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Taral Wayne
Glass Pixie
Art Taral Wayne.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

See note below picture

Taral Wayne - Glass Pixie
Note by Leem: Also posted on Taral’s deviantART pages.

Taral’s accompanying note to this picture says:

I knew you wanted more males, so I did the Glass Pixie that way. I had to abandon my working title though. I didn’t think calling it “Glass Fairy” was a good idea. (I figure it to be about two feet tall, not life size. Think of the Gnome King turning all Dorothy's friends into knick-knacks for his collection in one of the early Oz books, the third maybe.)

Oh, I dunno - I’m sure that if fairies exist some of them must be male, and maybe even straight. Though I guess in this day and age, a straight fairy would arouse the same scepticism as the male ladybug in A Bug’s Life. Anyway, getting back to the picture, the fact that he’s semi-transparent makes his malensss quite apparent, though I can’t help wondering what aroused him before he got glassed. Another question that occured to me was: does refraction make things appear bigger than they really are... or smaller???

This is undoubtedly Taral’s favourite pose, though up until now the subjects have mostly been female. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, that’s given me the idea to do a feature...

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