talking to me. What was that you said about a club?

+Oh, yes. This is the most exclusive club in the universe. Well, outside it actually - we are in another dimension after all. Only a handful of new members join the club every decade, but once you’re inducted your membership is permanent. Someone once suggested calling it the Leisure Club, because none of the members has any work or responsibilities. We all have the privilege of just lying back, relaxing and taking whatever comes to us.+

Gods, that’s crazy, I think.

But then again, this whole situation is crazy. Crash-landing on an unknown planet and ending up as a not entirely reluctant sexdoll for a bunch of horny aliens...if anyone tried to make up a story like that they’d think he was funny in the head.

And anyway, I have plenty of time to make up my mind whether it’s crazy or not, as I sit here in a state of everlasting paralysis, alongside my fellow “club members”, in this arena beneath a dull grey alien sky, endlessly coming and coming and coming like no mortal being has ever come before.

I could get used to this, I suppose.

When all’s said and done, what choice do I have?

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