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Taral Wayne
Gilt Mouse
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
See note below image
Taral Wayne - Gilt Mouse
Note by Leem: Tammy the squirrel and Gadget mouse. Tammy’s actions could be seen as sadistic, but for all we know the whole thing could have been Gadget’s idea in the first place.

On the other hand... Taral’s FurAffinity site (login to view Adult Content) has a version that’s identical to this except that Tammy’s speech is omitted. Apropos of that version, Taral says:

The other thing [referring back to this image] that doesn’t work well with mice is gold spray paint.
Looks great, but Gadge must have been cleaning with a rag and turps for a week afterward.

This of course places the scene in a completely different context, leading to some comments from people who’d viewed the version with Tammy’s speech. Taral replied:

It’s just paint. Who said it was fatal... or even immobilizing?

Then again, if the speaking version is to be believed, then maybe the paint was laced with drugs, or some kind of hardening’s all a question of interpretation, I suppose.

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