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Taral Wayne
Game of Chance
Art Taral Wayne.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

See note below image
Taral Wayne - Game of Chance
Note by Leem: Also posted on the Scraps section of Taral’s FurAffinity site,
with the following comments:

I almost wish I had more room to develop this story-ette, but there wasn't room unless I wanted to wrap the text around her outstretched arm, and at that point I figured I'd probably said enough. To go further, and try to answer questions like, who was she playing with, why would she risk such stakes, or how was it she didn't know those were the stakes, might stretch credulity a little too far. (Then again, wouldn't you like to know exactly what she does say as a toy, when her ring is pulled?) Well... there's always another time...

The drawing is a reverse of another drawing, posted as “Neutronic Terrie” in the main Gallery. But for once it’s not traced on the back. It’s traced (and was altered) on another sheet of paper entirely.
(Leem speaking): ...and actually not a reverse at all - they’re both the same way round.

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